Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Ladies Revenge

by Specs4ever 

Julie woke up, and tried to see the numbers on the clock in her motel room. She moved her head closer and closer to the clock, and finally the numbers came into focus. This was a strange feeling for her, as Julie had enjoyed nearly perfect vision for all of her life. She blinked her eyes a few times, but the blur of things in the near distance still persisted. For the last couple of weeks Julie had noticed that her vision had been blurred, and she had been having trouble reading street signs, and other highway markers, but this morning it seemed even worse than the day before, she was having trouble seeing things clearly only a few feet from her.

“I’m going to have to get my eyes checked, and maybe get a pair of glasses before I go on,” Julie muttered to herself.
Julie was a petite brunette, with a very slim; trim figure, nice breasts and nice legs. Normally she was a dynamo. Her job, as a sales representative and design consultant for a major furniture company took her all through the southwest, setting up new furniture displays for her company in all the different dealers in her area. It took Julie almost 3 weeks out of every month to complete her rounds, and the remaining week found her at the company headquarters writing sales reports, filling out defective merchandise forms, and placing orders for new shipments.
It had been only two short years since Julie had graduated as an Architectural Design major, and already she was extremely well liked, and respected in the firm. So, she wasn’t worried about having to call in, and change her route plans. After all, she was only a few days away from the end of her normal three-week run, so only a few stores would be affected. And, if she had to stay here another day, then she might be able to go out with Dennis again. Dennis was a cute young salesman at one of the stores in town, and for the past couple of trips; Julie and Dennis had been going out for dinner and a movie the one night she was in town. Last night Julie had begged off going to the movie though, as she had felt that her eyes were not behaving well enough to see the screen properly, so she and Dennis had gone back to his apartment to listen to music, relax, and talk.
Dennis had shown his concern over Julie’s vision problem, and he had given her the name of an eye doctor in town that was supposed to be quite good. So, Julie phoned the stores she was supposed to visit that day, and postponed her visit until the following day. Then after 9:00 am, she phoned the eye doctor. She was fortunate enough to obtain a 10:00 am appointment, but when she walked out of her motel and found her way to her car, she realized that it would be impossible for her to drive to the doctor’s office. Her vision really had deteriorated significantly overnight. Now she was scared, and was anxious to get to the doctor’s office. She went back to the motel office, and asked the girl at the front desk to call her a cab.
The cab delivered Julie to the doctor’s office, and in a blurry haze she found her way to the reception area. The receptionist took her personal information, and then asked Julie for her old glasses, so she could determine the script.
“I’ve never worn glasses,” Julie replied.
“Well, do you remember the power of your contact lenses?” the nurse asked.
“I’ve never had contact lenses,” Julie said.
“Young lady, I have been in this business long enough to be able to tell that you are extremely nearsighted. You didn’t get to be this way overnight, so please, help the doctor, and give me your old glasses,” the nurse said with a rather sharp tone in her voice.
Julie was almost in tears. “But this did happen almost overnight. It started about four weeks ago, and I found I was having more and more trouble reading signs and seeing clearly in the distance. Then this morning, when I woke up, I could hardly see a thing. My friend, Dennis, gave me the doctor’s name last night, and I made the appointment first thing this morning.”
The nurse replied, “Well, I have only ever seen one other case of rapid onset adult myopia before, and it’s strange, because that girl also was recommended to us by Dennis, so I will accept what you have told me. The doctor will be with you in just a moment, and now I will guide you to the examination room.”
The nurse took Julie’s hand, and led her down the hall to the examination room. Julie sat in the chair, waiting nervously in anticipation for the doctor to come in. Finally he came in, and soon Julie was behind a big machine. The lenses clicked rapidly in front of her eyes. Finally, the doctor asked her if she could read the letters on the chart. Julie looked at the letters, and was relieved to see that they were quite clear. She told the doctor that she could see them fairly well, and then he switched another lens, and asked her which was better. After a few minutes of this routine, he stopped, and left her sitting behind the refractor, looking at the eye chart through the lenses in the machine. Then he slid the refractor away from her eyes, and handed her a pair of trial frames, with lenses in them.
