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To LUG, or Not To LUG

by Revolver

Part 1
One pretty day in early May, Agatha entered the Kaffee Klatsch room in the student union of the small south central Ohio college where she was a soon to graduate senior, and sat down at a table where four of her close friends were already seated. She greeted them all, and took a sip from her latte’ that she’d purchased at the counter on the way in, and the usual collegiate coed small talk resumed where it had ended when her friends returned the greeting.
Agatha was a unique and well rounded person, a basic optimist who was both intelligent and open minded, she was well liked. Her unusual given name had of course caused her some teasing over the years as well, tagging her with rather unfeminine nicknames like Agriculture Aggie, but she didn’t really care and laughed right along with her taggers. Aggie, you see, was named after a spinster great aunt who had passed on a few years earlier, endowing Aggie with a very comfortable endowment, which she managed wisely. It would have been tempting beyond resistance for most people to spend lavishly but in her case the large monthly checks were deposited in interest bearing accounts that were used to pay college costs while still allowing herself some indulgences. She didn’t buy the sports car she easily could have afforded, instead opting for a 5-year-old economy sedan that provided good basic transportation that she readily shared with her sorority sisters and other collegiate friends.
And when there was break in the conversation Aggie mentioned a new matter regarding transport, the renewal of her driver’s license. She was returning from the vehicle bureau where she had attempted to renew her license, only to find that she couldn’t!
“Oh my gosh, Aggie, why?” said Alison from across the table.
Breaking into a sheepish grin, Aggie leaned forward and in a conspiratorial tone whispered “Because I can’t see. I failed the eye exam, because I could only read the top line in the machine, the very biggest letters! The rest were a blur, and boy what a surprise. There assured me there wasn’t a big problem, all I had to do was return with glasses and I’d be renewed, but had to do it soon as my current license expires next week.”
A slight chuckle escaped Britta’s lips, and she smile broadly saying “been there, done that!” In the next breath Britta related how she’d gotten glasses prior to her first license exam, tried to pass without them and failed much as Aggie had, but was issued a license with a corrective lens restriction.

“That’s good, I’d hate to be driving illegally until I can get my eyes tested” was the response.
Britta had a suggestion, “There’s a great one hour place over at Rolling Meadows Mall, they also have a doctor and you can get in and out in a hurry. ”
“Good idea” said Aggie and then “wow! I gotta run, can’t miss that last lecture over at Old Main. After all, it is my major and my lead professor, and he always has interesting Power Point slides… blurry, but interesting. Have to confess, the DMV is right, anything far away has been a challenge lately”.
“I’m wearing my contacts and going nowhere for the next hour. My glasses may be a little too strong for you, but why don’t you take them and see if they help? I’m definitely nearsighted and it sounds like you are too.” Britta offered.
She dug into her purse and came up with a colorful case, which Aggie accepted as she arose, said thanks and promised to bring them back after the lecture. The hall was starting to fill up when she arrived and she found a seat on the aisle about halfway back. She noticed Richelle directly across the aisle from her and, as usual, Ricky (as she was known) was dominating a conversation with 3 of her sorority sisters who were hanging on every word. Ricky was all-everything, top of her class, beauty queen, class president and snooty to everyone who wouldn’t kowtow to her which of course, wasn’t Aggie’s style so they barely knew each other. Ricky had any number of single date boyfriends who later labeled her the Ice Water Queen, which fueled the campus rumors of Ricky’s lesbian tendencies and the reason why she lived off campus instead of in the sorority house.
The lights dimmed, the professor strode to the podium, and began his lecture. When the first slide appeared, Aggie squinted at it and only then remembered the glasses case she was holding. “Why not?” she thought to herself and removed a nice looking pair of small rectangular black rimmed glasses. She slipped them on, and sat in stunned silence; not only did all of the letters on the slide seemed to jump from the screen with startling clarity and sharp black edges, all of the colors were brighter and truer. A quick glance around the hall brought everything and everyone into incredibly clear focus, albeit seemingly smaller and when she looked to her left noticed Ricky looking at her. The Queen let a quick smile float in Aggie’s direction and then returned her gaze forward to the professor.
Many times during the hour Aggie would pull the glasses down and peer over the to compare, and on each such occasion the blur not only returned it seemed worse than before. She wore them uninterrupted for the last 20 minutes or so, and did notice that after that period of time she was experiencing some discomfort, some kind of strain. When the lights came back up she quickly removed the glasses, again experiencing a noticeable and now uncomfortable blur which cause her to make a mental note to call for the earliest possible appointment.
