Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Optical Seduction

by Eye Write aka Stingray

Frannie turned out to be everything she said she was. When I first met her, I was astonished by her honesty and awed by her beauty.
She was quite tall. She was closer to six feet than five feet. Her legs were slim and endless and her dark hair long with lavender streaks. Her skin shone with an olive complexion and her dark eyes seemed to always dance with laughter despite being almost microscopic hidden behind the lenses of the thickest eyeglasses I have ever seen. She had high accented cheekbones, a magnificent smile and a glowing warm personality.
It appeared she liked me too and after chatting a few moments I instantly liked her. You couldn't help but focus on her tiny green eyes which seemed to out of place behind the concentric rings of her thick lensed eyeglasses. But as she spoke, her eyes sparkled with glee. There was something very magical about her and I never wanted this evening to end.
We met at a restaurant and she allowed me to order for her. I ordered the wine too and she complemented me on my selection. We chatted amicable before, during and after dinner. After dinner, I suggested I follow her home so I would know that she arrived there safely. She agreed to that arrangement.
After several miles, she pulled her car into a driveway of a posh condominium complex located just outside the city. I walked her to the vicinity of her apartment. She then stopped, slowly caressed the side of my neck and kissed me long and hard on the mouth. She then thanked me, walked away, turned and smiled. As she did so, moonlight glinted off the lens of her eyeglasses. She then turned away and disappeared into the darkness.
When I arrived home, I knew I had to call her. She picked up the phone instantly and sounded both enthusiastic and excited despite the late hour. We chatted for a few minutes.
"You never commented about my glasses." she said. I told her that I felt one's visual condition was a personal matter and it would be rude and inconsiderate to bring such matters up for conversation. She disagreed with my opinion and said that the visual matter needed to be discussed, but now wasn't the time to do so. I became immediately curious about what she said and asked her to elaborate.
She told me that she had extremely poor vision and that she certainly needed the corrective lenses that she wore. To my astonishment, she said her vision only six months ago was perfect. She then said that she made her vision the way it is today. That was an odd response, I thought to myself. How could one change their vision so radically on purpose?
She told me she would tell me in time, but now. "When we see each other again, remind me to tell you" she said. She then said goodnight and hung up the phone.
Her comments about her visual problems were not only bizarre and mystifying, but odd and curious too. I would call her the next day, ask her out again, and find out the mystery behind those eyeglasses.
I called her the next day and got her answering machine. Three days would pass before she returned the call. When she did call, she said she had to see me at once.
We arranged a place and time to meet. 
"There is something we need to discuss" she said. 
I asked her what she meant. 
She replied, " It's time you found out about my eyeglasses." 
I asked her for a hint as this was driving me crazy, but she refused. "Please trust me" she implored. I would.
I met her at a restaurant again and I arrived first. I waited impatiently for her to arrive and when she entered the room, I gasped. She was breathtaking. She wore a sleek black satin gown. Her hair was slicked back and shined with radiance. Her lips were a deep purple and her high cheekbones were highlighted and stood out in the dim light. Her giant brown framed eyeglasses were gone, replaced by gold metal rimless ones with polished lenses at least two inches think. There was something strange about her, but alluring nonetheless. I was quickly drawn to her side.
She nodded in my direction and swept me into her arms and passionately kissed me despite the stares of the other patrons in the restaurant. She took me with wanton abandon and I couldn't take my eyes off her.
We were quickly seated and she ordered a glass of red wine. Neither of us spoke. The wine came. She took a sip and then dipped her finger in the glass and ran it around the rim. 
Finally, she said, " Do you believe in magic?"
I said I enjoy watching performers, but advised her it was illusion, not magic. 
"I'm not talking about professional performers" she said, "I'm talking about real magic. This is the magic of dreams come true, the magic of the impossible and the magic of the unknown. I was a skeptic just like you are, but now I know about magic."
Suddenly the conversation turned to sex. 
"When you are making love to your partner, what is the most enjoyable part from a completely selfish point of view?" she asked. 
"Is it my orgasm?" I sheepishly asked. 
She said it was.
"If there was something you could do to extend the duration of your orgasm from mere seconds to minutes or even hours, would you do it?" she asked. 
This is impossible I thought. I never heard of anyone having an orgasm that lasted more than few seconds, let alone hours.
"So Frannie" I asked, "Are you telling me you found the secret of the ages?" 
"Yes, I have" she said, "and this is all you need", as she whipped her glasses off her face and held them in front of me.
"Wait a minute" I said. "Are you telling me that if you wear these particular glasses, it will extend your orgasm beyond comprehension?" 
"That's exactly what I'm telling you." she replied.
"Everything has a story" she said, "and as bizarre and strange as this sounds, every word of it is true."
I sat there spellbound staring at this strange, mystical and magnetic woman. She began her story.

