Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wow, another coming out!

by Bjoern

It was only yesterday when I found out (once more) that I’m not alone with one of my fetishes... Having come out as gay, I soon after experienced I also have a big fondness for body modification (like large piercing and tattooing). My like for thick glasses reach back to at least my first year in secondary school: there were Andreas who had -5.25 on his one eye and only -2 on the other and Ludwig with -4.5 on both (as he embarrassedly told our teacher after having been asked).
When I turned 12 I needed glasses for the first time. They only had a very low prescription (-0.75 both sides) and I never wore them in public and at school only when the room was dark and we watched a video. I could still read the blackboard when I squinted.... That changed 3 years later when squinting just didn’t work anymore: I had to wear my first “real” glasses with -1.5/-1.75. And they already had some (quite small, but at least they had!) power rings, wow!
On my school bus I regularly saw a guy some years older than me with thick semi-rimless glasses (slightly tinted pink and polished/clear rims!), they were at least 12mm and I adored him!

Holger, a guy from my school, maybe one or two years older than me, was another one I loved for his glasses: a rather simple and squared shiny silver frame with nice and thick lenses (I guess at least -10D) with loads of rings! I relieved myself often thinking of him and his glasses... From the moment I knew him I prayed to god to give me a similarly high myopia (even if I didn’t and doesn’t believe - but who knows?) for several months!
My own myopia progressed slowly but steadily by about 0.5-0.75D or more each year which made me happy and hopeful! Wider frames meant more power rings and thicker lenses (I also like the detailed rings caused by high-fraction lenses) and enjoyed the growing cut-in. I reached my maximum of -5.25 on both eyes at the age of 19 when I also had a very nice and wide frame.... :-)
In the later years in school I got new schoolmates. Arne, for instance: he had an amazing but rather special black plastic frame for school sports which he didn’t wear oftenly as it also didn’t suit him at all. Anyway, it was fairly wide and the prescription was at about -5.0 I think (when I was at -3.5 or so). One day I was ill and couldn’t do sports and so I went into the locker room, found his bag and the adorable glasses and tried them on on the toilet.... After a very intense look into the mirror there was a big puddle of white stuff in the sink I guess :) I would have loved to keep them but that would have been too obvious.
Ludwig (the guy from above) got on well with his myopia and made huge progress: he got a new semi-rimless frame with really thick lenses, they must have been about 13mm or thicker, that’s maybe -10 or even more diopters (later he changed them for CLs, bummer!). Again: adorable!
My Latin teacher was very shortsighted as well, replacing his well worn old glasses with newer high-index glasses, they were also -12 at least. And then there was Yannis the Greek, my star! My guess is -15D, his eyes were fairly small, the cut-in big and the power rings endless, especially with his new high index glasses. Gorgeous! One day, while on a school trip, I went into his dorm and took his hard CLs. Not knowing they were floating in conservation fluid I propped them into my eyes which were then burning badly and I was suddenly almost blind. What a great experience which I sadly was never able to repeat.
While I was in my last two years in school I knew Andrea, a pretty big girl with again about 12mm pretty thick myopia glasses! Again semi-rimless and clear polished lens rims which I liked a lot!
The time came when I took my old glasses (I kept them all!) or only the lenses (as I didn’t get a new frame every time my eyes got worse (or better? :-) ) and stuck them behind others to increase their power. Even if I couldn’t see much through them the big cut-in was turning me on. Amazing!
I’m now at -4.25 with a -0.5cyl (PD60, 52mm lenses, clear rims), not very much indeed, but it’s enough for the 1.56 lenses to be seen a tiny bit on the outer rim of my Ray Ban 5064 frame.
I many times thought about GOC without knowing that there were other people with the same “needs”. I like myodiscs when they are polished in into the surrounding glass with that nice magnifying/distorting effect. I have no idea where to get them and I also think they must be pretty expensive. Sites like and offer them for a low price, I might try them one day.
Yesterday I ordered a pair of glasses with -10D and also +5 contacts. Sadly, 1.5 or 1.56 indexed lenses are not easily available above -10 (and even that is quite difficult to get) so I had to take 1.67 as the lowest index possible. But then the frame with glasses cost as little as £35!
There was another online retailer where I could have get -14.25 1.61 indexed lenses as a special order, but they would have cost another £50, it would also have proved difficult (but not impossible) to get CLs with more than +6.0. Next time! I’m very looking forward to my new glasses which will be delivered in 7-10 days. If this works out good for me (I’m sure it will!) I could imagine to have a more expensive frame glassed with maybe -14D lenses for everyday use or at least some time of the week...
In the end I’m happy to have found people who feel alike and I now know I’m not pervert. Or am I after all? I could never talk about this with my parents...
I’m also happy to live in myopic London, there are many people wearing strong glasses, especially Asian and quite a few black guys (and girls). Talking of strong glasses: I don’t really like strong plus-glasses. While small eyes behind strong myopic (and anti-reflex coated) glasses look very sexy to me, badly enlarged eyes frighten me somehow.

By Bjoern (sent in June 2012 published in August 2012

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