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Glasses, Prisms and Other Things

The author of this story wants to remain completely anonymous. It looks like a real-life story. B.L.
When I was 9 years old I began noticing things getting a bit blurry in the distance and had difficulty reading small writing on the blackboard at school.
So far I had always passed the eye exam at the school every year even if the lower line was only 20/40. The next 2 smaller lines were there but the nurse never required us to read them. It's a good thing I thought as I could barely make out the 20/40 line when I was 10.
I bluffed my way along till I was 12 and finally had to get glasses. My first prescription was -2.50. I remember the doctor scolding my Mom for not bringing me in earlier.
Life went on and the diopters went up every year. When I was 17 I had a summer job stocking shelves and cleaning a store. The cleaning part had to be done after hours so I had a key for the front door. One evening I was sweeping and saw a glasses case lying on the floor. I picked it up and opened it. Inside was a pair of the thickest glasses I had ever seen but they looked strange. Three times as thick as mine but when I tried them on I could see almost as good as mine.
I was a -6.00 at this time so I began to examine them very closely. They were very thin, almost knife edge, on the inner edge and about 5/8 inch thick on the outer edge.
At the time I had never heard of prisms but later I found out that is why these were so thick at the outer edge. They had base out prisms.
I took them into the men's room to try them on and see what I looked like. After putting them on I looked around the room and out the window. Things looked pretty much as they did with my own glasses. Quite sharp, maybe a bit sharper. I sure was in for a shock when I looked in the mirror. I was totally cross-eyed yet I was not seeing double. I was quite used to crossing my eyes for fun and to make people laugh so I knew that feeling but this was totally different. There was no strain behind the eyes as there was when I did it for fun.
All this had a strange effect on me. I was getting turned on. The longer I stood and looked at myself the hotter I got. I finally had to go in one of the stalls for a few minutes. Here I had previously thought only girls had that effect on me.
I didn't report finding the glasses and they were never asked about.
If someone would have come in asking about them I would have relinquished them but I was hoping that would never happen.
The next evening after finding them, I stopped at the library on the way home. First I looked in the medical book section for crossed eyes. Most of this info was too technical for me. Next I tried the psychology books for anything sexual about crossed eyes or strabismus as it was called technically. Bingo, under fetishes there was a mention of several things that were known to excite certain people sexually when observed or done. Among them were the smell of leather, high heels, women's dress gloves, women's underwear and, bingo, glasses and crossed eyes. The list was quite long but I had read down far enough for now. It said while some are quite common, others are very rare but just as effective.
My next job was to study the science of glasses and how they worked so I could understand what was going on.
Over the next few weeks I found out many things on how glasses work but the main thing was what prism's do and how the eyes are affected by them.
It was easy to understand how they were used to correct crossed eyes or turned out eyes.
All this time I was playing with the glasses I found in the store every chance I got.
It didn't take long to find that by wearing them for extended periods then taking them off, double vision was the result and it was absolutely impossible to bring the 2 images together or "fuse" as it was called. In fact the more strain applied to fuse the wider apart the images went. After a short time everything went back to normal. The longer the prisms were worn, the longer it took to go back to normal.
I really came to enjoy looking discreetly at people that were cross-eyed.
About this time I turned 21 and moved out on my own. I had 1 year to go to get my degree so I decided to take some physics classes in optics on the side. I was studying mechanical engineering but a bit more physics wouldn't hurt me at all. I learned how to grind lenses by hand and made a few pairs of glasses using store bought frames.
I had also become computer literate and found several websites that dealt with glasses and the people that used them to alter vision both temporarily and permanently. It was fascinating. I decided to try inducing more myopia, as many had done on one of the websites, by wearing stronger glasses than required. Around this time I also discovered that there were literally bushel baskets full of used glasses in thrift stores.
A conclusion I came to if this project was to be a success was that some basic equipment was needed to check lens powers and visual acuity. A quick search of medical equipment surplus places turned up a used lensometer and phoropter for an affordable price.
Proceeding to the thrift stores I only bought the odd, different and strange glasses. Being so many to choose from it was easy to find some with various degrees of prism and sphere strength. I decided to try 2 diopters more sphere than I had normally and 5 diopters of prism base out. I had learned from several medical papers that induced strabismus would go away in time when you stopped wearing prism's. I found this to be true over the years.
If being cross-eyed became boring I would just taper off on the amount of prism for about a month till I reached zero. That way there was no period of double vision to contend with.
The years went by and I worked myself up to -9.00 and quite cross eyed in appearance. Experimenting with various amounts of prism produced various "looks". I found that I liked my looks a bit better if one eye turned in more than the other so I adjusted the prisms accordingly. My right one turned almost to my nose and the left had about an eighth inch of white showing on the inside.
I have been into this project for so long that it is now time to move on to another hobby so the de-crossing period has begun again.
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