Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Glasses Couple, Part 1, Tell me the truth

by Bobby

The sun was up in the sky shining brightly. I was with my girlfriend Barbara at the Sun Lake. It was nice to lie on the grass sunbathing. I almost fell asleep when Barbara spoke up.
"Bobby, how long has it been since you visited your ophthalmologist?"
I woke up from my lethargy.

"Pardon, honey?"
"I am just asking, how long it has been since you had your eyes tested." she repeated.
I was not able to remember. A year, or two, I really did not know. It must have been a long time, probably two years or more.
"Why are you asking me?"
Barbara gently touched an outer edge of my lenses with her finger, caressing the ground surface of the plastic material.
"You should go there to have your eyes tested and to get a receipt for new pair of glasses." she said softly. "Your health insurance company will pay a part of the expenses for the new glasses."
"Do you want me to buy new glasses? I know these are rather old-fashioned." I said.
I turned to her and looked at her beautiful face. She had her prescription sunglasses on, brown wire frames fitted with very dark lenses hiding the circles of her myodiscs. I could see my face mirroring on their flat front surfaces. I had my wired frames with -11 dptr plastic lenses. I preferred wearing these glasses anytime I had a date with Barbara. They were rather strong for me, because my regular prescription was only 10 dptr. But except for small prints I could see well through them.
We haven't spoken about our glasses yet. I was happy about her wearing strong specs and I did not want to reveal my fetishistic secrets, because I did not know, what her reaction would be.
"I'd like to help you choose some nice frames, darling."
"You think my lenses are too thick, don't you? I know that, but I prefer the plastic lenses as they are not too heavy."
"I don't think they are too thick." She touched the edge again. "The lenses suit you, I prefer your face with glasses to you being bare eyed. It wouldn't be your face. I only think you could have a new frame, and maybe ... maybe" she paused for a moment, smiled and continued, "you might need more diopters after those two years."
A warm feeling started spreading through my body. I liked the discussion topic. I was glad she started to speak about glasses by herself. I swallowed and took a breath.
"Well, I am not sure, I think, these are quite good for me, but if you want I will go to the doctor's to see, whether I can get a new prescription."
"Please, go, Bobby, I will have a new prescription as well. We could buy new glasses at the same time, possibly similar frames."
 "It could be interesting. Do you think you will be prescribed more diopters?" I asked.
"Yes, I am prescribed about a half of a diopter anytime I visit my doc."
"What frames do you want to buy this time?"  I asked.
"Any frames you will like on me, Bobby. I think I will buy plastic lenses as well, if you do not mind."
"Plastic lenses? They would be even thicker than mine. I am sure you have more diopters than I do. By the way how many diopters do you have?"
I felt much comfortable to speak about our glasses with her, because I was sure it was not too embarrassing for her. I have never asked her about her prescription, but I thought she had pretty strong prescription. I loved her glasses, both the dark myodiscs and her normal plastic frame glasses with hi-index lenses.
"I have minus 12 diopters for both eyes. These are about one year old; I had bought them just one week before we met for the first time. I'd like to have plastic lenses like you." She paused again, "Would you mind me wearing thicker lenses instead of those I have in the other frame?" She smiled revealing slight embarrassment.
I was not able to answer immediately. Was it really possible? It seemed to me that she would not mind wearing the type of lenses most women try to avoid. She might like it. Gee! I was very surprised.
"No, I would not. Certainly, I wouldn't. It could be nice if we had the same type of lenses."
I smiled again to relieve the situation. I waited for a short while and then I asked:
"Barbara, tell me the truth. Do you like thick lenses?"
I had to wait for her answer. She was lying beside me playing with the box of cigarettes. She opened it, pulled out one cigarette, and then shoved it back again, looked at me then at the box again. The meadow and the forest was unusually still, only a skylark was singing somewhere high up in the sky.
"Yes" she said quietly, "you may not understand that, but ... but I like the way wear your glasses, I like the frames, the lenses. I don't mind the thickness, I like the edges, it suits you very much, it makes you ...," she took a breath, "It makes you special."
She looked at my eyes waiting for a while. "Can you understand that?"
I did not know what to say. I was really surprised. I loved her, because she was a beautiful sensitive person; I loved her because she was a pretty woman; I loved her dark brown long hair; I loved her nice big breasts; I loved her wonderful hands with long fingers; and I loved her strong glasses too. I have always liked girls with glasses especially those with thick lenses. Barbara attracted me since the very first moment I saw her. Her glasses were really strong. I did not tell her about my fascination. I thought she would not understand. I was afraid it could spoil our relationship. Now she was trying to tell me what I was afraid of telling her. I had to tell the truth too.
