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Stories about Deborah 2

Deborah 2 by Andy

(Deborah 1 is here)

posted 30 December 1999 09:12

Here is another fiction on how the pictures of Deborah might have taken their way to Bobbie's galleries.
Well here is another fictive story about Deborah.

Debby looked at her picture in the mirror. She was not pleased at all what she saw. She was sad with her look. Her hair was long, maybe a little bit too long and she didnt like the ash blonde colour. She felt that something had to be done about her looks. But it was not only her hairs that she didnt like. It were these awful heavy lensed glasses that were so prominent on her nose. She felt very uncomfortable about them. She was completely blind without her glasses. With bitterness she remembered various unpleasant occasions when she had lost them in the past. She pushed them up her nose because they still kept on sliding down her nose. She had to see the optician to get them adjusted. 
Oh how she hated those glasses. She had a nice body she knew, but nature, seems to have punished her for the beautiful body she had got, with high myopia. The deterioration of her eyesight had come to a rest only a few years ago and was stable now at a -28D in both eyes. Unfortunately her eyes didnt tolerate contacts and so she was dependant on these thick glasses. The lenses came out almost 15 mm at the edges of the wire rims, so that she was unable to fold the arms of her glasses properly. This was not so important, because she rarely ever took her glasses off. Sometimes she even slept with her glasses on. Another obsession she had was to keep her glasses clean. She wiped them at least 20 times a day. She liked those moments when she took off her glasses to clean them. She couldnt see a thing. 

Squinting hard and holding her glasses close to her eyes she could barely make out the shape of her frames, but she knew, that this ritual would give her a clear vision again. Still the thickness of her lenses bothered her quite a lot. She knew from her optician that there was a special lens cut, called myodiscs that would notably reduce the thickness of her lenses.

But the lenses were very expensive and she could not spend that much money at the moment. So her eyes had to stay behind these thick glasses for the moment. She finished dressing and decided to wear her long skirt because she hated the comments of Tom, a Hungarian guy, commenting on her legs and the thick glasses. Tom was so mean! She suspected him being responsible for the loss of one pair of her glasses. But this is another story. Arriving at work she sat down behind her desk, hooked the headset phone combo to her left ear, switched the phones from offline to online and was ready for the day. Somebody had left a paper on her desk. An announcement circled with a red pencil, saying that a photo studio was looking for female models wearing glasses with strong prescriptions. She looked at the phone number given and realised that it must be quite near. She set the paper to the side, thinking who could have left this paper on her desk. She would consider this announcement later during her usual breakfast brake. The phones started ringing and she was caught in her job. Time went by fast and she realised only when she had switched back the phones to the computers that it was time for her recess at noon. Only then her nearsighted eyes caught the paper she had found early this morning on her desk. She grabbed the paper and left her office. She met with Judy from upstairs, who was also wearing glasses, but way not so strong than hers. Judy was new to the company and still looking for friends in her new job. They went together to a small cafeteria nearby and ordered a snack, mineral water and some coffee. Debby showed Judy the announcement in the paper and asked her about her opinion. Judy was enthusiastic and convinced Debby to call at the number given. Maybe she could get the extra money; she needed for her new myodiscs, after all.

Debby went to the phone both and noticed the usual: “the pretty girl if she only didn’t have to wear those awfully thick glasses glances of the guys in the cafeteria. She ignored them and continued her way. She called the number and a deep voice answered the phone. Bobby, the photographer explained her that the pictures to be taken would serve for the local Lenscrafters store and that they would need the pictures taken to show the cosmetic effects of various prescriptions. It was also planned to take pictures for an article about makeup and glasses. The guy on the phone also asked about her prescription and was quite enthusiastic that they would work together when she told him her prescription. They fixed an appointment for the coming week. Debby was happy about the result of her call and went back to Judy, who was already enjoying her sandwich. She told her all she had heard from Bobby and decided that they would go together to the appointment at the studio.

After all Debby was still very anxious how all things would end up. Finally the day for the photographs had come and in the afternoon, still at work the time seemed to stretch endless. Finally it was time and she left work. Judy was already waiting for her in the lobby. They were on their way to the studio which was only a 15 minute walk from where they worked. Debby was still a little hesitant but as Judy was with her she felt just a little bit more secure about her decision. They arrived at the studio and were just pleased to see that it was a big photo studio in deed. The entered and asked for Bobby. Bobby came to greet Debby and was surprised to see Judy. Debby confessed that she was a little bit scared to come along alone and that she had brought her friend just for support. Bobby led them to a small portrait studio in the compound. Her they were in a more cosy atmosphere he explained. Debby and Judy suddenly felt more comfortable. They sat down and Bobby explained what kind of pictures he was going to take. He suggested Debby to have her hair fixed in a different way. Bobby called the studios stylist who agreed to take care about Debbies hair right away. Things sometimes go so fast Debby thought and as it wouldnt cost her a dime she agreed. She was led to another room with a big mirror and a big board underneath bearing all utensils for makeup and styling. By now she was convinced that she had made a lucky decision to call at that announcement in the paper. 

She sat down in the chair on front of the mirror. The stylist explained to her what he planned to do with her hair. She agreed that she would shorten Debbies hair notably and that she would tint her just a little bit to get more volume into it. Finally she would apply a fancy carnevalesque makeup to distract a little bit from her strong glasses. Debby agreed, after all what could she lose? She panicked a little when the stylist took her the glasses off. Sorry she said, excusing herself, I forgot to ask you. Poor girl you surely cant see a thing without these glasses she said. Oh yes said Debby Im quite helpless without my glasses. Bobby will take care of them while we are working on your styling. He will let adjust them for you at Lenscrafters, they are next door. 

Debby felt uncomfortable without her glasses. She knew that Judy was still there and that gave her some sense of security. She relaxed, closed her eyes that were unable to see properly without glasses and waited for the things that were going to happen. After an hour or so the stylist had finished. I go to get your glasses she said and left Debby together with Judy alone in the cabinet. How do I look Debby asked Judy because she could not even make out the shape of her face in the mirror without her glasses on. Judy said that she looked great an offered her glasses to Debby. But Debby refused because she knew that Judies glasses were not strong enough with a power of only a -12D. Bobby came back excusing himself for the delay. He handed Debbies glasses over explaining that he got them renovated for her. She put them on and was surprised how clear she could see. She moved closer to the mirror and realised that the lenses werent so thick anymore. I got you myodiscs in new frames. This is part of your pay he said handing her the old glasses in a case. Debby was just speechless. The next two hours went by very fast and they had finished several rolls of film with her posing in her old and new frames. The result can be seen on Bobby’s pages in the internet.

The End

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