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40 Minutes Live

by Specs4ever

Why, why was I doing this?   God I felt so stupid, sitting in the hot seat, dressed in a bland off white shirt, and beige non descript slacks.  I was so nervous the sweat was building on my forehead, the heat held in by the hood that partially obscured my hair, and most of my facial features, and the strong glasses I was wearing were trying their best to slide down my nose.
Just then the familiar music started, and as it ended the announcer said. “Welcome to this evenings edition of 40 Minutes Live, with Dee Anne Slayer.  Tonight is part six of a ten part series that 40 Minutes is doing on fetishes.  The previous editions have covered the shoe fetish, the women’s undergarment fetish, the braces fetish, the breast fetish, and the tattoo and body-piercing fetish.  Tonight our episode will cover the fetish that some men and women have towards members of the opposite, and even the same sex, who wear glasses. Please give a big hand of applause to Dee Anne Slayer, and her guest, Specs4ever, noted author of many short stories that can be found on the Internet about people who wear glasses, and people who appear in public wearing strong glasses, but don’t really need them.”

The applause was deafening, but it soon died down.
“Good evening Specs4ever, and thank you for appearing with us here on 40 minutes.”
“Good evening Dee Anne, and thanks for having me.  Before we get stared though, could I possibly ask you where the name 40 minutes came from for an hour long show?”
‘Well, really I am supposed to be the one asking the questions, but that one is an easy one to answer.  That is actually the length of the show, when you deduct the commercial breaks.  We decided that this show was going to be truthful, right from the start.  And now Specs4ever, it is time for you to answer some questions.”
“Fire away Dee Anne, and you can just call me Specs if it is easier for you.”
“Do you have any idea how you first became interested in girls who wore glasses?”
“Well I think it goes back to when I was in first grade, Dee Anne.  My first grade teacher wore very strong minus glasses, and as I think back to those days, I am pretty sure that her glasses were what were known as myodiscs. I wasn’t all that fond of the teacher, but I sure remember being fixated on her glasses.   And, then later on in my school years, I became enamored of any pretty girl who wore glasses.”
“Did you ever let anyone know that you felt this way Specs?”
“Not a chance Dee Anne.  I used to call the girls with glasses 4 eyes right along with all my friends.  Although, I do think one of my friends figured it out, as I seemed to always pick the girls who wore glasses to dance with at the school dances.   He kidded me about it one time, and I just told him that they were easier to pick up than the pretty ones, and the glasses came off in bed – not that I ever had a chance at that in those days.”
“What do you mean by that Specs?”
“It is really hard to romance a young lady when all you have for transportation is a bicycle.”
That one got a good laugh.  I was starting to feel a bit better, and I think they had turned on the air conditioning because I wasn’t sweating as much.
“So tell me Specs, how obsessed were you with girls wearing glasses?”
“Well Dee Anne, I mostly dated glasses wearers, and I married one, so I would say I was pretty obsessed.   And for many years when my wife would catch me staring at another lady, I was afraid she would clue in that the ones I stared at were not always thin, and not always pretty, but they all wore glasses.”
“We understand that you are quite knowledgeable about glasses, and vision correction and such.  Did all this come from the Internet?”
“Oh no Dee Anne, most of my knowledge was obtained the hard way, by doing research at the library, and making notes, and just figuring things out in general.  Once the Internet came along, I became a bit of an instructor, passing my knowledge on to others that have the same fetish.”
“Can you assist any of our viewers who might have this fetish Specs?”
“Well Dee Anne, it would be a lot easier, and more direct if you just kept asking me questions, but I will give it a try.  Along with a much larger number of other people than I had ever imagined, I am interested in members of the opposite sex who wear glasses.  There are quite a few web sites that deal with this, the main one being called Eyescene.  Anyone can find this site by doing a Google or a Yahoo search by this name.  And, once you reach this one site, there are links to many other sites.  Not every site is linked to Eyescene, but each site has different links that will guide the viewer to the other sites.  One in particular is for ladies who like men in glasses, and is called Electra’s MIG Fetish.  There are also quite a number of men who are attracted to other men who are participants in this fetish, and I know there are a few ladies that are attracted to other ladies as well.”
“Can you tell the audience something about the glasses you are wearing, and let them in on some of the other parts there are to this fetish Specs?”
“Well Dee Anne, tonight I am wearing one of the ugliest pairs of glasses I have in my possession.  They are a tortoise shell color of horn rims, and the lenses are blended, biconcave myodiscs.  The prescription in these lenses is in the neighborhood of –30D.  The front curvature is around –10D, and the visual field of the myodisc is around 30mm.  I do not need these glasses in real life, and I am able to wear them only by wearing a pair of +18D contact lenses on my eyes under the glasses. This is known as glasses over contacts, or simply GOC.  At first, when I started scouting out women who wore strong prescriptions, I found that it was easier to speak to them about their glasses if I myself was wearing an obviously strong pair as well.  And, at the time it was the early 1980’s, when hi index lenses were just starting to come out.  I always wore lenses in my glasses with the latest technology, and it was a lot of fun to show some of the ladies how my glasses were stronger than theirs, but were actually much thinner, and nicer looking.”
