Monday, May 03, 2010

Paralyzed lovers

by Tatjd

It was a Saturday afternoon when Caitlin walked through the mall near her apartment. As Caitlin strolled from store to store, she reflected on her encounter of a few days ago. That had been at a different mall, further from home. She had taken her wheelchair out that time; wheelchairs and paraplegics had long fascinated Caitlin. By college Caitlin had realized that her desire was to actually need to use a wheelchair despite her very able and pretty body.

Chapter 1, The Encounter
by Tatjd
It was a Saturday afternoon when Caitlin walked through the mall near her apartment. As Caitlin strolled from store to store, she reflected on her encounter of a few days ago. That had been at a different mall, further from home. She had taken her wheelchair out that time; wheelchairs and paraplegics had long fascinated Caitlin. By college Caitlin had realized that her desire was to actually need to use a wheelchair despite her very able and pretty body. As Caitlin matured, she had grown more and more obsessed with wheelchairs and even more obsessed with her desire to become a spinal cord paraplegic. During her freshman year in college, she had moved to her own apartment and had found an old wheelchair at a garage sale. The old chrome-plated chair was a little clunky but she had polished it up and removed the armrests on the sides. Then it almost looked like a modern chair, though a bit on the heavy side. That incident, just days before, a man had approached her as she had wheeled through the mall. He identified himself as James and the two had had a cup of coffee and chatted for a while. It had been the first time that Caitlin had interacted with a guy interested in her while she pretended to be paralyzed from the waist down. Caitlin was extremely careful to not move her legs while talking with James and had concocted a story about "partial paralysis" from a viral infection of the spinal cord. James had, Caitlin noted, been very interested in her legs and her story and it was all she could do to keep him from taking her out that night. She had gotten his phone number but hadn't acted on it.

Though Caitlin was aware that she wasn't the only person in the world who desired wheelchairs and paraplegia, she wasn't sure what James really wanted or was attracted to. Afterwards, she meticulously recorded the events in her diary, a diary that she kept only describing her thoughts and desires about wheelchairs.

Now Caitlin was walking and shopping for things that she needed. She would have preferred her wheelchair but she was too close to the university and her apartment and she didn't want her secret discovered. As she rounded a corner, Caitlin nearly walked right into James, who was in a wheelchair. Neither could escape, having collided. Both of their faces turned beet red and the two, both realizing the truth about each other instantly, agreed to talk over some coffee. James, somewhat disappointed that Caitlin wasn't a real paraplegic had to explain his own appearance in a wheelchair while Caitlin found herself explaining her most secret inner desires for the first time in her life. Needless to say, they each discovered that the other was also a wheelchair wannabe. Caitlin was nearly in tears as she told James just how obsessed she was about becoming a paraplegic. In turn, James revealed his inner desires, too. Long a devotee of women with spinal cord injuries, he had grown to want to be a wheelchair-dependent paraplegic. Needless to say, the two agreed to see each other again, that night.

This time, both rode their wheelchairs and went to an out of the way restaurant. After dinner they went to James' condo, where he got up and walked and Caitlin continued to ride in her chair. The two then drank a bottle of wine and made love. It wasn't Caitlin's first sexual experience but it was the first in which she consciously avoided moving her legs or lower body and that turned her on more than ever. Caitlin pretending that she was paralyzed from the waist down also turned on James to the point that he fell exhausted when finally finished.

Over breakfast, both in their wheelchairs, they agreed to see each other with the proviso that at least one be in a wheelchair during a date. This arrangement worked for a short while, Caitlin really preferred to be in a wheelchair around James whenever possible and she suspected that he did too. This led the two of them to using wheelchairs simultaneously and, therefore, having to head out to areas of town that neither was likely to run into acquaintances who would be surprised to find either in a wheelchair. During this phase of their relationship, Caitlin and James explored their common fascination. Caitlin described to James how, as a 6-year-old, she had seen a very lovely woman in a wheelchair at a store. The woman's legs had atrophied from disuse into incredibly thin and blatantly useless appendages and this, plus the confident way she wheeled herself about had a profound affect on Caitlin. After that Caitlin had grown gradually more and more fascinated with women in wheelchairs. When she reached puberty, this fascination simply increased and became more sexual. Caitlin told James that she slowly learned as a child that spinal cord paraplegics couldn't feel anything below the level of injury and that they often needed to use a urinary catheter to pee. As she had matured, Caitlin's obsession focused on becoming a spinal cord paraplegic. She wanted to be numb and unable to move anything below the waist. Caitlin was certain that she was, in a sense, a paraplegic trapped in an able body.

James felt about the same as Caitlin. While he couldn't recall a specific incident from childhood, he just knew that for as long as he could remember that he wanted to have paralyzed legs and to use a wheelchair. Several years older than Caitlin, James worked as an instructor at the university but really didn't have to work because of the large inheritance from his parents. During much of his spare time, he worked out on his upper body to prepare for the day that he hoped might come when he would have only the use of his arms. Caitlin hadn't plunged into such a program but was basically fit and quite pretty with a slender figure, soft blonde hair, and two shapely legs, those legs that she hoped she could somehow cause to become numb with flaccid atrophied muscles. Caitlin also wore eyeglasses, quite nearsighted she refused contact lenses, this had been her only way of publicly being "disabled" except for the excursions in her wheelchair. James was happy to date a girl with thick-lenses on her spectacles and he bought Caitlin a couple spare glasses with fashionable frames especially for their dates on wheels. Caitlin's favorite new glasses were in a cat's-eye frame-quite retro and bold even for her.

Chapter 2, Pretending

When Caitlin and James met, it was early spring. They very quickly fell in love with each other. Being obsessed with wheelchairs and paraplegia wasn't the only thing that they had in common but it helped cement their partnership. By late spring semester of her sophomore year, after just a few weeks of dating James, he made a proposition to her. His current condo was too small for both of them and it wasn't fully wheelchair accessible. He had found a new condo that was accessible and would fit both. Would Caitlin like to move in with him in the new condo? There was a catch he said, he had used his wheelchair when checking out the new place and had told them that he would likely be moving in with someone else also in a wheelchair. This meant, James explained to Caitlin, that they could move in together pretending, full-time, to require wheelchairs. Caitlin felt both excited and nervous at this possibility. James pointed out that the summer would be the perfect time for the two of them to make a transition to wheelchairs, she would be off on summer break and so would he. When they returned to the university in the fall, they could describe having suffered accidents or viral infections leaving them unable to walk. Caitlin pointed out the main hitch, this might mean forever pretending to be incapable of walking, a seemingly formidable task.

True, James said, but if they were vague about the cause-maybe Guillan-Bare syndrome-they might have room to "recover". Or, he said, this might be the door to somehow achieving their mutual dreams of becoming paraplegics.

James, to Caitlin's obvious disappointment, didn't have a means of reaching her real goal of becoming fully paralyzed. However, his offer was thrilling!

She could start using a wheelchair full-time and just live the life of a disabled person! What if, she asked him, their ruse was uncovered? James assured her that most people would never question them and spinal injuries and infections really did allow room for many outcomes. Only doctors and nurses should either become ill or Caitlin pregnant, would likely be able to find out. Even then, James said, that if either used a wheelchair exclusively for a few years, it would be difficult to tell that they weren't disabled. With that Caitlin agreed. When the spring semester ended, she moved in with James, into the new condo that he had purchased from his wheelchair.

Caitlin worried that when she was loading up her stuff at her apartment she would be standing but then have to switch to a wheelchair at the new condo. James solved that by hiring a moving team to load up her stuff and move it-after all, he pointed out-how would a pair of paraplegics load and carry all those boxes and furniture from both of their old places? To make the illusion work with the movers, each supervised the other's move from their respective wheelchairs.

Getting everything in and unloaded while in her wheelchair was hot and unglamorous to Caitlin, but necessary. By the end of the day, her bottom was hot and sweaty and the seat cushion of her chair almost squishy, she took a shower as a "para" for the first time in the shower stall of their condo, newly outfitted with handrails and a seat. Afterwards she rolled up to the bed, slid in and fell fast asleep. When she awoke, James was already up and she could smell breakfast, she sat up and put her glasses on. That was when she saw it. Instead of her old chrome-plated wheelchair with its heavy chrome steel and clunky footrests was a sleek, an all black Quickie parked by the bed. A huge red bow was on it. The Quickie was a lot lighter in weight and more comfortable than her old chair had been. Caitlin slid out of bed and into the Quickie, careful not to put weight on her legs-she had decided to really function as if she couldn't walk-and placed the bow in her lap. She wheeled into the kitchen to James cooking from his chair (he already had a Quickie) and gave him a big kiss. During breakfast they toasted their new life together and were soon back in bed, making love as if their legs were useless. Caitlin whispered to James when they were done that she wished her legs were truly numb and flaccid but now she could at least learn what life in a wheelchair was like.

The first part of that life, unpacking and organizing their new home wasn't easy from a wheelchair, but the two of them persisted. Both Caitlin and James felt it important to not cheat whenever possible. Soon, Caitlin purchased some bicycle racing gloves to protect her hands blistering from the constant pushing of her wheelchair. She knew that, in time, she would develop calluses in place of the blisters. It took a few days but soon they were settled in their new condo. It was early June and James took Caitlin out to dinner to celebrate. Over a rich seafood dinner and a couple bottles of wine she told him of her plan to enroll at a nearby gym and train her upper body for wheeling, just as he had. Once again she described how she dreamed she could someday appear: strong arms and shoulders from pushing her chair and lifting a paralyzed body, thin flaccid legs with the muscles mostly atrophied away, the total lack of muscle tone obvious and in stark contrast to the unparalyzed upper body. Caitlin and James agreed that the "ideal" feminine body would be somebody like a popular paraplegic body builder that they had seen on TV. But Caitlin probably could never achieve that woman’s' legs, very thin and stunted because of a spinal cord injury as a child. She also told James how it would be nice if they could experience some of the other aspects of paraplegia, hinting that loss of bladder control had long been one of the attractions to her of being paralyzed. James just smiled and said wait and see at this last topic.

Chapter 3, Realistic Pretending

When they got home, Caitlin had some more wine but soon was a little bit drunk and sleepy. James helped to bed and she fell fast asleep. During the night she dreamed of James making love to her-so it seemed as she dreamt of something entering her. Then she dreamed of peeing, not her usual dream, especially as she dreamt of peeing a couple more times! She awoke with a start and realized that something felt different. James was asleep right beside her and she could feel something up her urethra and taped to her leg.

She fumbled around in the dark and felt a tube and a bag and realized that when she had fallen into a deep sleep that James must have inserted an indwelling catheter! Happy as a clam, she fell back asleep. In the morning, Caitlin awoke to an empty bladder and full leg bag for the first time in her life. James asked her if she liked the little surprise, and she kissed him. As he pulled his body on top of hers, she noticed that he was wearing a bag too. She asked him how they were going to do "it". James showed Caitlin how to empty their leg bags in the bathroom and undo the end and plug it. Then they made love, the indwelling catheter somewhat uncomfortable for Caitlin but also heightening the experience for her. As they got dressed for the day and she figured out how to hide her leg bag (strapped to her upper thigh) under her skirt she told James that she hoped that from now on she would never pee the able-bodied way again. That night, she recorded her thoughts in her diary, she was so happy! Living as a paraplegic by using both a wheelchair and depending on external plumbing were things that Caitlin had once feared would never be possible.

It took a couple days to adjust the feel of a Foley catheter in her but soon Caitlin came to appreciate being dependent on it. Now, it was as if she really did have a handicap. She could go without the leg bag, plugging up the end of her tube, but still had to empty things out every two hours or so. With the leg bag, it was relentless, it simply filled up and she had to empty out every couple hours. At night, they connected themselves to drain into larger jars under their bed so Caitlin no longer woke up with a full bladder in the morning. To her this was almost an advantage. James enjoyed some aspects of using catheters but it wasn't quite the turn on for him as it was for Caitlin.

At about this time, Caitlin enrolled in the local gym and began an intensive upper body building effort. As the summer dragged on, this really began to pay off. James, already well built up, simply continued with his training, now doing it with Caitlin. With both Caitlin and James using wheelchairs full time, it was natural that they had to field questions from people that they encountered, including other "wheelers". Both gave vague answers along the lines of ". . . a viral meningitis infection has left me more or less a paraplegic. The doctors say that with time I might have some or a lot of return of function..." To Caitlin's amazement, this story worked every time, even with people with genuine spinal cord injuries. It seemed that nobody figured that young, good-looking couples like James and Caitlin would fake paralysis.

However, both Caitlin and James intentionally avoided their friends and relatives for those first couple of months. This was easy for Caitlin as her parents were both out of the country with her father on an extended business trip. She knew, however, that she eventually would have to face them and tell them that story. Would they buy it? Her parents weren't aware of the depth of Caitlin's fascination with being paralyzed but did know something of it-she had never been able to completely hide her interest in wheelchairs though her mom and dad had assumed that it was just a healthy interest.

By late summer Caitlin could tell just how much her upper body was building up. Even better, her legs looked slightly thinner, definitely less well toned. She was almost convincing as a paraplegic. She was getting very good at handling her wheelchair; including performing convincing transfers and being very careful to not intentionally move her legs. This she concentrated on doing even in private. Caitlin very much wanted to be paralyzed from the waist down and if that wasn't possible at present, she wanted to force her body to comply. Though she hadn't stood or walked for a couple of months, Caitlin could tell that her legs were much weaker and not up to walking.

Unfortunately, her legs were also rebelling at their forced disuse. Caitlin suffered from muscle spasms and muscle pain from her enforced disuse of her legs. Somehow, James was adjusting to it better but even he could tell that just pretending to be disabled wasn't going to be a permanent solution. Still, they were both living their lives as paraplegics as best they could.

Caitlin felt some guilt when James obtained disabled parking permits for them, having forged a doctor's prescription. James explained to her that they would draw a lot more attention if they didn't use disabled parking and if Caitlin's legs were really getting weaker, she-and James-really were disabled in some sense. While this wasn't totally satisfying, it was the only pragmatic solution and Caitlin knew it.

In August, James started returning to the university to prepare for fall classes. As he expected, he drew some considerable attention returning in a wheelchair (he had hidden his fetish very carefully for a long time and almost nobody at the U knew of it). Nonetheless, his cover story worked perfectly and soon his peers simply looked past the wheelchair. Almost all of them, that is. One friend, Will, knew of James' fetish for wheelchairs and confronted him. Will was understanding and accepting, he just wanted to know what had provoked James into going full time. Will had revealed to James that he too was a devotee of women with disabilities was a confidant.

Will was surprised to learn that Caitlin was also pretending and asked James if he knew how far they were going to go with their escapade. James said that he wasn't entirely sure but felt that he and Caitlin were both doing the right thing. Will was the source of the wheelchairs and other apparatus that the two of them increasingly used. Will fit Caitlin with light long leg braces to try to help her with her spasms and also make her appearance totally convincing. James already had a pair of leg braces in his closet.

Caitlin took to wearing the braces, though she stayed in her wheelchair. When school started, Caitlin returned to the U with some trepidation. Now, she used disabled parking or the special shuttle service for the mobility impaired that the university provided. Her guilt at doing this was submerged by her excitement at just how complete her masquerade as a paraplegic was. Her friends all bought the cover story and though some showed some curiosity towards the nature and extent of her disability there seemed to be no question as to its authenticity. On campus, Caitlin had to get used to the stares of people as she wheeled along but this also turned her on-if only they knew. She didn't seek out other disabled students but she did run into them and felt that she had to take extra care.

Late in the fall she had gotten to be friends with Sue, a C7/C8 quad. Caitlin felt a strange attraction to Sue's need for a power chair and wrist braces added something though Caitlin was sure she didn't want to go quite that far. Sue and a couple of paraplegics with high thoracic lesions that Caitlin got to know started reshaping some of Caitlin's own desires. Previously, she had always imagined being a low-level paraplegic but being paralyzed from the chest down started to seem very desirable.

