Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Holding Hands with the Dream Weaver

Holding Hands with the Dream Weaver

By Amy Casseaux

Eternal and unanimous shine

Hiding souls in trees she spies..
Contemplating lovers funeral pyre.
A light, a candle... such intriguing fire.
An Ocean so wide
crying thoughts behind
Circling, swimming,
Faster breathing......
Burning touch beyond the dirt.
Flying upon phoenix wings aptly in search
In search of something ages away
Alas so dusty sunny rays.
Four single lines of breath
Sweetened halos floating again.
Bewildered truth... still they lie.
Affection to some simple rhyme.
Solid narrow reality crumbles.
Not an actual reality, its now in rubble.
Heard another angel's voice.
Her smooth, fair touch... Guide my choice.
Desperate desire and falling dew
Climbing farther grasping something true.
Shiny gripping scythes
kissing smooth slitting knives
Something rancid, some pure bliss
Either side of the spectrum deceptive
Unnecessary delusions only spring
substance confusions manufacturing.
Dream Weaver in the wind and rain.
Beauty and truth never drain.

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