“Now, put these on Julie, and stand up and walk around,” he told her.
Julie did as she was told, and was amazed at the return of her former clear vision.
“What is wrong with my eyes doctor?” she asked.
“Your eyes are very healthy, but for some unexplained reason you have just become extremely nearsighted, which is very unusual in a person over the age of 24. I have only prescribed a stronger first pair of glasses once before in my life, and that was for a one year old baby, who required a –10D prescription for her first pair. Your first prescription is –6.75D x –0.50D x 135 for your right eye, and –6.50D x –0.75D x –180 for your left eye. You won’t be going anywhere without glasses or contact lenses anymore. And, it is highly likely that your prescription might have to be a little stronger after your eyes become accustomed to this prescription, so if I could see you in two or three months, I would be pleased to examine your eyes again. Would you like to get glasses here, or would you rather try contact lenses?” asked the doctor.
“It is going to take me some time to get accustomed to the fact that I need glasses, so maybe I should try contacts,” replied Julie.
The doctor gave the prescription for glasses to Julie, who folded it and put it in her purse. They walked to the other room together, with Julie still wearing the frames with the trial lenses. The doctor gave his assistant the other slip of paper with Julie’s contact lens prescription on it, and suggested to the girl that she try a pair of –6.25D disposables, with an 8.7 base curve, and a diameter of 13.8 mm. When the girl came back with the package, she showed Julie how to insert the lenses while Julie still had the trial lenses on. Then she had Julie remove the trial lens frame, and attempt to insert the contact lenses on her own. Finally Julie was able to do it quite easily by herself, and she left the doctors office with a view of the world that was clearer than it had been for a while.
Julie walked back to the motel, retrieved her suitcase, and checked out. Then she stopped by the store, and said goodbye to Dennis. Dennis asked her about her visit to the eye doctor, and she merely told Dennis that she had become very nearsighted, and that the doctor had given her contact lenses. She also told him that she was going to have to go back in about 3 months for another checkup, but she didn’t mention anything about the doctor telling her that her prescription might increase a bit more during the next three months.
Julie was pleased that she had gotten the contact lenses, and during the next few weeks she found that she was quite dependent on them. Staying in different motel rooms was now becoming a bit of a challenge, as when she had her contacts out at night, each room was different, and her nightly trips to the bathroom were a bit difficult on her. Her legs were often slightly bruised from running into something that she couldn’t see in the dark. So Julie decided that she would invest in a pair of glasses, as soon as the doctor told her that her prescription had stabilized. Anyway, glasses would be nice to have to wear at night when doing the sales reports, and to use for reading in bed before she fell off to sleep. She had discovered that without correction, she now had to hold her book right up to within 8 inches of the end of her nose to see clearly enough to read.
As the date for her next eye exam drew closer Julie spent a lot of time looking at objects off in the distance, and she was relieved to see that so far her contacts gave her reasonably good vision. In another month, on her next trip through town, she was going to have her eye exam, and that evening as she left the show with Dennis, she told him that the doctor had suggested that she might need an increase in her prescription, but so far she could see fine. Julie didn’t want to go to his apartment that evening, nor did she want to have him visit with her at her motel room, so they stopped at the coffee shop for a few minutes, where they each enjoyed a nice warm hot chocolate. Then Dennis took her back to her motel room and left. Julie removed her contacts, and drifted off to sleep.
Over the next month, Julie discovered that what the eye doctor had suggested might happen was coming true. Objects that she had been able to see clearly just a month ago were becoming more and more blurred. Now, without her contact lenses in, she had to hold her book so close to the end of her nose that it really wasn’t practical to read before she went to sleep. She was looking forward to getting a new prescription, as she knew that she couldn’t continue on this way much longer.
The night before her eye exam, Julie checked into her motel room, and walked to the furniture store to complete her work. Dennis was pleased to see her, and he invited her to join him for supper. Over supper, Julie told Dennis that her eyes had definitely gotten worse during the last month, and she could hardly wait for the next day, so she could get new contact lenses.
