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Because of The Sex

by Specs4ever

I sat at the writing desk with two prescription forms in front of me. One was filled out, and the other was blank. I took a black pen from the desk, and filled in numbers on the blank. The form read, OD –25.50 x +1.00 x 015 and OS – 24.50 x +0.50 x 165. The forms were identical, except for an increase of –1.25D in the spherical correction of both eyes, and I scrawled the signature on the bottom of the new one to closely match the original. When I was finished, tears streamed from my eyes behind my thick glasses, and I muttered to myself, “I am so sorry baby, please forgive me.”
I don’t expect you to understand this, but maybe if I take you back to the beginning, where I was first prescribed glasses at age 7, you might at least be a little bit sympathetic towards me.
I was a good student in school. I had learned to read faster than the other kids, and I liked to read. Also I was good at coloring, and making crafts. I hadn’t noticed that I couldn’t see things that the other kids in my class could, but my teacher noticed, so she sent a note home to advise my parents that they should take me to have my eyes tested. So, there I was, in 2nd grade, at the age of 7, the only person wearing glasses. I remember the kindly old gentleman who tested my eyes, telling me that I could wear my glasses all the time if I wanted to, but I didn’t have to wear them unless I felt that I needed them. But, once I put them on, I quickly found that I hated the fact that without them things in the distance disappeared into shapeless blobs, so I wore them all the time.
The following year I went back to the same doctor, who gave me an increase of –1.00D in my prescription. I was now wearing –3.50D lenses in my glasses, and I really felt blind when I took these glasses off. This began a routine and every year I required an increase and my glasses got stronger and stronger. When I was 14, I asked my parents for contacts, as I had a prescription increase every year. It wasn’t always as much as –1.00D, but the total of the yearly increases were pretty significant. When I got my contact lenses for my 14th birthday, my prescription for my glasses was –8.50D for both eyes.
I wore contact lenses for 2 years, and by the time I was 16, I realized that I wasn’t fooling anyone but myself. I really didn’t like them and I didn’t look any better without glasses than I did with them. Either way, I was a scrawny little girl, with a flat chest and a face full of zits. So, I decided that since I really liked wearing glasses and didn’t like the contacts, I wasn’t going to go through the torture of putting these darned lenses in my eyes one more time. I hadn’t counted on the fact that my prescription had increased –1.50D each year that I had worn contacts, so it was a bit of a surprise to me when I saw how thick and strong my new –11.50D lenses were in my glasses, but once I put them on and started wearing them again, I soon realized that I was much happier wearing glasses.
By the time I was 21, my prescription had increased another –4.50D. But, I had gotten a much smaller frame size, and a pair of the newest high index plastic lenses, so I thought I looked pretty good wearing my glasses. And, my breasts had increased in size, my zits had all disappeared, and my figure was trim and sexy. I had even gotten a bit taller, and I was now 5’8”, which is fairly tall for a girl. I got more than my share of dates, and all a guy had to do, was ask me if I ever wore contact lenses and I removed his name from my date book. I enjoyed wearing glasses. I felt special wearing glasses. And of course, the best part of all was that I could see when I was wearing glasses, even though I could see wearing contacts too, they were such a pain and bother.
I finished University, and teachers college, and became a teacher in the junior high school. I taught English, and History. David, one of the male teachers that had been there for a couple of years before I came to teach, was very helpful to me, when I was just getting set up. He seemed to be interested in dating me, and I found him to be attractive, with a nice personality. So we began our relationship by attending a few teachers’ functions together. Soon it was accepted that David and I were a couple.
David and I wanted to live together, but under the terms of our contract with the school district, we could not do this unless we were married. So, that seemed to be as good a reason as any to start our married life together.