“So how did you end up with such an ugly pair Specs?”
“As I got into this more and more Dee Anne, it reached the point where sometimes I wanted to be noticed, and stared at, so every once in a while I would wear glasses like this just for the shock effect.  And, these were great glasses to wear into optical stores, and ask pretty young female opticians questions that I knew they didn’t have the knowledge to answer.  It is a real thrill to have a young lady optician exclaim, “Oh my, I have never seen a pair of glasses this strong before.”  Then I would carry on a lengthy conversation with them about my terrible eyesight and how I am blind without my glasses.”
“Do you have a large collection of glasses Specs?”
“I do Dee Anne.  At last count I had very close to 400 pairs in my collection.  I am trying to reduce it slowly, but it is hard for me to part with my collection.  I have traded with friends around the world as well.  Some of the glasses are ones I can wear with the appropriate contact lenses, but a lot of them are just ones that I like the looks of, and have too much correction for astigmatism for me to ever wear.
“Are there a large number of people who have this fetish Specs?”
“I have been introduced to a few of the others in our community in person Dee Anne.  Those people I know are real.  And, each of the people I have met in person have also met others who I know only as names on the Internet.  However, I can be confident that these people are indeed real.  But, as with everything else in life, many of the people I have met through the Internet could in fact be posing as someone they are not.   I do believe that there are a fairly large number of real people around the world who have this fetish, and I think that only the tip of the iceberg has been seen so far.  I think that after this show is aired, there will be a much larger number of visitors to the various Internet sites in the next few days.”
“Would you consider this fetish to be harmless Specs?”
“For me it is Dee Anne, but as with everything that deviates from the norm, there could be some who might take it beyond harmless.  There have been cases of optic obsessed people stealing other peoples glasses, but to my knowledge no one has ever been seriously harmed by this fetish.”
“How deep does this fetish go Specs?”
“Well, I know that you wear glasses yourself Dee Anne.”
“I haven’t worn glasses in years.  I do wear contact lenses though.”
“Well, here is a picture of you wearing glasses Dee Anne.”
“Oh my God Specs, where did you get this. This is my 8th grade graduation picture.  I think it is the only one that I ever had taken wearing glasses.”
“Oh, it was posted on one of our internet sites Dee Anne.  I also know that your contact lens prescription is –10D in each eye, and that you wear focus daily disposables.”
“I suppose that you found that on the Internet as well,” Dee Anne said sarcastically.
“Well, no, not quite.  While I was waiting I slipped into your private dressing room, and checked the medicine box in your bathroom.  I figured you would have a stash of spares around here, and I was right.”
“So your fetish included searching my private dressing room!”
“Well, I didn’t exactly have to do much of a search, but yes Dee Anne, it did.”
“We are running short of time here Specs, but I wanted to quickly ask you about induced myopia.”
“Dee Anne, there are a number of people who want to wear glasses themselves, but can’t get a prescription from a legitimate eye doctor.  So, they often borrow glasses from friends, and wear them in the hopes that their own eyes will adapt to the glasses, and that they will indeed end up needing glasses themselves. And some people take it a step further by making their eyes adapt to stronger and stronger glasses.”
“Do you think that this works Specs?”
“Yes, I do to a certain extent.  I know for a fact that if you put a pair of minus glasses on a young child, the child will often require stronger and stronger prescriptions until they reach an age where they are no longer in school doing a lot of close work.  There is a lot of argument at this time, with one school of thought advising that all children be forced to use plus lenses for all their close work.   This doesn’t work in all cases, but it has been shown to work often enough that a proper study should be done. I myself had induced around –7D of myopia at one time, but all of a sudden I could no longer maintain my accommodation.  I had started too late in life to do this permanently.  However, if I had started as a child, I am sure that I would have ended up needing a strong permanent correction.”
“We really have to close now Specs4ever.  But, thank you so much for being on the show, I believe that it was very informative for our viewers.”
“Thanks for having me Dee Anne.”
“Next week we will have a cross dressing male, and a cross dressing female on the show to discuss the cross dressing fetish. And the week after that we will be discussing the amputee fetish.  Please join us at the same time for the next 3 weeks while we explore some of the different fetishes in depth. Good night all.”
Specs4ever, with editing by Aliena
July 2004

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