Dennis took Julie back to the motel room, and suggested that he would be happy to pick her up the following morning to take her to the eye doctor. Julie was pleased that Dennis would show his concern this way, so she agreed.
Dennis was there early, and he took Julie to the restaurant to have breakfast first. Julie had put her contacts in, but even with her contacts in everything was so much of a blur that she felt almost as helpless as she had the first time she had gone to have her eyes examined. After breakfast they drove to the doctor’s office, and since Dennis had to open up the store that morning, he left Julie there, after extracting a promise from her that she would stop by the store to say goodbye when she was finished.
The doctor’s assistant helped her remove her contacts and then led Julie to the same chair that she had been in the first time. The doctor came in, placed the machine in front of her eyes, and started the clicking of the lenses again. This time Julie could not read the bottom line on the chart, but all the other lines were pretty clear. Even the bottom line was clear; it was just that the writing was so tiny she couldn’t distinguish the individual letters. After he was finished, he again made up a trial frame, with the proper lenses, and handed it to Julie, who was extremely happy to put the trial frame on, and be able to see again.
“Your myopia has increased by over 5 diopters, young lady,” the doctor said. “ This is very unusual. I have never seen this much of an increase in such a short period of time. And, I can no longer give you quite 20/20 vision with the strong power of lenses that you need. The minification is just too great, and you will be around 20/25 for your best vision.”
“Well, can I still get new contact lenses doctor?” Julie asked.
“We can’t do that today Julie. The lenses that you now need are very strong, and they are a special order. They will take 2 days if the lab has them in stock, or as much as 2 weeks, if I have to order them from the manufacturer,” replied the doctor.
“I have to be able to drive for my job doctor. Is there anything that you can do to help me temporarily until the new lenses come in?” asked Julie.
The doctor had Julie put her contact lenses back in, and he then did another refraction.
“Julie, what we are going to do is to make you up a pair of glasses that you can wear over your contact lenses. This will allow you to drive until we can get you the proper contacts and, if you want, glasses. In fact, I would suggest that you get glasses, and I would rather have you order your glasses as bifocals, as I find that you don’t have good accommodation for reading up close with the full distance prescription that you need,” the doctor told her.
So, Julie selected a frame, and the doctor had his lab girl prepare the temporary lenses to put in the frame to allow Julie to see for the next few weeks until her proper lenses came in. Julie also ordered new contacts, as well as a pair of prescription sunglasses. The doctor had suggested a very small eye size for her new glasses, and Julie accepted his suggestion. But, when it came to the sunglasses, Julie wanted a large enough lens to give her a decent amount of protection from the sun. The girl who was assisting Julie told her that the frame she had chosen wouldn’t work for her, as the new lenses would be too thick for the temples to close. So, she and Julie searched further, and finally found a frame that had a setback of over ΔΎ inch.
“This one should work, but the lenses will have to be set a little to the front of the frame,” the assistant said.
Julie gasped. “You mean the lenses in my sunglasses will be that thick. How thick will my other glasses be?”
“Oh, they will be fairly thin. We are using a new hi index material that comes in the invisible bifocal that you need. Why, I’ll bet that they won’t be any thicker than 3/8ths of an inch,” the assistant said.
Julie accepted that, although she didn’t feel very good about it. Finally the lab manager brought out the glasses with the temporary lenses, and Julie put them on over her contacts, and was thrilled to have clear vision again. She paid the receptionist, and walked back to check out of her motel, and get her car. True to her word, she stopped by the store to say goodbye to Dennis.
“Those frames really suit you Julie,” was how Dennis greeted her. “I thought that you were getting new contact lenses though.”
Julie explained to Dennis that her prescription was now so strong that she had to have her new contact lenses specially ordered. He asked her if she knew her prescription, so she gave him the slip of paper that the doctor had insisted that she carry with her in case of an emergency.
