Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Troubles with the original website

I must admit I kind of expected that. The original website with the stories has a problem. I tried to solve it and screw it even more. Do not worry, the files with the stories are safe. I even think they still are at the hosting sever because when I opened the ftp client, it showed me all the files untouched. However, the system refuses to show the contents, it did not accept the files I was sending, and it refused my repairs of the index.htm file and deleted it instead. 

The root of the problem is in the number of files. Although the number of stories and pictures is about 1100, the whole website needs some more files to hold together and show properly, all in all the files of the website make about 2400 files and 56 folders mutually interlinked in a sophisticated way. (To maintain this number of files one needs to use a software for creating and editing the web. Nothing too special, it actually looks quite similar to MSWord - and it is of the same fucking origin.) And the wich is the hosting system now refused to accept more files from me.

I will have to solve it. But not now. It is 4:10 a.m. everybody is sleeping and I am so angry, that I am not able to start reading the Help and handling what is necessary. 

Look I know everybody is waiting for some new stories! So I uploaded them here. All the three new stories. This is a safe place and easy to maintain. Of course it is not as comfortable for the readers as the old one. Specs4ever dislikes this place so much he sent me an email about it a while ago. Someone wrote in January he could not find his favourite story here (well, there are not all the stories from the original website here, I uploaded only some of them. Do not worry, more will come.) But there were more positive reactions to this blog than negative. The labels are great! The management ...
Anyway, I feel like having a shot of Fernet Stock now and get between the blankets. I will try to solve the problem with the site till the end of the week. I promise. 


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