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Lolita's story

by an unknown author

Posted to Eye Scene in July 1999 
My name is not, of course, really LOLITA but my mom started calling me that when I was 15 and it kind of stuck. So here I am, Lolita, if you please. And here is my story.
I am not the brightest girl you ever met, I'm ready to admit. I managed to get through high school but never seriously considered college. What for? All I wanted was to find a nice looking dude with a bit of money, marry him and enjoy myself for the rest of my life. What else is there to life? So I went to secretarial school and found a pretty good job with a large privately owned company. The personnel manager didn't check my credentials too closely because he was concentrating on my boobs and legs. I worked in the export department, probably because I spoke Spanish (my mom is Mexican). The boss of the department happened to be the son of the owner, a hellova handsome guy of about 25 who wore $3000 suits, had a gold Rolex watch, drove a Porsche sports car and wanted to do the least possible work at the office. Just the kind of guy I was looking for! His name was Jim and we, at the office, called him 'Jimmy Boy’. So I did my best to draw his attention, wore the shortest of skirts, tightest of tops, the highest heels, dyed my hair the oddest colors, had my nose and ears pierced for lots of rings. When I walked where he could see me a moved my hips and ass in the sexiest way I knew how. What else can a nice girl do to draw attention? Nothing worked! He paid no attention.

Imprisoned in myopia

by Stingray aka Eye Write

December 2004
I used to be one of the top models in the United States. But that was years ago before I was imprisoned. No, I didn’t spend time in prison, but wound up with a physical disability that prevented me from modeling ever again. It is not a real physical disability in the real sense of the word as you would think, but more like a real inconvenience. It happened to me 8 years ago when I was at the very top of my career.
            Perhaps you remember Anna Manlova. She was the top model to come out of then Soviet Union. We personally were just friendly rivals in a very competitive business. At Anna’s insistence, I was invited to tour Russia for a photo shoot. Having never been there, it sounded very exciting and an excellent opportunity to further my career. I never expected in a million years what would happen to me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


by BobD
This story is copyrighted. (c) 2001
This story may be copied and put on other sites, provided they are NOT sites that charge for viewing and this header is included.

My name is Kirsten; I’m a 20-year-old wheelchair pretender/wannabe. As a young girl, I found that wheelchairs held a certain intrigue for me that I could not understand. My mom has been in a wheelchair since she was 3, when she fell off of a table in her dad’s workshop onto a board on the floor. The small of her back landed on the board, actually a 2X4 on it’s edge, and broke her back crushing the vertebrae at the L4/L5 level severing her spinal cord and of course leaving her completely paralyzed from that point down.

The First Morph

This is probably the first morph I made. In the late 90s, there were very few pictures of girls with glasses.  Internet searching was not as easy as it is today. I wanted to have a picture of a sexy looking girl with glasses, so I created one.
As the the girl in original picture did not have any glasses at all, I had to paint the frame and the lens effect. To make it took many hours. I used Photoshop 2.5, yes a very old version on a computer with only 80386SX processor, an I was not very experienced in computer graphic. The picture is small, there is no bigger version of it. 
I love the picture. It is one of my very first work about GWG and it bring memories ...
The Internet connection was slow, charged by seconds, and unreliable. I found Vision World Forum, a BBS that consisted of one long strip of contributions, and Eyescene that was down and frozen in time those days. You may say it was not much, but I was excited, because I learned I was not alone with my love for GWG.

Glasses, Prisms and Other Things

The author of this story wants to remain completely anonymous. It looks like a real-life story. B.L.
When I was 9 years old I began noticing things getting a bit blurry in the distance and had difficulty reading small writing on the blackboard at school.
So far I had always passed the eye exam at the school every year even if the lower line was only 20/40. The next 2 smaller lines were there but the nurse never required us to read them. It's a good thing I thought as I could barely make out the 20/40 line when I was 10.
I bluffed my way along till I was 12 and finally had to get glasses. My first prescription was -2.50. I remember the doctor scolding my Mom for not bringing me in earlier.

Allison & Rick - SuperHyperopicSuperheroes

by Specfiend 

(originally posted to Eye Scene 03 July 2001)
This is the next part of the story, began in "The Terrifying Test". Allison and Rick, now together and heavily bespectacled, are now working together to make the world a happier place for hyperopes - by creating as many hyperopes as they possibly can!