"I like glasses too, I can understand that, maybe more than you would ever expect."
"Oh really?" she blushed again, "are you really into glasses?"
"Yes, I am."
We were quiet for a moment before I decided to ask more.
"Barbara, tell me, how strong glasses would you like me to wear?"
"I don't know. I am satisfied with your glasses. I mean ... I know ... you may be given a little stronger lenses, but there is ... well, you won't be given much stronger for sure."
"And you?"
"Yes, would you like to wear stronger glasses?"
"I need stronger glasses. I cannot see well. I know I need new ones."
"Yes, but if I told you I would be happy if we wore strong glasses, how strong glasses or how thick lenses would you like us to wear?"
She smiled, closed her eyes hidden behind her dark lenses and said:
"Strong. But ... one cannot see though glasses much stronger than the real prescription is. It causes headaches."
"I know, I tried to wear stronger than I needed."
"Did you?" She said more lively. "Stronger? How many diopters did you have above your normal prescription?"
"Well, about ... I think, two diopters stronger than I needed." I hesitated to tell her the truth.
"Well, too much. I had a headache."
"I tried it too. It did not work."
I took a deep breath. This was really unbelievable. It became clear she had the glasses fetish. I wanted to know more. I had to know more.
"Barbara, just imagine, if it was possible for us to see though any lenses, how strong glasses would you choose for us?"
"Oh, why are you asking?"
"Because I know now you probably like glasses as much as I do, and I like strong glasses, I have a lot of information about lenses and so on. You like me wearing glasses and I like you wearing glasses. Don't worry, tell me about you dreams and I will tell you about my dreams, ok?"
I could hardly believe we were about to start speaking quite openly.
"How strong?" She closed her eyes again. "Very strong, very thick, thicker than you have. You are right I like it. I enjoy wearing my glasses. But I am able to get just the half of a diopter a year. You know ... erm ...I have never spoken with anybody about this matter... erm ... I thought I was the only person who liked strong glasses in the world. Tell me you are not pulling my leg."
"I am not" I answered. "I love glasses. I love you because you are a beautiful woman, but I also love you because you have your glasses."
"Oh my!" She opened her eyes and kissed me. I kissed her. We embraced kissing. I could feel her hot cheeks. It was an unforgettable moment. My bespectacled girl friend was into glasses. Just like me. Unbelievable! I was happy.
"Barbara, can you imagine us wearing glasses with -20 diopters?"
"Minus twenty?" she repeated, "They must be awfully thick!"
"Well, about 2 centimeters, it depends on the size of frames."
"How do you know that?"
"I have glasses with -20s."
"What? You have glasses with MINUS TWENTY diopters? How did you get them?" her voice suddenly raised.
"I bought them. I bought the frames and had the lenses fitted."
"How did you manage to persuade an optician to do that for you?" Barbara looked fascinated and amazed. I decided not to tell her everything just now, so I made it short.
"I managed. Would you like to see them?"
"Oh yes! You are crazy! Minus twenty diopters!
"I can hardly believe my ears. You are probably more crazy than I am! You must show them to me sometime." She was really amazed.
In that very moment I decided to make a big step. Fate brought me this chance. I could not stop now.
I stood up. "I have to ... well, wait for a moment, please."
"Oh, where do you want to go now? Come back quickly, Bobby, this is incredible. You must tell me more about the glasses."
I was walking across the meadow away from the lake towards my car thinking about the topic were speaking about. I had a new bottle of water in my car. I hoped it would be enough to wash my fingers, because I was determined not only to show my strongest glasses to Barbara, but also to show her me wearing them and being able to see through them well.
Several months ago, when I bought the glasses I purchased contact lenses too. The contact lenses had plus 8 diopters making me possible to see though the thick lenses in the frames. I quickly opened the car, washed my fingers carefully with the water from the bottle to avoid bringing any infection into my eyes, and opened the container with contact lenses.
My hands were shaking. I had to sit for a while breathing deeply. Eventually, I managed to calm down. I put the contacts in my eyes. It had never taken so many tries, as my hands were still rather awkward. When those small pieces of silicon were in, I kept sitting trying to suppress my fuss.
