Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The New GOC Day by Day

The real life story by Bobby Laurel
This is a kind of diary. I recorded the events related to my wearing Glasses over Contacts and my feelings and thoughts that happened and occurred during the several weeks after I had got the new GOC combination. The set consists of +8.5 dptr (BC 8.7 DIA 14.4) contact lenses, type: PrecisionUV, produced by Ciba Vision Corp., and glasses with –20 dptr blended myodiscs, sold as superlenti in my country; the lenses are in black wire oval frames, small and very lightweight. The temptation to try wearing the glasses over contacts was so strong that I could not resist it any more and tried „to go fulltime“.

This brought some other problems, the main of which are: There are people who would ask too many or too inquisitive questions that may be difficult to answer, unpleasant to answer, or impossible to answer.There are people who should be told the truth, which is that I do not need to wear the glasses, because my eyes are not that myopic, but I must wear the glasses because I cannot resist the desire to wear then any more. Simply said to do the „come out of a glasses fetishist“.If you cannot find the answer in the text as it is here on this website, I have not find the solution of the problems yet.

Monday 24 Oct 2005
My new glasses should be ready this week. I am impatient. I wish the text message from the optic shop came as soon as possible.
At midday, the message came. I couldn’t wait. When I came into the shop, there were some people. I hardly perceived them. The optician did not let me wait and handed me a small plastic bag. I opened it. There was a pair of the nicest, the cutest, and the coolest glasses I had ever seen. My new glasses fitted with blended myodisc lenses. The strength was – 20 dptr.
I tried them on. They were sitting quite well. I wanted to pay and leave, but the optician did not take the banknotes from me. She was speaking to the other customer. Then she asked me if they were all right. I said they needed just a small adjustment and handed her the money again. She took the glasses instead of the money, went to the lab, brought them back and I tried them once more. I could not see anything through them, because I did not have my contact lenses (+8.5 dptr) that make me possible to see through the strong spectacles. The optician wanted me to try if I could see well. She probably wanted to see if the combination was really functioning, because she let the money lie on the counter without touching them. Well, I understood her, even an optician does not fit frames with lenses of that power every day, let alone for such a crazy customer, who buys the strong glasses for pleasure. She simply wanted me to show her the real GOC in action.
I washed my hands in the lab, went back, refused her offer to put the contacts lenses in the lab, and made my self super-myopic with the two pieces of silicon. (How strange, my hands were not shaking.) I felt for the glasses, which looked just like a blurred shape in front of me, into my hands and … the world came into focus. Everything was sharp. The optician was looking at me with an intent stare. I looked into a mirror. The glasses suited me. My eyes looked small, there were some gentle circles formed by the bowl of the blended myodisc lenses. My mind got flooded with pleasure. It was the real me in the mirror. I smiled at the image, then at the optician. She relaxed a bit. „Is it all right?“ „Yes, that’s very good, they sit well and everything is sharp.“ I handed her the money and she filled in the voucher. Meanwhile I stood up and looked into a big mirror on the wall. Yes, there was the real Bobby. I was satisfied.
After I had left the shop I took a walk in the streets. There was a florist shop, just 300 meters far. I bought a rose and walked back to the optic shop. When I came in the door rang and the owner came out of the lab. I handed her the rose and said. „Thank you very much and this is for you.“ She opened her eyes wide. „Oh, how come?“ „Mrs K. you do not know how important thing you have done for me.“
She wanted me to stay and have a cup of coffee with her, but I refused. I planned to enjoy the new glasses by myself without being disturbed by somebody else’s inquisitive questions.
I decided to go to my client (T.M.) with my new glasses on. He obviously looked. I wondered if he would make any comment, and he did. He said I had the „lightweight glasses“. I just answered „yes“. And that was all. So, the first comment came 4 hours after I had put the glasses on. My evening clients did not say anything, they had seen me only 4 times, and we are not too familiar yet.
Late in the evening, my ex-wife came to discuss some things about kids and get money from me. I was still wearing my glasses-over-contacts. She knows about my fascination with glasses, she knows I get turned by women with strong glasses, and she had seen me wearing my old thick glasses over contacts. She had never understood it, however, I think, she was quite conciliated with the fact when our relationship had been good. I waited for her comment. It came quite soon. First she asked if I had new glasses, then she said they suited me, asked if they were stronger, and finally asked why there were those small circles in the center. I told her the truth including the information they were bright new. After she said I bought myself a present I told her they are very comfortable to wear and my vision is perfect. I hoped she would ask if I intended on wearing them full time, but it probably did not occur to her.