The prescription read, “ –12.25D, –1.25D x 135 and –11.75D, –1.50D x 180 with +2.00D adds,” “That is a very strong prescription, Julie. My nine-year old daughter is only around a –10D, and she has a really hard time to see anything without her glasses. And, her mother, my ex wife is over –20D. She is blind without her glasses or contacts. Are you sure that this just happened over the past few months?”
“Up until 6 or 7 months ago I had 20/20 vision,” Julie told him.
Finally Julie left, promising to call him when she came back to get her new glasses. After a couple of weeks went by, she received a call from the doctor’s office, telling her that her new glasses and contact lenses were ready for her. So Julie revised her schedule in order to be able to pick up her glasses sooner. When she arrived in town, the first thing that she did was to stop at the doctor’s to get her new lenses installed in her existing frames. She took out her old contacts, and tried the sunglasses on first. The girl had been right. The setback on the temples was barely enough to allow the frames to close. Julie was sure that she wouldn’t wear these sunglasses around anyone she knew, but they would do for driving, which is where she would need them the most. Her other glasses were ready, so she tried them on too. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she was surprised that her eyes looked so tiny, and seemed to be so far back behind the lenses. She was also shocked to see that her face was extremely shrunken in at the outer edges of the lenses. But, at least she could see again. So, with her new contact lenses still unopened, and wearing her new glasses Julie went to the furniture store to see Dennis.
Dennis seemed pleased to see her, and told her again how good she looked in the new frames. This made Julie feel better, as she had been feeling quite depressed about the prospects of having to wear thick glasses.
The next three months were fairly routine. Julie had been wearing her new glasses almost all the time, as she found that glasses were much easier to wear around the dusty furniture stores than her contacts were. She had gotten used to the minification of things, and when she took off her glasses for a minute she marveled at how two thick pieces of plastic could make everything so clear. Then one morning, after an evening with Dennis, she awoke to find that her glasses didn’t make everything as clear as they normally did. She had appointments that she couldn’t put off, so she struggled for the next couple of days. She had phoned the eye doctor, and made another appointment, and she arranged things so that she could get back to town again without throwing her schedule off too badly.
“Well Julie, your eyes have developed another –3D of myopia. You are now –15.25D, –1.50D x 135 for your right eye, and –14.75D, –2.25D x 180 for your left eye. And, I think we should go for +2.50D adds for your bifocal add. If you did a lot of computer work, I might even suggest tri-focal lenses,” the doctor said.
“I already know that I will have to wait to get my new lenses doctor. Can you give me contact lenses that I can wear under my old glasses until you can get me new glasses with the new prescription?” Julie asked.
“I was thinking that I would be able to give you a pair of –3D lenses that should do the trick. And the best part is that these are trial lenses that the contact lens manufacturer gives me for customers to try, so I won’t even have to charge you for them,” replied the doctor.
So, with the new contact lenses under her old glasses Julie continued on her way. Julie was not happy with the fact that her vision was deteriorating this rapidly, and she was worried that if the progression of her myopia didn’t slow down soon, she might go blind. So, when her new glasses were ready, and she went back to town to pick them up, she expressed her concerns to the doctor. He assured Julie that her case was indeed a strange one, but that she was a long way from becoming blind, so she left the doctor’s office feeling a little better about the rapid myopic progression she was experiencing. Her newest pair of glasses did take a bit of getting used to though, as the best vision was through the center of the lens, and Julie was finding it hard to get used to always turning her head to look at things, instead of moving her eyes.
Another couple of months passed, and Julie was back at the furniture store where Dennis worked. That evening they went out to dinner, and after dinner Dennis invited Julie to his apartment. Julie refused, but suggested that Dennis join her in her motel room, and he agreed. That evening Dennis and Julie went to bed together. Julie was quite surprised. Dennis was more than willing to let her leave her glasses on when they made love. And, what surprised her even more was that he was very careful not to smear, or smudge the lenses of her glasses in any way.
She couldn’t help mentioning it. “Dennis, why are you so careful with my glasses?”
