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The Nearsighted Robot

by Specs4ever

Gordon had never in his life had a long, successful relationship, and now he was alone again. The relationship that had just ended had looked very promising at the beginning, but Heather had not liked it that he preferred her wearing her glasses. From Gordon's point of view, Heather, with her severe myopia had been the ideal partner for him. Gordon really liked women that were totally dependent on their glasses and ever since he was a small boy, he had been strongly attracted to females that wore glasses.
As he thought that this might indicate that he was somewhat mental, Gordon had spent a fair amount of time and money for visits to psychiatrists. Fortunately, Gordon could afford it because he was very successful in his work and had a really good income. He had started a firm restoring vintage cars, like the Mercedes SL 300 Gull Wing. As so many of the other firms in the business of car restoration did, the cars were completely dismantled before they were reassembled. But what made Gordon's company special was that he implemented modern technology into the old cars, without altering any of their design characteristics. This meant he put a new engine, airbags and modern electronics into the old cars. The chassis were remodeled to bring the cars technically up to date. He had a long waiting list of customers and he charged them a lot of money for the restoration of their cars. It seemed a bit silly to Gordon, as they could easily get a brand new Porsche turbo for what they spent on their vintage cars. But, he had found that people were frequently not logical.
Well, most of the psychiatrists had not been able to help Gordon. And all of them spent quite a long time with him before they told him that they couldn't help him. They left poor Gordon thinking that he was just very slightly mentally off. But last year, everything changed when a young doctor told him that he was perfectly sane, that his preference for women wearing glasses could be compared to the preference that many men have for blondes or brunettes. On this memorable day Gordon gave up all the restrictions he had put onto himself.

Two days later he had met Heather. She was in a shopping mall, on her hands and knees looking for one of the rigid gas permeable contact lenses she had lost. Gordon was gifted with extremely good eyesight and spotted the lost lens almost immediately. He collected it from the floor and was about to give it to Heather, when he suddenly decided against it, pretending to pick up a piece of cellophane paper for the lost lens. He had generously offered to help Heather to an optician office in the mall. Gordon could see that Heather's stereoscopic vision was non-existent with only one lens in her eyes, because Heather's right eye was constantly drifting inwards.

Of course they had no lens on hand strong enough to correct Heather's severe myopia and it would take several days to get one. This meant that Heather would be forced to wear glasses for the next few days. Heather was unable to drive her BMW home, because the spare pair of glasses she carried in her car for occasions like this had one lens missing. Ironically, it was the left lens. She had left her left contact lens in and it was very arousing for Gordon to see her trying to function with this strange combination.
Gordon offered to take her home in her car and that he would have one of his employee's pick him up at her home. Gordon was thrilled, because occasions like this one only occurred in dreams. He found out that Heather was divorced and had been living on her own for almost two years now. It looked like she could be almost ready to begin another relationship. It was not necessary to have anyone pick Gordon up at her home, as they appeared to be ideally matched, and he stayed overnight at Heather's place. Soon they moved in together. Gordon enjoyed seeing her in glasses and he had found ways to keep her wearing her glasses. He was continuously manipulating her contacts. He would put a tiny scratch on the inside of one lens, or heat one lens with a hair dryer in order to alter the base curve of the lens. Gordon was careful enough not to do his sabotage too often, but finally Heather tired of the bother, and gave up using contacts at all.
She wore her glasses instead and was glad that Gordon accepted her the way she was. He was also very attentive when they made love, letting her keep her -22D glasses on so she could see. Her former husband would never let her do this.

When she introduced the topic of lasik, Gordon began to panic. His panic increased even more when he heard the doctor say that Heather was an ideal candidate. He paid the doctor a fair bit of money to change his opinion, and Heather continued to wear glasses. But, it seems that often women feel that something is wrong and somehow she found out that Gordon had a fetish and that she was the target of his fetish.
After that, it was only a matter of a couple of weeks before Gordon was alone again, sitting in his car and driving aimlessly around, as he always did on such occasions. Later in his office, he had calmed down enough so that he could think things over in a more rational manner.

Why should he not put an advertisement into one of the major US papers? Something like: Gentleman in his late 30's looking for a female, bespectacled, partner 25 to 35 years old. Gordon looked around in his office to see if he still had a copy of the Washington Post. He remembered that they had advertisements of people seeking partners in their Friday edition.
He found only a local paper and he filed through the pages when an insert caught his attention. It said: "Gentlemen are you tired of your partner always arguing about this and that. Is it impossible for you to do anything right in her eyes? If so, we could have the solution for you! Be advised that it is not cheap, but you will get the best partner for your money! If you are interested please call, 385-4499."