She left Old Main making a beeline for the Union to return Britta’s glasses, when she felt a presence beside her. It was Ricky, who spoke to Aggie for the first time since they went through sorority rush together as freshmen and Ricky opted for the sophisticated Pi Phi’s and Aggie pledged the good time Chi O’s. What now? Why would Ricky all of a sudden strike up a conversation? The suspense wasn’t long, a pleasant greeting and some brief small talk about the lecture, as the pair strolled through the blossoming spring campus.
“When did you start wearing glasses?” asked the elegant Blonde. Aggie’s first thought was that she didn’t, she was in the process of getting them, and how would Ricky know of her visual distress? Was she a mind reader, or was their Union table bugged? Then of course, she remembered the sidelong glances during the lecture.
“Oh, yes, of course. Actually, I borrowed some just to try them.”
The question from Ricky in response was expected. “And…?”
Somewhat disarmed by this sudden show of friendship, Aggie opened up and told the whole story including the failed driver’s test, the clarity with them on, and suggestion of a fast optical shop at Rolling Meadows. Boldly, Ricky asked if that happened could she ride along. Thinking her motives were to go shopping, as she was always impeccably dressed but had no car of her own, the good-hearted Aggie said:
“Of course. And that reminds me, I have to call to see if I can get in tomorrow.” and reached for her smart phone.
Fortunately she was able to book an appointment for 1:00 the next day, so the two of them arranged a departure time for the Mall which was in a larger city 25 minutes away, and home to the large state university.
As they neared the Union Ricky somewhat timidly said ”I really didn’t get a look at you wearing glasses, could you put them on?” and without even thinking Aggie did so.
Again, her vision improved dramatically and she noted the sharp edges on the buildings and the leaves on the trees.
“They really look great! You should have a wonderful time getting your own tomorrow.” was Ricky’s comments.
And little did Aggie know that was the real reason behind the ride along request, that Ricky could barely contain her rising sexual attraction toward the unwitting soon-to-be bespectacled target of her affections.
Back at the Union Ricky went her separate way and Aggie went to her friend’s table. She didn’t stop to sit and chat, just handed the glasses back with a thank you.
“Did they help?” was the obvious question from Britta and when the answer was very much in the affirmative including the next day eye exam, her friend offered to let her keep them for the drive over.
”No, but thanks anyway, I might be nearsighted, but I can always find the Mall” she said jokingly and went back to her room at the sorority house.
Finally alone, she allowed herself to think about what would happen the next day; whatever for sure, she’d be wearing glasses before it was over. The prospect neither cheered nor depressed her, as was her nature, it was all just part of the life experience. What she didn’t know, yet, was how great the experience would be… for reasons she couldn’t begin to imagine at this juncture.
Part 2
Late Saturday morning the two bundled into the aging sedan an headed west the big city. As they chatted, the one and only thought in Aggie’s head was “I seem to be able to see fine, but if they say I don’t, well that’s O.K. too” and even Ricky didn’t bring it up. They found a parking place, walked to the one-hour optical, and when they got there, Ricky unexpectedly declared she would stay with Aggie and they could shop later. Aggie filled out the paper work, and while she was doing that, noticed her friend busily looking at frames in the optical shop, even trying on several herself and admiring her image in the many mirrors behind the frame racks. She came back with several just as the assistant summoned Aggie into the re-test room.
“I’ll set these aside, and see you after the exam." said Ricky and with her usual quick quip sense of humor.
“Fine, and hopefully I’ll be able to see you!” Aggie retorted and entered an unfamiliar world; her first ever eye examination.
Long before she saw the doctor, she knew she would emerge with a prescription, as she could read only the big E at the top of the wall chart and even it was blurry. She heard the assistant’s comment as Aggie peered into one of the instruments about some significant nearsightedness and when the pre-tests were done, she was ushered into a darkened room and seated in a large chair. “Let the games begin” she thought, as the doctor entered the room and began his magic show. And a magic show it was, as lights were shined in her visual orbs, letters projected on the far wall danced and changed colors and the letters morphed to and from total blur to extreme clarity. The most intense moments came near the end of the show, when Aggie thought there was some kind of a fine tuning process going on.