Jessica gets her just deserts

One miserable Friday morning, a girl was sitting in the university library with her boyfriend. In one of the small private study rooms, they'd been studying since nine, but now it was time for him to go to a lecture. He kissed her goodbye and hurried away, running late as usual.
She turned her attention back to the novel in front of her, part of her reading for her English Literature course. "God, these books make their print smaller and smaller," she said softly. Sighing in resignition, she reached into her bag, rummaged about and found what she was looking for. She slipped the tortoiseshell readers on her nose and sighed, this time in relief. She'd bypassed the local chemist on her way to uni that day, on a surreptitious mission to obtain a pair of specs without being seen by anyone she knew. She'd succeeded, and she knew she'd be safe wearing them here, in a private room where no one she knew was likely to come in.

Allison and Rick, The Terrifying Test

by Specfiend

(originally posted to EyeScene 28th June 2001 - last part posted 02 July 2001)

She entered the nightclub, narrowing her eyes against the smoke. She immediately spotted a good-looking man standing next to the bar, swigging from a pint of lager. He immediately spotted her to and, picking up his pint, he made a beeline for her...
After that, her memories were vague. She remembered talking to him, going to the bathroom to freshen up, coming back to find that he'd bought her a drink . . . Then nothing. Except a strange sort of pain in her eyes. As if someone was operating on them...


Marina sent me the following e-mail today (8th March 2004):
Hi Bobby, my name is Marina, I am an Italian 21 years old girl from Turin that lives and studies in Rome. I have been visiting some glasses' sites for some times and I have always been very interested in every story and discussion. Herewith enclosed a sort of personal diary of how I have become a GWG. Excuse me in advance for any grammatical mistake, but my English isn't very perfect. Things written have really happened, while dates are estimated, but quite precise. I hope you enjoy the reading. Please feel free to make any grammatical correction.

Well, my English is far from perfect, too. I did my best and made some little edition. Now enjoy her true story:

Marina by Marina

April 12th 2001, Turin, Italy
I need glasses, today I am sure about that. In the last months I had been noticing troubles seeing at distance. Writings on boards are not so clear, although I am sitting in the second row. Walking around the city I get difficulties to read signs on the road or knowing if I am catching the right bus until it gets close.
Our classmate Elena surprises everybody today by coming to school wearing glasses. She explains that she was having troubles to see the board and signs on road; she is slightly nearsighted and the glasses really help her. Oh my God, these are my same symptoms. Does this mean I will need glasses as well? Middle morning, I go to her and comment about her nice glasses.
“Would you like to try them on?” Elena asks me.
“Well thanks!“
It’s a simple frame, metallic blue, with oval lenses. I put them on; they are heavy on my nose. They don’t seem to make any difference. I watch a bit around and as soon as I take a look at the board, everything becomes incredibly clearer.
“They are just –0.75,” she explains to me, “but they already help a lot”.
“Oh I see.” I reply. “They are also nice, but I hope I won’t ever need glasses”.
I am lying, I suspect I could need glasses and after having tried hers I got the confirmation. But I don’t want anybody to know that.

An Optical Seduction

by Eye Write aka Stingray

Frannie turned out to be everything she said she was. When I first met her, I was astonished by her honesty and awed by her beauty.
She was quite tall. She was closer to six feet than five feet. Her legs were slim and endless and her dark hair long with lavender streaks. Her skin shone with an olive complexion and her dark eyes seemed to always dance with laughter despite being almost microscopic hidden behind the lenses of the thickest eyeglasses I have ever seen. She had high accented cheekbones, a magnificent smile and a glowing warm personality.
It appeared she liked me too and after chatting a few moments I instantly liked her. You couldn't help but focus on her tiny green eyes which seemed to out of place behind the concentric rings of her thick lensed eyeglasses. But as she spoke, her eyes sparkled with glee. There was something very magical about her and I never wanted this evening to end.

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The Only Daughter

by Tom the Hungarian

It is hard to be an only child, harder still an only daughter and hardest of all to be the only child and daughter of an elderly father and a much younger and very glamorous mother. And that's me! Martha. My father is filthy rich. He started with nothing, got into property management, started purchasing property for himself on a modest scale and, then, he discovered that
he was a genius in the field. He had an uncanny ability to pick up old neglected properties and redevelop them; to recognize future trends and purchase cheap land in the right place. Today he owns the City we live in and owns half the State in which our City is located. I do not know how much money he has but it is in the nine digit range. Not surprisingly he did not have time to get married until in his late forties. Then he married a woman twenty-five years his junior and absolutely gorgeous. She claimed descent from an aristocratic Italian family but was born in this country. Her relatives in Italy were all counts and countesses, she claimed. How much of this is true I do not know. What I know is that she was extraordinarily beautiful, graceful and elegant. If she was not really a countess, she ought to have been. Dad was about 5' 6" or 7", quite a bit overweight with short legs and a large potbelly, an almost bald head and very myopic eyes which forced him to wear thick lensed glasses. Mother was 5' 11" in her stockinged feet but never hesitated to show up Dad's short stature with high heels or platform shoes and when she wore those, she was spectacular! She had a perfect figure, slim but with well-developed and rounded breasts, beautiful white skin, the face of a greek goddess with black eyes and straight black hair which she wore long. She also had 20/20 vision. Why she married Dad? The only theory I ever considered plausible was: for money.