Chapter 4, Covering Up

To deal with her parents-now returned to the US, Caitlin had decided to write a long letter detailing her "illness" and efforts at recovery. She also included a photo of James and herself, both in wheelchairs. As soon as the letter arrived, her mother phoned and had a lot of questions. Caitlin pretty much was able to convince her folks that she had contracted viral meningitis and was partially recovered and hadn't told them before because she didn't want them to cut short her father's overseas work. Her mom wasn't too happy with the latter but seemed to accept it. Of course, Caitlin's folks soon came to visit. To try to make the "recovery" efforts more convincing Caitlin donned some leg braces provided by Will and used a pair of underarm crutches to take a few halting steps for her folks. It was the first time that she had done so in months so it did look real. Caitlin's parents simply believed that James was a paraplegic and welcomed him, even pointing out Caitlin's past fascination with wheelchairs. Though Caitlin had made it appear that she might actually recover she also told her parents that there was no guarantee-she might be in the wheelchair for life. She also added that the pain she was enduring to try to walk might make that whole effort worthless. To all of this her mother told Caitlin that she was sure that her daughter would make the best decision. She also added that it looked like Caitlin was happiest and ablest in the wheelchair.

After her folks had left town, James told Caitlin that it looked like there wouldn't be any problem with them. His own family also seemed quite accepting but James also told them that his paralysis was permanent.

In the early fall, Caitlin found the muscle spasms to be a constant and irritating problem. James seemed to adjust to life in the chair more easily. She wanted to stay in the wheelchair but didn't want to deal with aching, jumpy leg muscles. James told her that they would slowly get better as she lost more muscle mass in her legs. Caitlin started bringing up her real desire more often, to become truly paralyzed from the waist down. If she couldn't feel anything below the waist, her legs wouldn't be a bother, after all. James concurred but actually paralyzing their lower bodies seemed too hard to accomplish. He, too, wished to be a real paraplegic. To both of them, loss of sensation in their genitals wouldn't inhibit sex, as they knew that they could compensate with other areas of their bodies. James figured that mechanical help, or Viagra, would allow him to function sexually if paralyzed and that he would still find ways to enjoy sex with Caitlin. As for Caitlin, she knew in her heart of hearts that becoming totally numb from the waist down would be much more erotic and enjoyable because that was what she really should be-paralyzed legs and lower body.

Chapter 5, The Decision

How could they attain their goal? James emphasized to Caitlin that actually becoming a paraplegic was a one-way street. Did she really want to never be able to walk or feel her lower body ever again? James told her that he was sure that he was ready, how certain was Caitlin? Though she felt that she knew what she wanted, Caitlin did agree to a suggestion of James', to try it out. Will and James were able to obtain syringes and anaesthetic to give both James and Caitlin a few hours each of temporary paraplegia. Caitlin was up first, James injected the anaesthetic into her spine about mid-torso with her lying on their bed. Within minutes she was numb and immobile from her lower chest on down, making her a temporary T6 paraplegic. To Caitlin, this was amazing and thrilling. She really couldn't feel or move her lower body.

The two of them made love, this time Caitlin didn't have to fake paralysis and this time she couldn't even tell that James was in her unless she looked. Despite the numbness, she still enjoyed the love making, and felt an orgasmic experience when James licked and sucked on her nipples (which still had plenty of feeling). Afterwards, James helped Caitlin dress. As they put her clothes on, she marveled at how different it was to look at her legs, unable to feel them and her body practically dead from her rib cage on down.

When Caitlin got up in her wheelchair, still temporarily paralyzed from the spinal anaesthetic, it was a very different experience for her. She felt as if she was almost floating on air. She also felt as if she had to lean back to avoid toppling forwards because she had no control over her abdominal muscles. This was a real possibility and to avoid it, James helped her afix a loose belt or sash around her waist. For the next couple of hours, Caitlin gloried in being a temporary paraplegic. She noticed one thing, that the muscle spasms and pain were gone. Caitlin's description of this in her diary centered on how she was thrilled by her inability to move her feet, wiggle her toes, or to even tell where her lower body was when she wasn't directly looking at herself.

After Caitlin's recovery from the anaesthetic, it was James' turn. She numbed him in the lower spine, leaving him paralyzed from the lower or lumbar waist on down (roughly an L1 paraplegic). Again, they made love, using a suction device that James had purchased to pump up his member. It was strange to him to be unable to feel his dick but it did get hard and Caitlin pulled her body on top. Afterwards, James got up in his wheelchair and enjoyed a couple more hours of numb, immobile legs.

Caitlin and James had enough anaesthetic for one more round for each. The next morning (on a Sunday) they injected each other in the spine leaving both of them temporary paraplegics paralyzed from the lower waist on down. Then they worked at making love together. The suction device was necessary again and this time it was quite a bit trickier as neither could feel the other as James slid his numb penis into Caitlin's numb vagina. James did come, though neither realized it at the moment it happened. They also concentrated on their areas of their bodies where they still had sensation.

Again, Caitlin felt a sort of an orgasm. It was mental as opposed to physical but real enough for her to enjoy the moment. Exhausted when done, they concluded that, as paraplegics they would still have an enjoyable sex life. Making love would definitely be different for them but they each knew that they could have fun. While still numb, they pulled each other up into their wheelchairs and rolled into the kitchen to have some coffee. Caitlin looked at James and told him that she had made up her mind; she must become a paraplegic and be permanently paralyzed. The more complete the spinal lesion and total the paralysis, the better for her. She said that she didn't want any feeling or movement from mid or upper body on down. James felt that he would like to be a lumbar level para but agreed with Caitlin that the two of them would be better off becoming the real thing. Caitlin noted that it was almost a year since she had purchased her first wheelchair and 8 months or so since meeting James. She was 19 and concluded that she just had to become permanently handicapped before she turned 20.

This still raised the question of how they were going to do it. Neither wanted to violently break their backs by arranging a fall or something but it seemed hard to do otherwise. Spinal anaesthetic was only temporary and injecting something like alcohol could be permanent but it was also unpredictable-they couldn't control how far up the spine it might travel. Going to a doctor for a surgical spinal cord severing would be the safest but was obviously impossible. Physicians might perform cosmetic surgery or sex change surgery but would never deliberately make someone disabled.

It was late November before James, with the help of Will, figured out a method. It was simple, Will and James identified a solution, potent enough to kill nerve cells at the site of injection but which wouldn't diffuse and cause any other harm. One small injection would produce a permanent paralysis by completely killing the spinal cord in a localized area. It had been tested on lab rats at the university. There, it was used as part of a research project on spinal cord injuries. One thing that they were certain of, Will told James was that it would be forever. Both James and Caitlin would have to think about it carefully, as there was no way of reversing it.

In early December, as final exams loomed ahead, James told Caitlin. He said that perhaps he ought to go first with her injecting it into his spinal cord and then a few months later Caitlin could decide whether or not she still wanted to be a paraplegic (after living with the real thing for a while).

Caitlin told James, no. She felt that they should do it together. This way they each would share the blame if there were any regrets or problems-they only way that she and Will felt they could avoid legal hassles if something did go wrong. Plus, Caitlin emphasized that she was sure of herself. She didn't want to remain able-bodied (in theory) while James got to enjoy being a paraplegic. They settled on it and gave themselves almost 3 weeks to think about it and decide on what levels to inject each other.

The next days and weeks were almost agony for Caitlin as she waited for "P day". Real agony because of the muscle spasms in her slowly weakening legs and mental agony as she could not wait longer. This made it hard to concentrate on studying for exams and things were made a little worse by the muscle relaxants that she was taking to relieve the spasms. James was pretty excited too but was able to focus on other things a little bit better.

Caitlin's biggest decision would be at what level to become paralyzed. For years she had imagined her lower waist on down but after a couple tries with spinal anaesthetic, she was more inclined to go up higher. What turned her on the most was the thought of becoming a paraplegic at the highest level possible, T1. That would leave her paralyzed from the armpits on down, with even her breasts left numb-she would be seriously disabled with no hope of using leg braces and totally dependent on wheelchairs. At such a high level, she would hardly be able to transfer herself. That was why Caitlin was looking at brochures advertising wheelchair vans. To be so paralyzed would be so sexy to her.

This became so important that she got James to use one more batch of spinal on her, specifically at the T1 level. It was as close to quadriplegia as she could come while still being a paraplegic. It left her body incredibly numb and limp, even the undersides of her arms were numb and her pinky fingers nearly immobile. When Caitlin was numbed at the T1 level, even James seemed more turned on by his lover's increased helplessness. The severe disability of being paralyzed at the T1 level just about drove Caitlin wild, when making love to James, she could do nothing but lie there and watch-her lover had to position her legs and her body. She could use her arms to hold James and to play with him but would, as a T1 paraplegic be dependent on him for so much that she was in near ecstasy.

For James, the decision was easy. He wanted to become a L2 or L3 paraplegic. This way he would retain some hip and upper thigh control. This would allow James to use leg braces some of the time and make it easier to make love to Caitlin. Especially if she become an upper thoracic paraplegic! James, too, grew impatient and a little nervous for "P day". After all, there would be no going back, his legs would be forever paralyzed.

Chapter 6, Paraplegia Forever

Then came the end of finals. Caitlin, being a student, was done first. She had to impatiently wait a couple days while James finished the bulk of his grading. By then it was the 21st of December, P day. Will had provided James with a couple sterile syringes and two doses of the concoction, a drug that would act fast and permanently to paralyze the spinal cord right at the point of injection. Caitlin and James had prepared a couple days of food and other supplies, the phone to call Will in an emergency was within reach, each of them had been working on a pre-paralysis bowel program and they both had their indwelling catheters inserted. Caitlin, in fact, hadn't removed hers since James had put it in, she was determined that never again would she pee voluntarily. That was now going to be guaranteed for the rest of her life.

James had Caitlin inject him first. They had practiced this and though she was a little nervous, it went flawlessly. The injection was right into the L2 level. James felt a sharp burning sensation in his lower back, then his feet almost seemed on fire. That lasted very briefly, however, as he quickly realized that his legs felt as if he had been sitting on them until they went asleep. And then, sensation and voluntary movement below the L2 level just vanished and never came back. They waited a couple of hours to make sure that there were no other changes. There were none, James was now a paraplegic, something that he had desired almost all of his life. Below his upper thighs, James could feel nothing. His bottom and genitals were also numb-just like all of the textbooks on spinal cord injuries said. There was no pain. However, at just the level of paralysis, right where feeling ceased, James quickly discovered that he was almost extra sensitive. Touching his skin at that point felt like a combination of tickling, scratching and burning. Very weird and it never went away.

Then it was Caitlin's turn. She had decided on the T1 level and James complied. When James injected in the compound, Caitlin could feel the same burning sensation that James had, then her whole body felt as if it were on fire but only very briefly. Then everything from her chest on down went numb and limp. Caitlin could still use her arms and hands. However, the palms of her hands and her little fingers were numb. The undersides of her arms were also numb. The tops of her arms and most of her fingertips retained sensation. For Caitlin, this was exhilarating! As with James, she lay very still for a couple of hours to make sure that there would be no more changes. The two lay there, in bed, feeling each other and also feeling there own, now numb, lower bodies. It had finally come true, both were paraplegics and they knew for life! One difference from James was that the line of demarcation for Caitlin was sharp-she could feel normally right up to it, then nothing. As she lay there that night, thinking about what had transpired, Caitlin gently felt herself along her chest, often venturing down to where she could no longer feel anything. She did the same with her arms and hands. It was so amazing, now and forever, she was paralyzed. Almost a quadriplegic and all by her own choice!

When Caitlin and James awoke, they were still paralyzed. The two had to struggle some to transfer to their wheelchairs and the bathroom stuff took quite a lot longer than normal. Finally, by mid-morning, they were dressed and in wheelchairs. And experiencing their new bodies. For Caitlin it was wonderful and weird. The parts of her that could still feel felt as if she were floating in the air only vaguely attached to something below. It was incredible for her to look at her legs and not be able to feel them or to move a muscle. Great too, the spasms and pain were gone. Caitlin could sense that her legs were going to be flaccid and waste away. James, too, reveled in his new state. Gone forever was any temptation to walk, his legs were there but they felt dead and gone. Will came over to check on them and was relieved that they were doing so well. Caitlin had kept her desire to be a T1 para a secret from Will. Now she revealed it-she could sense that Will was turned on by Caitlin's level of paralysis.

Caitlin and James planned to do little for the holidays, mainly adjust to their new conditions. As they had moved into the condo in their wheelchairs and actively and exclusively used wheelchairs, they had laid things out in an accessible manner. Even the Christmas tree was up on a table so it could be reached. Nonetheless, on Christmas Eve they had a small informal party for some friends. Will helped out in setting things up. Caitlin, for instance, was still adjusting to her "new body" and the fact that she had to be very careful not to lean forward unless she was holding onto something secure to prevent toppling over. She wore a tasteful long dress that looked relatively seasonal and had wrapped some ribbons on her wheelchair to make it look festive. While James looked pretty much like he had for the last several months, a couple of their friends could spot a change in Caitlin-the almost delicate way she positioned herself. Caitlin had decided not to hide things and said that to deal with chronic pain and spasms, her doctor had "frozen" some of her nerves, ones not necessary since they had concluded that walking was forever out of the question. Caitlin hinted that she now had a lot less feeling but was much more comfortable. A couple of her friends who had known Caitlin in pre-wheelchair days commented that she seemed happier than ever. She told them that they were right, she was happier. After all, with a guy like James why wouldn't she? Caitlin added that life in a wheelchair was fine and that she found walking "overrated".

The next day, Caitlin and James celebrated their private Christmas. His gift to her was considerable, keys to a minivan that was wheelchair equipped. There was no front seat in it, Caitlin could roll right up to the steering wheel and hand controls to operate the van without leaving her chair. She gave James a paraplegic's version of an exercise bike: a hand crank device.

She also gave him a nice print of a formal photographic portrait of the two of them, both in their wheelchairs. She added a note, saying that next year she would wear a short skirt so that her-by then-atrophied legs would show. For the next week, Caitlin and James worked on the adapting part. All of the exercising, wheelchair pretending and experience with catheters had prepared both of them quite well. The hardest part, by far, was the "bowel program". Essentially, they had to train their bowel movements to respond to stimulus to go at a certain time each day. Guarding against occasional accidents required wearing diapers until they were sure of their "training". Caitlin also had to work on transfers into and out of her wheelchair. No longer did she have any control over abdominal or back muscles, it was strictly her arms and shoulders that had to do all of the work. She found that she really couldn't easily move down to the floor but definitely couldn't pull her body up into the wheelchair from the floor. Minor frustrations, especially when James offered to hire a part time attendant for Caitlin. That seemed like a reasonable thing to do, said Caitlin. Secretly, she was kind of thrilled and looking forward towards having someone, preferably a nice young woman help her with toilet matters and getting dressed.

On New Year's Eve, Caitlin and James went out, their first date out since P-day. It was quite a lot of fun to go to a New Year's celebration in their wheelchairs. With a long gown on Caitlin and long pants on James, they both attached extra large urine collection bags on their numb legs. That way, it would be easier to handle rest rooms, etc. Caitlin's gown was low cut on top; she told James that it left bare some numb skin. He asked her if she had any regrets, considering that she was by any standard, seriously disabled. Her reply was, God no, that she loved being as handicapped as she was. Just the thought that she couldn't stand and walk ever again, no matter how she tried was thrilling. She also told him that being so numb-she couldn't even feel her breasts-was kinky and sexy almost beyond belief. Then the thought of being able to make love to James, with his numb cock entering her flaccid vagina was almost the culmination of her dreams. James then pulled out a ring and officially proposed to Caitlin (though they had, by mutual consent, decided on marriage in a few months, already). She accepted as long as they both would dance in wheelchairs at the reception. They did dance that night though Caitlin was unwilling to get out of her chair and into James' lap for slow dances until they were more sure of themselves. Soon, the next semester started and Caitlin and James both went to the university every day on the school's handicap shuttle bus. To Caitlin every new day was extra special because she felt as if she had been reborn. She had been reborn a very high level paraplegic, who with her numb underarms and palms was almost a quad. Sitting in her wheelchair, Caitlin was comfortable but she knew that she had some major limitations. If she dropped something, she no longer could easily bend over to pick it up without the danger of toppling over. She had a collapsible pincher/grabber in her backpack to help but her new way of experiencing the world was eye level while sitting down.