A small row of letters, so blurry as to be a mere black smudge, was projected on the far end of the long narrow room; then more magic. Soft clicks were heard within the large black gadget in front of her eyes as the doctor kept up his verbal probing.
“Which is better, one or two…two or three…three or four…” until she lost track, perhaps even into double digits. No matter, after both eyes had been subjected to that routine he asked her to look through both eyepieces and she was startled. They were indeed tiny letters, but not only did she read them perfectly (d,e,f,p,o,t,e,c. she declared triumphantly) but also they were in high definition, fairly jumping from the screen. Then, he switched to an even smaller row and the results were the same.
Now it was the doctor’s turn to triumph as he said: “A perfect 20/15, young lady, your myopia is 100% correctable and you’ll love it.”
She already did. But it was disappointing when he swung the machine away, returning the letters to their black smudge mode.
But one other thing of note happened during the exam. A warm flush crept through the girl’s body, being especially such in her nether area, a feeling that had only occurred previously during self-pleasure. It was so intense, in fact that she involuntarily squirmed in the chair and concerned the doctor would notice something awry, forced those strange but welcome feelings to be subdued for the moment, to be dealt with later. As it turned out, it was a very short time later.
There was a soft knock on the door, and the assistant opened it slightly.
“Doctor, I hate to bother you during an exam, but Dr. Meredith is on the phone, returning your call about the consultation” she said.
The doctor excused himself, saying it would take about fifteen minutes to handle the important call, and offered to let Aggie wait up front.
“No,” she said, “I’m in no hurry and I have some questions.”
And with that the doctor left, closing the door behind him. She deftly reached up and pulled the phoropter back in front of her eyes, marveling at the wonder clarity of the eye chart, right down to the smallest letters. Her passion overwhelmed her, and her hand slipped below her navel in between her flat stomach and her panties, her first fingers finding her throbbing clitoris. Slowly, gently at first, she rhythmically worked her fingertips up and down until it became so pleasant as to be unstoppable and she penetrated. Up and own, in and out, she pleasured herself not caring whether anyone walked into the room or not. The clarity through the lenses and the wonderful physical feeling that comes from masturbation brought her to a quick climax. But even then, she continued to gaze at the eye chart through the trial lenses and was starting to be stimulated again when she heard steps in the hall and pushed the phoropter back to it’s proper position just before the doctor returned. She asked some perfunctory questions such as when she should wear her glasses (whenever she wanted to but mainly for distance) etc. and went back to the waiting room.
Ricky was waiting at the archway between the doctor’s area and the dispensing room. They were quickly approached by a young lady in a blue blazer who brought out the frames Ricky had selected. Aggie tried them on, along with several others, and decided that if she were going to wear them she would be bold and have several from which to choose. It was actually fun, and she found herself getting a slight rush during the process, settling on totally rimless pair, a whimsical plastic pair that was light brown with transparent red on the inside, and a sleek pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. And she also selected what were obviously Ricky’s favorites, slightly larger black plastic rectangles with wide temples. To Aggie, the latter were somewhat “butch” but would be good for daily wear given her active lifestyle.
She paid for them, was told to return in a couple hours to ensure they would all be ready, and headed for the Starbuck’s with Ricky close at her side, again feeling the intense pleasure returning. She pondered silently why quickly realizing it was the anticipation of the fitting of her new treasures. How would she contain herself? And, would she be able to wear them with becoming orgasmic? Those questions, as it turned out, would be easily answered compared to the challenge Ricky’s overtures would present after the fitting.
Part 3
After window shopping and a light lunch, the duo returned well after the allotted 2 hours. Neither was disappointed when they sat at the dispensing bench and the optician across from them present four trays, each containing a sparkling pair of glasses.
“Quite an array” commented the optician. “Which would you like fitted first?”
Both girls were momentarily speechless. Noting their hesitation the optician presented the black ones.
“Sorry, I didn’t answer,” was Aggie’s response, “you see, I’ve never done this before and don’t really know where to start”.
The optician, already holding the black pair, picked up the piece of paper in the tray with the prescription.
“Well, you’ll be doing it again, with the strength of these lenses, especially for a first pair, starting now you’re going to be a glasses wearer… and with the great frame selection available, why not?”
With that, she spread the temples of the black-framed pair and slowly moved them towards the eager Aggie.
