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Allison & Rick - SuperHyperopicSuperheroes

by Specfiend 

(originally posted to Eye Scene 03 July 2001)
This is the next part of the story, began in "The Terrifying Test". Allison and Rick, now together and heavily bespectacled, are now working together to make the world a happier place for hyperopes - by creating as many hyperopes as they possibly can!

Jessica gets her just deserts

One miserable Friday morning, a girl was sitting in the university library with her boyfriend. In one of the small private study rooms, they'd been studying since nine, but now it was time for him to go to a lecture. He kissed her goodbye and hurried away, running late as usual.
She turned her attention back to the novel in front of her, part of her reading for her English Literature course. "God, these books make their print smaller and smaller," she said softly. Sighing in resignition, she reached into her bag, rummaged about and found what she was looking for. She slipped the tortoiseshell readers on her nose and sighed, this time in relief. She'd bypassed the local chemist on her way to uni that day, on a surreptitious mission to obtain a pair of specs without being seen by anyone she knew. She'd succeeded, and she knew she'd be safe wearing them here, in a private room where no one she knew was likely to come in.
However, the glasses only helped for a moment or two before things went blurry and hard-to-read again. They were +2 - maybe she needed to go stronger. But she was never even going to be seen in these ones, so there was no chance she would ever wear stronger lenses. On top of this, her boyfriend Bobby had a very strong geek aversion and symptom number one of a geek, in his book, was having to wear glasses.
She jumped in surprise as the door to the study room flew open and she hurriedly removed the glasses. A blonde girl, moved into the room, then noticed her.
"Oh sorry," the girl murmured hastily, backing back out. "I didn't realise anybody was . . . Jessica Mitchell? Is that you?"
"Allison?" Jessica asked in surprise. A slight twinge of guilt pinched at her as she remembered that Bobby had once been Allison's. Until Jessica had stolen him from her in their last year of high school.
Allison looked even more beautiful. Her golden hair could have represented the benefits of shampoo in a positive way, and her large green eyes sparkled.
"Since when do you wear glasses?" she innocently asked Jessica, indicating the specs the girl had removed so hastily.
This was even better than she thought. She hefted her huge bag onto the desk as Jessica murmured something about Bobby leaving his glasses behind. Yeah right, Allison thought, Bobby was even less likely to wear glasses than Jessica.
"About Bobby," Jessica said quickly, obviously feeling awkward. "I'm sorry."
She was not sorry, Allison thought. And finally, she was going to pay for what she did.
"All water under the bridge," she said easily, extending a hand for Jessica to grab.
"All forgiven," she added, more harshly as she twisted Jessica's arm behind her back and handcuffed it to the other one.
Jessica screamed but Allison was too quick for her. Quickly, she covered her mouth until her free hand landed on the scarf and she efficiently gagged her. She shoved her chair right into the table so that Jessica was pinioned between the back of her chair and the desk. Then she removed the piece de resistance from her bag. Or the several pieces.
"Hmm," she murmured. "I have this beautiful dung green frame in a +6. But that doesn't seem strong enough, so that means these pink ones are out as well. But these . . ." she held up a pair of brown glasses, much like the ones she'd worn in her own dream, fitted with +8 lenses, ". . .these will be PERFECT!"
She slipped them on Jessica's nose and turned away. Frantically Jessica shook her head and the glasses started to slide down her nose. Allison turned just in time to lunge for the glasses before they smashed into the top of the desk.
"Should have known you would try that."
She taped the glasses to the girl's face and sat down opposite her.
"I suppose you want to know why I'm doing this," she said banally.
Jessica shrugged, her eyes blurred and unfocussed.
"It's to do with your blatant disrespect for me. You have to learn a lesson in humiliation. You have to become a geek. It's the only way.My boyfriend and I were going to use our power to give people the gift of bad sight. Usually the lenses provoke a sexual awakening within a person. But, if you adjust the fraction of the light infinitesimally, it can cause the opposite effect."
This was rubbish, but Allison knew that, from a psychological point of view, it was going to work. She walked over to the door and locked it, before sitting down with a book. She cracked open a can, looked out of the window and looked forward to being done with her "client" so she could leave the room, remove the powerful contacts, and replace them with her strong specs.
An hour later, Jessica could see. It was time to proceed with her plan. Leaving the glasses taped to her face, Allison brushed out Jessica's long red curls so that they frizzed uncontrollably. "Such a pretty little nerd," she mocked, pulling the hair back severely and fixing it into a schoolmarmish bun at the back of her head. She dug the kirby grips into her head so tightly that she cried out in pain, then she untied her. The girl immediately pulled off the glasses, and cried out in horror.
"I think you'd better put them back on now," Allison said warningly and Jessica, realizing she could no longer see, had no choice but to do as she was told. Predictably, the fight had left her body.
"Now let's get you changed."
Off came Jessica's trendy plunging v-neck top, tight black trousers and Wonderbra. Allison replaced them with a shapeless long brown skirt, a bra that instantly flattened Jessica's chest, and a white lacy high-necked blouse that had probably been around in Victorian times. As a final touch, she removed Jessica's glasses again and wiped off every trace of make-up from her face.
"Look at you, GEEK," she mocked, holding up a mirror. Jessica flinched. "Now, get back to your work. You don't want to fail, do you?"
Jessica, who was taking on geek qualities now she looked like one, looked panicky, promptly forgot her looks and bent over the book, jotting notes feverishly on her pad of paper. Satisfied, Allison glanced at the clock. One o' clock, meaning Bobby was due back at any minute. She left the room. Halfway down the corridor, she ran into Bobby.
"Allison," he eyed her appreciatively. "Long time no see."
"Who's choice was that?" she asked coolly and shot him a long mysterious look before sidling around the corner.
He opened the door to the private study room. Jessica was no longer there. She'd been replaced by a gingery speccy geek who wore clothes from the dark ages and was working like a maniac.
"Sorry," he began, but as she looked up at him with hugely magnified dark eyes, he gasped in vague recognition. "Jessica!!!"
"That's me," she said, smiling at him. He backed away, horrified. What had happened to her?
"It's over," he snapped.
Her face fell and she opened her mouth to protest.
He stopped her. "No Jessica. I don't like geeks. You know that. And not only have you, in the last two hours, managed to become a geek, you've also succeeded in becoming the ugliest geek I've ever laid eyes on." He stormed away, leaving Jessica crumpled up in tears.
Allison had returned to eavesdrop and her blood boiled now, although Bobby had acted predictably. Jessica would bounce back; the glasses contained the power to unleash a new sexuality just like every other pair. She would soon realize this, love the specs and loathe Bobby. Allison slipped silently back into the room and placed an optician appointment card on the table. It was dated the following week.
Jessica would enjoy the test, she thought. Then she turned and left the room, following Bobby down the stairs. He was going to be the next target.

