Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What is GOC?

This abbreviation GOC stands for "Glasses Over Contacts". It means that glasses are actually worn over contact lenses. To see clearly the power of both contact lenses and glasses must be carefully balanced. It is not easy to calculate the correct respective power of each optical aid. A formula can be very useful, however human’s eyes are very individual and the simple arithmetic need not be the best means of determining the correct powers. There is an MS Excel file goc_table.xls (download in rar format) that can help specify the powers, but some people say it works only in relatively small numbers. (What is small for a glasses fetishist?)
Why GOC?

Few people wear GOC. Most of them do that for recreational purposes, well, they satisfy their desire to wear strong glasses. Nobody has explained to me how this fascination starts, why it starts, and if it ever disappears. However there is a simple fact: There are people who like wearing strong glasses and who are able to spend quite amount of money to get the possibility to wear them. I know about GOC wearers in Europe, America and Australia. We have our yahoo group where we talk about GOC and we have our thread at the Eye Scene. If you are interested, feel free joining us. (see links)
Wearing well adjusted GOC is a very special experience. You can see clearly, but at the same time you feel the weight of the glasses on your face and the image you can see is smaller or larger (it depends on whether you wear minus glasses over plus contacts or vice versa).
I have never experienced plus glasses over minus contacts, but a friend of mine described the image. He said it was similar to looking through a binocular.
Minus glasses over plus contacts give you rather blurry peripheral vision, smaller image, and quite good accommodation. My peripheral vision with minus-20-GOC is good enough to drive my car.
When I wear my GOC, I feel well, cool, complete, and satisfied. I feel the person the other people see when they look at me is the real me. I feel rather exposed, because I show my real face. There is no mask. There is no lie. There is the genuine Bobby. I know most people do not like the glasses, because they are too strong, the lenses are too thick. They may think I am not good-looking. Some of them may wish my eyes did not need the strong glasses. But I know that my mind and my soul were created to dwell in the body that needs strong glasses to see clearly. Which is better, to be the true person or to play the role that the society expects me to play? I prefer the first option
There is one more important part in wearing glasses - the sexual part. Like many other GOC wearers I like women with strong glasses. The fact that they wear glasses with thick lenses do not detract their beauty. The opposite is true. For me, their glasses and their lenses accentuate and magnify their beauty and sexual attractiveness. So when I have the object on my face that makes them more attractive for me, I feel more attractive as well.
These are the main reasons why I wear GOC anytime.
Is it crazy? You may think it is, but for me it is not. It is like wearing my favorite pair of jeans, a T-shirt or shoes. Somebody may think the jeans are too old, the T-shirt has too stupid picture on the front, and the shoes may be too dirty, but you I love them.
Link: Glasses-over-contacts Yahoo group

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  1. Anonymous5:36 pm

    I don't agree with you saying, that this phenomen is limited to strong prescriptions. It might be just the desire to wear glasses, when you are refused glasses.

    From very, very young (approx 6 yrs old) I had the desire to wear glasses, and year per year I had an eye test, with above average results, and so my parents wouldn't buy glasses, not even permit the wearing of Grandma's old glasses "as they might damage the eye".

    Only 12 years later, more independent at university, I could get glasses (the first ones from bus company lost property offices auction) and tell my parents, that I had been to the eye doctor's.

    I then tried misleading the eye doctor, and eventually was able simulating a -1,75/cyl +1,00 on both eyes (at 045/135 degrees respectively), but once in lifetime only.

    This 'inducing myopia' was not successful with me. With the next eye exam the doctor murmured 'never seen eyes like these' and went on with those accomodation-paralizing drops, and, .. ooops, and found out about a hyperopia (!) with R +2,00/cyl-1,00 and L+1,50/cyl-0,50, axes now 70 degr. right eye and 140 dgr. left eye.

    I was so happy (27 yrs then) and from that day became a permanent wearer of glasses always a bit tricking up and down the ladder.

    However, I always enjoyed playing with GOC, and have a good collection of plus and minus fitted frames and adequate contacts.

    Within a small corridor, I can 'play' without people in te office or classroom noticing that. When I'm travelling, the greater experiences are coming (I am now permanent on R +4,00/-2,00 and L +3,50/-1,50 and enjoy that) e.g. R+9,50 etc on -6,00 contacts.

    I am also curious about the vision of nearsighted men and women, but Plus-CLs are very difficult to buy. When I'm buying +8,00s, that is the maximum for a reasonable price, my hyperopia + accomodation deficit are "eating" already 4, 5, or 6 D of the total of +8.