Monday, December 30, 2013

A Myopically Induced Tale

by Specs4ever

"Tomorrow I am going to do it." Tracey muttered under her breath. " I am going to put my glasses on first thing in the morning, and wear them all day. I don’t care what anyone says."

Tracey, wearing her glasses, limped down the stairs from her bedroom in her grandmother’s small 2-storey house. Her grandmother was waiting at the dinner table for Tracey to get there before she dished up supper.

"Well, I made it down the stairs again Gran. I sure will be glad when the cast is off this darned ankle." Tracey said.
"So will Lady." Her grandmother replied, and with the mention of her name a tail started thumping rapidly on the floor. "Oh, I see you are wearing your new glasses dear. They look very nice on you."

That had been the first hurdle, wearing her glasses at home with Gran. But since the day that she broke her ankle a month ago, Tracey had been appearing more and more often around the house with her glasses on. Why, even a couple of weekends ago she had been up in the loft of the garage doing some housecleaning, and her friend Ryan, who she hadn’t seen for ages had dropped by, and caught her wearing her new glasses. Tracey had been mortified, as she had developed a real crush on Ryan, who had been her best friend since she was 12 years old. Ryan had been interested in Tracey a few years back, but Tracey was already romantically attached. Now Tracey would have loved it if Ryan showed a romantic spark towards her, but alas, Ryan was living with Trish, and they seemed very happy together. But, Ryan hadn’t said a thing about seeing Tracey wearing glasses for the first time. Tracey had wished for some sort of statement, but not a word was forthcoming.

After supper was finished her grandmother took Lady for her evening walk, and Tracey cleaned up the kitchen. Lady, who had been the cause of the broken ankle on a mountain path a few weeks past didn’t really care who walked her each evening, but Tracey missed her time with her dog.

Tracey focused on the numbers on the calendar on the far wall. "Good, everything is becoming more distinct the longer I wear them. He was right again."

You might have surmised that "he" was Tracey’s optician. However, in this case you would have been wrong. He was an internet friend of Tracey’s, who had suggested to Tracey that she should order glasses with a prescription –2D stronger than Tracey really needed. Tracey had expressed a desire to wear glasses that were stronger then the puny –1D glasses that she really wore. It was strange. Tracey had always wanted to wear glasses, and when she finally did have to wear glasses in real life she had hated the looks of them. Even with her –2.50D of astigmatism, the lenses looked weak, way too weak.

Now the glasses that she was wearing were a more reasonable –3D, with her –2.50D of cylinder. And, just the other day Tracey had gotten the second pair of glasses that she had ordered from the internet supplier that made her first pair. Now, these glasses were exactly the ones that Tracey really wanted to have to wear. She loved them. She had caressed the lenses with a soft tissue, feeling the deep curvature, and the plano front base. It had been a bit of a disappointment when she slid them slowly up her nose, and the world disappeared into a soft blur, but she had expected that. Heck the lenses in the new glasses were –9.50D stronger than her real prescription. But, Tracey loved the looks of the –10.50D glasses with the –2.50D of cylinder. Now if she only could wear them.

Dave, her internet friend had suggested that Tracey start with –2D stronger first, then increase the –2D by another –2D after about 6 months of full time wear. It had been almost 6 months since Tracey had ordered the initial glasses, and despite repeated urgings from her friend, Tracey had not been able to go through with a full day of wear yet. But, Tracey was determined. Tomorrow was going to be the first day, the first one of many, maybe even the rest of her life wearing glasses.

The alarm clock went off, and Tracey reached out to the bedside table for her glasses. She slid them on, pushing them tight against her nose. Everything was so clear. How could these glasses be too strong for her? Tracey dressed, and hobbled downstairs. She made her lunch, and ate a quick breakfast. Then it was out to the old pickup that she had purchased a few years ago, and off to work. This was going to be the hard part, facing everyone in the office.
By quitting time Tracey was pleasantly surprised. She had received a few comments about her glasses. To the ones that seemed surprised that she wore glasses, she told them that her contacts were causing her problems. But, most of her co-workers told her that she looked great wearing glasses. So the biggest hurdle was over. Tracey was disgusted with herself that she hadn’t done this months ago. If she had, by now she would have been ready for the second step.

