Monday, March 18, 2013

Myopia Virus from Outer Space

by R.J.

After having my dinner I went out for a walk on the seashore. It was quite late and dark there. The sea was calm and the sky was clear. After walking some distance, I sat down to relax and enjoy the cool breeze. While looking at the mesh of stars, my eyes got focused on one big twinkling star. It was a lot bigger than any other star in the sky. The star kept growing in size quite rapidly and in few minutes it came so close and made me realize that it’s not a star but a spaceship. A big egg-shaped spaceship! My eyes and mouth were wide open and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Before I could think of anything, a bright light struck me from the spaceship and when I blinked open my eyes I was inside it. I was sitting inside the spaceship in the same position as I was sitting on the beach. For a moment it felt like I am watching one of those science-fiction movies, but it was real and I was inside a real spaceship.

It was dark inside and suddenly there was light. What I saw, I couldn’t believe, a beautiful woman approaching me! I had no idea what was going on. Is she an alien, but she looked human! A woman!
As she came closer, I was mesmerized by her beauty. She had curly-brown hair, slender body, tall legs, and sharp facial features. She was amazingly beautiful. I asked her what’s going on. Who are you and where am I?? She didn’t respond back. Not sure if she could understand my language. She came up-close. She was a perfect woman. I looked into her eyes and her pupils were white, which was quite strange and it appeared as though she is blind.

She held my hand and I walked after her. I didn’t have any control over myself. I could sense everything but just couldn’t do as per my own will. It seemed as though I was hypnotized with some awareness on what’s going on. She took me to an area in the spaceship that was lighted red and suddenly I started feeling seduced. I was all erected and she started kissing and licking all over me. Was it the moment I was living for! We had a sex that I have never experienced before. After it was all over, she left me in a semi-conscious state. I was lying there with an ecstatic feeling that was out of the world. It felt like my body was floating in the air, relaxed, and satisfied. I was in that state when I realized I had a company again and was induced to have sex. It was an intense and uncontrollable feeling, and I had sex again.

I don’t know how many times I had sex with alien woman / one or more in that spaceship as I was hardly conscious. I was at the point where I could barely open my eyes or focus on anything. I don’t know for how many hours / days I was in that state. My body finally gave up and I passed out.

When I gained my sense back, I could feel the heat of sun on my body and hear the ocean. It felt as though I am lying on the beach. I opened my eyes but couldn’t see anything. There was a huge blur in front of me eyes. I could make out that I am not in the spaceship anymore but on the beach, but I can’t see anything. I started panicking, my heart started beating fast, and I got goosebumps. I closed my eyes, rubbed them, and opened them again to see nothing but the blur. I couldn’t even make out any images, just the blur with smear of vague colors. I started shouting for help. It was day time and a passing-by jogger came to my help. I asked him where am I. When he told me the location, I realized I was at the same place on the beach where I went for the walk last night. I requested him to take me to my house which was nearby as I couldn’t see anything due to an accident I had on the beach last night.

He dropped me at my home. I don’t know what to tell my wife. What happened with me last night and how did I become blind! I couldn’t tell her that I had sex with an alien woman and she blinded me. I made up a story that I saw a bright shooting star which came very close to earth and its flashing light made me blind and I got unconscious. I think it was easy for her to believe as there was a news flash of a UFO seen in the area.

She immediately took me to the eye hospital. Every doctor was totally surprised to hear my story of sudden blindness. After doing some initial exams, they figured out that I am not totally blind, and took me through a series of tests. They placed variety of lenses in front of my eyes and after a long and tedious exercise, it was determined that I could see things. They went on till I could make out images better but not quite as well. However, I was relieved to see again.

Doctors could not conclude the etiology of my blindness. All they told me was that I have acquired very high myopia of – 40 diopters and they will be giving me glasses so that I could see again. They said that it will take them at least 3 days to get the glasses for me. I and my wife were happy to hear that I would be able to see again but we had no idea how bad– 40 glasses could be.

I stayed in hospital for the next two days, eagerly waiting to see again. Doctors carried on their tests and kept asking me what happened that night. I told them the same story of seeing the spaceship and the flashing light from it made me blind. The only assumption every eye specialist could make was that bright light might have produced very high-degree myopia, but they all assured me that I would be able to see again.

Finally on third day, the nurse and the doctors came to un-bandage my eyes. I was thrilled that I could see again. They placed the glasses on my nose and asked me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes and could see again through the glasses but everything looked smaller than usual and when I moved my eyes from the center my vision got severely distorted. When I moved my head around, it seemed as the entire room has moved along. It gave me a dizzy feeling. I looked at my wife and saw tears rolling down her cheek.
Nurse then brought the mirror in front of me. I was horrified to see what I was wearing. 

They were the thickest glasses I have ever seen on anyone. There was a circular lens within the lens and my eyes appeared very small. The overall thickness of lens was quite a lot and it protruded out of the frames quite a lot. The glasses completely changed my looks and I look weird. I looked like as if I am visually handicapped. I pulled them out of my face only to realize that I am visually impaired now. Everything went out of focus and transformed into a gigantic blur. I almost busted out but somehow controlled myself. My wife hugged me and comforted. I had to put my glasses back as I had no other choice.
We then bombarded the doctors with lot of questions. We enquired about laser surgery, implants, thinner glasses, and what not, but the doctor ruled out all the options as they feared retinal detachment as it was very risky to perform any operation due to elongated eyeball and thin retina. They have no cure for me except to wear glasses for the rest of my life. Due to extremely high myopia, I couldn’t get any better glasses. This is the best they could make for such a high prescription. Also they told me that these glasses would minify everything which would reduce my ability to see normal. They told me I would have to use magnifying glass to read fine prints comfortably and I won’t be able to drive on my own. I will not be able to perform strenuous physical activities as they feared retinal detachment.
My life changed drastically. Now I am visually impaired, although I could perform my day to day tasks quite well but still there were lot of things I could not do independently. 

Fortunately, I have a caring wife who has supported me throughout and is taking care of me quite well as I am coping with it.

Sitting at home I could remember that night. I had the pleasure of my life. It was the sex that I could never imagine, but I paid a huge price for it. As I was thinking about it, the entire scene flashed in front of me, when I first had sex with the alien woman and after it was over she came close and gazed in my eyes and her pupils were no longer white in color. They were black! Yes, I am sure I remember that quite well even though I was not in my full senses. After having sex with me how could her eyes turned black from white?? Did she transfer any sort of myopia virus from her eyes to mine? All the facts point me to that direction because nothing else has happened that could damage my eyes.

I still can’t believe what happened to me. I paid a huge price for a night’s pleasure in the spaceship.

Readers beware of that alien spaceship as it might make you visually handicapped forever!

R.J. in March 2009

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