Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The New GOC Day by Day

The real life story by Bobby Laurel
This is a kind of diary. I recorded the events related to my wearing Glasses over Contacts and my feelings and thoughts that happened and occurred during the several weeks after I had got the new GOC combination. The set consists of +8.5 dptr (BC 8.7 DIA 14.4) contact lenses, type: PrecisionUV, produced by Ciba Vision Corp., and glasses with –20 dptr blended myodiscs, sold as superlenti in my country; the lenses are in black wire oval frames, small and very lightweight. The temptation to try wearing the glasses over contacts was so strong that I could not resist it any more and tried „to go fulltime“.

My first experience with GOC

by Bobby

First I wanted to tell the story by heart, but then I decided to copy and paste the contributions I had sent to the Eye Scene and Vision World Forum and add some comments. I think it will show the events in the original way and my readers will not have to search through the archives of the sites. I corrected some typos and grammar mistakes, and added some words to make the text easier to read. My postings are in black and "Arial font", my later commentary is in blue and Bold Times New Roman Font.

What is GOC?

This abbreviation GOC stands for "Glasses Over Contacts". It means that glasses are actually worn over contact lenses. To see clearly the power of both contact lenses and glasses must be carefully balanced. It is not easy to calculate the correct respective power of each optical aid. A formula can be very useful, however human’s eyes are very individual and the simple arithmetic need not be the best means of determining the correct powers. There is an MS Excel file goc_table.xls (download in rar format) that can help specify the powers, but some people say it works only in relatively small numbers. (What is small for a glasses fetishist?)
Why GOC?