Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Progressive Migration

by Stingray aka Eye Write

I finally found a seat in the restaurant. What is the attraction here anyway? The food is lousy, albeit cheap, it's crowded and it's noisy. I was reading today's paper. Things don't look too great in Indonesia. And then she invaded my space.
I was aware that the seat next to me was vacant, but who would have the nerve to squeeze into the tiny space elbowing me in the process. She did. Not a word was uttered. There wasn't an "excuse me" or "may I sit here?". She just sat there anyway.
I glanced up from my reading to give her a hard cold look. I couldn't help but staring at her. I think it was her dark beauty that caught my attention first. It was the straight clipped frosted hair coupled with her swarthy complexion which gave her a foreign aura and an intriguing one at that. On her face were the thickest eyeglasses I have ever seen.

The lenses were in a rimless frame and their large size almost masked her face. Her eyes were miniscule, almost invisible shrouded in concentric circles into the infinity of her eyes. The lenses themselves I estimated to be close to two inches in thickness at the edges.
At last, she spoke. "Hand me the menu, will ya?" she said. I said nothing, but complied with her request. "Can you recommend something I won't get sick from?" she asked. "They really can't damage a salad" I offered.
The waitress came over finally and she ordered the salad, as I had suggested. I put my paper down and was about to say something, but she beat me to it. "Hey Mr. Rude Guy, are you staring at me or my glasses?"
I was totally taken aback at this. I stammered away and mumbled something unintelligible. Ignoring me and my response, she then said, "Yeah, I know it's the glasses, right? Everyone stares at them. I bet you never saw anything like it in your life, did you? I'm even willing to bet you would love to wear a pair just like them, wouldn't you?"
"Don't get me wrong" I stated, "but I really don't envy your visual condition. Though I must say, they look very good on you. Actually now that I really can observe them, they do give you a secretive, mysterious and almost a dangerous look. Honestly speaking, your glasses are almost hypnotic."
"That's the typical response" she said. "At first glance people are repelled by my glasses, they pity me at first and then they are drawn to me and want to know more. Would you like to know more?"
Her salad arrived, but she didn't touch it. For some strange reason, I did want to know more about this mysterious women and her hypnotic fascinating eyewear. "Yes, I'm curious that's all and if you don't mind I would like to know more." I said.
She extended her hand and softly took my hand in hers. She then lifted my hand and caressed her glasses with the back of my hand. It was very sensual indeed, though it made no sense whatsoever in this crummy restaurant. "My name is Robin" she said, "Let's leave." And we did.
We walked down the street until we came to a small park. She found a distant bench and sat down. I sat down next to her. "I love my glasses!" she exclaimed. "I always wanted to wear glasses, but my eyes were always perfect. I envied everyone I saw that wore glasses. I found that glasses were very sensual to me, exotic and forbidding.
"Then I met Brian. He was the answer to my quest. I met Brian on the Internet on a chat line. He was touting the PMM. What's that you ask? Wait, let me finish. I had no idea what the PMM was either, I asked others on-line and never got a response. The chat line talked incessantly about eyeglasses and that's what brought me there in the first place."
"One day I received an e-mail from Brian. He wanted to know if I would be interested in the PMM. I still had no idea what he was talking about, but everyone else on line thought it was great, so I agreed to pursue it. We continued exchanging e-mails for a few weeks and all he hinted about the PMM was that it was the ultimate in eyeglass fantasy. That definitely got my interest."
"Disregarding common sense, I agreed to meet him in several days. I took off some time from work as he suggested and flew into Fort Worth, Texas. He met me at the airport, holding up one of those cardboard signs with my name on it. He was wearing the thickest eyeglasses I have ever seen and he looked mystical and very appealing all at the same time. I liked him instantly. We drove in silence for a few miles and then Brian told me about the PMM."
"He explained that he was a physics major in college and optics was his minor. He too was always fascinated by thick lensed eyeglasses and since he had the optic and physics background, tried to manufacture eyeglass lenses that appeared very thick, but didn't change the way one sees. None of his experiments worked initially until he found the secret to the PMM."