Tuesday 25 Oct 2005
The second day. I put the contacts in immediately after I got my shower. Then the glasses. Look into the mirror. Fantastic. I felt happy. It turns me on. Love the way I look with those strong glasses. My clients in the morning obviously noticed I was wearing new glasses. No comment. I did some shopping, worked at home, and had my evening clients at 6 o’clock. I think, almost everybody noticed. I went to bed after I had spent all day as a fake high myope.

Wednesday 26 Oct 2005
GOC since the morning. The morning client Mrs I.J., who has known me for 5 years, does not make any comment. I provoke her to notice by leaving her office to bring a piece of soft paper towel from the toilet to clean my glasses. I am telling her they are new and need careful cleaning. She is saying they are nice. I feel she does not want to continue the topic.
Driving to the town of L in the afternoon. Good. I can drive as fast as I can with my normal glasses, the only difference is I need to turn my head more when looking to the left of right sides as the outer parts of the lenses bring distorted blurred image. It is caused by the carrier part of the lens. I must look through the central bowl only. The clients in L keep looking, nobody comments.
In the evening, I am with my normal glasses. My very good friend T.P., who has known me for 25 years, will come to visit me (he is going to stay till Sunday). I cannot wear my GOC when he is here. I cannot imagine how to tell him about my fascination and my GOC. I am not able to. No way. He has known me for such a long time and I have never told him. He probably knows I have a kind of preference for girls with glasses, but still I am not able to tell him the truth after so many years. Is it bad? He is the friend, who always told me everything, the closest friend I have … I always told him everything about myself except for one thing …. OMG, why is it so difficult.
The result is: Evening in normal glasses, watching DVD movie, having great mean in Chinese pub, talking, smoking, drinking wine. I keep thinking about the fantastic feeling I have when I wear the new glasses.

Thursday 27 Oct 2005
T.P. went to have a trip on his bicycle. I took GOC and did some shopping. Later I changed to my normal glasses and had the regular evening with The Beginners.

Friday 28 Oct 2005
I drove to V.B. to meet my usual Friday clients T.V&S.V. They have seen me in the old GOC twice, then with my normal glasses. Mr T.V. made a comment, „new glasses“. I just said they were comfortable to wear and brought me much better vision. Later in the bank, my client I.J. who saw me in the new glasses for the second time gave me a look. I could see her eyes did not stop at my eyes but at my glasses. She looked as if she wanted to ask something about the glasses, but she swallowed the question.Evening at home with T.P. in my normal glasses again.After the 5 days nobody asked how strong the glasses are. Nobody wanted to know the number of diopters.

Saturday 29 Oct 2005
T.P. went for a long bike trip. I should have gone to the Highlands with my youngest daughter Ann to visit my Mom and my sis. As I did not have the nerve to go there with my new glasses on I keep the normal glasses on. Ann did not want to go there, she wanted to visit her schoolmate. So I had a free day.
Veronique, a girl from the web, sent me a text message. She wanted to go to the forests near the B Lake to shoot photos. So I spent a nice sunny afternoon with her. I was not wearing my GOC, as I did not have the nerve to show it to her. She had commented my normal glasses some days before saying they are too thick and asking why I did not buy hi-index lenses. Oh, if she knew ….

Sunday 30 Oct 2005
T.P. left for Prague. I gave him a lift to the railway station, said him good-bye, drove home, and … I put my GOC on and looked into the mirror in my apartment. Yes, I said to myself, this is the real me. If only I had bought the lenti glasses sooner, if only I had discovered the GOC trick many years ago.
I uploaded 2 new stories Spec4ever had sent me onto my web site. The stories are quite good; I hope people will like them as much as I did. Then I changed my glasses to the old very thick and heavy pair and tried to type another part of the story of „Paul and Mary“. The problem was I did not know how to describe the crucial discussion between the main characters. Mary should tell Paul the truth about her disability and he should react in a kind of realistic way. I mean, it should be difficult for him to accept what she told him; he should think about it, look for an interpretation of the facts, and find his own point of view of the new reality, etc etc. It was too difficult, I got stuck. I hoped it would be easier for me to type while wearing the old heavy glasses, as I had typed all the previous parts with my old GOC on, but it seemed my muse was asleep.