James was happy to say the least. Throughout his life he had longed to be a paraplegic and now he was one. He had also desired a paraplegic woman. While he had dated other paraplegics before Caitlin (and had told her about them), it hadn't been satisfying because they didn't especially like being paralyzed and wouldn't have understood James' desire to end up with numb and useless legs. In his line of work, being in a wheelchair was no handicap to James. In some respects it was easier because the students, for whatever reason, paid more direct attention to James after he started using a wheelchair. Many men would have felt that it would be horrible to end up a paraplegic. After all, James could no longer feel his penis. However, he could still get an erection and ejaculate (luckier than some spinal cord injured). Despite not feeling ejaculation directly, it still was enjoyable to James for reasons that were hard to define. Crawling on top of Caitlin's limp body could be difficult because of his paralyzed legs but James did have enough movement in his hips and upper thighs to exert some control. He loved, however, the way his flaccid lower legs just flopped around. Part of the thrill of being paralyzed to both James and Caitlin was this realization that, never again, would either of them so much as wiggle a toe. Or feel a toe.

Both James and Caitlin adjusted to spring semester well. Caitlin continued her working out to help build up her arms and shoulders even more now that she was totally dependent on them. Her instructor quickly noticed the change in Caitlin's abilities and she tried out her new cover story, that she had had minor surgery to relieve pain and spasms. This left her "slightly" number and less mobile but she was happy to be without pain. The instructor and nearly everybody she encountered seemingly fell for this story. Of course, there was a grain of truth in it. Caitlin had been experiencing pain and spasms and the "minor" procedure had, indeed, cured her of the problem. James went into a rehab program, to be fitted with long leg braces and to learn how to use them. His real goal was to use the leg braces mainly for exercise and when he and Caitlin got married. James' true desire, as with Caitlin's was to use a wheelchair.

Not long after school resumed James and Caitlin hire, Susan, a young coed as Caitlin's attendant. Susan was pretty and competent and seemed quite interested in Caitlin as she helped the T1 paraplegic, dress, undress, bathe and take care of bowel movements. Susan also helped the two of them with household chores. In return, she got to stay in a spare bedroom in the condo. Caitlin liked the help and Susan's attention and almost immediately began to wonder a little bit about Susan's sexual orientation. She also began to wonder about Susan's interest in the disabled-she spent a lot of time helping Caitlin with Caitlin's flaccid feet and seemed to like dressing and undressing them the most. Susan became a good friend of James and Caitlin though they hid from Susan their full story. Neither wanted to tell Susan about intentionally paralyzing their lower bodies.

Chapter 7, Having Fun With Numb Bodies

Throughout the early spring things went better and better for Caitlin and James as they fully adapted to life with paraplegia. It seemed to Caitlin, that walking was almost alien. She hadn't walked for months and, now that she never would walk again, she found that she didn't miss it at all. Of course, this didn't mean that she was real thrilled when she would encounter an obstacle such as a set of stairs or a narrow doorway that she couldn't negotiate with her wheelchair. Her friends at the university, now used to seeing her in a wheelchair, hardly commented on her disability. Caitlin, however, preferred some attention. That was why, when someone actually did ask her about her sex life, she enthusiastically described how sex was now better than ever. James ran into the same situation, except the guys just assumed that he was no longer capable sexually. He pointed out that many paraplegic men are active sexually and that he was lucky enough not to require Viagra.

All this left Caitlin's parents. She had put them off from visiting during the holidays, but they insisted on coming during spring break. Caitlin and James had been telling her folks that she hadn't been able to "improve" further and that they had had to deal with the spasms and pain. Therefore, when Caitlin's parents arrived for their visit, they weren't shocked to find her still in a wheelchair. Her dad seemed to accept things as they were but Caitlin's mom was suspicious. She took her daughter out for a mom-daughter day at the mall. At lunch, over salad and coffee, Caitlin's mom asked her daughter just how paralyzed she was-she hadn't seen Caitlin move her lower body or chest as she had a few months earlier. Caitlin told her the truth-indicating a line on her upper chest, below which she had no movement or feeling. Her mom said that she understood having to cut some nerves to stop pain or spasms, but T1 was very high up.

Then she said, "You paralyzed yourself, didn't you?"

However, she went on to say to Caitlin-before Caitlin could answer, that she almost understood it and hoped that her daughter was happy.

Caitlin said, "Mom, I've never been happier in my life and I hope that you will try to understand that this is the body that is the real me. I'll never walk again, feel anything below my chest again, or pee voluntarily. But this is what I have really always wanted and I hope that you can accept it. Please don't tell Daddy, though."

Her mom promised not to tell Caitlin's father and indicated to Caitlin that she really couldn't understand being that paralyzed for life but that her daughter also had never looked as attractive as she did now, in a wheelchair. The two of them hugged. Now that question was settled and Caitlin's mom was so accepting of her daughter's choice, the two felt freer to discuss the details. Caitlin's mom was very curious as to whether or not Caitlin really enjoyed being numb from such a high level. Caitlin told her that being without sensation actually was a bigger turn-on than having feeling because it forced her to use her imagination. After this, mother and daughter became close confidants and Caitlin's mother helped her daughter with magazine articles and books about or by people with spinal cord injuries who had accepted their fates. She also helped Caitlin pick out clothes that could both show off Caitlin's rapidly thinning legs but still hide her leg bag (which she wore on her upper thigh).

Throughout that spring as Caitlin and James planned their upcoming wedding Caitlin became closer and closer with Susan and both Caitlin and James noticed that Susan had more than the usual interest in the two of them. Susan was a freshman while Caitlin was a junior by this point. Susan would volunteer to give Caitlin a massage-especially on Caitlin's numb lower body. Though Susan wasn't as interested in James, she did give him massages, too. One day, late in the spring, Susan had just finished helping Caitlin shower and dress. As Caitlin was buttoning her blouse, Susan came over and placed her hands on Caitlin's breasts, bent forward and started kissing. Caitlin returned with a passionate kiss, too. Within minutes, the two were in Caitlin's bed with Susan undressing Caitlin, bending over and kissing her breasts.

Caitlin responded by moaning and saying "Kiss my numb breasts, suck on them! Then come up to my neck where I can feel you!"

Just about then, James rolled in the condo and surprised the two women. Far from being angry, he pulled his body in bed and after Caitlin had given oral pleasure to Susan, James undressed and unhooked his leg bag. Shortly, Susan was rubbing James' numb but erect member while Caitlin had rolled over and crawled over to kiss him on the face, neck and chest. Soon, the three of them had collapsed in bed together.

Caitlin spoke first, "Susan, you are attracted to paraplegics, aren't you?"

Susan had to admit that and was concerned that Caitlin and James would reject her. They certainly didn't but also didn't tell her the full truth. However, the three way sexual fun continued, though it was plain that Susan was more lesbian than bisexual. Still, all enjoyed the pleasure and Susan helped Caitlin position her limp body better for making love with either Susan or James. Afterwards, if it were bedtime, Susan would help the two of them by connecting their indwelling catheters to large leg bags.

Chapter 8, Wheeling Down the Aisle

At the end of the semester, Caitlin and James got married. Though James had considered walking on leg braces for the wedding, he ultimately decided to get married in his wheelchair. He preferred the chair and they both thought that they looked great together in wheelchairs. Caitlin's chair was covered in white crepe paper and flowers for the service and she wore a long and traditional wedding dress. Before the ceremony, Caitlin's mom helped her adjust everything and asked her daughter if she still was enjoying being paralyzed. When Caitlin replied yes, her mom said that she had come to realize that somehow, Caitlin really did seem more attractive and happier now that she was a paraplegic. During the reception, the happy couple danced slow dances with Caitlin sitting in James' lap while he propelled them around.

For their honeymoon, Caitlin and James went to a resort in the Caribbean. Susan came along but stayed in another condo, dropping by to help Caitlin dress and bathe and to participate in making love when invited. Susan also was a big help at the pool, helping Caitlin enter the water. Caitlin and James both discovered that though they couldn't move their legs they could still swim. It was eerie for Caitlin, without her glasses on she could hardly see her body below the water line and, of course, couldn't feel it either. Obviously, the happy paraplegic couple couldn't have urine collection bags hanging out when they were in swimming suits or shorts so they had taken to plugging their catheter tubes up and concealing them. This required regular trips to empty out but it had become a habit for both Caitlin and James. Both acquired nice tans but without any sensation in their lower extremities and because paraplegic lose body temperature control in their paralyzed areas, Caitlin and James had to be very careful when lounging around in the sun. Still, they both loved the chance to show off their atrophied legs. Caitlin loved having thin legs with no muscle tone and big strong arms-different than most women but the flaccid lower body was what Caitlin preferred. Their honeymoon lasted almost 2 weeks of fun in the sun. When Susan was around, both Caitlin and James couldn't help but notice that Susan would sit in a wheelchair if one were empty or would take extra special care of Caitlin's limp and numb legs.

Once they arrived back home after the honeymoon, Caitlin and James figured that they would have a normal summer to sort of relax and further adapt before the start of the fall semester. Caitlin's weightlifting had really paid off-her arms were thicker than her thighs and she could pull her body up from the floor into her wheelchair. It wasn't easy to do that because Caitlin had no abdominal muscles to help but it did give her some more independence than she had enjoyed in the spring. Caitlin knew that she had made the right choice to become a T1 paraplegic, she simply loved being severely disabled and despite having no feeling from the chest on down, sex was more fun for her than it had ever been before becoming paralyzed. Now, she and her partner (James or Susan or both James and Susan) had to help Caitlin position her limp legs and hips. Caitlin now always would wear her eyeglasses when making love. Watching her mate down below helped increase her fun, besides she couldn't feel anything. Except afterwards, then post orgasm was about like it always had been. That was hard to explain but Caitlin knew she could "feel" orgasms unconsciously. James also had built up his arms as his legs had wasted away. However, he had started from pretty strong arms to begin with. Now, it was almost ridiculous. The fact that James also had his trunk muscles meant that about the only way in which he was disabled was in his legs, flaccid and numb. When James made love, he couldn't feel his penis but that was about the only thing that he couldn't feel. All in all, becoming a paraplegic was hardly a handicap at all for James.

Chapter 9, A New Recruit

The lovers' lives started getting more complicated in July. Long before meeting James, Caitlin had kept a diary. This detailed her attraction to paraplegics and her desire to become one and, of course, the actual act and experiences of being a spinal cord paraplegic. She didn't use a locking diary but did keep flattened flower petals in it, carefully keeping them in constant places. One day she noticed that some of the petals had been disturbed. Susan seemed to Caitlin, to have become even more curious about the couple's paralysis. Both Caitlin and James had long figured that Susan was a devotee of paraplegics, this seemed to confirm it as Caitlin was convinced that it had been Susan who had disturbed the petals and read her diary. James agreed and the two were a little concerned with how Susan might react to the full truth. However, Susan seemed to be even more interested in Caitlin and James and, one evening while the three of them made love, Susan pretended that her legs were immobile. This turned both Caitlin and James on even more and Susan was really turned on!

Later, in private, Caitlin and James agreed that Susan must know everything and that they had to make sure that Susan wouldn't go out and tell their secret. The came up with a plan, it was a little risky but with the potential for an enjoyable payoff. The next evening, they had a few drinks with Susan and managed to get her more than a little drunk. Soon, Susan fell asleep. Caitlin and James very carefully inserted a sterile Foley catheter into Susan's urethra and connected it to a collection bag. The catheter was a larger diameter than Susan needed and though this worried the couple that she might awake Susan was fast asleep. In the morning, Susan instantly realized what had happened when she awoke. Far from being angry, she thanked Caitlin and James for the little surprise. She asked how long she could keep it in and Caitlin told her to wait at least a month. Susan loved having an indwelling catheter, except that it was quite uncomfortable for her at first. Caitlin and James reassured her that it would feel better as time went by. In about a week, Susan did feel much more comfortable. Caitlin noticed that her diary was being read again. While she and James had intended to drag their plan out, they were afraid that Susan might do something unexpected. Therefore, a week and a half after inserting the Foley into Susan, Caitlin and James had a talk with her. They told her that they knew that she had read Caitlin's diary-Susan admitted this. And they told her that they knew that she knew they had intentionally paralyzed each other. Then they told Susan that there was a problem with her having that knowledge. She mustn't tell anyone (Caitlin's mom and Will were the only others to know). Susan promised not to tell.

Caitlin said that wasn't quite enough and continued, "... that is why we put the urinary catheter in you, to give you a first hand experience with one of the effect of paraplegia-incontinence. It was uncomfortable because it is too large for your urethra. Our original plan was to have you leave it in for a month. After that much time, it would stretch your urethra out and you would always be incontinent. However, we decided that you need to be able to make a choice."

Caitlin then added, "A couple of weeks with the catheter may leave you somewhat incontinent or it might not be too late. You may keep it in if you want-but if you do you will become forever dependent on it no matter what else you do. The other choice and you must make it tonight is to either walk out of here and leave here forever or to stay with us."

Susan said that she would just as soon as stay.

Caitlin said, "But if you stay, you must become one of us, a paraplegic never to walk or use or feel your legs again."

Susan asked how she could help Caitlin from a chair and Caitlin pointed out that she needed less and less help but that she and James were sure that Susan could do a lot from a wheelchair as Caitlin's attendant.

Susan said, "Okay, when are you going to do this?"

With that, James pulled out a syringe and the three went to the bedroom. Susan sort of wanted to become a high thoracic level para like Caitlin but they did the injection at the L1 level. She would need a wheelchair for life but would still have abdominal muscles with which to lift or roll over Caitlin.

Susan received the injection that night having had only a few minutes to contemplate becoming paralyzed for life. Susan spent the next two days in bed just to be sure that the injection remained localized, and it did. She marveled over her changed body. From her lower waist on down, she could no longer feel anything. Nor could she move her legs or so much as wiggle her toes. Almost immediately any muscle tone in her legs was diminished. Nor could Susan even sense that she was peeing into the leg bag attached to her indwelling catheter. She was so happy she was ecstatic. For years Susan had desired to end up in a wheelchair but had never known how to achieve her secret dream. Then she had met Caitlin and James. At first Susan was happy to work for Caitlin, it gave her the first chance that she had ever had to get close to a spinal cord paraplegic. Very quickly, Susan had realized that Caitlin and James were not your ordinary paraplegic couple. Something was different about them and Susan started suspecting that Caitlin and James may have been self-inflicted paraplegics when it became so obvious that the two liked being paralyzed. Susan hadn't known how to approach them and confirmed here suspicions only when she discovered Caitlin's diary. It was dizzying just how quickly Susan had become a paraplegic after that!

After a couple days, Susan was able to get out of bed. While she waited, James had purchased a wheelchair for Susan and it had been delivered. James and Caitlin helped Susan into her own wheelchair for the very first time. Susan marveled at how her limp, flaccid legs just flopped about as she transferred. Getting into the wheelchair was great and she knew that she had done the right thing, that at age 19 she had forever given up walking! That night the three of them dressed up and had a catered dinner and champagne delivered. They toasted each other while discussing the need for a larger place to accommodate three wheelchairs and the needed accessories . . . .

Paralyzed Lovers II

Chapter 10, The new home
About three months after Susan, Caitlin's attendant and part time lover of both Caitlin and James voluntarily became a paraplegic (just like James and Caitlin had 6 months prior).