Gordon was amused. It was the right thing to read after this lousy morning. What could be wrong if he called this number to obtain more information? He picked up the phone and called the number.
A very sexy female voice answered his call. "Household Robotics, how may I direct your call Sir?" came the voice out of the phone.
Household robotics; what the heck is this? Gordon thought and was about to hang-up.
When he paused a little, the girl on the phone said: I take it you have called in response to our ad in the paper, Sir. You know everybody pauses like you just did when they hear our firm's name. Our offer is serious and I must tell you that our product does cost a lot of money. If this doesn't scare you, give me your address and I will have our corporate car pick you up for a visit to our firm. Gordon was amused and very curious by now and he automatically gave his address. An hour later a black stretch limousine was waiting outside his office. Gordon locked his door and walked towards the limo. A very sexy looking female driver got out. She wore a super short miniskirt revealing a pair of legs that seemed to have no end. Nice, prominent, well-formed breasts attracted more than a quick glance from Gordon.

"Are you Gordon?" she asked. Gordon nodded his assent, and she continued, "My name is Susie, and I'm your driver."
Gordon got into the Limo. They drove silently for 30 minutes. All questions about the firm and the product it wanted to sell remained unanswered. The only thing Gordon got out of Susie was that he would see with his own eyes and that he could decide if whether he wanted the product or not. Gordon's curiosity peaked when they finally arrived in a remote area on the edge of town. The limo stopped and Susie opened the door and escorted Gordon to the reception area.

"Please wait here Gordon," she said, "someone will be with you momentarily, but I need to recharge my energy now."
Gordon was still trying to figure out what she meant about recharging her energy, when he saw her walk around the receptionist's counter, pulling out a cable from underneath and plugging the jack into her right nostril. Gordon started to laugh out loud. "What is this all about? Are you pulling my leg?"
"No," said Susie, "I'm a 4500 super deluxe robot and I need to charge my batteries"
Susie sat down behind the bar and Gordon could see that her eyes were taking on a green glow. Gordon was dazzled.
"Oh just in case you see my eyes glow green, it indicates that my battery is charging. It only takes 5 minutes, and after that I don't require any further charging for about a week unless I drive a lot and then I need more power," Susie said.
"Hi Gordon, I'm George, I own this firm. Please excuse Susie, she tends to shock our potential customers. Only those she finds attractive," another voice said.

Gordon turned his head and saw a distinguished looking man in his early 50's. They shook hands and Gordon was escorted to a showroom. He saw all kinds of thin and plump women, some beautiful, and some very ordinary.
"Say hello to Gordon." George ordered.
'Hello Gordon." came the chorus back.
It seemed like a dream to Gordon. This is impossible he thought.

Well Gordon, we have been producing these Robots for about 6 months after developing and testing them for several years. They are safe and work perfectly and come with a lifetime warranty. But, before I continue, I have to advise you that our best robot, the 4500 like Susie, costs $350,000 US. This price should convince you that we are serious. You pay the price and you can have your companion made up to your liking. We can give them any feature you like. You can program them the way you like. You can even have them with an aging component.
"An aging component?" Gordon asked.
Yes, Gordon, we use a natural skin on the titanium skeleton of our robots. The skin is produced from human cell cultures and covers the robot. The skin can be programmed to remain young or to alter during a natural aging process. You can choose if your future companion should be gifted with eternal youth or just ages naturally like you, Gordon. For this reason, our robots eat normal food to keep the skin life-like and also to keep the bio-reaction functions intact in order to give it a natural and warm appearance."

"Gordon, I will ask you again if you can pay the $350,000 for the ideal companion?"
Gordon thought it over for a second and told the man he could.
"Now the next step, will be for you to fill out a questionnaire to tell us exactly how your 4500 should look like. As I told you we could give her any appearance you like. It's absolutely no problem for us to have her look like Angelina Jolie or like Anastacia. You can also choose the timbre of her voice, if you wish," George told him.
Gordon asked, "If I choose her to be like Anastacia, would this mean she would also need glasses?"
Not unless you wanted her programmed to wear glasses, Gordon. This can be easily done using our software. You can make her nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatic or even cross-eyed if you want her that way. We introduced this specific feature because one of our clients suggested that we should."