Club Night

Allison and Rick reluctantly were happily watching TV, strong glasses placed firmly on their face, arms around one another. Rick checked the time on his watch and frowned. They both reluctantly got up, walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. With expressions so mournful they would have been more appropriate at the funeral of a family member, they removed their glasses, bent over and lifted their heads back up simultaneously moments later, bare-eyed and contact lensed. Making faces at their horrible specs-free faces, they headed for the door.
Ten minutes later, sitting at opposite ends of the bar, they had been picked up. Although they had done the picking, sizing up the talent, choosing the lookers, and enticing them over. Casually establishing the type of eyesight the looker had and slipping the drug into the glass before producing the big seduction lines.
The freshly picked meat was taken to the opticians and placed in a chair, tied up not so they couldn't run away (they were paralyzed, they couldn't) but so they wouldn't slip off the seat. They lightly had to tie their heads to the back of the chairs too, so they would not slump over. Gags were used on their mouths before Allison and Rick spent a happy ten minutes selecting glasses. Then the glasses were placed on their faces and taped on firmly. They watched in satisfaction as the unfocussed eyes narrowed behind the thick glasses.
Time now for a new bar. Same old, same old, opposite ends of bar, seduce, drop drug in drink, seduce more, take to opticians, place in chair, tie up, specs on, eyes behind can't see. Then again, the last stop for the night, routine all over again. Six people sitting in a row, tied to chairs, thick specs in face as they stare sightlessly ahead at the eye chart in front of them until the letters become clearer and sharper..
Rick goes into the lab again, picks up two pairs of +14 glasses. He and Allison stand in front of the six people, remove their contacts with relief, drop them on the floor, stomp on them, put the glasses on each other, pushing hard for a moment until the glasses settle right where they like them, forced into their faces as painfully and erotically as possible. Then, laughing into one another's magnified eyes, they shed their clothes, melt into one another and give the six new hyperopes their first clear sighting with their new spectacles. It is an image which will never leave their minds, and which immediately puts positive associations of glasses and sex into their heads.
An hour later, late night revelers hanging out on the main street witness a very strange sight. From a side street, six clubbers emerge, walking in crocodile fashion down the middle of the road. Boy-girl-boy-girl-boy-girl. All of them are wearing trendy clubbing gear, all are gorgeous, all are wearing large black framed glasses which hold magnifying lenses with a surprising strength of +16.
And all of them are smiling.

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