“Didn’t I tell you that my former wife had more than a –20D prescription? She was absolutely blind without her glasses, so I learned not to get the lenses dirty, or else she was angry with me, and I would have to clean her glasses for her. I didn’t mind doing it, but whenever she was without her glasses, she was always whining to me about hurrying up, and giving her glasses back. And, I know that while your prescription is not as high as hers, you are still very dependent on your glasses to see, so I just thought I would try to be careful,” Dennis told Julie.
“Don’t you mind that my eyes are getting so bad, and my glasses have to be so strong and thick and without them I am blind?” Julie asked.
“I can’t change life,” Dennis replied.
The next time Julie came to town was the time for her next eye exam. During the past few weeks, Julie had noticed that her vision was becoming blurry again, and a few days ago she had put the –3D contact lenses that the doctor had given her the last time in to wear under her glasses. Her vision was brought back to what she now considered normal, so she knew that she was going to need at least another –3D, if not more of an increase in her prescription. And, sure enough, her visit with the doctor confirmed this. Julie now needed –18.25D, –1.75D x 135 for her right eye, and –17.75D, –2.25D x 180 for her left eye. The doctor gave Julie a new and improved pair of contact lenses for her to try until her new glasses came in, and Julie was able to feel the added comfort in the new lenses.
“I think we should soon think about changing you over to myodisc lenses,” said the optician, who had taken over from the doctor.
“What are myodiscs?” Julie asked.
“When your prescription gets really strong and the lenses are really thick, which is about where you are at now, we usually change the patient into a lens system that has a small circular lens that contains the required power that is inside a carrier lens. This gives you a smaller field of vision, but it allows us to make the edges thinner for the required prescription. She showed Julie a myodisc lens. We could order them for you now, or we can leave you with the regular lens, but the regular lens will have to be a biconcave lens with a circular bifocal segment,” the optician advised Julie. “And they will be quite thick.”
“I think that I will wait for the next change in my prescription before I try the myothingme.” Julie said.
Julie’s new lenses were ordered, and since wearing the –3D contacts under her existing glasses worked fine for the time being, Julie continued on with her scheduled rounds of stores. The doctor’s office called Julie at home to advise her that her new lenses had come in, but Julie didn’t go out of her way to pick them up this time. When her schedule brought her back to town a month later, she did stop at the doctor’s office first to have her lenses changed.
Julie took off her glasses and handed them to the optician, who took them into the back room. Julie still had the –3D contacts in, but she couldn’t see a thing, everything was a complete blur and she felt helpless. She took out the contacts, and rested her eyes. Soon the optician returned with the new lenses in Julie’s glasses. She slipped them onto Julie’s nose, and as the lenses came closer to Julie’s eyes, the blur magically disappeared, and everything was clear again. As Julie looked around through the new lenses, she felt a little dizzy, and she mentioned that to the optician.
“Oh, that’s just due to their being a prescription on both sides of the lens now. Your front curve is probably around a –4D curve, and you will have to get used to the way things look when you swing your head. Try to make sure that you move your eyes with the lenses, rather than moving your eyes from point to point inside the lens. That way you won’t get seasick.”
Julie had experienced the fact that her vision was better when she looked through the center of the lenses of her old glasses, so it wasn’t too hard for her to do what the optician had told her to do. She left the doctors office, and went to the furniture store, where she saw Dennis. He seemed a bit shocked at the thickness of her new glasses, and the appearance of Julie’s new lenses, but he didn’t say anything, other than to ask Julie if she was able to go out to dinner with him that evening.
Julie accepted, and went about her business at the store. As she was finishing, she noticed that Linda, the owner’s wife was wearing new glasses. And, unlike her old glasses the new ones didn’t magnify her eyes. Julie commented to her about this, and Linda told her that she had been extremely farsighted ever since she was a small child, but recently her eyes had changed completely, and she was now slightly nearsighted. Linda told Julie that she loved it, as she could now take her glasses off to read and even sometimes go without her glasses entirely when she didn’t have to see perfectly. She said that it was the first time in her life that she could go without glasses and still see pretty well.