Monday 31 Oct 2005
Busy day. New GOC since the early morning. My morning clients in EK asked about the glasses, they said they were stronger that the old pair. I did not feel like going into details. I just said I was trying to wear the new type of lenses, if they are better than hi-index lenses.

Tuesday 01 Nov 2005
GOC all day. No comments, no questions, no looks. I took a long walk with my GOC on in the town and in a large shopping mall. People did not seem to notice my strong glasses at all. While taking the walk I sense the blurred part on both sides of my vision field. It brings complications when driving backwards to park my car. I must turn my head much more to see where I go. But, when I am walking this distorted part of the image of the world keeps telling me: you are wearing strong super lenti glasses. It is sooo cool!
I wished I met a woman with strong glasses somewhere in a street or a shop, who would notice how strong and nice my glasses are.

Wednesday 02 Nov 2005
Morning: normal glasses.

Afternoon: New GOC.
One client of the lesson at 6, Mrs R.S., who wears either glasses or contacts, said: „You have new glasses, don’t you?“„Yes.“„I noticed them last week too.“„They are just one week old.“„Stronger?“„Yes. Quite stronger.“„Nice frame.“Then she hurried home.
In the evening, only one client came (there should have been 3), A.K, the youngest one. His father, who knows me well, came 10 minutes later just to ask if everything is OK, as he was driving along. When he saw the group did not gather he asked if we could cancel the lesson. OK, we cancelled it, I felt tired anyway. Just before they left he looked at me and asked:
„My God, you have some new glasses.“„Yes, they are new.“„They look pretty strong, your eyes are very small behind the lenses.“His son added: „I have never seen the glasses on you.“I said: „They are quite stronger than the old ones, and the lenses are of a different type, they are not the hi-index as I had in the old pair. I had to buy the cheaper type of lenses.“„Oh, so, I thought they look different … mm …rather strange.“„Yes, that is the central ring, but they are very comfortable to wear. Anyway I hope I will buy another pair with hi-index lenses soon.“
They left and I went downstairs thinking if it was wise to start this game with people round me. Doubts came quickly after the discussion. Maybe, I should give up and wear GOC only in my free time. I opened Internet, read the Eye Scene, browsed dating servers looking for a woman with strong glasses and played a PC game to calm down. I was up till 2 a.m. thinking about my GOC plans. No conclusion.

Thursday 03 Nov 2005
GOC in the morning. Then I went to Veronique’s place as we planned to go for a walk. First I thought I would come with my GOC on, but I changed my mind it the last moment. Actually, I changed my glasses on the stairs of the building where she lives. I quickly opened my bag, took out the container for contact lenses, put them out of my eyes, and took my normal glasses. I think it was good I did not come with GOC as she really did not feel well and wanted to stay at home. She is ill for many years, after a kind of infection. She has suffered from the consequences of the disease for years, and needs to walk with a stick. I do not know how to show up in front of her with my new glasses on nor to tell her about my GOC. I should do it if I want to go out with her. I know I should, but HOW?
In the afternoon I was with clients in CS. They know me so well I can say we are open friends. They would have asked a lot of question if I had come there with the strong glasses on. I did not have the nerve to face such a situation. The evening was in GOC again

Friday 04 Nov 2005
I took my new glasses before I had dressed in the morning. Felt tired and as I did not have anything to do in the morning I slid under the blanket again and slept one more hour. It was nice to wake up wit my contact in my eyes, feel for the glasses beside my bed and start the day with –20 diopters.

Saturday 05 Nov 2005
The visit in Prague with Ann. No GOC, as I could not make up any explanation that would fit for my Mom, my youngest daughter, my sister and my niece. The evening dejection left me with the third chinese dish the second beer and a big shot of Vodka I ordered, which made the Chinese waited absolutely excited.