Aggie was trembling inside, both from the wonderful anticipation of wearing her glasses, her very own first pair of glasses, and from the fear that she would not be able to contain her erotic impulses. But she did contain them, even when the new treasures were in place a snugly adjusted behind her ears and on her nose.
“Look around and tell me what it looks like now” said the optician and Aggie readily obliged. She was breathless.
“Holy shit!” she exclaimed and then uttered a mumbled apology for the profanity.
She just could not believe her whole new world, a world were everything had sharp edges and bright colors, a world where she could read distant letters and see faces on distant posters that were previously a jumbled blur.
“Fantastic. Unbelievable. I really, really, must need glasses”.
The blue blazered optical tech said, “A normal reaction from a first timer, and just for the record, it’s not a real strong prescription but enough that it makes a huge difference.”
And with that she efficiently fitted and cleaned the remaining pairs, ending with the sunwear.
With a pleasant “that’s it, enjoy” from the optician the two left the store, but then Aggie realized she was wearing the sunglasses, stopped, and took them off in favor of a clear pair.
“Which ones first?” she asked her friend who replied, “um, let me think”.
“But don’t think too long” laughed Aggie, “all of a sudden I can’t stand the blur!”.
They settled on the black ones at Ricky’s suggestion, and together they walked the distance of the mall’s main inside corridor as they had parked all the way at the other end. The walk was magical as she could now see details and colors she hadn’t even imagined existed on the way in. And as she peered over the tops of them from time to time to compare what it was like BG… before glasses… the warm rush of feelings slowly began to rise again.
They reached the car, and Ricky reminded her of the sunglasses which she removed from the case and handed to Aggie. Receiving the clear ones in return to put in the case she quietly asked “Would it be alright if I tried them on?”
Taken slightly aback by Ricky’s hesitancy, and by the question itself, she of course said yes. With her usual feminine grace, her friend slowly brought the glasses upwards, gently brushing the temple tips against her full cheeks, and nestled them in place. She said nothing, gazing into distance; right left and straight ahead, adjusted them slightly, and turned to Aggie.
“How do I look in them?”
In her usual straightforward manner Aggie told her they just weren’t feminine enough for her style and to try the others. And try she did, first the brown plastics and then the rimless. When she saw herself in the mirror with the latter on, she knew they were her style, and Aggie agreed.
And of course Aggie asked the logical question, “But, can you see with them?” The reply was affirmative, but while her vision was intensely clear with them; she was straining to maintain clarity and said so.
Aggie thought a moment, and realized what Ricky wanted to hear was “go ahead and keep them on, maybe you’ll get used to them”. And as Aggie was again beginning to get that wonderful feeling, she thought to herself “and I want you to keep wearing them, because I’m getting turned on”. She silently concentrated on the road ahead, and they resumed small talk, but just before they reached the edge of their town, she thought she noticed a flush come over Ricky and noticed her fidgeting in her seat. This, she thought, could get interesting… is this what happens when you wear glasses? Will I ever be able to wear them without having an irresistible urge to pleasure myself? Good grief, I’ll have to! I’ve had them less than an hour and I’m already dependent on them! I can’t read a single road sign when I look over the top of them, and even the trees and lawns are just green blobs… how in the world did I ever function without them?
They turned the corner on the final block, heading toward Ricky’s apartment on the edge of campus.
“I could use a glass of wine” stated Ricky, still wearing the rimless glasses that by now looked like they belonged to her.
“I have some, would you like to join me?”
Wild horses couldn’t have kept Aggie away, a chance to discuss the wonderful experience of being a first time glasses wearer. And maybe, if the opportunity arose, to explore her erotic sensations and perhaps find out she was not alone. They stopped in front of the building and Ricky removed the glasses but not without a last look around.
“That blurred things briefly” she said “but now I’m back to normal. They’re fun to wear but I don’t really need them”.
Aggie followed her up the stairs, resisting the urge to put her hand where she knew the good feelings were, but didn’t and wondered how long she could practice such self restraint.
She sat on the couch while Ricky fetched the refreshments and for the first time since the optical store, took her glasses off. Even the small world of the apartment became a blur, but temporarily at least, the feelings subsided. That is, until Ricky returned from the kitchen holding two long stemmed glasses and a bottle of Riesling, and murmured:
“Why aren’t you wearing your glasses?”