Then I put my strong glasses on. The total blur sharpened. My hands suddenly stopped shaking. I felt happy and excited, I wondered what Barbara would say. As I was coming back to the lake I saw her lying there. She exposed her back to the sunshine.
As soon as I sat down beside her again, she spoke up. Her eyes were still closed. She could not see me.
"When are you going to show me the glasses? I would like to see them, because I have never seen so strong glasses."
"Now." I was not shaking at all. She opened her eyes and raised her sight to see me.
She opened her mouth as if she wanted to take a really deep breath.
"Oh, wow! What's that?" She sat, took my face into her hands looking at me without realizing I could see her perfectly. She remained speechless. I knew she would be surprised, but she seemed not being able to say a single word for a while.
Then she pulled the glasses off my face. My world turned into one big milky blur. When you put in contact lenses that shift you into minus twenty range, you are as blind as a bat. No chance to see farther than about 5 centimeters. I knew she was inspecting the glasses. We were silent.
Then she said"
"Oh, it is completely distorted and blurred. But they are so nice."
Then I could hear the temples click. She was probably handing them back to me, but as I have said, I could not see anything. The final stage was about to come.
"Barbara, will you put the glasses on my face, please?"
"Oh, yeah, sorry." She was slowly setting the temples behind my ears.
The world came back with its shapes and colors. I looked at my girlfriend. Her her lips parted, her small eyes were looking through her dark lenses at me.
"I love you, Bobby." I took her hand, stood up and asked her to go with me to the car to bring something to eat. I was sure she still did not know I could see well and I did not need any assistance to find the car. She put her hand around my waist. We were walking slowly towards the car.
"You were in the car, weren't you? You could have brought the food. But it doesn't matter, I enjoy going with you like this."
 "Like what?"
"Well, I like leading you by the arm. You cannot see anything now. I have to lead you, it's nice." I kissed her.
When we get to the car I took the keys out of my pocket without saying a single word. I was about to do things I could not do if I could not see. I knew she would be surprised again. I unlocked the rear, took the bags with vegetables, bread and bottles of coke, passed the stuff to Barbara, closed the rear, opened the door, and took a new package of cigarettes lying on the dashboard. Then I locked the door and took the bread and one bag from the hands of Barbara, who was standing there totally amazed. I walked back to the lake.
After I had made several steps, I noticed she was not following me. I turned back, pushed my strong glasses up my nose and looked at her. She was standing at the car, riveted to the ground.
"Barbara, come on. Let's go back, I am hungry."
She moved towards me. "You can see!" she shouted. "You bastard! You can see!"
I turned back and kept on walking. She caught me. She was beating my left shoulder.
"You, you ... you are horrible. What is this? How is it possible? How can you see through the glasses?"
I started laughing. "Stop, please, stop beating me! Calm down! I ran back to our place at the lake and she followed me.
When she got there, I made her sit down.
"Look into my eyes, darling."
I took my glasses off.
"Can you see that? Come closer. Come and see."
I leaned towards the blurred dark spot I thought Barbara was. I could smell her skin cream. She moved my head to the left.
 "You seem to have contact lenses."
"Yes, I have. I have plus eight diopters in contacts, my eyes make ten diopters, and this combination makes me possible to wear these glasses with these minus twenty diopter lenses."
I put them back on my nose to see her uncomprehending expression. She could not understand, but she knew that I told the truth. It was necessary to explain the whole problem in details. I told her about the characteristics of the lens in the eye, contact lenses, glasses and so on. It was like a short lesson in optics. She kept nodding. The topic really interested her.
"How did you find out all this information?" she urged.
I did not want to stick into a long description of Internet stuff, so I just said:
"When we have more time I will show you a little miracle of the end of this century, honey, the Internet. There is the site where I found the information about glasses over contacts."
"Oh, that's why you speak about Internet so often. I thought you were a computer and Internet addict. But you always spoke only about the Hubble telescope and National Geographic Society and sites on foreign languages. You never told me there were information sites about glasses on Internet."
"Barbara, we have never spoken about glasses. This is the first time. It was a shock for me. I want to tell you I am grateful you started the discussion. I thought you would not have understood me if I had told you about my feelings about glasses. Now I can ask you straight out if you want glasses over contacts."
"Yes! Do you want to wear glasses as thick as these anytime you feel like wearing them? Do you want to wear stronger glasses than you really need without having a headache? Do you want to wear any combination you can pay for?"
I knew what she would answer; I was not waiting. I opened the bags with food as it was the right time to have something to eat.
 to be continued


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