Sunday 06 Nov 2005
No GOC. Drive here, drive there, a visit at my sister’s new house. She showed me everything including toilets and the cellar. If I were wearing GOC my explanation about sudden vision deterioration would not fit into the atmosphere. Night drive home.

Monday 07 Nov 2005
GOC since the morning. I put the contacts and the strong glasses off before the evening lesson, as a friend of mine H.J. with his colleague should come to stay overnight. I could not wear my GOC, as I really did not want to face his questions. When he came we had dinner and a lot of wine, we talked about politics, corruption, economy, told old stories from the old times when we used to go to mountains in Romania together. And all the time I had to think about my strong glasses and the small container with contact lenses lying safe in my bag.Oh, how I missed them!

Tuesday 08 Nov 2005
I had a horrible toothache last night.Doped with painkillers I went to my dentist with my old glasses on. No GOC today for me

Wednesday 09 Nov 2005
GOC all day. A lady in the street stared. I could observe the surge of emotion in her eyes. They were rivetted to my glasses for a moment. Then I passed her. End.

Thursday 10 Nov 2005
Yesterday’s depression caused my bad mood today. I overslept, had to cancel the morning meeting with a client, woke up too late to do anything sensible in the morning, did not feel like wearing GOC. All day in my old –8s. Strange feeling, am I the man with strong glasses or the man with the weak ones? Why couldn’t I just switch into the GOC and wear it forever?

Friday 11 Nov 2005
All day in GOC. About 18 hours.A morning session with Mrs I.J. She seems to get used to my new image.The next were Mr&Mrs S.V.&T.V. Friendly atmosphere as usually. We worked for 90 minutes, had a break and worked for more 90 minutes. They did not give me the typical looks any more.It seems people get used to seeing me in my GOC after the second meeting.

Saturday 12 Nov 2005 and Sunday 13 Nov 2005
A crazy day and a crazy night!GOC since the morning. I logged to Internet in the evening and started chatting with a woman over a dating server. She flirted with me a lot; she provoked me to ask her for a date. I suggested a late night date, as I knew she was in an Internet cafe just 5 kilometers far from my place in the center of the town. She agreed first, and then she said no, she flirted again, the relation seemed to be endless. While I was chatting with her I did some work on my other PC, I made second dinner, had wine, smoked a lot of cigarettes, teased her telling her she was afraid to have a date so late night … then she typed: „OK, come to the center and stop in front of the main post office, I will come and we will go to your place.“ I started laughing. She either wanted to make fun of me or she wanted prove herself she was not afraid. I went to my car, still with my strong glasses on, and drove to the center. And … she came. Short, dark haired, brown eyes, no glasses, about 28, she got into my car and we went to my place. I do not know if she was afraid or not. We spend together the rest of the night and a part of Sunday, taking about the dating server and about our lives. I did not try to have sex with her although I now she expected me to have a try. I wondered if she would ask about my strong glasses, but she did not. I had to use my eye drops to clean my contacts several times. At one moment she took the vial with the eye drops and read the label, but still she did not ask. She was looking at my glasses, indeed, but she did not mention glasses, eyes, vision ... the topic remained untouched.This was my absolutely crazy weekend. I went to bed early, at 9 p.m. my eyes were very tired and quite irritated from the contact lenses and the smoke of my endless smoking.

Monday 14 Nov 2005
Early morning was in old glasses. First, I was very tired; second, one of my clients was M.C. who is a person I still do not have the courage to show up with my new GOC in front of. I cannot face the questions asked by some people. Not yet. No. I cannot. LI put GOC on at midday. What a good feeling!

