Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The First Morph

This is probably the first morph I made. In the late 90s, there were very few pictures of girls with glasses.  Internet searching was not as easy as it is today. I wanted to have a picture of a sexy looking girl with glasses, so I created one.
As the the girl in original picture did not have any glasses at all, I had to paint the frame and the lens effect. To make it took many hours. I used Photoshop 2.5, yes a very old version on a computer with only 80386SX processor, an I was not very experienced in computer graphic. The picture is small, there is no bigger version of it. 
I love the picture. It is one of my very first work about GWG and it bring memories ...
The Internet connection was slow, charged by seconds, and unreliable. I found Vision World Forum, a BBS that consisted of one long strip of contributions, and Eyescene that was down and frozen in time those days. You may say it was not much, but I was excited, because I learned I was not alone with my love for GWG.

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