At home that evening Tracey went online and ordered herself the stage 2 glasses. Now, when she got them they would be –5D with –2.50D of astigmatism correction. Tracey knew that it would take about 2 weeks for the new glasses to arrive, and she felt confident that she would be able to adapt to them almost immediately. Right now her vision seemed perfect, and she had no headaches, or any soreness, like Dave had told her might happen. She had wasted 6 months of her precious time, and this delay, at her age, might just mean the difference between only making it to –7, or being able to attain her real goal of the –10.50’s.

Dave had laughed at Tracey, when Tracey had confessed to ordering the –10.50D glasses. He had told her in no uncertain terms that unless she was willing to go around in glasses for all her waking hours, she would never reach her goal. But, Tracey was determined to show him. Even though she was almost 27, and her eyes theoretically wouldn’t change anymore Tracey was determined to try. Since she ordered, and received the –10.50D glasses she had become more focused on her goal. And, Tracey had read a number of different postings on the internet that indicated that some people had their prescription continue to change until they were well into their 30’s

The 2 weeks flew by, and one day when Tracey came home from work there was a familiar cardboard box in the mail. Tracey had ordered exactly the same frame, and lenses, just in a stronger prescription. She went to her room, and opened the box. Sliding the glasses carefully from their case Tracey could see that the lenses looked a little stronger, but Tracey was sure that Dave was right. No one would notice a thing.

Tracey put the new glasses on. Yes, they were definitely stronger. This would take a bit of getting used to. Tracey wore them downstairs for dinner, and Gran didn’t notice a thing. After supper, Tracey, who was now cast free and walking with the aid of a cane, took Lady for her evening walk around the block. By the time the walk was over Tracey felt very comfortable wearing her new, stronger glasses.

The following day at work no one noticed a thing. Tracey was disappointed in one way, but she was also thankful that she didn’t have to explain anything. Over the following month Tracey gradually began to feel that she had adapted perfectly to her new prescription. She would have loved to order another pair of new glasses, but she was hesitant to do it on the internet from the same website, because the frames that she had gotten for her first 2 pairs of glasses were no longer available, and Tracey didn't want to change her appearance.

You aren’t going to believe this, but not only did I start wearing my glasses that were –2D stronger than my real prescription full time, I ordered a second pair that was –4D stronger, and I have now been wearing them full time for just over a month. I feel that my eyes have adjusted perfectly to them, and I would love to get an even stronger lens. But, I am unable to obtain the same frame, so in order for me to follow your advice to keep the same frame style, I find that I can only do this by getting new lenses in my original frames. Have you any suggestions?

Hi Tracey:
Wow, from not wearing glasses to full time, and a –4D increase in only 2 months. You are definitely doing what you wanted to do. I am sending you a blank prescription form
as an attachment, and you can print it out. You can tell the optical store that you just moved into the area, and you need new lenses for your glasses, as the form will be from a phony doctor from another state. But really, to go from a –5D prescription to a –7D you should take your –5D glasses in to have the lenses changed. They might get a bit suspicious if you go from –3 to –7. Let me know what happens.

Tracey filled out the form that she printed out. She was surprised that it looked so much like a real one. Like Dave had suggested she went to the optician at the one hour optical store, handed her the new prescription, and took off her glasses to have the new stronger lenses put in to the frames. Tracey was a bit shocked, as the new lenses cost her more than both pairs of glasses had cost her over the internet. When the optician came back after almost an hour with Tracey’s new lenses in her old frames, Tracey put them on. Things were a bit more of a blur than Tracey had expected, but she told the optician that everything was so wonderfully clear. She did make sure that she got her –5D lenses back from the optician though. Tracey wandered around the mall wearing her new lenses for a while, and she was pleased that the blur slowly started to go away. So, feeling that it was safe for her to drive home, she went to her truck, and drove home feeling quite confident that these lenses would only take a bit more getting used to.

Gran looked at her as Tracey came in the door. " Did you get new glasses dear?"
"No Gran, just new lenses. How did you notice that?" Tracey asked.
"They look to be quite a bit stronger than your other ones dear." Gran told her.
Tracey was worried. Sure, she had easily gotten past Gran, but if Gran had noticed, then so would everyone else. But, she couldn't go back to her other glasses now, because Gran would notice, and might get suspicious. It might take a while, but she was just going to have to tough it out.

