Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Just a mini story by Doreen. BTW, English is not Doreen's mother tongue, and look how she can write stories it her second language. It is really unusual. And very good.

by Doreen F.

Alex and her friend Mel used to go to the same coffee shop every Wednesday and Friday during their semester. They always went there during their lunch break. The coffee shop was opposite the university and offered the best coffee in town and had great bagels as well. And there also was a really cute and funny waiter who was always joking around. He was not very tall, but slim and had dark blond hair, which was a bit longer, but not too long and he had the bluest eyes Alex had ever seen. His name was Jay and he always gave Alex a smile which lasted a bit longer than would have been normal.

Mel soon noticed that Alex had developed a major crush on their waiter and kept teasing her. She used to say that his hair was probably dyed and his blue eyes were certainly contact lenses since the blue was way too intense to be real. Alex did not mind the teasing and really enjoyed going to the coffee shop and the occasional flirt with Jay. Sometimes she even went there on other days to grab a coffee-to-go only to see Jay. This went on for some time and the Christmas holidays were a terrible time for Alex as she missed going to the coffee shop. She knew that she was imagining things and Jay was probably nice to all his customers. And he probably had a girlfriend waiting for him back home.

On the Wednesday after the holidays Alex and Mel went to the coffee shop and Alex was really looking forward to it. But to her disappointment Jay was not there. Maybe he had taken a day off or he was sick. She did not dare ask any of the other waiters. But Mel immediately asked their waitress, where Jay was.

“Jay has taken today off, but don’t ask me why the boss allowed it. I’m busy as hell.”
“Thanks anyway.”

Alex was really sad she had not seen Jay, but hoped he would be in on Friday.

On Friday Alex was counting the minutes until she met with Mel in order to go to the coffee shop. They went in and sat down at their usual table. When Alex saw Jay her heart missed a beat. He was wearing glasses which made him look very different, but cute all the same. Mel who had seen him as well said teasingly, “See, I told you the blue of his eyes was fake, next his wig will come off.”

“Very funny.”

“Oh come on, you have to accept that he’s not that perfect.”

“Stop it, Mel.”

Jay was approaching their table.

“Hi girls, how have you been? Sorry I wasn’t here on Wednesday.”

“We missed you on Wednesday.”

“I wish I had been here, but I couldn’t make it. What can I get you?”

They placed their orders and Jay left.

Alex tried to watch Jay without being too obvious. He did not look too bad in glasses. The frames were silver wire-rims and rectangular. His eyes were still blue, but not quite as intense. They had more grey and looked much bigger behind the glasses.

When Jay returned with their coffees and bagels, Alex and Mel were giggling about something.

“What’s so funny?” Jay asked.

“Nothing, really, it’s just that I kept telling Alex that I knew your eyes could not possibly be that blue and she would not believe it until today.”

“So now I’m the living proof to your theory. I didn’t realise that you had nothing else to talk about but the colour of my eyes.”

Alex felt herself blush.

“Who says we hadn’t?” Mel replied.

“Touché. Uh, I’ve got work to do now, but you’re not off the hook. I want to know what else you’ve been talking about. How about meeting tonight after work?”

“I’d love to, but I can’t. I’m meeting my boyfriend.” Mel said.

“Too bad, what about you?” he asked Alex.

“Me? I’m free tonight.”

“Great. Could you come here at six? My shift ends around then.”

“Sounds great.” Alex smiled.

“Maybe you should exchange phone numbers in case something comes up”, Mel suggested.

“Good idea.”

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