The True Life Story of a High Myope

By Tom the Hungarian

My name is Tom and I am 40 years old and I high myope who also adores women with glasses. I was born in an Eastern European country but I live in the USA now and I am an American citizen.
I started wearing glasses when I was 11 years old but I needed them before. I did not want to wear glasses in the worst way. I considered it a major catastrophe. It did not fit in with my macho self-image. My heroes in the movies, in sports, in history were certainly NOT bespectacled nerds! I noticed, of course, that I had visual problems and that my friends could see things in the distance which I couldn't. But I went into a mode of self-denial. I came up with all kinds of unrealistic explanations such as "I have a cold which may affect my eyes" of "it's just one of those things". It came to a head with a little incident at the bus stop where I was waiting together with a well-dressed lady of maybe 40.

This Story is not a Fantasy

by Tom the Hungarian

This story is not a fantasy. It is - at least - approximately true. It happened many years ago, right after the end of the Second World War when I left Hungary to escape from the Communist threat. My first stop was in France where I attended University at Grenoble, a charming little city in the foothills of the Alps. I was taking a course in French for foreigners in a class attended by students of many nationalities.
The very first time I attended class I noticed two blond girls, obviously Scandinavian, sitting in the front row. One of them was very pretty, with long shiny hair, very blue eyes and a nicely developed body. But it was the other girl who interested me. She was very tall, far less attractive, with short hair, skinny and a little flat-chested. What drew my immediate attention to her was that she was wearing very thick minus lenses and when reading or writing she looked at the page with her nose practically touching it. I also noticed that she removed her glasses immediately the class came to an end. This surprised me a lot because she was obviously extremely myopic and must have been practically blind without her glasses. I was, in my early twenties, already a devoted glasses fetishist and found this very exciting.

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Jennifer…The Myopic Progression Continues

by Jennifer

The first part is here
Jennifer loved her glasses. Even with her very high prescription of -37.75 -2.50 X 90 in her right eye and -41.00 -1.50 X 164 in her left, she wore them proudly. She had always felt they set her apart from everyone else.
Jennifer’s myopic progression had slowed significantly to well under a diopter per year. She barely noticed the change, and was very happy with her present glasses. She especially liked the Zeiss Lantal version that was a full field lens. They were nearly 18 millimeters thick at the outer edges and a bit heavy, but Jennifer thought they looked incredibly cool. But out of practicality and comfort, she wore her myodiscs most of the time.
Jennifer still resisted having her eyes checked too often; she was still afraid of another big jump. But after two and a half years went by, she was again having trouble reading anything much farther away than the ends of her arms. Something had begun to change more rapidly. She returned to the optometrist fearing another huge increase.

Jennifers’ story

by Jennifer

Jennifer Cory Michaels was born at 11:20 am on July 6, 1967 in Mammoth lakes, California.
Jennifer’s father, Samuel Michaels was a Scottish bricklayer who was also a mathematical genius. But he liked laying bricks for a living better than doing math. He was immensely strong and would sometimes crush a brick in his hand to remind his fellow workers who was boss.
One day he showed this trick to Jennifer. She immediately wanted to be able to do the same thing. It didn’t work because she was only ten at the time, but she vowed to accomplish the feat sometime in the future. Her dad said he would buy her a bottle of hundred year old Scotch whiskey if she ever she did.
Jennifer’s mother, Sonya, was a Brazilian surfing champion. She was tall and slender with the sleek arms and legs of a powerful swimmer. After living in Mammoth, she became a world class skier. Sonya was also a great singer; Samuel thought she had the voice of an angel.

High myopic African with a plastic occluder.