I can’t remember when I first noticed David’s attraction towards my glasses. I do know that it was during the time that we were sneaking into one another’s apartment in the hopes of not being caught sleeping together. And, I also remember that it was shortly after I got new glasses. After I first got my new glasses, with a prescription increase up to –17.25D, sex with David was wonderful. He was kind, caring and attentive. He did ask me once or twice to leave my glasses on, and since my uncorrected eyesight was very poor, I didn’t mind doing this. He was very careful with my glasses, and made sure not to knock them askew. I do remember thinking in the back of my mind that David really got off on the fact that I wore strong glasses.
David was originally from California. His mother was still alive and running the family business, so we planned to fly out for a long weekend so I could meet her. When we got off the plane at LAX, a long black limousine met us, and took us to a factory in an industrial district. When I met David’s mother, Lorraine, I had a pretty good idea where David got his affinity for strong glasses. Lorraine wore glasses that had to be –10D stronger than mine. The lenses were lenticular myodiscs, and her eyes were tiny and shrunken behind the powerful lenses. But Lorraine was very nice to me, and we had a good time that weekend. From what David had mentioned, I thought that David had a sister, but it turned out that she had died a few years ago, so David was her only surviving child. All weekend Lorraine worked on David to quit his teaching job, and come into the business. But, David was pretty adamant about staying in the teaching profession.
That summer we were married. It was hard for me to get used to writing my name as Lisa Coulson, but by the time school started again in September, I had all my documentation changed so that I was Lisa Coulson in every way. But, all I had to do to remember that I was Mrs. David Coulson was to remember the sex we had had the night before. David and I were having sex every night, and sometimes again in the morning. We had only been married for about 6 months when David began to pressure me to go for an eye exam, and to get new glasses. He seemed a little disappointed when I didn’t really need an increase, although we did get new glasses for me.
The next four months were heaven. We had sex so often I hurt. Sometimes on a Sunday, after we had made love 3 or 4 times, I could not stand the thought of doing it again. But I must say that I enjoyed and loved it. And, I really did need it. That is why I was so hurt when after about 4 months of non-stop sex, David suddenly seemed to not want sex any more.
It had been over 2 weeks since we last had sex. I wanted him, I wanted him badly, but he didn’t seem to respond. So, I fell asleep in the recliner, my glasses in my hand. I woke up with a start; my glasses had fallen from my hand. I panicked.
“David, David, I have dropped my glasses. Please help me find them. I can’t see anything!” I exclaimed.
David came running, picked my glasses up off the floor where I had dropped them, and gently placed them on my face, which was by now tear streaked. He wiped away my tears, and we ended up in the bedroom having wonderful sex. This mystified me. Was it because I was so helpless without my glasses that he was aroused? I decided to put it to a test.
The following morning was a Sunday. On previous weekends for the past 10 months we had copulated like there was no tomorrow. But this morning David had awakened and slipped out of bed. He was in the bathroom, and I knew that he would sneak downstairs, trying not to awaken me. I felt for my glasses, and moved them to the far side of the nightstand.
“David, where are you? David, where did you put my glasses last night? I can’t find them.” I called.
He came running into the room, and I made sure that he could see my hands moving carefully back and forth over the top of the nightstand, just inches away from my glasses. He put my glasses on my face, and kissed me passionately. We then made love, again and again.
I think I had figured it out. He liked it when I got new, preferably stronger glasses, and he also liked it when I was helpless without my glasses. He had never once put me in a position of being helpless; I had managed to do this myself.
So, I managed to fumble for my glasses as often as I could. He must have thought I was an awful klutz loosing or dropping them all of the time, but I didn’t care. I needed, no, I had to have sex. Once I had run out of ways to casually drop, hide, or misplace my glasses, I went back to my eye doctor. I didn’t think I needed a new prescription, and he confirmed that I didn’t. But, I had him give me a new updated prescription form anyway. This was the first one I changed myself. I gave myself another –0.50D of spherical correction and told David that I had been having trouble seeing and announced that I needed new glasses. When he asked if my prescription had increased, I told him that it had gone up just a little bit, only –0.50D. David went glasses shopping with me, and we ended up with 3 new pairs of glasses. I had a nice fashionable pair with super thin lenses that really looked wonderful on me. I had a pair of prescription sunglasses, and I had a pair of really thick glasses, with regular plastic lenses and cable temples that were just for me to wear in the shower. I suppose I had complained to David about not being able to see a thing without my glasses when I showered, so he had insisted on buying a pair of glasses for me to wear in the shower.
