Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Pretenders

by Specs4ever

I glanced at Darla as we were sitting in the hotel room watching the television. She was really quite pretty, even though the thick biconcave myodiscs that she was wearing became the focal point of her face. I pushed my own identical –23D biconcave myodiscs a little closer to my face in order to see her features a little bit clearer. Darla was maybe an inch taller than my 5’6”, and she was a little bit heavier, probably about 135 lbs. to my 120 lbs. She had a much bigger bust, and her long jet black hair was tied back in a ponytail, whereas my mousy brown hair was cut short in sort of a pageboy style.
We very seldom ever wore glasses together. These glasses that we were both wearing are in my own prescription, and Darla has to wear plus contact lenses under her pair in order to be able to see. We had just returned from another day of blindsimming. In this city, in this hotel, I am the blind one, and Darla is my seeing eye assistant, the one who gets to wear coke bottle glasses. In another nearby city, I get to wear the glasses, and Darla gets to put in the blind contact lenses. This isn’t as much fun for me, as I really have to wear the coke bottles to see.
Darla asked, „So Cathy, when you were young, and didn’t wear glasses yet, did you realize that you had bad eyesight?”
I thought about this for a minute before I replied. „No, I don’t think I did realize that there was anything wrong with my eyes. I think I just assumed that everyone saw things like I did.”
But, I am getting ahead of the story. This story started when I was around 4 ˝ years old. My parents had noticed me bringing things fairly close to my eyes in order to see them, so my mom took me for an eye examination. The doctor discovered that I was seriously myopic in my left eye, and my right eye was also nearsighted. My first pair of glasses was –4D for my right eye, and –9D for my left eye. Overnight I went from a shy little girl who hid behind my mother whenever we went anywhere, to a little girl who wasn’t afraid to explore things on her own. For me, my first pair of glasses opened up my whole world.
Over the next few years my eyes remained fairly stable. I think that by the time I was 10 years old I was at –5D right, and –10D left. I didn’t experience any real progression until I turned 13, and began puberty. Then my prescription climbed considerably, sometimes with 3 changes of lenses a year. I do remember when I was 15, I hated the fact that I had one really, really thick lens in my glasses, and when I asked the doctor if there was anything that I could do to get my lenses the same he told me that this was the way it had to be, and that my worst eye would never get better. But, he did tell me that maybe my thinner lens might have to get thicker. So, I spent a lot of time reading with just my right eye, and holding stuff close to my right glasses lens.
Nothing seemed to work though. Every once in a while I would have an eye exam, and the difference in my eyes would be only –4.50, so I would think that I was going to get a little closer to the same prescription in both eyes. But, then a few months later I would go for another test, and the difference would be –5.25. The best that the opticians could do was to make my thick lens out of high index plastic. When you are a 16 year old girl, and your prescription is –13D and –18D, it really doesn’t help much to have them make the –18D lens as thin as the thickness of a –13D lens. I really don’t know if my reading up close had anything to do with what happened, but when I was 19, my prescription was –17D, and –22D. This was the year of the tear. I developed a retinal tear in my right eye. The doctors were afraid I would loose the sight in my eye, but fortunately for me, they were able to get my retina attached back to my eyeball. They used some sort of a schleral buckle, and when everything was successful, I now had the same prescription in both eyes. The doctor explained that it is quite common to become between –3D and –7D more myopic after a schleral buckle is preformed.
I went through my first 2 years of university in a panic that I would have another retinal tear, and that I would end up blind, either in one, or in both eyes. Even though the retinal specialist assured me that the retina in my left eye was fairly healthy, he always added the words „for someone who is as myopic as you are.” And, the retina that was reattached seemed to be holding on quite well. To help alleviate my fears, I went to the local Institute For The Blind, and signed up to learn Braille, and to try to learn enough about being blind to allow myself to accept the possibility that it could happen someday.
The fall of my third year I met Darla at the Institute. Darla attended the same university as I did, and she was also in 3rd year. At the institute Darla was learning how to be a caregiver to a blind person, and part of her training was to be blindfolded, and learn how to do simple tasks such as pouring a glass of cold water (With your finger just inside the rim of the glass silly.) We became quite close, and Darla moved into my apartment. My previous roommate had not returned to the university that year, and I was glad to have Darla move in, as the expenses were killing me.