Caitlin and James left to go shopping around noon on a nice fall Saturday. Susan had finished her duties with Caitlin for the morning. Those included helping Caitlin with the toilet, shower, and dressing herself. Every paraplegic has to, in the morning, stimulate their bowels, empty their bladder (unless hooked up to an indwelling catheter), and perform-with greater difficulty-all of the normal tasks of life. For Caitlin, a T1 paraplegic by choice, these were much harder because she was paralyzed from just above her breasts on down. Her armpits and the lower sides of her arms and palms were even numb though she had full use of her arms and hands. Caitlin loved being so disabled and being partly dependent on assistance. It was the fulfillment of all of her dreams. Her husband, James, was also paralyzed by choice, but he was a L2 paraplegic with complete control of his body down to his hips and upper thighs. James needed almost no assistance. Susan, Caitlin's attendant, had become an L1 paraplegic only three months before. It had been a little difficult to assist Caitlin at first because Susan needed to learn how to take care of her paralyzed lower body, too. Though Susan had come to her decision-almost forced by Caitlin and James-much quicker, she had no regrets and relished her new life in a wheelchair.

After Caitlin and James drove off in Caitlin's wheelchair van, Susan went to the bathroom and emptied her urinary collection bag as she had to every two hours. Susan even reveled in being dependent on a catheter to pee-at age 19 she was forever paralyzed and forever incontinent. Then she went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine and wheeled into her bedroom. She set the wineglass by her bed and turned on some music. Susan wheeled herself over to the mirror on the wall-what a change a few months had brought! Her legs had lost any tone and were beginning to get thinner while her arms were building up strength continuously. From her lower waist on down, Susan was completely numb, her legs flaccid. She had also abandoned contact lenses at Caitlin's urging. Though Susan's vision was somewhat better than Caitlin's she envied just how thick her friend's eyeglasses were. To compensate, Susan had gotten her optometrist to prescribe her bifocals when she complained about headaches when reading. Susan had gotten the lined bifocals so it would be obvious to anyone who looked. Poor James! His eyes weren't too bad and he barely needed his glasses. The household, had, however gone over to a strict rule: when awake and not in the shower, wear glasses. Depending on eyeglasses just seemed to fit with being dependent on wheelchairs, thought Susan.

Then Susan pulled herself up into her bed, she had to pull up her flaccid legs, now useless legs up onto the bed. Her legs just lay wherever they were placed, she had no voluntary movement nor feeling in her body from her lowest waist-just above her pubic hair-on down. Since she had become paralyzed, Susan's legs had lost muscle tone and were beginning to slowly atrophy. Susan pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties-not easy tasks for a paraplegic. She set the tube from her indwelling catheter to the side and out of the way. After a couple sips of wine, she began rubbing her clitoris and vagina. Of course, Susan couldn't feel her genital region at all, it was almost like touching someone else's vagina and clit. As she stroked herself, she could feel wetness increasing on her fingers. While she did this, she imagined herself with Caitlin-making love to another paraplegic-and then imagined James entering. Caitlin was fully bisexual though more oriented to women. After sometime she could tell that the wetness had increased and then she quivered down below. Susan had stimulated herself to a reflexive orgasm. While she couldn't feel the orgasm directly she did have a warm relaxed feeling come all over her by the time it ended.

This plus her imagination and a little wine had brought Susan to a state almost as intense as a "real" orgasm. Friends of Susan's at college-after discovering that she had become paralyzed from the lower waist down that summer-had asked Susan if she could still enjoy sex. She had been honest-it was different now but not any less enjoyable. In fact, Susan found it more enjoyable than when she had had full sensation. Now she had to work harder at having and enjoying an orgasm so it meant much more to her. Afterwards, she relaxed, warmed by masturbation, wine, and the music. Before getting out of bed, she did it again. This time, Susan also rubbed her breasts while she played with her clitoris. She had full sensation in her breasts, so they helped transfer her sexual response. She also felt along the area just above her pubic hair, where the "line" between sensation and paralysis was. Again, Susan reached climax in her mind and by reflex. After relaxing for another half-hour, she pulled herself into her wheelchair, placed her limp legs into the footrests and wheeled out of her bedroom.

It wasn't long before Caitlin and James had returned. They had a major announcement, they said, one properly made over a nice meal. Therefore, the three of them dressed up and went out to dinner together. As usual, Susan helped Caitlin dressed. It was both her job and her pleasure to do so-Caitlin enjoyed it, too, enough so that she almost delayed dinner. At the restaurant, a fashionable Italian dining place, James made a toast to their new house. Then he told Susan that he and Caitlin had finally found a suitable house to purchase. It would be much roomier for three wheelchair-using paraplegics than their little condo. It wouldn't take long to close the deal and it also wouldn't take long to modify their new home to accommodate their wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment. Then Caitlin sprung the other surprise regarding the new house, it would be next door to Will's house. This was the same Will, devotee of disabled women, who had helped James come up with the concoction that all three had used to paralyze their lower bodies. It seemed that Will had finally found the woman of his dreams and was getting married soon.

After a long dinner and a few drinks, Caitlin, James, and Susan returned to their condo. Fairly typically for a Saturday night, all three ended up in bed together, though this time all were full enough that sexual play was delayed until the morning. Then after they attended to some biological necessities, they had a group grope. Caitlin was almost the center of it, sort of propped up with some pillows. She wore her thick-lensed eyeglasses while making love. First, James dragged his body over and Caitlin and James fondled each other until James was hard enough to enter Caitlin. With all three together, Susan would assist James by helping to position his legs and hips as he made love to Caitlin. When James was exhausted, Susan would start in on Caitlin and bring her to climax much as she had done to herself the day before. As one might imagine, this took a fair bit of effort as none of the three lovers could move their legs (well, James could but only a little) or even tell where their legs were unless they were looking at them. Caitlin and Susan caressed and kissed each other, it really turned Caitlin on when Susan or James kissed and licked her ears, neck, and chest until just at the level she lost sensation. As with Susan, Caitlin could reach a reflexive orgasm when one used their fingers on her or when James thrust his numb, hard cock into her. And just like Susan, she felt warm and relaxed afterwards. James too, could reach orgasm and he, too, didn't feel it directly. He found it odd but the amount of work that he had to do now to climax sexually meant that he enjoyed the results more, even if he couldn't feel his dick at all. Plus, he found that the lack of sensation in his genitals freed him from the conventional view of male performance. Now, if he didn't get hard or after he ejaculated, he could continue playing with the women and enjoying it without the requirement for getting hard and staying hard. In fact, much of their play with James worked around getting him hard. He had discontinued an indwelling catheter for intermittent catheterization (most of the time, at least) so Caitlin and Susan would stroke his cock until it got hard, or they would use a penis pump or they would lick and suck on it. James couldn't feel any of that directly but as long as he watched, his excitement grew-and usually his member would grow, too. The strangest part to James was the sudden and unexpected moment went it erupted in ejaculation. He couldn't feel that either. Somehow, all of this was more fun and more fascinating than it had been when he was able-bodied.

Caitlin and Susan had, now that they were both well adjusted to paraplegia, become the closest of friends. They went shopping together, picking out shoes-especially high heels that were strictly decorative for these two full-time wheelchair users. Caitlin already had several pairs of glasses with designer frames and she urged Susan to diversify her spectacle collection, too. Which she did, on one of their shopping sprees. The two also chatted about more permanent things to do, too. Both had several ear piercings already and soon got their tongues and nipples pierced. James loved the tongues with the metal barbells in them, it added to the lovemaking. Then one day Caitlin and Susan stopped at a tattoo studio. A few hours later and they each wheeled out with new tattoos-a black and gray Celtic design on Susan's right wrist while Caitlin got a nice floral design on her right wrist. Both tattoos were right on the wrist and would always be visible unless the two young women wore long-sleeved blouses. James was surprised at first but liked it enough that he soon obtained a tattoo-a nice wide Celtic design on his upper arm forming an armband about 3 inches above his elbow.

Chapter 11, The Move
James, Caitlin, and Susan found that being wheelchair users made packing and moving somewhat difficult to do themselves. They had to hire movers to come in and do all of the work. The movers were a little curious at the living situation of three young paraplegics. Especially when they found that the new house had been modified to accommodate all three in one master bedroom with two adjoining baths and a couple extra "guest" bedrooms. Also modified in their new house were all shelves, counter tops, bathrooms, etc. Everything had been changed in the intervening months to wheelchair level. The trio of paraplegics moving in were young, good looking and obviously in love with each other. All three had well-developed upper bodies and legs that were thin and flaccid from disuse, and all appeared to enjoy having paralyzed legs.

The new home was perfect for all three of them. Susan, now a full-time member of the family reveled in her relatively new existence as a L1 paraplegic. Sometimes she envied Caitlin for being paralyzed so high up. Caitlin's level of paralysis had left her arms partly numb, though with full mobility. However, with no trunk muscles, Caitlin had a much harder time transferring into and out of her wheelchair, changing clothes, taking care of her bodily needs, and so on. Susan helped her with many of these tasks and Susan marveled at how much of Caitlin's body was forever numb and flaccid from being a T1 paraplegic. Yet, Susan felt she had the best of both worlds. Being numb from the lower waist on down meant that she was totally independent unless she encountered stairs or other obstructions that her wheelchair couldn't navigate. On the other hand, Susan's legs were dead to the world. So was her vagina, yet she was thrilled every time that James penetrated her with his throbbing dick-made all the more exciting because James was also a paraplegic. Making love with 2 or all 3 of them could be very time consuming but there certainly something to it that made it better than if they had been able-bodied.

From day one of their arrival in the new home, James, Caitlin, and Susan had been welcomed by Will and his lover, Kara, a tall, olive-skinned woman with dark hair and one very shapely leg. Kara's right leg was missing at the hip, it had to be amputated when she had broken it badly and infection had set in. That had happened when Kara was but a junior high school girl, giving her a lot of time to adapt to life with one leg. The high level of amputation had meant that a prosthetic leg was impractical so Kara had adopted crutches as her primary means of locomotion. To this end, she had several sets of crutches, practical aluminum forearm crutches, and a number of custom underarm wooden crutches, each finished or painted in a different tone or color. Needless to say, Kara was very striking when walking on crutches. She knew that Will was a devotee of disabled women but didn't know the secret that James, Caitlin, and Susan were all voluntary paraplegics.

The paraplegic trio and Will and Kara fast became very close socially. Will didn't hide his fetish when around the others so Kara soon wondered what Caitlin, Susan and James thought about devotees. They had prepared for this and had agreed that James would admit to being a devotee who had accidentally damaged his spine while Caitlin and Susan pretended to be mere "innocent" paraplegics who not only didn't mind devotees but had become somewhat attracted to it themselves. Kara had a hard time understanding all of this at first, but Will was a nice caring guy and James, Caitlin, and Susan great friends even if they spent a lot of time showing off their atrophied legs. Kara had spent so many years with just one leg and dependent on crutches that, to her, this was the normal way of getting around. She also loved the fact that Will found her beautiful because of her disability-she knew that Will would never stray.

Kara very gradually began to suspect that her friends had another agenda when Caitlin and Susan discovered that Kara wore contacts. They announced to her that when in their house that they preferred that she not wear contacts but instead eyeglasses. Kara thought that a bit strange but realized that she never really minded wearing spectacles and so started wearing hers full time even though they were almost as thick as Caitlin's lenses. Kara rapidly noticed that Will, an eyeglass wearer, too, got more turned on when she wore glasses and finally simply threw away her contacts and contact accessories.

After some months Kara found herself increasingly curious about her paraplegic neighbors. She knew that none of them had feeling in their legs-or genitals-yet seemed to have a very active sex life. Kara also found the numb flaccid legs of her neighbors exciting to look at, often wondering how it would be to be paralyzed from the waist down. She also began to wonder about their account of meeting-it was inconsistent with a photo she saw in their home: a picture of James and Caitlin in wheelchairs but with Susan standing next to them. She asked Will about it and got an evasive answer.

Chapter 12, The Discovery

Kara had been determined to find the truth about Caitlin, James, and Susan. Their stories, photos in the yearbook and in their albums were inconsistent. Though she didn't really like snooping Kara used any opportunity to do so because she had become obsessed that something was fishy. One day, she was in the paraplegic trio's house having been invited over by Caitlin. After coffee, Caitlin excused herself to the bathroom, a process that usually took a long time. Kara used the time to look through one scrapbook she had noticed tucked away on a shelf. In it she discovered photos of James standing and photos of Caitlin in her chair in some shots but standing or at least supporting her weight in other shots! Kara didn't know exactly what it meant but she did know that whatever the photos showed, Caitlin, James, and Susan were all really paraplegics. But had some or all three of them gone through a phase where they pretended? If so, how had they then all come to become paralyzed?

Kara was so engrossed in all of this that she didn't hear Caitlin's wheelchair roll into the room. She was startled when Caitlin spoke up, "I suppose that you would have figured it out someway or another eventually." Kara took a minute to regain her composure and took a stab at it and guessed, "So, did all three of you deliberately become paraplegics? Or did one or two become paralyzed by accident?" Caitlin asked her if it would affect their friendship and Kara said that she preferred honesty. Therefore, Caitlin told her everything, about her long attraction to wheelchairs, James' fetish, their pretending (which explained the photos), and finally Caitlin's decision to become a T1 paraplegic coupled with James choice of becoming paralyzed, too. Caitlin also added the parts about Susan and how Will had helped the three into becoming paralyzed for their lives.

Caitlin had expected Kara to pick up her crutches and leave. Instead Kara stood up on her single leg, hopped over to Caitlin and hugged her saying, "Oh God! That is so sexy! I could tell that you guys all enjoy being paralyzed." Caitlin and Kara ended up hugging and kissing and Kara got her chance to explore how a paraplegic woman enjoys intimacy.

Afterwards, Kara said to Caitlin, "Will should be shot for doing this and not telling me. Now, Will and I are the only people who know the full story who aren't paralyzed."

Caitlin pointed out Kara's missing leg but her friend said that was the one disability between the four of them that wasn't intentional. Caitlin didn't tell Kara that Caitlin's mom knew the truth, too. Besides, Will was able-bodied. Caitlin asked her what she meant.

Kara responded, "You are simply going to have to initiate both me and Will into your little club by paralyzing us from the waist down, too! And none of this trial stuff with spinal anesthesia, I want to become a paraplegic for life on the first try. No debate or talking about it or training. I can hardly wait until I can no longer feel my leg or my pussy."

The two of them talked more with Caitlin probing Kara for just how serious she was about becoming a spinal cord paraplegic. Kara was insistent, even when Caitlin pointed out that as an amputee she was already disabled. In fact, Caitlin added, Kara would, if paralyzed, never be able to use her collection of custom crutches. Kara said that maybe she could get fitted with a leg brace. Caitlin said that James had braces-in the closet. Even with his low level of paralysis, he preferred a wheelchair for just about everything. Finally, Caitlin admitted that it excited her to think about just how sexy it would be if all five of them were confined to wheelchairs for life.

Chapter 13, Two more paraplegics

Caitlin and Kara kept their conversation a secret for a couple of days until there was a group dinner. Caitlin, James, and Susan in their wheelchairs, Kara on her crutches, and Will, able-bodied. When it was time to toast, Kara offered one, "To all of us. Soon we will all have even more in common-once Will and I become paraplegics too!" The others, except for Caitlin looked a little confused so Caitlin and Kara told everyone what Kara had discovered. Caitlin said that Kara had agreed that her punishment would be to become paralyzed from the waist down for life. Then she and Kara looked at Will and said that it was time for the devotee to join the voluntary paraplegics. For aiding Caitlin, James, and Susan in becoming paraplegics, Will's sentence should also be to become paralyzed for life. Then Caitlin and Kara revealed what they had purchased in secret during those couple of days that they had waited. Hidden in the spare room were two new wheelchairs with seat cushions, one sized to fit Kara and the other to fit Will. Kara announced that this was the last week that she intended to be able to move her sole leg. Will looked astonished but surprised everyone when he said, "Let's do it tonight."

Will explained that Kara simply switching to a wheelchair wouldn't raise anybody's eyebrows while he could use the "acute spinal infection causing transverse myelitis" cover story. Will had, in his house, a few spare doses of the chemical that had been used to paralyze Caitlin, Susan, and James. Then James asked Kara and Will how certain they were about the step that they were about to undertake. Kara said that she felt this was the best way to share in the secret plus losing muscle tone and movement in her leg would ultimately be more attractive. Will said that he had dealt out the solution for voluntary paraplegia to three people already; a fourth-Kara-obviously was ready for it, too. Therefore, he should join in and experience what the others were experiencing. Will didn't want to try out temporary paralysis nor spend much time thinking or preparing for it.