Tuesday 15 Nov 2005
I started the day in my old glasses with –8 dptr to serve my early morning customers in CS company. They had not seen me in my new glasses and I still did not have the guts to show them my new glasses on my nose. I am afraid of the questions. I put GOC on as soon as I came back.
Then I went to my dentist Mrs M. to have a minor dental problem fixed. I wonder if she will tell her husband about my new glasses. About a year ago, when she was at my lesson, and her husband was not present she said to her schoolmates (2 women who wore glasses) her husband wanted her to wear glasses although she never needed them. I remember she said he told her he would like her to buy dioptrical glasses. I am 99% per cent sure Mr M is a glasses fetishist. What a pity he gave up studying English, because there is no chance for him to get to know how large the number of glasses fetishists is without intermediate knowledge of English at least. I cannot give him the URL of Eye Scene, Alain’s gallery of high myopic girls or my website because his English knowledge is next to nothing.
I wanted to wear GOC in the evening, when the intermediate group would come. What I did not expect was, that Iva a woman who works in CS company would come. She had not attended the group for two months, and suddenly she came. She had seen me in my old glasses in the morning in CS company, and in the evening, when she entered the door and said me hello, her eyes stopped for a long while at my face. She was looking at my glasses curiously. No question was asked; she left 10 minutes before the end of the lesson. If she had stayed till the end, she would have asked, I think … no … I am sure. I could see her examining my glasses anytime she thought I could not see her. The difference between her behavior and the other’s behavior was obvious. Iva was looking and probably wondering what had happened to my eyes.

Wednesday 16 Nov 2005
I went interpreting to EK Company with GOC on today. I rinsed the contacts very carefully using three dosages of rinsing liquid to avoid any complications. Interpreters cannot go to the toilet, go for lunch, cough, blow nose, scratch ass when they need or want, … and they should not solve problems with their contact lenses when doing their job which is never appreciated enough.
So, here we go!I came there the reception woman looked at me, well; she had seen me last week in my new glasses. The people gathered, introduced to each other, looked at my glasses. Every one of them. I felt fine, they had never seen me before, so I was there as a real high myope. The interpreting stuff went quite well as I was calm felt cool, managed to adjust my pronunciation to their ears. Actually, after some time, I spoke their pidgin English pronunciation „hwen de temprehture gets terti fife digrees …“ A native speaker would have probably faint but they were very satisfied.
All in all, it was really cool to feel I was the real person. Yes, when driving back home I realized I REALLY AM visually impaired, only my body does not have the right eyes. Inside, my real self has always been extremely shortsighted; my real self has always needed very strong glasses. The only change I experience now is that I managed to harmonize my soul, my mind, and my body by wearing the plus contact lenses to be able to see through the right glasses.
In the evening, I kept my GOC on. The first evening group have seen me, so there were no looks at all. Mrs R.S came pulled out her contact lenses out of her eyes as she usually does, and spent the lesson with her weak glasses on. Her eyes get tired after she wears contacts for the whole day. I must take a good care for my contatcs do that I would not suffer from the same problem.The other group came without J.K who is the only of my evening students who has not seen my new glasses. There was Diana, my old student, who had seen me in my old GOC two years ago. It had happened when I had had a kind of craving to wear my thick glasses and I juggled with the idea of wearing my GOC more often, I even had got a strange desire to get caught wearing GOC by somebody who knew me. I had taken the risk then and had met her wearing my old glasses that are fitted with 2 centimeter thick lenses. She had just looked then and today she did not show any remarkable reaction. I wonder if she talked about my glasses with A.K. the youngest student who asked me about my glasses on 2nd November.
(Uploaded on 16th November 2005)

Thursday 17th November 2005
I spent all day wearing glasses over contacts. Miss B.K. saw me like tat for the first time. She just said: "You've got new glasses, haven't you?" I answered: "Yes". That was all. No stares, no looks. Veronique wanted to see me in the evening. I did not feel like being with her too much as I had some work to do at home, but I went for a dinner with her. Although she had not seen me with the new glasses she did on mention them at all. There were two of her friends in the restaurant. We joined them. One of them had seen me before when I still had worn my old glasses. She looked at my glasses. I noticed her eyes stop for a moment.

Friday 18th November 2005
I was in the EK Company again and in the afternoon with an individual client. I was looking at myself in the mirror in the elevator. How strange, I thought, I feel absolutely normal. Later, I was in a bookstore. Suddenly I spotted my ex-wife at a shelf. We talked for a moment. I thought she would ask if I really started to wear the GOC full time ... No. She was not surprised. The strangest thing at this GOC experiment is that the reactions of the other people are not as strong as I expected. My glasses jumped from quite normally looking plastic lenses, to lenses that have the central bowl, show more power rings, reveal all the effects of blended myodiscs, and make my eyes very small, literary sunken. I went from -8 dptr to -20 dptr overnight, and there was only one really strong reaction.
Saturday 19th November 2005
(12:40) I am waiting for my ex-wife, who should come with my youngest daughter Ann. Annie has not seen my new glasses yet. I wonder if there will be any reaction when they come.