It took about 3 weeks for my new glasses to be completed, and when they phoned from the optician’s, I had David drive me over to pick up them up. I was pleased when I put them on to find out that I didn’t even really notice the extra –0.50D I had added to my prescription.
That evening, sex with David was better than it had ever been. I don’t know if I had mentioned it before, but David is quite well endowed, and when he thrust his enlarged organ into me and moved it back and forth, it was wonderful and I felt so alive. I was very happy. And for the next 3 months we had wonderful sex again. Occasionally David would catch me as I was getting ready to get into the shower, and I would leave my thick shower glasses on while we had sex. And they were really thick, 20 mm on the outside edges and 14 mm on the inside edges. Other times I would wear my super thin glasses, and every once in a while, I would be helpless without any glasses. This resulted in wonderful lovemaking that lasted about 3 months. Then David lost interest again, and would be too busy to have sex with me. So, to satisfy my hunger, I would have to do one of my misplacing glasses tricks. It always seemed to work, at least for a couple of days, but then David would again loose interest.
I had gotten so that I needed my daily ration of sex very badly. I knew that after a few days without feeling David come inside of me I would get all bitchy. I just couldn’t help it. So, towards the end of that 4th month, I mentioned to David that I needed another prescription increase. Well, the lovemaking started all over again. I wrote myself another –0.50D prescription to add to my last increase, and we went through the whole routine of choosing frames and lenses again. I was just turning 24, and I didn’t even give a thought to the fact that my prescription was now –18.25D. My eyes readily accepted the prescription increase and the sex continued. It was almost as if I had more myopia waiting in the wings, to surface whenever I placed a stronger prescription in front of my eyes.
The next 3 months after I got my latest glasses was a repeat of the first three months. Then, it was over. David expressed no interest in sex unless I tricked him into thinking that I had laid my glasses down and couldn’t find them. So, I bumped my prescription again, and the scenario was repeated. David and I had talked about having children, so I quit taking the birth control pills I had been on, and we decided to let nature take its course. I didn’t take long to get pregnant with the new prescription and my dropping my glasses every so often and not being able to find them.
While I was pregnant, we continued with our nightly lovemaking. I had 2 prescription increases during this time, and by the time our daughter, Kerri Lorraine was born, and I was at –19.75D in each eye. I went without sex for about 3 months, waiting for things to heal, but after I felt able to have sex again, I couldn’t interest David at all. So this time I actually went to the eye doctor. He increased my prescription by 0.75D, giving me glasses with −20.50D in each eye. He explained that sometimes there are prescription increases due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.
So, David and I again went through the routine of purchasing me new glasses. The sex was very welcome and I really enjoyed it. I had missed having David inside me for quite a while, and I resolved to do whatever it took to keep David performing our nightly rituals.
David’s mother Lorraine, who we had named our daughter after, came to our home on Long Island to see Kerri Lorraine. While she was there, she told us that she was very ill, and was not expected to live too much longer. So, she convinced David to leave the teaching profession, and go into the family business. I hadn’t known it, but David’s father had started a large auto parts manufacturing company years ago, and it had branched out into defense contracts, and such. Apparently David and I were going to be quite wealthy on the passing of his mother. And, I now learned that David’s sister had actually been struck and killed by a car when she was crossing a quiet street. David’s sister had been quite nearsighted, and had gotten glasses at age 4. She was killed when she was 10, and her glasses, which had gotten much stronger than her initial -4D prescription, had been found in her backpack. She had rebelled against wearing glasses, and although she had been very nearsighted, she refused to wear them. This made me wonder if something about his sister’s myopia and her refusal to wear glasses was part of the reason why David was attracted to my wearing glasses and my helplessness without them. And, I knew that he had seen his mother in her own strong glasses all of his life, so I thought that maybe he had picked me as his wife to remind him of his mother’s and sister’s poor eyesight.