Both Kara and Will chose the T6 level-about mid torso. Kara chose the T6 level after consulting with Susan and Caitlin. It was more or less in between the two. She already had enough upper body strength and would be able to pull herself up into a wheelchair from the floor without much effort. The T6 level also guaranteed that she would effectively be limited to a wheelchair for life. The same was true with Will, who was a body builder and already quite strong. He said that he wanted to be face to face with Kara and that meant life in a wheelchair.

Then they did it-Will and Kara to each other with some assistance from the other three. The trio of voluntary paraplegics had now become a quintet. Both Kara and Will spent a few days working on dealing with their new lifestyles-bladder and bowel control, wheelchair use, etc. While they did that with Caitlin, James and Susan worked on Will and Kara's place, having the bathrooms modified, hand controls put in the cars, and stuff moved from the upper shelved to where someone in a wheelchair could reach. Obviously, they needed to hire people to come and help, though James did get up in his braces and crutches for some of the work.

Even Caitlin and James were amazed at just how quickly and well Kara and Will adapted to life in wheelchairs. Though it did tend to make things more crowded around their houses, Caitlin was glad that their friends and neighbors had chosen to become paralyzed for life. For Kara and Will, things were different, for sure. Each was now numb and flaccid from the lower chest on down. The lack of abdominal muscles meant that they, like Caitlin, were forever tied to wheelchairs, unable to use leg braces and crutches that were at least a theoretical option for James and Susan.

From the start, Kara marveled at her "new body". It was as if near the bottom of her rib cage on down, something else was attached to her. The part that she could feel felt as if she were floating on air but somehow attached to that lower and rather floppy section. Her sole leg was totally flaccid and would just stay where she put it. Sometimes, she would stare at her five toes and try to wiggle them, but no more. The muscle tone left almost immediately upon paralysis but it would take months before atrophy really set it. She found that she had to be extra careful in the wheelchair to not lean forward unless she was holding onto something, lest Kara topple forwards. Caitlin also had to deal with this and told Kara that she really enjoyed dealing with this limitation-it challenged her creativity in picking things off the floor or whatever. Both Kara and Caitlin decided that they liked their mutual state of profound disability-though Kara was much less paralyzed than the T1 Caitlin who was almost a quadriplegic. Kara, like Caitlin, was connected to an indwelling Foley catheter. She had to empty the leg bag often but had no sensation of peeing or needing to go pee.

Will, too, found that becoming a T6 paraplegic was a major change but one that he also found thrilling. Long a devotee of disabled women, Will had long wondered what having a disability would be like and now he would experience it for the rest of his life. Will found that his bladder was "frozen" in the open position and went to a condom catheter and leg bag. Will's penis was numb, but hardly unresponsive. The first night he stroked himself and got a hard on, one that didn't relax for an hour! Other times he found that he couldn't get it to do anything. Will soon got a prescription to Viagra, this gave him reliable erections. Very long erections-it seemingly took forever for him to ejaculate. This was good because it took a long time for both Kara and Will to maneuver in bed as both had only upper body movement.

Despite the numbness and paralysis extending down from their lower chests, Will and Kara quickly discovered just how much they enjoyed making love. Kara was much stronger than Will at first and this meant that she got on top. Her missing right leg made fitting onto Will's throbbing cock relatively easy even though neither of them could feel anything in their lower bodies and had to carefully watch what they were doing. Kara had to slowly slide onto Will as he helped guide his erect but totally numb member into her flaccid but wet vagina. Of course, Kara couldn't move her hips or her leg so Will used his arms to push her up and down. Despite not directly feeling anything, he could tell when he came-an endorphin rush would relax him. Other times, Kara would lay next to Will and stroke his penis until he came. They never knew when this would happen so the eruption would always be a pleasant surprise.

Kara, too, discovered that being paralyzed could be sexually exciting. She had expected to miss being able to feel her clitoris and vagina and wondered how she would respond to the loss. She was amazed, however, at how readily she adapted. So much of sexual experience is mental and Kara found that her orgasms with Will were just as intense, maybe even more so, now that they were "virtual". This was partly because she could prolong things much more than before. Kara discovered that she had two sexual lives now, in a sense. One was the "virtual" one in her head-all Will needed to do was nibble on her ears or neck or play with her full and firm breasts. This would drive her wild with desire, desire that seemingly was out of reach until her head just exploded in this mental orgasm. On the other hand, if Will played down stairs or when she lowered her numb body onto his erect penis and made love she often ended up wet. Kara would reach a physical orgasm that she really couldn't sense but somehow still enjoyed.

While Kara and Will had lots of fun in bed, not all was easy. Neither retained any muscles in their abdominal areas and couldn't lean forwards in their wheelchairs very safely. Kara, because of her amputated leg, had long dealt with stares and sometimes-rude comments. Even she was surprised now that some people actually went up to her and suggested that she get out of the wheelchair and use crutches or an artificial leg. As if she were lazy! Kara would calmly explain to the more intelligent strangers that she was also a paraplegic and couldn't use her only leg for anything other than decoration. The stupider people, she ignored or made rude comments right back. Yet, neither Kara nor Will had any regrets even though their mutual decisions to become paraplegics had been made almost on the spur of the moment.

Chapter  14, Three paraplegic women, more tattoos

Kara, of course, had long noted the wrist tattoos on Caitlin and Susan. She asked them if there was any significance. They said it was just sort of a badge of honor for being voluntary paraplegics. That evening, the three piled into Caitlin's wheelchair van and drove to the tattoo studio where Kara got her right wrist tattoo-an M. C. Escher design that actually extended about 6 inches up her forearm-it was inspired by the Escher print of birds flying at night shifting into daylight, going from positive to negative. Caitlin and Susan, meanwhile, decided to increase their body art. Caitlin started in on a 3/4 sleeve design on her right arm. The design, which took a few sessions, covered most of her arm in bright flowers, leaves, butterflies, etc. Very bold and obvious, especially when she went sleeveless. Susan also got her right arm tattooed but all the way up-a full sleeve and all black and gray Celtic design. These were painful to get but the paraplegic gals loved every second of it. Will, joined in, too. He got a big tribal design on his shoulder and right arm, down almost to his elbow, and soon all five paraplegics were tattooed.

Chapter 15, An all-wheelchair wedding

Will and Kara got married about 3 months after they chose to paralyze themselves. The bride wore white and the groom had a nice tux. Caitlin was matron of honor and Susan a bridesmaid. James was the best man. Therefore, nearly the whole wedding party was in wheelchairs. The wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses were sleeveless, so the tattoos of all three women were quite visible, adding to the spectacle. At the reception, everyone danced the night away, wheelchairs or no wheelchairs. With so many people ending up in wheelchairs so quickly and apparently enjoying it, some of the friends of the little club of 5 voluntary paraplegics were starting to put two and two together, but still accepted their friends without real question.

After the wedding, Will and Kara left town for a short honeymoon. On this trip, they spent much time exploring their numb lower bodies and the ways in which they could enjoy having sex. After months of being paralyzed, Will's arms were much stronger than they had been, as were Kara's. Now, he could support himself in bed and insert his erect member into Kara's vagina. This they would do (with Viagra, Will could stay hard for an hour or more), until he came. They could tell that he came simply because he would lose his erection and come would cover his penis when pulled out. Often, they would make love for a while without Will coming. Then he would pull out of Kara and she would stroke him until he erupted. Orgasm now was so unexpected. Afterwards, they relaxed in bed, both gently wandering with their fingers up and down around where they lost sensation.

Kara said, "I love this state so much. Somehow, I guess I was made to be in a wheelchair and being numb isn't a problem for me either. What about you Will? I didn't drag you into this too quickly, did I?"

He answered, "No way, when you are a devotee you often wonder what it is like to be disabled and if someone with a severe disability can enjoy it. I am glad that you asked me to become a paraplegic, wheelchairs are cool."

When not making love, the two explored the resort that they were at in their wheelchairs. Kara liked to go shopping for shoes. Despite not being able to walk, she still loved spike heels. Kara had Will slip the shoe that she wanted to try on onto her single, flaccid left foot. She couldn't feel the shoe or move her foot anymore but liked watching Will fit the shoe on her. She bought a couple pairs of high heels on their honeymoon and joked with the salesperson that she'd prefer to buy one pair of shoes: two different left shoes and the store could keep the shoes for the right foot.

Chapter 16, Caitlin's parents visit again

Caitlin's parents, Deborah Anne and Stan came for a weeklong visit. For some time, Caitlin's mom had guessed at her daughter's obsession with wheelchairs and had figured out that Caitlin's paraplegia was due to her choice and not accident or disease. Deborah Anne certainly also guessed that some of Caitlin's circle, including husband James and "attendant" Susan were also voluntary paraplegics, too. Therefore, Deborah Anne wasn't too surprised to find Will in a wheelchair (he was walking at the wedding of James and Caitlin) and that Will's lover, Kara, was also a paraplegic. Indeed, Deborah Anne had long wondered about the attraction of wheelchairs. Caitlin's dad seemed to understand all of this, too, but said little on the subject. On this occasion Deborah Anne met with her daughter shortly after arrival in town and asked Caitlin if she had a spare wheelchair. She explained that she wanted to experiment, to try out using a wheelchair for the duration of her visit just to see what Caitlin went through everyday. Deborah Anne was a young mother, in her mid-40s, still good-looking and still in good shape. Caitlin had been itching to share more with her mother, so she went ahead with her mom's plan.

Deborah Anne was in town for a week. She spent the entire time using one of the trio's spare wheelchairs. Just to add some realism, they also hooked her up with an indwelling catheter and leg bag. Even Caitlin was amazed at how quickly and how well her mom took to using the wheelchair. Her mom also insisted on "feeling" what it was like. Therefore, Will used a big dose of spinal anesthesia on her, numbing Caitlin's mom from the lower waist down for several hours. Mother and daughter went to the mall with Deborah Anne paralyzed like this and shopped some and had some coffee. Mom and daughter also had a long talk. "Caitlin, this isn't too bad and it would be more tolerable if I were more used to being paralyzed. However, how do you accept the greater limitations that you face, you are paralyzed from the upper chest on down, right?" Caitlin answered, "True but, I really really like it this way. Maybe I can't bend over without toppling forward unless I hang onto my chair but I like the feeling of being this handicapped and being at least somewhat dependent on James and Susan. I don't expect you or hardly anyone else to understand it but I love numb breasts, I love my partially numb arms and hands. Look, my pinky fingers are nearly immobile.

Effectively, I am a quadriplegic who has hand and finger movement and that makes me happy. Obviously, it isn't for everyone, none of my friends chose to be paralyzed so high up but we all do have in common our love for having 'dead legs'." Her mom replied, "Well, I'm not sure how far I want to ever go, but this is kind of neat. Especially, the way people stare at us. I think that they are spending so much time looking at a mother and daughter in wheelchairs that they don't even look at your tattoos!" The two of them laughed, finished their coffee and drove home in Caitlin's van. Once home, Deborah Anne and Stan vanished to their bedroom while Deborah Anne was still numb (the dose of spinal that Will used on her was good for about 8 hours). Stan had said very little regarding his wife's testing of wheelchair use but Caitlin and James were finally putting two and two together and guessing that there was more to her parent's than she had yet realized.

The next day Caitlin and Deborah Anne went on another expedition, to the wheelchair accessible tattoo shop that the crew of paraplegic's frequented. Deborah Anne got her first tattoo, on her upper right arm. It was an image of a mermaid in a wheelchair with the text "Momma of a Wheeler" tattooed right under the drawing. When Deborah Anne and Stan flew out of town, she promised Caitlin that she would think things over; she sort of enjoyed her experience in the wheelchair and especially her few hours as a temporary paraplegic.

Before her folks flew out, however, Stan had a night on the town with the guys, James and Will. They went out for pizza, beer, and to a bar to play pool. That was the perfect game for the two guys in wheelchairs. Over a few mugs of beer Stan did ask both James and Will what they thought of being voluntary paraplegics and having lovers who also had chosen to have their legs paralyzed. They both said that there were some obvious differences-no feeling in their penises. However, by reflex and with help from Viagra, the two also said that erections lasted longer for them. Then, there was the never knowing when you would erupt with an ejaculation-without sensation it could come at any point. Yet, both James and Will insisted that even without direct sensation they loved sex as paraplegics. Both also professed loving paraplegic women-their thin, flaccid legs, numb pussies, strong arms and dependence on wheelchairs, catheters and the like. Stan said that Deborah Anne looked younger in the wheelchair and his evening with her temporarily paralyzed was loads of fun. James told Stan that he had always been attracted to gals in wheelchairs and at the same time had longed for his legs to be useless and paralyzed, too. Will, on the other hand, had been a devotee. He even preferred gals with one leg-hence his attraction to the lovely one-legged and now paraplegic Kara. However, Will had grown increasingly fond of paraplegics after helping Caitlin, James, and Susan to achieve their goals. When he could tell that Kara wanted to have her lower body numb and paralyzed, too, Will figured that he would go along with things. Besides, he felt a bit guilty over helping others never walk again. Both Will and James told Stan that one cool thing that they like about paraplegia was wearing condom-catheters and leg bags under their trousers-both liked not having to feel like having to go pee. James finished things off by saying that Deborah Anne was acting a lot like Susan and Kara had shortly before each of them had made a certain life-changing decision. Stan nodded and grinned a little.

Chapter  15, Caitlin and Kara explore each other's paralyzed bodies.

Once things settled down after her mother left, Caitlin oversaw the house cleaning and organizing. Then Susan left to visit home for a few days (her parents were still stunned that their beautiful daughter was never going to walk again and that Susan had revealed her long-running bisexuality). Then James and Will went on a fishing trip. This left Caitlin and Kara alone for a couple of days. On the first night they ordered out Chinese food and bought a bottle of nice wine. The two of them decided to have a nice quiet evening together. Over wine Caitlin asked Kara if she had any second thoughts since becoming a paraplegic.

Kara said, "No, everyday I discover how much I like this. Using crutches was fun at times but, believe it or not, I am more comfortable in this wheelchair and I think less handicapped. At any rate, having a numb and flaccid leg is kind of neat though I don't know if mine will ever atrophy as far as yours has atrophied."

Caitlin said, "My legs are getting kind of thin, aren't they? I think that my upper arms are thicker than my legs now! I've had zero regrets as a paraplegic but feel a little guilty at talking the rest of you into this. The only thing I might do differently would be to become an actual quadriplegic. I think it would be kind of neat to be a C7 quad, have little orthosis on my hands and use a power chair."

Kara asked if Caitlin wanted to "move up" but Caitlin said that the C7 level was more of an occasional fantasy, she mainly preferred to be in her manual chair and hands were useful most of the time.

Kara then said, "You shouldn't feel guilty at talking us into becoming paraplegics. We all did it freely and of our own accord. I'm pretty sure that James, Susan, Will, as well as myself, all now prefer having paralyzed lower bodies. You really helped us see our potential to choose our bodies."

When they finished the wine, the two of them wheeled into Caitlin's bedroom. After emptying leg bags and cleaning up some, Caitlin and Kara pulled their bodies out of their wheelchairs and into the bed. Caitlin had a hanging trapeze bar installed that made it easier for her or Kara to pull them upright in the bed (Kara had a similar bar, too). In bed, Caitlin couldn't sit up unsupported because of her level of paralysis. Kara could sit up but couldn't do anything when she did. Therefore, the two women helped each other undress while lying down. It took awhile with their paralyzed bodies obviously not able to squirm or wiggle. Both Caitlin and Kara kept on their eyeglasses-sex to high-level paraplegic girls have a large visual component as opposed to skin sensation. Once undressed, Kara started gently kissing Caitlin's breasts. Caitlin couldn't feel anything but watching it drove her wild. Then Kara started kissing Caitlin along chest both above and slightly below where she retained sensation. Caitlin, in turn, started gently stroking Kara's pussy, a rich mound of dark hair and also felt along Kara's hip to find the amputation scar. Kara couldn't feel that but-as with Caitlin watched and imagined what it might feel like.