Ricky sat next to her and poured the wine, sitting very close to Aggie. After they each had a sip, Ricky looked at her intensely, picked up the stylish black frames, and just as the optician had done earlier placed them on her friend’s face. And then, she closed the very short distance from her face to Aggie’s and pressed her lips to Aggie’s in a very warm, very moist kiss. The effect of feeling the glasses on her nose and ears combined with the thrust of Ricky’s tongue, nearly caused her to explode and she responded not only with her own tongue, but with her hand taking Ricky’s and placing it between her throbbing legs while placing her own in the same place on Ricky’s body. A partial answer had been reached, yes wearing glasses was erotic to the point of not only instigating sexual pleasure but enhancing it to an unbelievable level. And it was obvious her playmate felt the same way, for within a minute both of them were nearly naked (except for her glasses, and much to her surprised delight Ricky had slipped on the rimless ones) and they were engaging in the first mutual masturbation of Aggie’s life. Each of them caressed the others clitoral area, before entering one another’s internal regions with deep and rhythmic thrusting index and middle fingers. In all too short a time the inevitable explosion of orgasm occurred with a ferociousness never before experienced. Breathing heavily, they gently released each other but not before a final and satisfying long kiss.
After regaining their collective breaths, both of them lay there in delicious exhaustion, neither deigning to speak. After a period of silence, Aggie reached for her wine glass, took a long, slow sip, and spoke.
“That was wonderful” she began and her partner immediately echoed her statement.
“But,” Aggie continued, “I have a nagging bad vibe. I like boys, always have, and yet enjoyed that as much or more than any male I’ve been with. I’m not homophobic, but my concern is have I become a lesbian? It’s a lot to grasp and could influence a lot of dreams and plans I have for the future”.

Ricky gave it some thought and her response was delivered very deliberately and positively.
“Have you heard the term LUG?”
When Aggie shook her head in the negative, Ricky continued. “It stands for Lesbian Until Graduation, and is more common than you may think. Many otherwise straight girls have indeed planned their future and serious involvement with a man at this point could lead to a derailment of those plans. Men tend to become possessive, and have the mistaken idea that we’re all in college just to find a husband, get married and have children. Wrong. My near future plans include none of that; someday, yes, but that’s a long way down the road. Until then, having a normal sex drive, I enjoy what we just experienced very much.”
The relief registered clearly on Aggie’s face, and she spoke. “I never even gave that consideration, but you just described me. It’s too bad we hadn’t met before, we wasted a lot of opportunities, as I also consider my sex drive to be normal, whatever that is,” She concluded with a chuckle. “And I very much enjoy men….”, but before she could take the normal aspect any further Ricky did.
“Normal. Hmm. I suggest you poke around the internet a little bit to explore that aspect, but since it seems to be true confession time and we’re both sitting here enjoying wearing glasses, you need to know how much that added to my enjoyment. When you do more research you will find that fetishism is quite prevalent and considered normal, although some manifestations are less common than others.”
She was beginning to sound like the psychology major that she was, especially when she continued: “Most fid the physical aspects of the opposite sex extremely sensual, and homosexuals find the same things about their own sex to be attractive. And those who find other physical objects a turn on as well are said to be fetishists, shoes being among the most common objects of attraction. Now the confession: mine is the subject of glasses.”
And it dawned on Aggie that not only was that the reason why Ricky was watching her in the lecture hall and struck up the conversation afterwards, Aggie herself had become the same which explained her recent overwhelming urges.
“Wow,” was all she could say. And after very little thought, she realized that she was very much a fetishist and began wondering why it took her so long to discover the magnificent world of optical obsession.
They finished their wine, dressed, and gathering up her glasses except for the feminine rimless ones, which she left with Ricky for her self-pleasure, the two kissed gently and Aggie took the short drive back to her sorority house.
With the wonderful effects of wine and orgasm promising her a great night’s sleep, just before she drifted off into dreamland her last thoughts of the great day were wonderful. She was a LUG, not a lesbian, and she was a very lucky young lady. She was actually tri-sexual, as she could find fulfillment with men, women such as Ricky, and with her own self almost as often as she wished… and now, as a bonus, she could see clearly also! She could prolong being a LUG as long as she wished, since she was going to graduate school anyway and might even become a professional student. Tomorrow was going to be, literally, the first day of the rest of her newly renewed life.
Sent by Revolver in January 2012

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