"Six months ago" she began, " my vision was perfect. I could see the bottom line on any eye chart. At the time I lived in a small town in Pennsylvania in an apartment house. I befriended an elderly woman who lived on the first floor. Her name was Mrs. McNulty and she too lived alone. I would do errands for her and read to her as she had poor vision. I just assumed she had poor vision because she too wore very strong and thick lensed eyeglasses. She was lonely and just wanted company and I guess so did I."
"One day I knocked on her door and there was no response. Another tenant in the building opened her door and told me they took Mrs. McNulty to the hospital. I went there and asked to see her."
"Mrs. McNulty was glad to see me and then instantly saddened me by telling me she was going to die. 
'My dear,' she said, 'You have been so nice to me and now I want to do something for you.' 
I told her that was not necessary, but she insisted she wanted to share a gift with me. She said it was a magical gift."
"Mrs. McNulty took off her heavy glasses and held them aloft.  
' There is something very magical about these glasses,' she said. 'You know when a woman has relations with a man...(her voice dropped to a whisper) sometime she gets this feeling. Sometimes she gets no feeling, but when she gets the feeling, it feels real good. Do you know what I mean Frannie?' 
I said that I understood knowing she was speaking about an orgasm. It certainly seemed odd that I dying woman on her death bed would be discussing orgasms with a stranger. Despite what I felt, I listened intently.
"Mrs. McNulty went on: 'So Frannie, when you get that female feeling, it's over so fast. You wish it could go on forever, but it never does. Wouldn't you like it to go on forever?' I smiled and nodded in agreement. 'Well it can, you know.' she said."
'Mr. McNulty was with the foreign service. He traveled all over the world and I went with him. Am emir from...I can't remember where gave him these glasses and an extra pair that is in this case. The emir said these glasses had a magical power and could give great pleasures of the body. The emir was correct. The glasses will give you great pleasures of the body. When you put on these glasses, the light that enters twists and turns because of the refraction of the lens. While it corrects your vision to its strength, it also does something to the nerve that controls the sex feeling. For some reason, the eyeglasses "know" when the body has sex and will extend the sex feeling from a mere seconds to many, many minutes. The eyeglasses in this green case do the same thing, but the feeling will last much longer.'
'But there is a price that has to be paid for pleasure. Unfortunately, the price is steep. So one must make a decision as to which is better: Intense pleasure versus wearing these glasses forever. You see Frannie, when you put these glasses on, yes, your sexual feelings will intensify, but the lenses in these glasses does something to your eyes that changes the way you see forever. After you wear these magical glasses, your vision changes or rather deteriorates and you cannot ever see clearly again. The only way you can see things with sharpness and clarity is by wearing these heavy glasses. Your vision will never get better, nor will it get any worse. I'm giving you these glasses because you deserve all the pleasure and happiness they have given me. You decide if you want to use them.'
"She handed me both pairs of eyeglasses, smiled toward me and closed her eyes. Her labored breathing soon ceased. I returned home."
"I sat down and took out Mrs. McNulty's glasses. I turned them over and over in my hand frightened to put them on my face, yet at the same time desperately wanting to do so. Afraid, I put them away."
"I few weeks later, I tried them out. Really, what could I lose? I knew for a fact that if you wear someone else's glasses, not withstanding a headache, your vision will not change. Oh, it may be blurry for a few moments, but after that your normal vision would return. Imagine though if they really did extend an orgasm? That would be wonderful. But if they were magical enough to extend the orgasm, then they could magical enough to ruin my visual acuity. I decided to give it a try. I never realized this decision would alter my outlook on life as well as my vision."
"I went to bed that night with a casual acquaintance. I recall his reaction when I answered the door wearing these glasses. He seemed to jump back at the sight of me. I just explained that I had lost one of my contact lenses and had to wear these until a new pair arrived from the optician."
"Peering out from behind these glasses, I couldn't see a thing. Everything was extremely blurry and out of focus. My head pounded and I felt a little dizzy. Everything was distorted and but I managed to keep the glasses on my face."
"When we went to bed that night, he commented on why I was wearing my glasses to bed. I told him that I wanted to wear them so I wouldn't miss a thing."
"We made love. I could feel it building up inside of me knowing within seconds I would explode in ecstasy. You know how it come on as a tingling feeling which spreads all over, a pleasurable pins and needles, an arching of the body and indescribable pleasure that would be pain if it was happening to you any other time. Pleasure, yeah right, but it would be over as quickly as it came."
"The tingling grew more intense. The pins and needles spread. My back arched and my extremities got stiff. And then...POW! It hit, ...boy, did it hit. In fact it never stopped hitting me. It was like a runaway freight train. Wave after wave of pleasure obliterated my thoughts. Intense crashing gratification and enjoyment spread over and over, again and again and again repeating itself in wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy. My breathing was labored. I was gasping , gritting my teeth and doing it over and over again. The guy kept asking me if I was okay. I never answered and then it started to ebb. It first started to slowly ebb, then some more, a little more, and it finally stopped. It was the most enjoyable experience of my life."
"The guy was fast asleep. He must have thought he was the world's greatest lover. The eyeglasses worked. Or did they? I drifted off to sleep."
"When I awoke, the guy was gone. It was daylight. I looked at the clock to see the time and I immediately realized I still had the glasses on. Interestingly, I could see the clock perfectly with complete clarity even though the clock was more than ten feet away. Last night, I couldn't even see six inches in front of me with these glasses on."
"I sat up quickly and whipped off the eyeglasses. Everything I looked at was blurry and out of focus. I closed my eyes and blinked several times and reopened by eyes. Again, my world was blurred. I rubbed my eyes, easy at first and then harder until they started to hurt. I opened my eyes again. I couldn't see. I reluctantly put on the glasses and my world lit up in acute sharpness and clarity."
"Apparently it was true. My vision deteriorated just as Mrs. McNulty had warned. I would need to always wear these glasses. On the other hand though, I had the most intense experience of my life. Hey, three quarters of the world wears glasses, so what is the big deal? From the secret pleasure they gave me, it was worth the trade off.
Later that day I went to see an optometrist. I hated the frames these glasses came in and wanted more modern frames. I asked the optician to duplicate the lenses and put them into a frame that I would select. He carefully examined the glasses and to my astonishment told me he never encountered a prescription like this. He told me the prescription could not be duplicated. He then started getting nosy asked me prying questions about the glasses. I got up and quickly left his office."
"As time went on, my orgasms lasted longer and longer which always baffled and concerned any partner I was with. On rare occasions, I would wear the metal rimmed glasses. They would really intensify the orgasm, but my eyes would ache for days afterward. I'm now wearing those glasses and I accept the choice that I made. I think I chose wisely. What do you think?"