Caitlin whispered, "I love a woman's pussy, especially a numb one with a catheter sticking out of it." Kara responded, "Me, too. Your breasts are so soft from being paralyzed."

Then she kissed Caitlin along the neck and earlobes, and the favor was returned as the two women embraced their upper, sensate and mobile bodies. Their lower, and paralyzed bodies simply stayed where they had been left. After kissing and embracing for a while, they returned to their pussies. Caitlin's mound was medium to light brown in contrast to Kara's dark fur. Protruding from both were their Foley catheter tubes, with yellow pee slowly headed towards the leg bags. After stroking Caitlin for some time, Kara could tell that Caitlin was going to orgasm as she got wetter and wetter. Finally, her vagina quivered and Kara asked if Caitlin was able to enjoy it. Her reply was that she couldn't tell anything just yet but in a few seconds would "feel" the aftermath. Meanwhile, Caitlin also brought Kara to a reflexive orgasm. Exhausted, the two snuggled up to each other. Caitlin whispered to Kara that she had really enjoyed making love to her friend.

Kara smiled and kissed her and said, "Before I just accepted being handicapped, now I embrace it."

After resting some, they started anew. This time Caitlin gently sucked on Kara's nipples and worked her way down below them to where Kara lost sensation. The two managed to shift their bodies so they could lick each other's vaginal areas and then moved back up to regions where they had sensation, finishing by kissing and sucking each other's arm tattoos. By the end of this, their glasses were pretty steamy and smeary. They set the glasses aside and slept for a while. Early in the morning, the pair of paraplegic women awoke and spent time attending to toilet necessities and cleaning up. Donning spare glasses-black plastic frames chosen to match and getting dressed in nice skirts, Caitlin and Kara wheeled into Caitlin's van and drove to a fancy restaurant for breakfast. They were hardly subtle: thick eyeglasses set in black plastic frames, Caitlin heavily tattooed on her right arm, Kara with some tattoos, both in tight sexy dresses and wheelchairs. They had a great breakfast. Though the two had made intense love the night before, neither had any illusions that this was more than an occasional foray. Caitlin was certainly in love with James and Kara with Will but Caitlin enjoyed her dalliances with both Susan and Kara. She knew that James had experimented a little with Susan and would hardly be able to long resist the beautiful one-legged paraplegic that was Kara.

Chapter 18, Susan finds a girlfriend

After Susan returned from visiting her parents, she resumed college. Her folks were getting more used to their daughter as a lesbian L1 paraplegic. Susan, meanwhile, reveled in being in a wheelchair. She love being Caitlin's attendant and hoped that she would be able to continue. She also loved making love to Caitlin and she had also done so with Kara and suspected the Caitlin and Kara would hook up, too. Susan, though enjoying her threesomes with Caitlin and James and a couple of one on one evenings with James, really preferred other women. She wanted another paraplegic but discovered that most accidental paraplegics didn't share her joy of being paralyzed and fewer seemed to be lesbian or bisexual. Fortunately, Susan did meet an able-bodied girl, Amy, who quickly guessed that Susan wasn't in a wheelchair by accident. Amy didn't mind this and seemed somewhat attracted to Susan because she was a paraplegic. Amy was tall, blond, with short hair, multiple piercings and had tribal tattoos on her forearms-a beauty, though an exotic beauty.

The two hit it off quickly. Susan just loved hanging around Amy who doted on her, helping her transfer, even though she didn't need that assistance, and helping Susan by pushing her in her wheelchair. Amy, as she eventually revealed, was kind of turned on by a woman paraplegic. She loved helping Susan to bed and then spreading Susan's limp legs as the two intertwined in lovemaking. Amy learned that even though Susan couldn't feel anything below her lower waist, she enjoyed sex. The two of them played with a vibrator, it took care to use it on Susan's numb pussy but Amy found that her lover could be sent into an orgasm even though she couldn't feel it directly. Amy, who was totally able-bodied, went nuts when Susan lay next to her and used the vibrator on her. Susan had shifted, recently, to intermittent catheterization. That meant that every 3 or 4 hours, at the maximum, she needed to "cath" herself to empty her bladder. It was very erotic for Susan to wheel into the bathroom and to have Amy carefully insert a sterilized catheter to empty out her bladder. Amy was curious enough to try it out on herself-having Susan cath her bladder even though she didn't need it.

Chapter 19, Caitlin's mom comes to town with a surprise

It had been about 5 months since Caitlin had seen her mom, Deborah Anne. Though she had talked with her on the phone and also with her dad, something seemed different. Caitlin wasn't worried, though, and was happy when her mom announced that she and Caitlin's dad were going to visit, it was a long drive but that was how they were coming. When they finally arrived, Caitlin wheeled out on the front ramp of her house to greet her mom. Caitlin's jaw just dropped when, after the door to the passenger side of the car opened, her mom got out very slowly, first placing two aluminum forearm crutches and then standing and taking a couple seconds to lock the knees on her long leg braces! Deborah Anne was in a short skirt that showed she was wearing full KAFO leg braces, with a hint of a tied up, and full urinary leg bag just under her skirt. The braces had lots of leather and shiny steel and ended in a pair of very traditional orthopedic shoes with steel stirrups. Deborah Anne dragged her obviously useless legs slowly in a gait that indicated she was paralyzed from at least the hips on down. She smiled and greeted Caitlin, "Like the new me? I've spent the last three months learning to use these things and that." With that statement, she pointed a crutch at the backseat of the car indicated a folded up wheelchair. Caitlin, though still in a state of shock, said, "I guess it runs in the family."

Deborah Anne made her way into the house of Caitlin, James, and Susan somewhat slowly and deliberately but on her braces and crutches. Caitlin's dad, however, did bring in the wheelchair that Deborah Anne sat in as soon as she could. Then she told Caitlin, "Just like you, something happened and I ended up a little on the paralyzed side. I'm an L2 paraplegic; I kind of like crutches and braces though the P.T. folks say that I'll probably use a chair a lot, too. Stan (Caitlin's dad) says he likes the new me, too. What do you think?" Caitlin wheeled over for a closer look at her mom's leg braces and legs. She could tell that the legs indeed 'looked' paralyzed, with no obvious muscle tone though there hadn't been enough time for significant atrophy to set in.

She looked up at her mom, wheeled closer and hugged her and said, "Cool mom, like daughter like mom. Welcome to the wonderful world of paraplegia. However, I think that you have something to empty."

Her mom felt down around her skirt and said, "Yes, I do. It is easy to forget this when you can't feel anything."

Mom and daughter wheeled into the spacious, wheelchair-accessible bathroom together. As Deborah Anne emptied out her bag she told Caitlin a little more. Caitlin's dad, Stan, wasn't an overt devotee of paralyzed women but had, after Caitlin's paralysis and especially after hearing about James, Susan, Kara, and Will, admitted his attraction for disabled women. He had contacts who found a doctor willing to "treat" Deborah Anne. She had chosen L2 to allow her to use long leg braces (KAFOs) nearly full time. She was reaching that point but had learned that even though she could use crutches and braces that a wheelchair was an efficient means of getting around. In fact, using a wheelchair was considerably easier and more convenient than leg braces. Caitlin told her mom that was true, after all James had virtually abandoned his leg braces. Caitlin's mom said that the only real hassle for her was the loss of bowel control. She admitted to Caitlin that her bladder was paralyzed in the "open" position, necessitating use of the leg bag. Caitlin told her that she hoped that her mom would love being a paraplegic just as much as she loved it. Deborah Anne said that the attention and stares that she had been getting were almost fun, the love making was different but still fun, and the tattoo mermaid in a wheelchair with the tattooed inscription saying "Momma of a Wheeler" seemed to fit even better than before. Deborah Anne added, "It is weird but I kind of like having a numb pussy, I see your point. Also, I just love looking at my feet and knowing that I will never feel them or wiggle my toes again! This is such a thrilling change!" Deborah Anne felt that she really did want to spend much of her time walking with crutches and braces. Her daughter, on the other hand, said, "Mom, walking is over-rated. As you get used to being a paraplegic, I'll bet that you will discover the special joy of using a wheelchair. James used to think that he like leg braces, but now he says that it is a wheelchair for him 100% of the time." Caitlin's mom replied that her daughter might well end up being right on that but Deborah Anne was enjoying both ways at the moment. Deborah Anne added that she could always wear leg braces and use a wheelchair. Mother and daughter leaned over the sides of their wheelchairs to kiss and hug each other before wheeling out into the living room.

After settling in and unpacking, Caitlin and her mom left the others to have fun and wheeled off by themselves to Caitlin's bedroom with a bottle of wine.

Caitlin said, "Mom, I still can't believe that you have done this. I've never regretted becoming a T1 paraplegic for even a minute but you seem almost as thrilled as I am."

Deborah Anne said that she had never thought of life in a wheelchair until Caitlin had started using one. Though Caitlin was pretty convincing, even while pretending to be paralyzed, Deborah Anne had always wondered if something else were going on. She knew that was true when she learned the extent of Caitlin's paralysis-too high up to be for the weak excuse that Caitlin had given. Of course, that was when she had found out about Caitlin. Though Deborah Anne hadn't told her husband, Stan, the truth, he slowly guessed, too. That was when Deborah Anne had her biggest shock Stan was a secret devotee. At that point the two secretly began their own wheelchair and crutches games and Deborah Anne slowly got turned on to spinal cord injuries. At Caitlin and James's wedding she had seen the two, so disabled but so sexy that she started to wish that her legs were paralyzed, too. It had taken a very long time to find a doctor willing to do "it" because Deborah Anne didn't want to involve her daughter and friends.

Now, she was numb and flaccid from her hips on down.

Caitlin said, "It's pretty neat to be unable to feel or move your feet. I even like numb breasts but that isn't for everybody. Is your pussy as numb as mine is?"

Her mom nodded yes and agreed with her daughter, "Somehow, it does add an extra dimension to making love. Stan and I both have to put more effort into the act of love that I think I prefer a numb pussy as you put it."

The next day Caitlin's parents and Caitlin, James, Susan, Amy, Kara, and Will all went out for a nice dinner and a few drinks. Eight people, six in wheelchairs (Deborah Anne used her chair though she wore her leg braces) coming into a nice Italian restaurant made quite a scene! The weather was nice, so the women had sleeveless tops on, for the most part. Therefore, this was a group with six wheelers and two able-bodied, with a lot of dramatic body art to display, too. The waitress looked curious at the site of so many wheelchairs, so Caitlin commented, "We are an extended family united by our numb lower bodies."

Kara added, "Call us the Dead Legs Society."

Much attention at the dinner surrounded the newest paraplegic, Deborah Anne. Susan and Amy were quite curious about her leg braces. Deborah Anne said that she had almost had to twist the arm of her orthotist to get him to build a set of leg braces, all steel and leather, straight out of the 1950s. She said that the molded plastic foot/ankle components of modern KAFO braces were lightweight and allowed any type of shoe but she liked the "retro" braces that she now wore. To Deborah Anne, the leg braces were functional, she intended to use them for some walking and standing but admitted that she probably would wear them while riding in the wheelchair, too,

"After all, Stan seems to like the braces on me whether or not I am standing."

That night out was the first for all eight. They had a great time partying. The gals (and guys) with leg bags had it easiest-not having to zip into the restroom very often. Everybody else stared and assumed that with six people in wheelchairs, they were a group on an outing from a rehab center. Caitlin sat next to James and her parents. She and her mom compared wheelchairs with James for a while.

Then Kara proposed a toast, "To all of us who have joined our little group and to our newest prospective members, Stan and Amy."

Everyone looked at Stan and Amy, the only ones sitting in regular chairs; the only ones able to walk. The look was as if to say, "When are you ...."

Paralyzed Lovers III - The ultimate in body modification

Chapter 20, Amy's tale

Amy (Susan's lesbian girlfriend) sat in the chair at her favorite tattoo studio. She was getting two more tattoos; one was a nice dolphin on the back of her neck extending almost halfway on the right side of her neck. It was the most visible she would have and Amy was growing her hair longer to help cover it up when she needed to do so. Her other tattoo was more "work" to finish her right forearm which would now be almost completely covered by ink. Amy loved permanent body modification and thought about the other "mod" she had acquired in the last 2 months. This was an indwelling catheter. Her lover Susan, a L1 paraplegic, had convinced Amy to try one out for a while just to see what having a "disability" could be like.

At first, the tube inserted up her urethra had been uncomfortable but in a couple of days she had grown accustomed to it-and to the regimen of using an indwelling Foley catheter. That meant emptying her leg bag out every hour or two and constant checking of things to make sure the plumbing was fine. Plus, she had to drink a lot more-mainly water-to keep her plumbing clean and infection free. Amy had gone like that for a couple of months and then removed the catheter by deflating the saline filled balloon holding it in her bladder, and then found, to her surprise that she couldn't control her own bladder. Without the catheter she just dribbled constantly and would have had to use a diaper. Amy figured out that she had overestimated the diameter of the catheter tube needed and stretched her urethra. It might shrink back, or it might not. In a way it was like her earlobes-she had stretched them enough that they would never fully return-and she loved them that way. Amy had stretched her earlobes enough to put metal retaining rings in into which she inserted hoops. Noticeable if you looked closely but not so large as to be totally obvious. Amy made the connection between the two and decided that urinary incontinence could be a sort of body modification. Just the day before visiting the tattooist Amy had made the decision to go back to the Foley catheter-she even had gone to a slightly larger diameter tube. While getting her new tattoos, Amy could still feel the tube, slightly unpleasant but getting more tolerable by the hour. This was a new body mod for Amy! She was consciously choosing to give up bladder control for life. The larger diameter tube would stretch her urethra enough to prevent it from ever shrinking enough to regain bladder control. Whatever happened down the line, Amy would be dependent on an indwelling catheter or diapers for life.

Amy wasn't sure why this was so much of a turn on for her but she knew that it seemed so kinky. And her lover Susan was turned on by Amy's decision to go to the Foley catheter full time.

Of course, Amy was aware that Susan had a somewhat more comprehensive agenda. After all, Susan was a voluntary paraplegic-paralyzed at the L1 level, leaving her numb and flaccid from the upper hips on down. Susan was the attendant to-though wheelchair confined-Caitlin, a T1 paraplegic who was paralyzed from the upper chest on down. Caitlin couldn't even feel her own breasts yet had actually chosen to be paralyzed. As had the other members of their little group, Caitlin's husband James, a L2 paraplegic and neighbors Kara and Will, both T6 paraplegics. Of the 6 people living in two adjacent and spacious houses, Amy was the only one who wasn't a paraplegic. Indeed, Caitlin's mother, relatively young in her mid or late 40s had recently "joined" and become a paraplegic, also by choice. At first, Amy hadn't even considered the idea of becoming a paraplegic by choice but more and more each day she sensed that it was a choice that she might want to make. To Amy, a lesbian body modification addict, becoming partially paralyzed seemed to be an extension of her other mods.

That evening, Susan wheeled into their bedroom and inspected Amy's new, and still very tender tattoos. The two of them kissed and embraced. As they kissed, their tongue piercings met and clicked. Amy had had a pierced tongue for a couple of years while Susan had gotten hers pierced just a few weeks before. The extra metal seemed to add to the thrill of their kisses. After a few minutes both adjourned to the bathroom to clean up for the night and attach their catheters to large "night" bags. Susan had recently given up her intermittent catheterization for the indwelling kind. Then Susan pulled her flaccid lower body out of her wheelchair using her very strong upper body. Susan's arms had grown more muscular and larger in diameter than her atrophied legs-now almost sticks of bone covered with a little flesh. Amy admired her lover's paralyzed lower body and its contrast with her upper body. Then the two made love.