When Tracey got up to her room she put the –5D lenses back into her other frames. Putting the –5D glasses on, Tracey could again see clearly, and she examined the new –7D lenses. They were thick, and they had a flat front. No wonder Gran noticed. What was going on here? Tracey then dug out her –10.50D glasses. The lenses in them were almost thinner than her new –7D lenses.

Help, I just got my new –7D lenses, and they are really thick. They are way thicker than my old –5D ones, and they are as thick as my –10.50 glasses, and have the same flat front. What went wrong, and is there anything I can do?

Hi Tracey:
I should have thought of this. Your other glasses were all made in China. The center thickness there is way thinner than is allowed in the US, so of course the edge thickness is less. If you can bring yourself to do it I would suggest that you bite the bullet and try to wear them. That way you will be able to step up to the ones you really want faster. Once people get over seeing you wearing these lenses, then you can either go up another –1.5D, or you might be able to go directly to the –10.50D glasses with no one noticing.


I supposed he was right. I did like the look of the thicker lenses. After all this was the appearance I was wanting right from the start.

The next day at work I had to field a few comments. But, by the end of the day everyone accepted my new thick-lensed appearance. I had been doing a lot of close work all day, and it was a real struggle. I sure hoped that the next day would find my eyes adapting a bit better. I had really pushed it, to go from –1D to –7D in only a couple of months.
That night I lay in my bed with my glasses on reading a book. I was determined that I would adapt.

The next few days were a challenge, but by the end of the week I was thinking that it was going to be all right. Dave had suggested that I might have wanted to get bifocal lenses, to make it easier to read, and do close work. But, I was doing Ok. I hadn’t made any mistakes in any of the forms I had filled out, and that was a tough task even with my old glasses.

Friday was my day for the front office counter. I heard the door to the office open, and I glanced up as the customer walked up to the counter. And, there he was. I stared at Ryan through my thick lenses, and I almost wished I were dead. I wanted to see Ryan in the worst way, but I sure didn't want him seeing me wearing glasses this thick and strong.

And, I couldn't take them off. I had worn them constantly for almost a week now. I know that with my old glasses I had been uncomfortable taking them off, and I was sure I would not be able to see a thing if I took these ones off. So I was going to have to stumble through as best I could.

I looked through my thick lenses into Ryan’s eyes and said, "Hi Ryan, what do you need in the form of insurance today?"
"Hi Tracey. I have moved to a new apartment, and I need contents insurance." Ryan said.
I got out the forms. 
"Who all is to be named insured on the policy Ryan?" I asked.
"Just me, Tracey. I am living by myself these days. Hey, like your glasses. They look a little stronger than your other ones though."
I felt like crawling through the floor. But at least he had noticed me. And, I thought he said he liked my glasses. We filled out the forms, and Ryan gave me a check for his premium.
"Thanks Tracey." Ryan said, as he turned to leave. 
Then he turned around and faced me. "Do you want to go to dinner and a movie with me tonight, or do you have plans?"
It is not good policy to let them know that you have nothing to do, but to heck with policy. 
"I’d love to Ryan. I could be ready by 7."
"I’ll pick you up then Tracey." Ryan said, and this time he went out the door, taking my heart with him.

I was in heaven the rest of the afternoon. I didn't even notice that my glasses were a bit strong for anything any more. I was in love, and I had a guy who actually liked me wearing these strong glasses. How much better could it get?

For the next 6 months Ryan and I were together constantly. I was still living with Gran, as that was the main reason I was here, to keep her company, and to keep her safe. We both knew that if I married, and left her alone in her house, she would have to go to an assisted care facility. Ryan and I talked about marriage, and Gran, and finally Ryan decided that if it was all right with Gran, we would all live in her home as long as she was well enough to do so.

It had now been 9 months since I had gotten the –7D lenses. During this time, I had worn them constantly, except for the few times I managed to go out wearing the –10.50D glasses. I was pleased with my adaptability to the –10.50D glasses, and on the day that Ryan asked me to marry him, I had decided I would wear them constantly. So, that evening, when Ryan looked into my eyes, and asked me to marry him, he was looking through my gorgeous –10.50D lenses.

Hi Dave:
Well, I have done it. In less than a year I have gone from wearing –1D, all the way up to the –10.50D glasses. And they feel really good. I started to wear them full time today. And, Ryan chose tonight to ask me to marry him. So, everything is wonderful, and thanks for all your help and support.

Specs4ever, written for Quizgrl, August 2004

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