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Wow, another coming out!

by Bjoern

It was only yesterday when I found out (once more) that I’m not alone with one of my fetishes... Having come out as gay, I soon after experienced I also have a big fondness for body modification (like large piercing and tattooing). My like for thick glasses reach back to at least my first year in secondary school: there were Andreas who had -5.25 on his one eye and only -2 on the other and Ludwig with -4.5 on both (as he embarrassedly told our teacher after having been asked).
When I turned 12 I needed glasses for the first time. They only had a very low prescription (-0.75 both sides) and I never wore them in public and at school only when the room was dark and we watched a video. I could still read the blackboard when I squinted.... That changed 3 years later when squinting just didn’t work anymore: I had to wear my first “real” glasses with -1.5/-1.75. And they already had some (quite small, but at least they had!) power rings, wow!
On my school bus I regularly saw a guy some years older than me with thick semi-rimless glasses (slightly tinted pink and polished/clear rims!), they were at least 12mm and I adored him!

The Blind Girl

The Blind Girl

by Bobby Laurel

It was a nice afternoon at the beginning of July. I arrived to the hotel late in the morning, checked in, had a good lunch and sat under a big umbrella with a glass of beer. My plan was to walk in the woods, eat, drink and smoke on the terrace of the small hotel and, first of all, not to think about my work. Oh yes I did take my laptop with me. But before I put it into my luggage I deleted all the files about my business. The hard disc contained some films and a lot of English stories I downloaded from Internet. I wanted to read the stories so that I made a progress in English.
The stories were rather special. I followed the advice of my teacher who said: “Fuck the classic writers and read the stories you like”. Well, I found stories I liked very much. They were about people, mostly women, who wear glasses. I found them scattered in a web discussion of guys who were obsessed with glasses. They talked about frames, lenses, fashion, and girls with glasses. I had been amazed when I had found the website, because I have always been a big fan of girls with glasses.

OO Terms to Know By All4Eyes

Table of contents:

  1. Optical terms we use
  2. Terms we made up to describe ourselves and our observations
  3. "Philiac terms” which apply to some of us

She thinks my spex are sexy

by All4Eyes

(Marie’s song to the tune of Kenny Chesney’s She thinks my tractor’s sexy)
Sliding down my nose in the hot summer sun
my thick, heavy spex, lordy here she comes
staring at my plastic frames and the lenses I need to see
I tilt my head a bit and the white rings gleam
push 'em up my nose and the girl just beams
Just look at her face, she ain’t a-foolin’ me
She thinks my spex are sexy, they really turn her on
She’s always staring at me while I’ve got my glasses on
She likes the way they shine just like a coin fresh from the mint
She’s even kinda crazy ’bout my bare-eyed squint
She’s the only one who really understands what gets me
she thinks my spex are sexy

The Blind Date

by All4Eyes

“What if he’s married? What if the picture he sent me is bogus and he’s really an 800-pound mountain of lard? What if he’s a serial killer?” these and dozens of other questions ran through Shannon’s mind as she prepared for her first face-to-face meeting with Kyle Martin. They met on an on-line dating site last winter and had been emailing and instant messaging with each other almost daily ever since. Then the day came when they felt they could go no further without seeing each other in person, so they decided to meet for lunch one Saturday at a nice little seafood place in a small coastal village a short drive from each of their respective hometowns. Shannon wasn’t worried about living up to her picture, though. Vain as it was, even she had to admit she looked stunning, with her tall, slender body dressed in a sleeveless, beige silk dress with super short skirt to show off her long, shapely legs. She had creamy smooth skin, smooth, glossy, shoulder-length hair the colour of new copper pennies, and a beautiful face with high cheekbones, full lips, a straight nose and startlingly bright blue eyes that had long, upturned lashes. “Not that anyone could tell behind these stupid coke-bottles,” she thought glumly. “Why did I have to agree to meet Kyle at the height of allergy season when I can’t stand my contacts? It is SO not fair that the thicker and uglier your glasses are the blinder you are without them!”

The morph I created in Dec 2011 to support Vision and Spex board.

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Uploading stories again

Hi all, I started uploading stories to this blog again. The reason is simple. My old website with the stories and morphs is getting full and it is also becoming really difficult to maintain, archive and backup. There are just too many files. I will try to keep it up and running till this blog is ready to take over the function the old site has had.
However, uploading so many stories her is a long time and tiresome job. So, bear with me, be patient and feel free mailing me your opinion on the change.


The Stalker

by Specs4ever

I sat quietly in the hard wooden chair, waiting for the judge to return from his chamber so that the foreman of the jury could read the verdict of Guilty of Murder in the First Degree to the man known as the Stalker. The events of the last few weeks tumbled through my mind, and I looked around the courtroom. Seated next to the prosecuting attorney was his assistant, a pretty young woman with long dark hair, wearing very attractive black framed glasses with thick minus lenses that made me want to get up and take them off her face, and see what I could see through them.