David didn’t want to make our home in California all the time, and since they had manufacturing plants on the east coast, and in Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as on the west coast, we were able to keep our home on Long Island, and we also purchased a home in the Los Angeles area. The plan was that we would spend 6 months on Long Island, and 6 months in California. Naturally, we decided that the winter months would be the best for us to spend in California. Kerri learned how to walk by her first birthday in the house in California. And Lorraine, whose health had been steadily declining, was very pleased to have us close to her.
We had been very busy setting up the second house, and making all the necessary arrangements. But, I hadn’t been too busy to bump my prescription by –0.50D every 4 months. By the end of that year I had just gotten my first myodiscs, with a prescription of –22D for each eye. David loved these glasses and I think he also liked that I was as blind as a bat without them. And, I didn’t mind the slight increase in my prescription, as it had meant wonderful sex almost every night for that whole year.
Lorraine passed away in the spring just before we were supposed to return to New York. So, that year we had to forgo our return to Long Island. I was shocked to find out just how wealthy David and I had become. I would never have to go back to teaching again and we could have almost anything we wanted. David bought me a new Mercedes convertible, and Kerri and I spent a lot of time shopping, and just touring around the Los Angeles area. And, I found that I really didn’t mind spending the summer in Los Angeles. We did return to our Eastern home for August through the end of October, and I loved every minute of it. My parents, who were both still living loved to have visits from their daughter and granddaughter, although my mom did express her concerns over how strong my glasses were getting. I was a little worried as well. By the time Kerri had her second birthday my prescription was –23D, and I was worried that if I forced much more myopia on myself, I might not be able to see well enough to drive. I would have hated that.
But, as regularly as clockwork, I would bump my prescription and I seemed to be seeing well with my very strong glasses, and we would continue having sex for a good 3 months. David had to make trips to some of the other plants, so I would try to have him do his trips away during the 4th month. Then when he came back home I would take him with me to shop for new glasses, and our nightly sex routine was back on schedule.
By the time Kerri was 8 years old, my prescription had increased to –28D. I knew I needed the –28D that I had self-prescribed, but I had not seen a doctor for many years. So, when we went back to Los Angeles, I visited an ophthalmologist who was recommended to me by an optician I had been using. When the ophthalmologist asked me if I drove, I was a little scared, so I mislead him, and told him that I didn’t have a California driver’s license. I asked him if my vision was good enough to get one, and he told me my visual acuity was borderline. So, I was in a quandary. I wanted to drive, but I needed the sex more.
I had considered taking Kerri in for an eye exam as well, because she had been doing some heavy duty squinting. One day she had been out with David, and when they returned, he as much as ordered me to make an eye appointment for Kerri. Apparently she could not even read the menu board at the fast food restaurant that they had gone to for lunch.
I had considered telling David that I needed another increase, and going out to buy myself some new glasses without bumping my prescription. But, that night, although it was past time for David to loose all interest in sex, we had a wonderful sexual experience. And, the following morning, we repeated the performance. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then it dawned on me. Kerri obviously needed glasses. Did Kerri needing glasses turn him on enough for him to have sex with me. I resolved to test my theory. I did not increase my prescription, nor did I order new glasses for myself. But, I did have Kerri’s eyes tested. My first prescription had been –2.50D at age 7, and I was –3.50D by age 8. Kerri, at age 8 required a prescription of –4D, and the doctor gave me a lecture for not bringing her in sooner. Apparently, I was supposed to know that she should have had her eyes tested every year from the age of 5 on because Kerri probably had inherited my own poor eyesight.