The two women made love by kissing and licking their breasts and arms, working down towards their waists. Amy went down on Susan first, she was careful to stimulate Susan as much as possible in the areas in which Susan still retained sensation. Amy knew that the more she got Susan excited, the better Susan's orgasm (largely a reflex) would be. Once Amy reached Susan's clitoris and vagina, Susan could no longer feel Amy's tongue or fingers but enjoyed watching her lover and playing with Amy's genitals and breasts. Gradually, Amy was able to stimulate Susan to orgasm. Once again, Susan reached an orgasm that she couldn't feel directly but still somehow enjoyed the experience. The two women had researched this and discovered that it was an experience enjoyed by many paraplegic and quadriplegic women. There were lots of explanations and Susan didn't know what was true, except that she had orgasms and enjoyed them even with a totally numb vagina.

Susan, laying down with her flaccid lower body sprawled out, went to work on Amy. With full sensation, Amy easily came thanks to Susan's tongue. The metal bar of Susan's tongue piercing added to the stimulation that she delivered to Amy's wet pussy. This time when they made love, unlike most previous times, Amy consciously avoided moving her legs. It was obvious to Susan that her partner was pretending to be paralyzed. Afterwards, the two talked softly. Susan asked Amy if she had tried to pretend to be paralyzed.

Amy's reply was, "Yes, I did. Somehow that heightened things for me to try to think that I am unable to move my legs. I can't pretend to not feel things, however."

Susan said, "There is a solution to that if you are willing..."

Amy felt that what Susan was implying was a huge move, "Dear Susan, pretending to be handicapped is fun and I get a real kick out of having the catheter in. That is a body mod of sorts. I am so into getting my body modified! I want to get full sleeve tattoos of my arms sometime but I am wondering if I should look at paraplegia first. Your arms are a lot bigger now than they were in the photos of you before you ended up in a wheelchair."

"That is right, Amy. My muscles are maybe twice as big as before but have sort of stabilized. Though I love paraplegics and want you to consider becoming one, I don't want to force you or rush you into it. Maybe you should consider trying it out for a bit. We have an extra wheelchair or two in this house and I am sure that Will could get you fitted with leg braces if you want to try those out."

"Yeah, I know. I think that I am ready to try that but what do I do, just start using a chair all of the time?"

"No." said Susan, "You should use a wheelchair around the house and also start a weightlifting program. We can also help you with learning the various activities, like driving with hand controls, lifting your body into the chair, bathing, and so on. A lot of life really is different for me now that I'm paralyzed. I love being a paraplegic but becoming one does take getting used to many differences. However, there is a big difference so far in where Caitlin, James, Kara, Will, and I are coming from as opposed to you. That is, we are all or were devotees and wannabes of various sorts. Even Kara, she lost her leg by accident but says that she quickly grew to like being disabled. You keep telling me that you really haven't been a devotee or wannabe but are into body modification and decoration. Maybe becoming a paraplegic could be an ultimate body mod to go along with the tattoos that you have and will get."

Amy mulled over it and said, "Yes, this way I can learn if this is the ultimate body mod for me. However, it isn't true that I am not a devotee. A lot of what drew me to you at first was looking at you in your wheelchair. When I first saw you, and to this day, my pussy gets all wet seeing you in your wheelchair with you flaccid legs-atrophied and with no muscle tone. Paraplegics are so sexy. When do I start learning how to live in a wheelchair?"

"Once you get out of bed. Inside our house or Will and Kara's, you should now consider yourself confined to a wheelchair. You can walk when you are at school or shopping but for almost everything else, think wheelchair. You can start with Caitlin's old spare in the storeroom. Inflate the tires and put a cushion on the seat and I expect you NOT to ever stand up in this house after that."

All Amy said to that was, "Cool."

Chapter  21, Amy becomes a wheelchair pretender

Amy went to the wheelchair almost like a duck to water. She used Caitlin's old chair as her exclusive means of getting around in the two spacious houses that the "dead legs society" lived in. However, in her everyday, outside, life she continued to walk on her still healthy legs. As Susan had suggested, Amy began a rigorous weightlifting routine to build up enough strength in her arms and shoulders so that she could easily lift her body into a wheelchair without the support or assistance of her legs. The bodybuilding also made it easier for Amy to propel her wheelchair when she was using it instead of walking. It had another aspect; it started preparing Amy, psychologically, for what she was viewing as "extreme" body modification. Susan and Amy's other paraplegic friends also helped her by teaching her how to use hand controls in driving cars or vans, getting over curbs in her wheelchair, changing clothes while "paralyzed", and how to convincingly pretend to have paralyzed legs.

During this time, Amy started venturing out in her wheelchair. At first, she and Susan would head towards sections of town where Amy would likely not be recognized. However, soon Amy realized that the average person spent so much time staring at the wheelchair and her legs that they missed her! She could go out to places where she ventured able-bodied with little chance of being recognized. This was especially true if Amy simply donned a wig-she usually chose a black haired wig to cover up her naturally blonde hair.

As she slipped into the life of a part-time wheelchair pretender, Amy marveled at how natural it seemed for her to be doing this. Amy though more and more about just how different life would be if she were paralyzed from the waist down and just how sexy that seemed to her. Amy wanted to experience it but she also wanted to take things slowly and carefully. One aspect was the matter of a cover story. If yet another resident of the group claimed "transverse myelitis" the CDC might head to town to look for what was causing the epidemic of unexplained paraplegia. Amy adopted a different and somewhat flexible cover. She started telling people that she was diagnosed with "Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia". This disorder causes its victims to slowly lose control of their legs, bladders, and bowels. In the uncomplicated form, only the lower body is affected. To make her alleged affliction dependent on it.

Now Amy had crossed over into a more serious realm. Technically, she could recover and stop using the braces, crutches, etc but she knew in her heart that was getting less and less likely. What completely astonished Amy as it had Caitlin when she first started pretending full time, was just how easily everybody that Amy knew accepted her story without question. Susan and Caitlin had told her that this would happen but it was so unexpected that Amy was simply astonished at how readily people believed a fairly flimsy cover story because they would never accept the much stranger truth! When using her forearm crutches and AFOs, Amy concentrated on using only her upper body for power when walking. That is, she consciously did not depend on her legs. Of course, her knees had to work to keep her balance with just lower leg braces like these. Amy found that this built up her arms and upper body quite rapidly. It was also tiring; Amy gladly plopped down in her wheelchair when returning home. Even the AFOs meant that Amy was using some leg muscles so it didn't take long for Will to arrange full-leg braces for her. These were HKAFOs, that is, a hip-knee-ankle orthosis. A band or brace around her waist held Amy's hips rigid and the knees substituted for her own. This setup was much bulkier and heavier than the AFOs had been. When Amy first stood up in the HKAFO braces, she was amazed at how much support the braces provided. It was as if her legs were almost suspended and very certainly as if she didn't need to depend on her own legs at all.

Walking with the HKAFO was much more difficult for Amy. She now used a swing-through gait with the forearm crutches. Amazingly, on campus, her friends and professors pretty much accepted the "new" Amy as a matter of course. Amy found that she loved the feel of the smooth plastic and steel against her legs. The new braces created a new level of dependence for her and now there were many more things that Amy couldn't conveniently do when wearing the leg braces. It made the "handicapped thing" much more real. Amy now had a deeper appreciation for what Susan had given up to become a L1 paraplegic.

Full-time leg brace use led to Amy's leg muscles growing progressively weaker. She kept the braces on even when using her wheelchair; this made Amy less dependent on her legs and more dependent on her arms. It really only took about 3 months of this and Amy realized just how pumped up her arms had become. Amy took a real liking to wearing and using leg braces. She also ventured out more in her wheelchair. After all, her long leg braces, crutches and gait showed everyone that she was disabled. Her own exhibitionism, exemplified by her body art-much of it quite visible to all-encouraged her to show off her new dependence on mechanical mobility aids, even if she was really just faking it.

Best of all for Amy was that Susan seemed to be much more turned on the more disabled Amy pretended to be. Now Susan wanted Amy to keep her HKAFO braces on when the two made love. This confined Amy's mobility as much or more than her spinal cord injury impaired Susan. As for Amy, she loved it when Susan would bring her to climax and she couldn't move her legs or lower body because they were locked in with the leg braces. Both Amy and Susan used vibrators on each other and took great care to be gentle with Susan's numb areas. Both spent most of their efforts licking, sucking on and kissing their breasts. This was definitely the focus for Susan because she was truly paralyzed. As for Amy, she was more than just pretending to be paralyzed, she was practicing to make sure that she could make love without being dependent on using her clitoris and vagina. Amy discovered that she did still enjoy things and had about as much sexual pleasure as ever. In fact, she was having more fun because she was exploring a new world-paraplegia.

Chapter 22, Deborah Anne visits

During this time, live went on as usual with the rest of the household. Caitlin's parents visited a few times. Each time, Amy seemed to acquire more tattoos or more pretend disability. Deborah Anne took a special interest in Amy. Deborah Anne still wore her leg braces, full KAFOs, but-as her daughter Caitlin had predicted-primarily used her wheelchair for getting around. Though Deborah Anne thought that her leg braces, encasing her numb flaccid legs helped accentuate the beauty of those useless legs. Well, not totally useless, she now viewed her legs as decorative features-the more she used her wheelchair the less she could walk with braces and crutches. Deborah Anne didn't think that it mattered much as the point was that she could neither feel nor move her legs and that was what she enjoyed so much.

On this latest visit, Deborah Anne was surprised at how competent Amy looked in her wheelchair and with her shiny leg braces. Amy showed Deborah Anne the tattoo of the dolphin on her neck and her right forearm-now solid ink-and told Deborah Anne just how much she loved body modification, too. Deborah replied that she was into a different kind of body modification and that it looked like Amy was becoming more and more devoted to the paraplegia as a body mod. Amy answered that she sure did. She described how she had progressively used larger and larger diameter catheters to ensure that-no matter what-she would always be dependent on a catheter or diaper and could no longer control peeing. Deborah Anne pointed out that a real spinal cord injury also meant giving up control of pooping, too, and that wasn't always as much fun. Amy said, true, but that she almost continuously fantasized that she could no longer feel or use her legs and she and her lesbian lover, Susan were meant to live and love each other as paraplegics. Amy was reaching the conclusion that fulfillment for her meant paralysis. Deborah Anne said that she was sure she had made the right choice and that her daughter Caitlin and all of the others in the little "dead legs" society had made the right decisions but that it wasn't as simple or easy as, say a tattoo that you could still cover up with long hair.

Amy agreed and asked Deborah Anne if she wanted to visit her tattooist. Deborah Anne agreed and the two drove across town to the tattoo studio that Amy frequented. The two women rolled their wheelchairs in and while Deborah Anne looked over the artists' portfolios, Amy pulled out a drawing of pink rose and showed it to her tattooist and pointed at her hand. Soon, Amy was being worked on. Deborah Anne was somewhat astounded, as Amy had chosen her new tattoo to cover most of the back of her right hand. The design was an intricately drawn rose, colored pink and impossible to hide. When done, Amy asked Deborah Anne if she thought that Susan would like it and if it (meaning the consequences) was less simple than her other tattoos and piercings. Deborah Anne said that it was beautiful and that maybe Amy was ready for the next step in body modification. Amy felt that getting a tattoo that she could not conceal was crossing an important bridge. All of her other modifications could be concealed if necessary: her hair could hide her stretched lobes and neck tattoo when she wanted and her forearm tattoos by wearing long-sleeved blouses. Amy's wheelchair pretending was the most obvious but people simply thought that she used a wheelchair because of an accident or disease-few people outside of the little "Dead legs society" imagined that some people chose to become disabled. Besides, Amy could always leave the wheelchair behind and resume walking, though it would take a little practice. Even if she did that, Amy thought she would always have her dependence on an indwelling catheter to remind her of her choice. Now, she realized, that wouldn't be enough. Amy made up her mind to become a paraplegic like Deborah Anne, like her lover Susan, like Caitlin, James and the others in her little circle.

Chapter 23, Amy's desire and decision to become paralyzed

Susan did marvel over Amy's new tattoo and vowed to get more work done on herself. What she wasn't too surprised at was her lover's new resolve to become a paraplegic. Amy had certainly been heading in that direction but Susan wasn't certain that Amy had fully made up her mind.

Now Amy told her, "The sooner I can become paralyzed the better. I've thought about it and want to become a complete paraplegic totally numb and paralyzed from about here on down."

(She indicated a line almost at her pierced nipples.)

"Without abdominal muscles I'll be largely or entirely dependent on a wheelchair and can discard these leg braces. They aren't as fun as tats or piercings!" Susan told her, "You will become the second heavily tattooed, voluntary paraplegic lesbian after me."

The two women kissed and made love, Amy wishing that she, too, could be a real paraplegic.

After making love, Susan and Amy lay in bed together. Amy commented that all she thought about was how wonderful it would be if she, too, were a spinal cord paraplegic. This would be an incredible body modification for her. If she achieved it, to never feel or move a muscle from mid body on down!

Susan said, "Reality check! I love being a paraplegic and chose it myself. Just realize that when you do it, you will not only be unable to move your legs, you will never be able to tell when you need to pee or poop again. I find my indwelling catheter to be kind of sexy, but it is forever."

Amy said, "And how, is it forever! Remember I have been using a Foley cath' and it is forever now because of the wide diameter tube. Practically the only difference in function is that you have no bowel control and I do. That is the price I want to pay. I want numb, flaccid legs like yours."

Susan pulled her body closer to Amy, dragging her useless legs over manually and kissed Amy, saying, "Sounds like you are ready to join our little club. Just remember, you can get tattoos removed if you really want to but you can't go back from paraplegia. It is for life. I don't want to sound greedy but I really want you to paralyze your legs, I need a paraplegic lover. You pretend real well and I can't feel anything in my legs when we get close anyway but it just isn't the same to me when I know that you can move your lower body. I want you to have dead legs, too."

Amy smiled as she drifted off to sleep, she knew now that paralysis day approached.

As Amy had made up her mind to become a paraplegic, it was now time to work on the level of her "injury" and other particulars, such as when. The whole crew, Caitlin, James, Susan, Will, Kara, and Deborah Anne discussed paraplegia with Amy. One question was whether or not Amy wanted to use leg braces, like the ones that she had been wearing. Both James and Deborah Anne were brace wearers who could walk with crutches and braces somewhat though Deborah Anne had largely confined herself to her wheelchair simply because it was more practical. Caitlin, a T1 paraplegic who was paralyzed from the upper chest down-close to but not quite a quadriplegic, represented the other extreme. Will and Kara were at T6, in the middle, and Susan, was a lower thoracic paraplegic but not as low as James. Susan could have used braces if she had wanted to but had never done so, preferring, instead a life in her wheelchair. That was what Amy had decided on, too. She announced that she wanted to become a T4 paraplegic-numb and paralyzed from the chest down but still retaining feeling in her breasts, though just barely. Ideally, she would have her line of sensation right at her nipples. Will pointed out that the decision was irrevocable as the solution that he had for the injection caused rapid and permanent paralysis. He also pointed out that there was a certain degree of unpredictability to the process; to date, everyone in the small dead legs society had achieved the level of paralysis that they had desired but Amy shouldn't be too surprised if the level she ended up with would be plus or minus a couple of inches. Will said that meant it was possible she would end up with entirely numb breasts or have sensation well below her nipple line. Amy nodded yes, she felt that she fully understood the risks.

She elaborated, "I want to be a paraplegic so much, I know that I will enjoy looking at my body and be unable to ever feel or move my legs again. There is a certain thrill in some of the risks with this, I sure want to be able to feel my nipples but it doesn't seem to bother Caitlin too much to have totally numb breasts."

Caitlin responded, "Yes, I love being so paralyzed. I'm sure that you will, too. Enjoy your last night with feeling, we'll do it tomorrow."

Amy protested, "No, do it now if you can. I've had my chance at being able bodied, I'm not really able-bodied anymore anyways, I can't stand up on my own or pee on my own. Let's do it!"

Will wheeled out of the house for a few minutes and returned with his "kit". The process didn't take long. Amy felt a sharp sting with the injection and then a burning sensation in her upper spine. Then, her legs and much of her body started feeling heavy and sleepy. Amy knew what was happening. It was so exciting! Too bad she would only experience it once. After a few minutes Amy realized that she could no longer feel anything from her chest on down. The burning sensation was gone and now it felt as if her lower body was asleep, she was, now and forevermore, a paraplegic. The others assisted her in the bed where Will had administered the injection and Susan stayed with and tended to Amy, her lover.