Julie went about her business for the next three months. She was beginning to feel that her eyes might finally have stabilized, as she had not been able to go this long without feeling the need for a prescription increase. She mentioned this to Dennis on her next visit through town, and Dennis cautioned her not to be too optimistic. Sure enough, over the next few days, Julie noticed her vision getting worse and worse. She made an emergency appointment with the eye doctor, and when the usual exam was finished, the doctor told Julie that again she needed another –3D increase in her prescription.
“So, now it is definitely myodiscs for you young lady,” said the optician.
This time Julie ordered new frames along with the myodisc lenses, which were a high index, lined bifocals. Her prescription was now –21.25D, –1.75D x 135 for her right eye, and 21.00D, –2.00D x 180 for her left eye. Julie dropped by to see Dennis, and tell him that he had been correct about her prescription changes not being over yet. Since her schedule was off, she was unable to stay for dinner, and she had to leave for another town.
This time when Julie came back through town on her regular trip, her new glasses with the myodisc lenses were ready.
“Wow, they look really weird,” she said as she looked at herself in the mirror.
“Weird is OK, as long as you can see,” the optician replied.
And Julie could see fine with the myodiscs. Her vision had remained at 20/25, even with all the increases in the power of her lenses. She went off to see Dennis, and his first comment was that she now somewhat like his first wife, as that was the type of glasses that she wore. And then Dennis surprised Julie, as he handed her a pair of glasses.
“Try these on Julie. I went to the doctor and had these specially made for you from your newest prescription. These are for you to wear when you are sleeping, as I know how much you hate getting up in the night and bashing yourself on the furniture to get to the bathroom. They are made of a special flexible metal frame that won’t bend or break, with cable temples that will stay in place all night,” Dennis said
Julie tried them on. “Oh Dennis, these are wonderful, you are so sweet,” and she gave him a long passionate kiss.
That night Julie wore the new glasses to bed when she and Dennis made love. She fell asleep with them on, and when she woke the next morning, she was thrilled that she could see.
Unfortunately, over the next three months her latest prescription soon became too weak for her, and again she found herself sitting in the examination chair at the doctor’s office.
“I can’t explain it Julie. Your prescription is now quite strong, with –24.25D, –1.75D x 135 for your right eye, and –24.00D, –2.00D x 180 for your left eye. You have developed over 25 diopters of myopia in only 2 years. I am going to consult with some of my associates to see if they know of anything that might be causing this. I might have to send you to see a specialist,” the doctor told Julie.
Wearing a new free pair of –3D contact lenses under her glasses, Julie went out into the waiting room. She noticed a pretty young girl with long blond hair and wearing a fairly strong pair of glasses being shown into the other examination room by the doctor’s assistant. But what really shocked Julie was when she glanced at the lady sitting in the waiting room. If Julie had not known better it was almost like looking at a mirror image of her own self. The other lady was a petite brunette, with a very trim figure, and was wearing glasses that were in a similar frame to the one that Julie was wearing. And the lenses in her glasses were also myodiscs. Her facial features were very similar to Julie’s. Just then a thought flashed through Julie’s mind. The young blond girl looked like a picture that she had seen at Dennis’s apartment. This had to be Dennis’s ex-wife.
“You must be Laura,” Julie said.
“And you can only be Julie,” Laura replied.
The two women sat in the waiting room and had quite a long chat. While they were talking, the optician asked Julie about her new lenses, and Julie had told her to just have new lenses made for her existing frames. Laura was quite interested in hearing about Julie’s vision problems. She told Julie that when she had married Dennis, her eyes had been around –13D, which was about the same prescription that Rachel, their 9 year old daughter, had now. Then after they had been married about 3 years, her eyes started to deteriorate significantly over a period of about a year, and she ended up with a –25D prescription. It was only a year or so after her eyesight had deteriorated so much that she and Dennis had separated.
