Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eyescene down and the community

by Bobby

I have been thinking about the last failure of the EyeScene. I do not know how many people of the community noticed that. Only two reacted via FB. 

It was not for the first time when EyeScene was down. Actually when I found EyeScene many years ago, it had been down for weeks. What I found was just static, dead bulletin board forum. In spite of the lifelessness of the forum I was reading it with quite a passion. There was another forum about glasses, which was alive and served as a substitution. It was called Vision World Forum (you can find something completely different under this name now) and it consisted of one single strip of contributions made by many people.

Some months later the EyeScene started running again and most people moved back to the old place to talk about glasses and exchange links of, those years rather scarce, pictures of girls-with-glasses. 

Occasional failures may happen to any website. EyeScene runs thanks to Moonshiner, who cares for the technical things. It used to be run by Chris, but after more than 10 years of functioning as an admin, owner and operator of the website he got tired and decided to hand over the stuff to somebody else. He just did not feel like running it any more. Even under the supervision of such professional as Chris surely is EyeScene suffered several failures. It may happen anytime.

So, I think it has shown us clearly how important for our community is to have two forums: "EyeScene" and "Vision&Spex". If either of them goes down the community does not get lost nor desintegrated and can gather at the other site. You see, FaceBook is good, but not al of us have the profiles at this modern social network.

So, what I wanted to say is just: Keep visiting both discussions and do not hesitate to contribute, as these are the Internet shelters or our small community.

And, as an illustration I am pasting a very old picture from the early days. I have had this picture in somewhere my HDD for probably 15 years. Just a month ago or so Specs4ever sent me an e-mail with the picture as an attachment. Yes, let us remember the old days for a while. 

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  1. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Hi Bobby,

    It certainly looks like EyeScene is down. Hopefully not forever, that would be a bit of a loss. I've been a regular visitor for more than 13 years and I enjoy it every day.