Thursday, January 09, 2014

New Glasses

by Iruckus1

I remember when my wife, a full time contact lens wearer, got her new glasses. We had been married for about three years and I’d seen her in glasses only for infrequent late night TV viewing or while she was experiencing her occasional eye infections (how she managed to get to and from the bathroom everyday was beyond me). I practically lived for those rare moments. I’d even miss work to be home with her if she was unable to go out because of it. Though a bit hesitant at first, she’d leave her glasses on when we’d make love (which was as frequent as humanly possible). Her eyesight was pretty bad and she would often bring up the subject of laser surgery. Maybe because she was so attractive she hated the fact that she was physically imperfect. She hated most of all the glasses…the outward manifestation of her imperfection. The lenses were quite thick. They did indeed alter her look. Though severe, I found it very pleasing.

This current eye infection was pretty intense and her discomfort was intolerable. She realized that her old glasses prescription was finally too weak for her to function properly (drive and such) and slipping her contacts in just to move about was too painful. It was time for new glasses. We drove to her Eye Doctor, where she was given a new prescription, and then to just about everywhere in town shopping for an acceptable pair. She made a selection and finally the day to pick up her prescription arrived. For her the dreaded moment had come…but for me…I was approaching Nirvana. There in the tray were her new glasses. Those were the frames all right but the lenses far surpassed what I could have ever imagined and hoped for. My first thought was that the small frames were way too delicate to handle the apparent lens weight and thickness. But when they were placed on her nose and over her ears I truly wondered how she could see anything through them. As she viewed herself in the mirror I saw the disbelief come over her. She immediately snatched them off and threw them into her purse. Replacing them with her old glasses she fled the store. I caught up with her at the car.

It was a silent trip home. As soon as we arrived she was out of the car through the house and into the bathroom. I knocked and went in. She had put her new glasses back on and was looking at herself. I stood behind her with my hands on her shoulders starring into the mirror. She moved her head slightly from side to side. The effect was awesome. I couldn’t tell for sure but I think she had started to cry. “It’s okay.” Though overwhelmed with excitement I began to believe her greatest fear that she may go blind like her Grandfather. I wondered, too, how others might respond if she were to ever be seen wearing them in public. Would they be starring as intensely at her too? I crossed one arm over her breasts and pulled her back tightly into my chest. “It’s all right.” I gazed through her right lens while I kissed below her ear unable to comprehend any kind of distorted image in front her. Now she was crying. I crossed my other arm over and laid my open hand across her moist cheek. “Oh, Honey.” I kissed her other salty wet cheek slowly and deeply. She took my hand from her face and drew it down across her stomach and I slipped it under her panties. For a long time I just held her as she controlled the motion of my other arm and hand. She rolled her head back around turning her body to meet mine…the bridge of my nose and brow jarring against her glasses as she turned to face me. It was dizzying for me to look into her eyes…”My lovely Jeweled Queen”. I slipped my index fingers under her rims and wiped her tears…the two heavy diamond like crystals flashing wildly in the light. We kissed deeply and she guided me into her moist wanting body. I slid my hands onto her cheeks and caressed her tenderly then ran my fingers up into the hair at her temples all the while barely able to view this distant event through her extraordinary lenses. “Oh, Love.” We approached that moment of ecstasy… then coming together… those tiny eyes slowly closing…so distant behind the thick clear masses … there with her at that far away spot on the other side…

Iruckus1 April 2001

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