During that year we discovered a few things on the Internet. One thing we found was that some people like to put in contact lenses that make you completely blind as long as the lenses remain in place, and go around pretending to be blind people. I thought that was a bit much, but Darla thought that this would be cool, so we each ordered some special contact lenses that gave the effect of a diseased eye. We also found that there were some sites on the Internet that were devoted to girls like me, who wore coke bottle glasses in order to see. We discovered that Darla could obtain some high powered plus contact lenses to wear that could allow her to wear my thick –23D myodisc glasses. So we ordered Darla some contact lenses.
After we got our contact lenses that made us blind, we went on our first foray into the real world. I didn’t get much out of it, as I was just wearing my regular glasses, but Darla spent the whole weekend being a blind person. I was just along to make sure she didn’t walk in front of a tractor-trailer, and she actually did quite well. After we returned home Darla was on a real high for the whole week, and we had to do it again the following weekend.
Darla wanted to go for the third weekend, but I put my foot down. I wasn’t having any real fun out of this. So, I got to wear the blind person contacts, and Darla got to wear the high plus contacts with my glasses over them. She loved going around as a severely myopic girl, and I must admit I got quite a thrill out of being the blind person.

After the weekend Darla wanted me to order new glasses with as thick lenses as possible. So, off we went to the optical store, and instead of whining and crying about how thick my glasses were going to be I actually ordered 2 identical pairs of plastic framed glasses with a rather large lens size. I made sure that the hinges were set well back, and that they would close no matter if the lenses were a whole 1” thick. We ordered the lenses in regular CR39 plastic, with a center thickness of 3mm, which is what they use for safety glasses. And, of course that was the story I told the optician as the reason for the thick lenses.
It took about 3 weeks to get the 2 pairs of glasses. The lenses were so close to 1” that I couldn’t tell that they were only 25mm. But then, when they are that thick, who would notice the fact that they were 0.4 mm less than an inch. Darla immediately wanted to go for another weekend of blindsimming, with her wearing the thick glasses. This was getting to be a costly hobby. We were spending every weekend in another city. We had to pay for the train tickets, and the cost of the hotel for 2 nights, as well as our meals. My budget wouldn’t allow this to continue. But, when I confessed to Darla that I couldn’t afford any more of these weekend forays, Darla revealed to me that she had a very sizable allowance. Her father apparently had done very well in business, and was quite wealthy. I didn’t feel right about it, but Darla convinced me that she was getting such a kick out of it that it was worth it for her to foot the tab for the weekend.
We had been doing this for around 6 months. Friday night we would check into the hotel, eat our evening meal, and then head off to a local bar for the evening. Then we would go shopping on Saturday at one of the malls, and we would again hit a few bars Saturday night. The city where we went to University was far enough from the other two cities that we visited that we were not too concerned about meeting someone we knew. This weekend was again my weekend to be the blind one, and Darla was the girl with the very thick high minus glasses. We had eaten supper, and we had returned to the hotel room for some rest, as we were going out shortly. I was not as good a contact lens wearer as Darla was, so I had removed my blind lenses, and had put my glasses on so I could watch a little television, and rest my eyes.
After we had finished our discussion about my eyesight that evening, I went to put my blind contact lenses back in. Darla freshened herself up, and we headed for the elevators. Everyone in the hotel pretty well recognized us now, after staying there every other weekend for the past 6 months. I must admit that I enjoyed the fact that they all considered me to be blind, and I know that Darla loved being stared at wearing the thick glasses. She was a good looking girl, and I am sure that there were a lot of people who thought that it was a shame that such an attractive lady had to wear such thick glasses. And, I am sure that the same people also thought that it was such a shame that I was blind. I also suppose that many of these same people would think that for Darla, the thick glasses that allowed her some useful vision were a better option than for her to be blind like me.
We arrived by taxi at our usual bar, and we sat at a table. Some evenings we sit at the bar, but tonight was a table night. Darla told me there were a couple of other blind girls there, there were at least 6 girls and a couple of guys who wore glasses as thick as hers, and 4 or 5 girls who had leg irons. Yes, the reason we chose this bar was because it was a fetish bar. After we found out that there were a lot of other kids our age that had fetishes, once we found this place we decided that it would be best to hang around this type of bar. After all, we really didn’t want to have to explain what we were doing to any guys we met.