“I hadn’t thought of this before, but it is a really strange thing. All of the girls that Dennis has gone out with over the past few years have become very nearsighted. Becky, the last girl he dated now has a –18D prescription, and I don’t remember her wearing glasses at all before she went out with Dennis. And Sue, the girl Dennis went with before Becky, is somewhere around a –14D prescription,” Laura said.
“Sue is around –15.50D now,” the receptionist said. “Sue is the other girl I told Julie about having rapid onset adult myopia when Julie first came here. And, Carrie, one of the girls that works with Dennis has gone from being a –2D myope to wearing almost as strong a prescription as you two have. The only thing with Carrie is that she still wears her –2D glasses over her contact lenses because she is too vain to show her face in public wearing myodiscs, and since she can’t read with her full strength contacts in, she wears a lower power contact lens with invisible bifocals over them. Oh, and Linda, Dennis’s bosses wife is now a –7D myope, and she had +5D of hyperopia before.”
“I think that there is something strange going on here,” Laura said. I remember when I was still married to Dennis, before my eyes got this bad; we were visiting with Dennis’s sister and her husband. Monica had always been around a –6D myope, and Don, her husband had hated the fact that she wore such strong glasses. He was always bugging her to get contact lenses, or have surgery. That day, when we arrived, I noticed that Monica’s glasses were almost as strong as mine were now. Then when Don got home from work, I was shocked to see that he was wearing really thick, strong glasses too. I tried his glasses on, and they were stronger than mine. I asked Monica what had happened to her eyes, and she just said that she took the wrong pill, and didn’t explain any further.”
“I wonder if Dennis, with Monica’s help, might have figured out a way to make a person’s vision become very nearsighted,” Julie said.
Julie was going out with Dennis again that evening. She told him that she had met Rachel, and Laura, but she didn’t tell him that they suspected that Dennis might have had something to do with increasing the myopia to a high level for a number of women.
When Julie got back to her own apartment, she did some research on the Internet. She found that a muscle strengthening heart drug, which was not available to anyone unless they were hospitalized after a heart attack, and were in the care of a doctor, had as a listed side effect, the potential to cause severe myopia if taken by a person who didn’t have any damaged heart muscles. Apparently the drug was directed towards the weakest muscles in the body, and in the case of a perfectly healthy person, the muscles that it affected were the ciliary muscles around the eye. By tightening these eye muscles, the eyeball was lengthened, and myopia of a fairly high degree was created. The article went on to explain that this was discovered by a worker in the drug company lab, who had dropped an aspirin, and had picked it up from the floor, and taken it with a hot cup of coffee. That same day the employee discovered that the aspirin that she had dropped was still on the floor, and what she had taken was one of the new pills that had dropped to the floor unnoticed. The following morning when she woke up her myopia had jumped from –6D to over –12D, overnight.
Julie called Laura. “Where does Monica work – I mean where did she work when her myopia increased?”
“She works for a medical drug company, CDM, Inc. She has worked there for years,” Laura replied.
“I think I know what happened, and how our myopia has increased so rapidly,” Julie told her.
They agreed to meet the next time Julie was in town. Julie had printed out the article from the net to show Laura. Once Laura had read the article, she was positive that this drug that Monica had taken accidentally was the very drug that Dennis had gotten his hands on to make so many people very nearsighted. Laura and Julie decided to contact Becky, Sue, and Carrie, and inform them what Julie had discovered.
Julie stayed in town for another day, and the next evening, the five girls met at the restaurant at Julie’s motel. Carrie in particular was incensed that Dennis had been the cause for the severe increase in her myopia. Becky and Sue were also very upset, but they had accepted wearing thick glasses, so they were not as angry as Carrie. The five of them decided that the best way to pay Dennis back for what he had done to them would be for them to feed Dennis some of his own medicine. It appeared to them that each full pill caused around –6D of myopia, and if all 5 of them were able to give Dennis a pill he would likely end up with around –30D of myopia. They decided that the best approach would be for Julie to feed Dennis the first pill, and then she would stay away from him until after the others had given him their pills. That way he would not suspect that all five of them were ganging up on him.