I didn't know what to think. It seemed insane. It was a great and utterly fascinating story. I started to laugh. I know in reality she just has poor vision and needs to wear this correction. 
"Great story" I said. 
"That's the usual reaction." she said.
"There is only one way to find out," she continued, "and you know what that means, don't you?". 
Whether her glasses were magical or not, I really wanted to make love to her.
We went to her place. She unlocked the door and quickly undressed. 
"Still skeptical?" she asked. 
I nodded my head. 
"Well if you still don't believe me, put these glasses on" as she handed me the brown framed ones. "Are you a gambler? Will you trade your vision for the most intense orgasm of your life? Remember once it occurs, there is no turning back. Choose!" she commanded.
She thrust her hand out forcing the eyeglasses into my reluctant grasp. I slowly undressed ignoring the eyeglasses she gave me. She put the glasses down on the night table beside her bed. 
"I want you." she said.
I wanted her too. I came closer to her. She was breathing heavily. Surprising myself, I grabbled for the eyeglasses on the night table and put them on. The world around me was instantly blurry and distorted. 
"I can't see a thing." I exclaimed. 
"Just come closer." she said.
I did and we kissed. Our eyeglasses made contact with each other making a clacking sound. At one point, she knocked off my glasses, but immediately thrust them back on my face. She started breathing unevenly, as was I. I then turned her on her back and entered her.
Within seconds it happened. I must say it was subtle at first. It was just a mere rippling effect on my body. That feeling of warmth invaded every pore of my skin and the mere ripples became larger and larger. I was at that point of no return, that point where pain and pleasure meet and then go their separate ways. Ripples of pleasure became waves. The little waves of delight became larger and more intense and then more intense and then more intense and then it was a typhoon of rippling orgasmic pleasure that worked its way all over my body. Usually when it reached this crescendo, it ebbed and subsided, but it didn't this time. It just kept on going and going. I found myself moaning and writhing every which way. I dug my nails deep into Frannie's back. I heard her whimper, but disregarded it as my selfish pleasures came first. After what seemed like an eternity of utter joy, it slowly receded and pleasurable chills replaced everything. I was utterly relaxed, sated and completely exhausted.
"Well someone besides me seemed to enjoy themselves very much," Frannie said. 
"That was great." I added. 
"Are you a believer, now?" she inquired. 
"Come on," I said, "As good as it was, it only lasted seconds." 
"Not so, my sweet", she said lustily, "You were that way for the last ten minutes."
I looked across the room at the large antique clock and Frannie was correct. At least fifteen or possible more minutes has elapsed. I couldn't believe it. Suddenly it dawned on me. I could see clearly across the room and see the clock which was at least fifteen feet away. The Roman numerals on the clock were sharp and distinct. I was still wearing the glasses she gave me.
I bolted upright. Frannie started to laugh. I reached up and removed my glasses from my face. The room suddenly appeared dark, dreary and somber. Distinct lines and forms became shapeless, fuzzy and blurred. I turned my head from side to side and it was the same everywhere I looked. Indeed, my vision has changed. This must be a form of hypnosis was my first thought, but as several minutes went by, nothing changed. Reluctantly, I put the glasses back on. Everything was distinct clear and in focus.
It was an optical seduction and worth it too. I only wish they came with different frames.

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