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This blog is a collection of stories about eyeglasses, wearing GOC, and some other stories dealing with pretending or devoteeism. It replaces my old Glasses Story website (http://bobbygoc.sweb.cz), which became difficult to maintain and later became inactive because of troubles with the provider of the web space.

Reader's instructions:

The right column:

  • Labels menu enables you to find stories by key words.
  • Authors menu enables you to find stories by authors. 
  • Archive column shows texts by timeline.

The left column

  • Search this blog - If you are looking for a word that is not in the Labels section, you can use this function. It might help you find a specific story with specific words in it. 
  • Translate function (just below the Search this blog) lets you choose your language and have a story translated. These translations are far from perfection, especially if you want a translation into a language that is not frequently used on Internet, or if you want a text to be translated into any Slavonic language, when the different word order rules cause significant problems. However, it might be useful for a rough translation.

Feel free to leave comments below stories or pictures. You can do it by typing into the Post a Comment field, just below each story. All comments are moderated, so it might take a day or two before you can see a nes comment added.

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Why the new URL and format

Some of the readers sent me messages saying they do not like this format. They prefer the old website.

Well, the old website had a format you got used to browsing and reading. I can understand that. At the beginning it seemed to be quite practical. Later, it was difficult to maintain as the number of files the website consisted of became very large (the whole site consisted of more than 2400 files). It also reached the space limit of "sweb". Moreover, a new problem arose when I wanted to buy more space. The provider noticed that the contents was rather "deviantly erotic" and this fact conflicted with some regulations of the provider.
So, I do not think the old website can be restarted in near future, especially not until some of the workers of the provider change their mind or - better to say - change their jobs.
(18th Nov. 2013)

Some technical remarks:


Unlimited space.
Every story can be assigned the Name-of-the-Author, which makes it easy to find.
Every story can be labelled with keywords, which makes it possible for a reader to find stories dealing with a certain topic.
Every story can have links to other stories, which is good for stories published in several parts.
Search option to find exact word of phrase in the stories.
Readers can comment the stories, even click a reaction (funny, interesting cool ... erm, too few options)


No FTP to upload, this is a pain in the ass, because it is horrible to upload every single story one by one. Limited formating.
Very bad and very limited picture formating .


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