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So, that is how it all started. I cultivated another ophthalmologist in New York, as well as the one in Los Angeles. Every 6 months Kerri would see the one in New York. She would sometimes be prescribed a small increase, but more often than not, she would have no change in her prescription. But this didn’t mean that her eyes didn’t get worse. I myself had given Kerri a decent increase after the doctor in Los Angeles had examined her eyes and said that her prescription had not changed. Then when she came to the New York doctor he would think that the Los Angeles doctor had given Kerri the increase. Six months later, back in Los Angeles, the doctor there would think that the New York doctor had jumped her prescription by a reasonable amount. I hoped beyond hope that neither doctor would ever call up the other one to discuss my daughter’s rapidly worsening eyesight. I was able, in only 8 years, to increase Kerri’s prescription over –20D. Every 6 months she had an increase of –1.25D. I knew from my own experience that this was the largest increase that I could get away with at one time, and I was right. Kerri always seemed happy when she got her newest pair of glasses, and always told me how much better she could see with the new ones compared to the old ones. And, a couple of times the doctor had actually found that she needed another –1D on top of what I was giving her. So, she also was a very high myope. Kerri also had developed some astigmatism. So, her newest prescription was going to be OS –25.50x +1.00 x 015 and OD –24.50 x +0.50 x 165.
While Kerri’s eyes had been getting worse, and her glasses had been increasing in thickness and strength, I had been having regular sex orgies with my husband. For some reason, with both his wife and his daughter wearing strong glasses, the sexual urges had lasted for a good 5 months, before he could no longer perform. One evening, about 5 months after bumping Kerri’s prescription to the –25.50D prescription, I had been in need of some sex and love in the worst way, and David had not been responding. I took my glasses off and threw them across the room. As they hit the wall, I heard the ultra thin glass lenses fall to the floor in pieces, and I stood there completely blind, unable to see more than smears of colors and very blurred outlines of objects.
“You would rather make love to my glasses than to me!” I shouted at him.” Well there you go, there they are.”
I suppose he took a look at them, smashed and laying in pieces on the floor.
“Baby, you have broken your glasses!” David exclaimed in amazement.
“Well, find me another pair. You know I can’t see a thing without them.” I said.
“You should have thought of that before you threw them. I am sorry that you feel that way babe, but in a way you are sort of correct. I can’t get it hard unless I think about your glasses and your poor eyesight.” David replied.
“But my eyes are bad all the time, and my glasses are always thick and strong. Why can’t you perform for any more than 3 months after I get new glasses?” I asked.
“I don’t know. All I know is that I go limp unless you get new glasses every 3 or 4 months. And I know I have been able to perform for a longer time because Kerri’s eyes have been getting worse and worse and her glasses have been getting stronger and stronger. I don’t want either one of you to have such bad eyes, but I need the thought of one of you getting new glasses to be able to have sex with you.” David replied.
David got my spare glasses out of the drawer, and when he placed them on my face, after brushing away my tears, he gently lowered me onto our bed, and we proceeded to make love. After we were finished I started to cry softly.
“What’s wrong Babe, didn’t you enjoy it?” David asked.
“Oh David, I loved the sex, you were wonderful. It is just that I am at my limit for prescription increases. If my eyes get any worse I won’t be able to drive any more. And, Kerri is getting contact lenses for her next birthday, so you will no longer see her wearing glasses. I am afraid we won’t have sex anymore, and I need you so badly. I am only 40 years old. I don’t want to become a dried up old prune that has to wear very thick glasses to see,” I cried.
So, we discussed the problem and we came up with a solution. I now wear disposables – glasses that is. Every night when we go to bed, I take my glasses, and throw them against the wall, and stand there helpless, squinting my eyes nearly shut, waiting for David to rescue me by putting my really, really thick old, back up glasses on my face. Of course there are really no such thing as disposable glasses, but David has a dozen pairs of glasses with cheap metal frames, and regular thick glass myodisc lenses shipped to the house every 2 weeks. So far, in the first year, we have gone through over 200 pairs of glasses, but we can easily afford them. I know, there is 365 days in a year but there are nights that David is away visiting one of the other plants, and every once in a while, I DO have a headache. But most nights, I need the sex, and sometimes on the weekends, I need it more than once a day.
Specs4ever, with editing by Aliena.
May 2005

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