On investigating further, it was discovered that the special pills were only available from a hospital pharmacy, and that they were only given one at a time to any patient who had suffered a heart attack. They were not available in any regular pharmacy, and the only way that the girls could obtain any would be directly from a hospital. Finally, after weeks of frustration, Laura decided that she would have to talk to her ex sister in law.
Laura met with Monica, and when she returned from her meeting she called Julie, and suggested that Julie come to town as soon as possible. Fortunately, Julie had a scheduled a stop at the furniture store within the next couple of days. When she arrived in town she called Laura, and they agreed to get together with the other three that evening.
“Monica admitted to me that she was the lab employee that had become severely nearsighted after accidentally taking a pill by mistake. She also admitted that she fed her husband 2 ˝ pills, in order to make him more nearsighted than she had become. And, she told me that she had gotten a whole bottle of these pills for her brother. She was a bit upset that he had used them to make so many girls severely nearsighted though. But she didn’t want to help us out until I threatened to tell her employer that she had stolen a bottle of pills, and they had fallen into some devious hands. I suggested that the five of us were going to sue her, and the company that she works for, so finally she agreed with us that our idea for payback was only fair. She has gotten me 5 more pills,” Laura told the group.
It was set up to have Julie meet with Dennis the following evening, and slip a pill into his coffee.
“Now be careful Julie. We don’t know how many more diopters of myopia Dennis wants to induce in you, so make sure that you don’t drink any of your coffee,” Laura said.
Julie had a great time with Dennis the following evening. She slipped the pill into his coffee, and watched him drink it. She let her own coffee get cold, and then she called the waiter to get her another cup, which she then drank, making sure that she kept her eyes on Dennis at all times. After dinner, and a movie they went back to her motel room, and Dennis spent the night. They had a great time.
Julie went on with her normal schedule, and she was not present to see the results of her action. Before Dennis even had a chance to have his eyes checked, Laura found a way to slip Dennis another pill, and when he did get to the eye doctor, he left with a –12D prescription. While he was stumbling around blindly, waiting for his glasses to come in, Carrie slipped another pill into his coffee at work, and when he picked up his new glasses, Dennis was already under corrected by –6D. The doctor couldn’t understand this, and re ordered new lenses for Dennis. By the time Dennis had his first pair of glasses that properly corrected his vision, he was wearing lenses with a –18D prescription. The doctor was very mystified.
As so often happens in a well thought out plan, when Becky and Dennis went out for coffee, Dennis accidentally spilled his coffee, so that the pill was wasted. But, Sue came along, and was able to slip Dennis the last of the five pills, and Dennis was now a –24D myope, just like Julie, Laura, and Carrie.
Julie had not seen any of this occur, and when she came to town, after deliberately missing her visit the previous month, she found Dennis wearing a pair of myodisc lensed glasses, similar in appearance to her own. She expressed amazement that his vision had deteriorated so rapidly, and the two of them went out for dinner again that evening. Dennis had not suspected Julie, or any of the other girls of having anything to do with his own impaired eyesight, so he was surprised when Julie revealed the reason behind his sudden development of severe myopia.
“I guess I deserve this,” Dennis replied. “I didn’t really want to hurt anyone. I just have an affinity for girls with severe myopia, that have to wear glasses with myodisc lenses.”
Dennis apologized to Julie, and Julie graciously accepted his apology. She secretly had been very much in love with Dennis from the beginning, and she had adjusted to the fact that she was going to be severely myopic for the rest of her life. She had taken to the wearing of her very strong, thick myodisc glasses well. With her glasses, her vision was not perfect but she could get along pretty well; she did have to have a second pair for reading or she had to use a magnifying lens. Dennis was in the same boat.
Julie and Dennis continued to date, and enjoyed going to bed, making love together with their glasses on. Eventually Dennis asked Julie to marry him, and she accepted. They looked like they were made for each other, each having to wear very strong glasses with the unusual looking myodisc lenses. At the wedding, many people wondered if their children would be born with high myopia.
Specs4ever, with thanks to Aliena for her competent editing.
Mar. 2002

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