"PMM is short for progressive myopic migration. At the time he might as well have been speaking Chinese, because I had no idea what he was talking about. Finally he realized that this was technically beyond my comprehension and put it all into layman's terms."
"He told me he developed a series of lenses that anyone could wear. When you put the glasses on that held these lenses it would alter and then correct your vision in progression. Your eyes would accommodate to the increasing prescriptions and it would keep doing this until you wanted to stop. The first set of lenses would give you a myopic correction of about minus ten diopters. The second set would bring that up to minus twenty, the third set minus thirty. There is a fourth set, but Brian hasn't tried it yet, nor has anyone else."
"When you reached a level that you were satisfied with he explained, you stopped wearing the progressive myopic migration glasses. You then went to an eye doctor, got a prescription and got fitted for your glasses."
"He led me to a trailer park and motioned me inside. I followed and immediately I noticed a velvet lined wooden case with four pairs of eyeglasses in them."
"This was a dream come true. I always wanted to wear eyeglasses and now I could. Not only that, I could control the strength of the prescription. Brian explained it would take three days to reach the maximum prescription of pair number three. The fee for his services was one thousand dollars and no questions asked. I gladly paid the fee and he put the first pair on my face."
"I could see perfectly out of them. The lenses were made of glass and were very heavy. Brian assured me that at my day's end I would be ready for pair number two if I wished. I couldn't wait."
"That evening, I finally took off the first pair of glasses and was amazed and a little scared that I couldn't see anything clearly. Brian then put the next pair on my face and everything was crystal clear again."
"I stayed in his trailer that night and had real strange dreams. When I awakened, I put on the glasses again and wore them the entire day without any difficulty. By that evening, he wanted to know if I was ready for the third pair. I said that I was and eagerly put them on."
"I really wanted to try on the fourth pair, but Brian said it might be dangerous. I asked him how and he said the progression was untested and may result in a prescription that cannot be made. Additionally, the fee for the fourth pair was another one thousand dollars."
"While wearing the third pair of the PMM glasses, Brian took me in his car to the optometrist's office. Before we went inside, he took off my glasses and put them away. The world became dark, dreary and totally out of focus. My head instantly pounded, and my eyes ached as he led me into the doctor's office."
"I explained that I had lost my glasses this morning and needed new ones right away. They asked for a current prescription, but I told them I had none."
"Brian aided me by guiding me into the chair and asked the doctor asked me to read the smallest line on the eye chart. I couldn't even locate the chart, let alone a particular line. I told the doctor I was blind without my glasses. "Yes" he said, "legally blind". I was taken back."
"Two days later, the optical store called saying my glasses were in. Brian drove me there again. I sat down and the optician put the glasses on my face. I could see great. Everything was in focus again. I then turned toward the mirror to see how I looked and was astonished what I saw."
"It was what you see today. At the same time, I liked what I saw too. The more I stared into the mirror, the more I was turned on. I really liked the look and it was worth the price. I glanced at my prescription and was able to read it for the first time. It was minus thirty-nine in both eyes."
"Once outside the optical store, I protested to Brian that I thought the third pair would only migrate to minus thirty at most. These things happen he chuckled. He then drove me to the airport and I came home."
"From what I understand, I reached the highest migration ever in pair number three. On-line, Brian said I was a good choice for the untested fourth pair. I am really curious as to how far they can migrate. Would like to try on my glasses now?"
I said that I would. I knew I wouldn't be able to see a thing out of them, but Robin had piqued my curiosity with this story. She suddenly turned away from me and took off her glasses and then without turning toward me, handed them to me. I put them on my face.
I could see perfectly. I thought that was odd, but I soon forgot that and a chill went through me. I felt confident as well as powerful. I looked out toward the street and everything was in sharp contrast and focus. I then turned toward Robin. She was smiling and she was wearing her glasses.
"You'll be ready for pair number two this evening" she said. It was both scary and very exhilarating. She was right, it was very sensual and I'm glad that I met Robin.

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