“Hi Cathy,” a voice said to me.
I turned my head in the direction of the voice. I didn’t recognize who it was. “Hi?” I said with a question in my voice.
“It’s Mike, from your writing class at school. I didn’t know that you were a practicing blindsimmer.” The voice said.
“Oh shit, I have been found out.” I said. I now remembered Mike. He was really a nice guy, and we often sat together in the lectures.
“Who is that you are with?” Mike asked.
“Darla, Darla Peters. She is my roommate at the apartment.” I replied.
“Those glasses she is wearing look to be as strong as the ones you usually wear – are they your real prescription?” Mike asked.
“Yes, they are. This is my weekend to be the blind one, and Darla is my highly myopic seeing eye person. Next weekend it is my turn to be the seeing eye person, and wear the thick glasses. But, that isn’t as much fun for me, because they are my real prescription. What are you doing here?” I questioned.
“I live in this city, and I am into girls who are blind, or else pretend to be. So whenever I have a weekend free, I come home and visit this bar.” Mike replied.
Mike stuck to me like glue for the rest of the evening. And, he brought his friend Davis over to meet Darla and myself. Darla told me a little later on in the evening that Davis had been scoping her out before Mike even introduced them to each other, and that he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Davis had told her that he really liked girls who wore strong glasses.
Both Mike and Davis were darned good-looking guys. Darla and I had been a little worried about beginning any relationships with any guys we met at other bars, so that was why we had been hanging around a fetish bar. But, since both Mike and Davis were into fetishes, we were now able to go anywhere we wanted to go as couples. The following weekend we all came back to this city, and Mike spent the weekend leading the blind me around, while Davis and Darla were able to go off to see the city together. I had never seen any of the sites in this city, as I had always been wearing my blind contact lenses every time I was here.
Mike and Davis also let us in on their secret. They both did GOC, wearing even stronger glasses than my real ones are. For this entire weekend, Mike, Darla and Davis all wore strong myodisc lenses glasses all the time. Back in our hotel room that evening I took out my blind lenses and all 4 of us sat around talking. I had a close look at Mike and Davis’s myodiscs. They were much thinner than even my regular myodiscs that I wore at university. Davis was a pre med student, and was going to specialize in eye surgery as an ophthalmologist. So, Davis had been the one who had gotten the contact lenses and glasses combination for himself and Mike. The glasses themselves were –30D, and Mike and Davis both wore them over +19D contact lenses. The lenses were of a very high index plastic, and the buttons of the myodiscs were only 25mm. These glasses were really nice looking. They looked great on Davis, the black plastic frame accenting his blond hair. Mike had gold wire frames, and he looked really good with the gold frames against his tanned face, and his brown hair. They had chosen different frames, because they each looked better in them, but also to give them a different appearance. After seeing how nice both Mike and Davis’s glasses looked, now Darla wanted to get even stronger lenses, but with the same nice thin lenses. Davis took out his contact lenses, and allowed Darla to try his contacts – not a really good idea, but who am I to say. Darla loved to be able to wear the stronger glasses, and she did look very good wearing them, as the frame style was more of a unisex style than a men’s frame.
“Oh, I would love to be able to wear these glasses forever. I just love them.” Darla gushed.
It was time to go back out for the evening. I put my blindsimming contact lenses back in., and I expected that Darla would change back to her own contacts and glasses. But, she convinced Davis to let her wear his glasses, and Davis put in her blindsimming contacts. So, Davis and I were lead around for the evening by Mike and Darla. We went dancing after an expensive dinner, and we had a great time. Mike and I were sleeping together, and Darla and Davis had their own room. After the lights were out, and we had spent some time hugging and holding and kissing each other, Mike rolled over, and we stopped petting, as Mike had promised me he would. I am a bit old fashioned, and I refuse to have sex on my first date.
“How serious is Darla about wanting to wear very strong glasses all the time?” Mike asked me.
“I think she is very serious. Ever since I have known her she has fantasized about wearing my glasses all the time. She has been in 7th heaven ever since she discovered that doing GOC would allow her to wear my myodiscs. And she wears them every chance she can get. Every night around the apartment she puts in the contacts the minute she gets home from class, and she doesn’t take them out until she goes to bed. She even wears them over to the library every once in a while, and the funniest thing was one night a couple of weeks ago we had a fire drill in the middle of the night, and she wouldn’t leave the apartment until she had put in the contacts, and put on her myodiscs so that she would show up wearing glasses, just like all the other girls who wear contact lenses did.” I told Mike.