Oh I'm not alone Gordon thought, and asked George "Who was that?"
"Oh it was a young doctor, I think a psychiatrist." George told him.
"How long will you need from the time I pay my deposit until I can have the completed product?" Gordon asked.
'It generally takes us no more than 4 weeks from today if you can decide what features you want," replied George.
The only thing Gordon was absolutely sure of was that she should wear very strong glasses. What other features should his 4500 have? Gordon just wasn't sure, and actually felt that it really didn't matter. Actually the features of Susie, the driver that had brought him here were almost perfect, so he asked George, " may I have another look at Susie?"
"Sure, I will go get her," said George. He returned immediately with her.
"Can I see her naked?" Gordon asked.
"Of course you can, Gordon. It's your right to inspect the merchandise. She is all yours. Call me when you're done." George said with a broad grin on his face, as he left the room.

Susie, or if you prefer to call it model 4500 came over and said: "So, you want to see me naked. It's fine with me. You are about to spend a lot of money on one of us, so you want to know what you get for your money."
Soon, she was undressed and turned around in front of Gordon who was convinced that she looked perfect. Everything seemed to be at the right places.
"You can touch my breasts if you want," Susie, the model 4500 said, "they really seem to be natural and my other sexual parts are fully functional, too."
Gordon was sure that he was going to buy one of these fabulous 4500's. Rather than spending the money on a relationship with a natural woman again, whose outcome was rather uncertain, Gordon preferred to spend his money on such a toy. While she was showing George all her features, Susie had shown him how to access the service bay in her neck, which was well hidden under her full blonde hair. Gordon decided he knew enough and after Susie had dressed up again, she went to look for George to get Gordon's order.

Gordon filled out a questionnaire for the basic programming of the robot. It was a long questionnaire and it took Gordon over an hour to fill it out. It was crucial George had told him, to fill it out carefully, because based on this questionnaire the character of his future companion would be programmed. The better it matched Gordon, the less fine programming was necessary later on. The price for each of the 4500 robots included a portable computer commonly known as a notebook. With these computers you could check every system and subsystem of your 4500. If you worked on the visual system of your robot and let's say you programmed myopia of -2.5 diopters, the robot would claim to have to go and see an optician, because their distant vision was somewhat blurry. Gordon was anxious. He couldn't wait to get his robot companion.

Almost exactly 4 weeks later, the phone rang at Gordon's desk. Gordon picked up the receiver and listened.
"Hi Gordon, I'm Liz, can you come over and pick me up please?"
The voice sounded very feminine and sexy and Gordon immediately knew that it was his 4500 calling, informing him that she was ready.
"And Gordon, we need to stop at an optical store, because I have broken my glasses during the trials. Without my glasses I can't see a thing and I am quite helpless," Liz said.

Gordon was exited. It was Friday afternoon, and he was alone in his office. The work was done. So he told her that he would be there to pick her up in 20 minutes. Gordon hurried out of his office and almost forgot to lock it. He drove directly to the firm where he had been 4 weeks earlier. He rushed into the reception room. Susie was waiting for him and led him to another room. A beautiful girl was sitting on a couch.
"Gordon this is Liz, your own model 4500 sitting over there." said Susie. "I know she told you that she broke her glasses this afternoon during the final tests where we do sports. They fell from her face and she stepped on them. George said that the price for new ones is covered by our contract with you. Just get her a new pair, and send us the bill so we can refund you the money."

Gordon saw Liz for the first time. He had previously only seen photographs of her. She looked quite beautiful and had dark blonde hair and her figure, compared to Susie's was just a little bit more on the fuller side. Not much, just the 6 pounds or so more that made her look ideal by Gordon's standards.

Liz turned her head towards Gordon saying: "You must be Gordon. I can't see you without my glasses. I stepped on them this afternoon. They're smashed and I can't see anything without them." as she squinted her eyes at Gordon.

Gordon came over to her and said, "Well then Liz, let's get new glasses for you, before we go home."
Upon leaving, Gordon paid the final instalment for Liz and got the notebook and password to control her. Gordon led her to his car. Liz, still struggling to see, gave up her useless squinting. It was amazing how useful it had been to have filled out the questionnaire. Liz is perfect thought Gordon. Ten minutes or so later, Gordon parked his James Dean-like Porsche, speedster at the malls parking lot.