Now she will have flaccid legs for the rest of her life

It was getting late and Will's orders were for her to remain still the first few hours. Nevertheless, Amy couldn't resist feeling herself underneath her silken nightie. She started with her pussy, she could feel her bush with her fingers but it was almost like it was someone else's despite the familiar tube of her indwelling catheter coming out. Then she found her belly button and the ring in it, again familiar but oddly foreign as it wasn't responding back to her touch. Then she moved up to her breasts; the right nipple she could feel, just a little bit, though it seemed slightly tingly and numb. The left nipple was totally numb! As Will had warned her, he couldn't fix the level of paralysis exactly. Yet, Amy was happy with her one nipple and its nipple ring that still had sensation. The other would be different. Then she stroked herself, gently rubbing her right nipple. Quickly she felt an electric rush throughout her upper body where she retained sensation. It was thrilling, not an orgasm or conventional sexual excitement, but fun nonetheless.

Susan, by this point was smiling at Amy, "Enjoying yourself?"

Amy replied, "Very much so, my left nipple and breast are completely numb, I guess I'll miss them from now on. However, my right nipple has some sensation and just stroking it really turns me on!"

Susan dragged her body closer to Amy and the two paraplegic lesbians gently kissed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, Amy awoke to her first day of being forever paralyzed. The rules, imposed by Will, were for her to remain in bed for at least a couple of days to insure that things were stable. Therefore, Susan made sure that her urine bag was emptied and that Amy was drinking enough fluid and Susan worked on teaching Amy to prevent pressure sores. Amy also practiced pulling herself up to a sitting position. Though she had done this frequently when pretending to be paralyzed, the experience was now totally different because she could neither feel nor move anything from her upper chest on down. It was as if her head, shoulders, arms, and upper chest were floating in air, yet almost attached to something else. That something else being the rest of her body, now paralyzed for life.

Amy took things easy for the next couple of days just to make sure that the injection had "set" properly. It had, and there were no changes whatsoever to her level of sensation and paralysis. While Amy remained in bed, Susan tended to her needs, a real trick in a wheelchair but then Susan had been used doing this sort of thing when she was Caitlin's personal attendant. Once the two women were convinced that there was no danger of any change in Amy's condition, Amy started working on transfers to and from her wheelchair, care of her now incontinent bladder and bowels, and the myriad of other little details that people with spinal cord injuries must attend to.

In her head, Amy kept reminding herself, "Paraplegic, now and forever more, I am a paraplegic!"

Just transferring to and from her wheelchair was much harder for Amy. She had expected this, now as a T4 paraplegic Amy had no movement or feeling from her upper chest on down. She had to watch her own bottom when she shifted it to make sure that she was placing it in the right location. Furthermore, she had no more abdominal muscles or hip or leg muscles. All movement was from her arms. Once in her wheelchair, the floating sensation was kind of neat but Amy had to be very careful not to lean forwards unless she was firmly holding on to something. Otherwise, she would simply topple forwards. In terms of mobility, Amy was seriously disabled and more so than Susan, who as a L1 paraplegic, had most of her abdominal and back muscles and could support her body in a sitting position without hanging onto something for support as Amy was now and forevermore required to do.

Amy was hardly depressed or angry or afraid of these changes. She had expected them but the reality was still a little jarring. After one of her first successful transfers as a real paraplegic, Amy pulled her numb body into her wheelchair and smiled after she had grimaced when nearly missing the chair with her bottom.

Susan, watching the transfer, said, "Don't worry, you'll get used to watching where you butt is located. It is second nature to me now. How do you like having numb and unresponsive parts?" Amy's response was, "Dreamy, Susan. Now I am your crippled girlfriend. I will never even be able to sit up without leaning against something. This is major body modification and I love it. I hope that you like attending to and making love to a heavily tattooed and pierced paraplegic with on numb breast."

With that, Susan wheeled over to Amy and the two women embraced and kissed with Susan jokingly saying, "Maybe I will have to attend to you somewhat but don't forget I am in control because I can make you topple forward anytime we have a hug."

To which Amy replied, "Oh god, I am so helpless now! And numb, too, but I bet I'll come if you nibble on my stretched earlobes!"

Needless to say, the two women ended up transferring back to bed. After straightening their flaccid lower bodies and setting their urine collection bags to the side they started playing with each other with Amy whispering, "Gee, now I can only feel the foreplay and have to imagine the rest. Is it really just as good as before?" Susan, nibbling on Amy's nostril stud said, "Hey girl, it is better than before, I have to put a lot of thought into love making and it is so much better than when I could actually feel it. It might take you some time to reach this point so be patient and let's have some fun." With that, Susan started kissing and licking Amy's face, neck and upper chest. She managed to work her way down to Amy's solitary nipple that retained sensation and gently sucked on it. She could tell that Amy was getting excited so she continued to nibble and suck on Amy's right breast.

Soon Amy was moaning and said to her, "Ohh! That feels so good and feels so different! When you lick and suck on it, it almost burns or feels electrified. It's so different than before!"

Susan smiled and then moved to Amy's left breast but first told her lover, "Keep your eyes open for this."

With that, Susan started licking and sucking and biting on Amy's numb left breast and nipple and positioned her mouth so that Amy could see what she was doing. Amy, of course, couldn't actually feel anything but that turned out to be a turn on itself. It was so thrilling, Susan was basically biting her nipple and she couldn't tell that was going on unless she looked.

Amy started to reciprocate but Susan stopped her, "Honey, there will be plenty of chances for you to play with me, first let me show you what it feels like to make love as paraplegic."

It felt pretty good to Amy who had almost come in her head watching Susan bite her numb nipple. After some more of this foreplay, Susan reached over to the nightstand by dragging her body across the bed a short distance and pulled out a battery-powered vibrator that the two women used frequently. She pulled up Amy's skirt revealing her numb twat with its catheter tube, yellow with urine. Gently, avoiding the catheter, Susan used the vibrator on Amy. While she did this she reminded Amy to always be very careful as neither could easily tell whether or not they were using the vibrator right or actually hurting their companion (as Amy knew because she used it on Susan for some time). Susan stroked Amy's cunt with the vibrator moving from her clitoris to her vagina, and gently pushing it into Amy's flaccid vagina. She instructed Amy to watch because she certainly couldn't feel anything. Susan also told Amy to try to imagine what it felt like and try to imagine having an orgasm and that if things worked right she might get a reflexive orgasm and a mental one and at the same time.

Susan could tell that Amy was getting wet and Amy also started moaning softly and soon was much louder, saying, "Oh gawd, I can't feel it but I can feel it! What is going on?"

Susan told her, "Now you know why it really can be better to be paraplegic."

After an hour or so, the two women were finished and both transferred to their wheelchairs and, in succession, used the bathroom, emptying their nearly full leg bags and otherwise attending to their needs. By this time it was dinnertime and Susan and Amy enjoyed a light meal and some wine. After cleaning up the kitchen, the two paralyzed lesbians decided to call it a night. Now, they put on larger collection bags and each strung hers besides a different side of their bed. It was time to make love again. Both took turns with the foreplay, Susan mainly working on Amy's face, neck, ears and right breast. Susan, of course, had much more sensation and movement so Amy ended up nibbling and licking Susan's breasts as well as her belly button. For that, Susan had to assist Amy and help hold her now lifeless lower body. The foreplay excited both women and then they took turns with the vibrator until the batteries were nearly dead. The two paraplegic lovers were nearly exhausted, too. Without the ability to use their lower bodies for anything, it took much more work to make love. Once finished, they lay in each other's arms. Susan asked Amy, "How is it for you? Still happy that you are paralyzed?" Amy said, "I love it, this is a fantastic body modification. While I really did enjoy making love to you, this time I don't think that I came." Susan said, "That takes time, practice and a little bit of luck. Despite the extra effort it really is more fun and I hope that your take on it will be similar." The two kissed deeply, playing and clicking together their tongue studs before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 24, Amy and Susan, paraplegic lovers

Over the next few weeks and months, Amy adjusted to her new life and her new body. Some of the adjustments such as the training of her bowels were difficult. On the other hand, this was what she had decided on for life. As her strength and balance improved, so did Amy's basic abilities as a paraplegic. There was no change in sensation or paralysis just an improvement in what she could do with what she retained. Despite the very high level of paralysis, Amy found that she could do most anything. This she shared with Caitlin, a T1 paraplegic. The others in their little group and at least most of their chest and back muscles, both Amy and Caitlin were pretty much unable to even sit up unaided. Amy found that she enjoyed being so seriously disabled. Susan needed to assist her less and less but it was still nice to get help while bathing and dressing... Though Amy had been using braces or a wheelchair in public for some time, her various friends and acquaintances outside of the secret "dead legs society" had been expecting her to get "better" and now she had totally discarded her leg braces and appeared to be even more dependent on her wheelchair than ever before. Amy had expected it to be difficult and that it might be hard to convince people that she was fine the way she was. Amy was very surprised at how accepting people were when she said that she had had a slight "relapse" and would need to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Susan told her, "Look Amy, nobody but nobody is willing to believe that you voluntarily and deliberately have become a paraplegic. Nobody will believe that except the handful of other voluntary paraplegics. In other words, don't worry, nobody will find out our secret because nobody will believe it."

Though Amy's leg muscles had started to atrophy during the time that she had pretended to be paralyzed, she was amazed at how much faster they were atrophying now. Even when bound in leg braces and when forcing herself to use a wheelchair, Amy must have moved and exercised her legs just a little, subconsciously maybe. Now that she couldn't consciously move her lower body, it turned flaccid and thin quickly. This was just one more sign and how permanent her new body modification was. Amy's other proportions were also evolving. She had always been reasonably strong and had purposely worked out with weights while pretending. However, with nothing other than her arms to lift her own weight and push her wheelchair, Amy had grown significantly stronger her arm and upper body were proportionately more muscular as her legs wasted away. Amy loved her new body; her flaccid, thin and unfeeling legs were now just decorations and imparted some balance when she sat in a wheelchair. With her arms she felt a sense of power. Plus, when she wore short sleeves or a sleeveless top, all could see her tattoos. She had been contemplating more tattoos, especially as Susan seemed to be fascinated with the extent of Amy's body art. Amy's plan, now that her arms were likely reaching their full extent was to have full arms "sleeve" tattoos on both arms. Along with the tattoo on her neck and the one on her hand she certainly couldn't hide her body art but reveled in it. Amy had been surprised; people seemed to notice her tattoos less now that she was a genuine paraplegic, instead most focused on her "handicap".

That evening, Amy and Susan had planned to go out for dinner together. The wonderful French restaurant that they planned to visit was dressy but not formal eveningwear. Amy chose a mid-calf length dress that had a sleeveless top to it; Susan chose similar attire. Amy liked longer dresses because she could more easily hide her leg bag with them. To Amy, an indwelling catheter was her best choice because it was easy to periodically empty the leg bag. She reveled in the total lack of voluntary control that she had over her bladder because she did have an effective solution to bladder incontinence, her bowels were a different matter and really the only down side to being paralyzed. Though Amy had given up her leg braces, pointless because her trunk was paralyzed, too, she now used a very light back brace that fit under her clothes. Though she could have gone without it by leaning against her wheelchair's backrest and taking caution to hold on when bending over, Amy liked using the extra support of the brace. It wasn't cheating to use it as she was just as numb and paralyzed as ever. The brace enabled Amy to sit up on a bed or couch without support; to her it felt great to do that as she felt like she was floating on air.

Leaving for their dinner together, the two women first lifted their numb and flaccid bodies into Susan's car and pulled their wheelchairs into the back. Susan drove with hand controls. At the restaurant, a combination of the visible tattoos on the pair of paraplegics and their wheelchairs made Susan and Amy the center of attention. Both had grown used to stares and Amy, in particular, sort of liked being stared at-her tattoos on her right forearm and hand were certainly evidence of that. Over an especially tasty appetizer, Amy reflected on the changes she had made in the last few months.

Susan said, "Besides the obvious one of you becoming a T4 paraplegic, I like the new floral tattoo on your left breast. What did it feel like when you got it? After all, that is your numb breast isn't it?"

Amy, who had gotten the new tattoo only about a month before, replied, "Different than any earlier tattoo. This was my first since becoming paralyzed. Of course, the numb parts were okay 'cause I couldn't feel anything and the parts where I have full sensation were like a normal tattoo. It was that border area that you lick to turn me on, that felt like it was on fire when the guy used the needle there."

Indeed, it had, thought Amy about the new and colorful flowers that extended from the lower numb parts of her left breast on up to the more normal sensation on her lower chest. The sensations had surprised her when the tattoo was done but Amy figured that it was a part of what to expect now that she was a real paraplegic.

Over their lengthy dinner on that date, the two women reflected on their mutual choice to become paralyzed.

Amy felt, "To me it is cool beyond belief. Dependence on my wheelchair is part of a very major change in how I will live my life. I'm just floating here, attached to this numb body."

Susan felt the same, "I've been paralyzed longer than you and have had to face more of the reality of that but I have never regretted becoming a paraplegic. I still stare at my toes and try to wiggle them, and, of course, they never respond. Now, you don't mind having to give up the leg braces because your level of paralysis is so high?"

Amy replied, "I sort of liked leg braces, but I love using a wheelchair a lot more. Plus, I do wear that light back brace to help prop me up and keep me from toppling over or sagging to easily."

After their date, Susan and Amy drove home and cleaned up. That entailed emptying their leg bags and attaching longer tubes to their night bags and undressing, with Amy removing the lightweight back brace that supported her upright in her wheelchair. Then they adjourned to their bed. While playing some soft music-remote control for the stereo was heaven sent for two women with totally flaccid lower extremities, Amy and Susan started kissing and nuzzling each other. Susan quickly reached Amy's earlobes, this was both a turn on to Susan and to Amy because Amy had stretched her lobes somewhat and always had wide diameter plugs in her lobes. Susan worked her way down to Amy's neck, kissing, licking and sucking it as she went. Susan enjoyed kissing Amy's tattoos as well as her piercings though tattoos didn't have any differences in sensation from surrounding skin. Amy for her part started gently biting Susan's ears and neck and soon worked her way to Susan's breasts. That turned on Susan who was soon crying out with joy. The two of them shifted back and forth as needed to allow each a few moments of contacting each other's upper bodies. Soon Susan was nibbling on Amy's breasts. Amy called out, "Please suck my numb left breast!" Susan obliged and could see Amy quickly sliding into ecstasy. As they each moved further down on the other, Susan quickly reached completely numb areas of Amy's body. There was nothing problematic about this as long as they each watched the other.

Experience had taught both young women that orgasm was achievable in spite of their loss of sensation. This night was no different. It took some imagination and a lot of stimulation in both areas with sensation and their numb clitoral and vaginal areas. Susan worked on Amy first, delicately kissing her along the line of sensation at Amy's breasts. This drove Amy wild and she was wet downstairs when Susan moved her hand to Amy's clitoris. Susan rubbed Amy and set up a reflexive orgasm that Amy felt but didn't feel-was how she would describe it. After Amy was finished, it was Susan's turn. Though Amy didn't have much mobility in bed, she couldn't really pull her largely paralyzed body on top of Susan's but Susan had the mobility to compensate. As an L1 paraplegic, Susan basically lacked only the use of her legs. Though her genitals had ended up just as numb as Amy's, Susan also readily experienced orgasm and this night was no exception.

Once their desire for each other's body was spent, the two lesbian and paraplegic women collapsed in bed together. They made sure that their catheter lines were free of kinks or other obstructions. Then they held each other, their sweaty upper bodies in sharp contrast to their flaccid, cooler, and dry paralyzed lower bodies. Amy kissed Susan and whispered, "Thanks girl, I can't wait to wake up to yet another day as a paraplegic..."

The End

By Tatjd (sent to Bobby in August 2005)


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