7th July 2006
It has been 8 months I have been wearing my minus-20-diopter glasses over contacts almost fulltime.
Actually, I wear them most of the time every day with some breaks as my eyes need the break to recover and relax.
During the months since November 2005 I kept wearing my GOC when I was with my clients, all except one small group in a company which I have been co-operating for 3 years. I went for a visit to my Mother's place, where my sister, mother, niece, and brother-in-law saw my new appearance. My Mom asked me "You have a new pair of glasses, dont you?" I just said yes, but they are not new, and that was all, no more questions. My sister gave me some looks, but she did not ask anything, BTW I think she has the thing for men in glasses and glasses, anyway.
I went to my grammar school class reunion, too. Many of my former schoolmates asked about my glasses. They commented the strength and diopters, although none of them wanted to know the exact numbers. It was good I felt I really became the new person.
Now, 90 % of my clients (students and customers) believe I suffered a major jump in my prescription and became a very high myope. All my neighbours, people in shops in the neighbourhood, my daughters, my son, my friends accepted the fact I must wear the strong glasses and they did not ask too many questions, or better to say, they did not ask any questions I could not answer.
The only exception is my long term friend, let us call him Thomas, who has been my best friend for 30 years ... He lives in another town, 250 km far from my place. I do not know why, but I have not had the guts to meet him with my GOC on. We say one another a lot of things, our fears, our thoughts, we e-mail, sent text messages by mobile phones, call one another. He know almost everything about me except my GOC obsession. I do not know how to tell him about my GWG preference, my GOC, this website etc. In fact I am very sorry for that.
I do not have any problems wearing the combination all day long. I enjoy it very much even though it is getting really normal for me to wear glasses with such strong prescription. I got used to having slightly limited peripheral vision, which is manageable by turning my head more.
Last week I went to the optic shop in which I buy my contact lenses. The owner had made all the necessary measurements last year so that my contacts fitted well. He is not there very often, there is a young lady his employee instead. She keeps a file with contact lens customers. My card says + 9 dptr both eyes and the other numbers. I usually come wearing my GOC and just ask for a new set of monthly disposables, she writes it down and that is all. Last week she seemed to notice that the power of the contacts is different form the power in my glasses. I was wearing my "normal" glasses with -7.5 dptr. She put down the order for my contacts smiled at me, said some polite phrase and them she looked at the numbers again and at my glasses, and back at the numbers. It was quite obvious, she notices I was wearing minus glasses, while the power of my contacts in the record was plus. She was definitely surprised, but she did not say anything and I left the shop. I know that if she asks the owner of the shop he will tell her it is all right. But still I wonder what he would say if she asked for more details. :-)
You may ask what it is like to wear such powerful glasses all day long, to be seen by other people, to drive a car, to go shopping ...
Well, it is pretty normal. The well-calculated powers of contacts and glasses give me clear, sharp, undistorted vision, the two small parts of the blended myodisc lenses at the both sides of my vision remind me of my wearing the strong glasses , which is very pleasant. Sometimes I notice people giving me a look, sometimes I see that people look at my glasses instead into my eyes. It is quite natural. You don't see a person with -20 dptr every day.
Just two weeks ago a girl I know came. I was sitting on the stairs in front of my door and talking to some guys who stay in the neighbourhood. She stopped to say me hello and some usual phrases, when she said: "You have new glasses. They are really strong your eyes are almost hidden behind the lenses." I answered that nobody gets any younger and I am happy to have glasses that give me good vision.
I have a new girl friend, Rosie. We met a month ago. She says she wear reading glasses at work, but I have not seen her wearing them yet. Her Rx is very low, some +0.5 dptr. I gave up looking for a girl with strong glasses and started going out with Rosie. She has very nice big breasts and really cute bottom and she loves me. I would be much happier if she wore glasses but I am not going to ask her to wear them. She saw me both with my strong glasses and with the weak ones. Of course she has asked my how many diopters I have, and I told her the truth about GOC. It is not quite clear if she understood it, so I think she will ask again after a time.
Well ... that's all for now.
If you have any questions, leave a comment.


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