“So, I guess that means she is pretty serious. I hope Davis doesn’t get into trouble again.” Mike told me.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Davis just had a very narrow escape. As you know he is training to be an ophthalmologic surgeon. His last girlfriend also seemed bound and determined to be a very high myope, and Davis ended up doing lens implants in her eyes. But, when they broke up she was all set to complain to the authorities that Davis had done the lens implants against her will. It was all Davis and I could do to convince her to allow Davis to remove the implants, and we managed to raise $10,000.00 to buy her off.” Mike replied.
“So he would be stupid to do Darla’s eyes unless they were married.” I said.
“Well for a pre med student, sometimes he isn’t the sharpest point on a pencil. I think he thinks with his small head sometimes.” Mike replied.
I laughed. “So, what you want me to do is find out how really, really serious Darla is about wanting to become extremely nearsighted.”
“Well that is a start. I know that Davis is quite smitten with Darla. I also know that he won’t even consider marrying anyone unless they are very nearsighted. So, what we have to do here is be very positive that this is what they want for each other.” Mike told me.
All day Sunday Darla wore Davis’s glasses. And that evening when Mike, Darla and I caught the train back to university, she was still wearing Davis’s glasses. I asked her about it, and she merely told me that Davis was getting her new contacts, and glasses, but she wanted to wear them now, so he let her take his glasses.
For the next month I did not see Darla without Davis’s glasses on. Many people around the university had already seen Darla wearing my myodiscs, and anyone who asked about her new glasses was just told that she had an eye infection, and had to wear her glasses for a while. She was also very careful to tell anyone who asked that she was getting a new pair shortly.
It had been 4 weekends since we had all been together, although Mike and I spent a lot of time in each other’s company. Davis was coming to the university that weekend, and he was bringing Darla’s new contact lenses and her glasses. Darla was like a small child waiting for a new toy. She was very excited.
When Davis arrived Darla immediately changed her contact lenses and her glasses, and gave Davis back his GOC combination. That was the last time I saw Darla without her new glasses on for 3 months. I am almost willing to bet that she even slept in her contact lenses. One day I convinced Darla that she should try to go without her contacts and glasses combination for a whole day. She agreed, and removed her glasses, took out her lenses, and we walked to the door of the apartment. As we started outside she turned back and ran into the bathroom. I followed her. She was putting her lenses back in.
“I can’t do it Cathy. Everything looks so strange and funny without my glasses. I just can’t do it. Oh, how I wish I didn’t have to put these darned contact lenses in first though.” Darla said.
Mike had told me that this might happen. Apparently if a person wears strong minus glasses over high plus contacts constantly, after a while the brain becomes accustomed to the way everything looks through this combination, and it can take a few days for the brain to become used to seeing with natural vision again. Mike even told me that sometimes he has had bad headaches after wearing GOC for a couple of days in a row, and then going back to natural vision.
That night I reported this to Mike. I believe that Mike must have called Davis immediately, because when I got home from our date Darla was still waiting up to give me the news.
“Davis called. He asked me to marry him, and for our wedding present he is willing to do lens implants for me. I have to promise to always wear glasses for him though.” Darla said.
“Did you promise?” I asked.
“What do you think? Of course I promised. This is like a dream come true. And, you are going to be my maid of honor.” Darla replied.
So, Darla had her lens implants. I had wondered what her parents would say when they saw her wearing such strong unusual looking glasses, but Darla assured me that her parents hadn’t seen much of her for years. She had been sent to boarding school when she was a child, and she always was sent to summer camp every year. All they ever did for her was pay the bills. She was correct, her parents might have noticed her glasses at the wedding, but not a word was said.
Shortly after the wedding Mike asked me to marry him. I was surprised, as I thought he wanted to marry a blind girl.
“I thought you wanted a wife who was blind.” I said.
“Well, I have decided that I really like you, and you are actually blind enough without your glasses to suit me. Anyway, it will be easier for me with a wife who is able to see enough to raise our children. And, if I really want to have a blind wife to take out on a date, you still have your blind contacts that you can put in.” Mike said.
I accepted his invitation, and Darla was my maid of honor.
June 2005

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