"Here we are at the mall Liz. Soon you'll have your new glasses and be able to see again," said Gordon.
He took her hand and they walked hand in hand to the optical store. Gordon told them that Liz had lost her glasses and needed new ones. Fortunately, enough the eye-doc was still in and he started examining Liz's eyes. He didn't notice that Liz was not human being, but was instead a robot.
Liz's eyes seemed to be perfectly intact, besides the refractory anomaly of her high myopia. After a quite long routine of: "Do you see the chart better now, or was it better before?' the doctor wrote down his prescription, which read: OS -22.75, cyl -2.75 axis 75; OD -23.75 cyl, -1.25 axis 125.

"You are a very nearsighted young lady," the doctor said, as he escorted them back towards the store. Of course they didn't have the necessary lenses in stock, so this meant that Liz would have to wait until Monday afternoon to get her glasses. The girl at the reception desk suggested another option. One of their clients had a prescription that was very close to Liz's. She was away on her holidays for another two weeks and had not been able to collect her glasses before she left. If Liz liked the frames, they would lend Liz the glasses and she would be able to use them until her own arrived Monday. They tested those glasses as suggested. They were red oval shaped Calvin Klein frames. Liz could see quite well with them. Gordon glanced at the tray that had been holding the new glasses, trying to identify the customer's name printed on the card. It read Heather O' Donnell. Gordon almost fainted. Those glasses Liz was wearing now were his former girlfriend's new ones. Liz looked just wonderful in them. And she could see almost perfectly with them. Gordon paid for the glasses and the eye exam.

They returned to the car and headed home. Liz seemed to be functioning well now that she had her new glasses. She had looked at Gordon very carefully, and intently. It seemed to Gordon as if she had to scan the features of her new master into her memory. Gordon was convinced that he had done the right thing. The money didn't bother him. Her cost was peanuts for him. Over the past 10 years he had lived only for his business, except for a few longer lasting relationships with women that fitted his needs. Now it was different. The 4500, after all was no human being. Gordon had always thought that his addiction was somehow slightly insane. Now Gordon could live his fetish without remorse. He was now at a point where his fetish and its target were the same. Gordon felt a great relief. From now on he wouldn't hurt any human being, nor would he be hurt again. This was a wonderful feeling. Finally they reached Gordon's home.

Gordon sat down on his leather couch. He had switched on his notebook and hooked it up to Liz's system files. He looked at the stored data, where he could view the eye exam that Liz just had. He could see the eye chart come into focus, looking through the various trial lenses. Now Gordon could see for himself how much difference a few more dioptres made to her corrected vision. This excited Gordon, and soon enough Gordon was able to check that Susie's promise concerning the sexual parts of the 4500 series was also 100 percent true.

After putting the couch in order again, they went upstairs to the bedroom. After a long day Gordon was just tired, and his new companion needed a charge for her batteries as well. Gordon stepped out of his bathroom after a long shower. He went to bed and saw that his 4500 had rested as well. A cable was hooked to her left ear's external orifice. Her glasses lay neatly folded on the nightstand. They excited Gordon with their relatively thick myodisc lenses in an elegant oval red frame.

But, Gordon was very tired and immediately went sound to sleep. He would dream about the future use of his 4500, but hopefully he would awake rested, as Saturday usually was the busiest day of the week in his show room. Everyone seemed to be interested in his modern technology of reproducing vintage cars.
Gordon woke up from a gentle touch on his face, followed by a soft, sexual kiss on his lips. He opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was a pair of red, thick myodisc lensed oval-shaped, plastic glasses.

"Good morning Gordon," said a gentle voice between placing another kiss, this time on his left cheek. "Sorry Gordon, I overreacted. I know now that you are serious about me and that you like me wearing my thick glasses."
"Liz?" Gordon said, still in a fog.
"No Gordon, wake up, it's me, Heather. I have come back! Sorry about all those awful things I said to you yesterday morning. You have been talking all night about a model 4500 and it's special features. Is it a new car you have to restore?"
Oh, what the heck, thought Gordon, Heather's back? Where's the 4500 gone? Suddenly Gordon realized that this had only been a dream. He hugged and kissed Heather and held her close.

"We have another hour before we have to go to the office Heather. I like your new glasses. Are the lenses a bit stronger again?"

A few months later, a happily married couple drove off from the chapel in an almost new 56 Corvette. People remembered that the bride had beautiful blond hair and wore a pair of red-framed glasses, with very thick lenses.

Specs4ever, from a story by Andy, and edited further by Aliena.
Sept. 2002

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