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Glasses Forever

This story is the first of a 2 part SPOOF. It is written as a spoof, it is intended to be a spoof, and no person, or animal has been harmed in the writing of this story.

by Specs4ever

I love girls that wear glasses. I don’t know when it started in my life, but I do know that every sexual fantasy I have ever had has included a girl wearing glasses with strong, thick minus lenses. And, many of these fantasies have occurred shortly after I have met, and followed a lady with glasses around a mall, or grocery store. I am indeed an addict.

For the last 20 years, I have been the manager of a packaging factory. We hire mostly women to do the work, as it is light work. Unfortunately, the pay is just a little over minimum wage, so we can’t be too choosy with the ladies we hire. Also, in the summer, we hire a lot of female students from the local high school and university.
The first year I was employed by the company, I was given free reign over the hiring. My assistant, Karen, was one of my first employees, and when Karen came through the door of the office I knew I had to have her working here. Karen was a high myope, and at the time was wearing glasses with lenses that were around –15D. I hired Karen, and we dated off and on for several years, but we really didn’t get along that well even though she didn’t wear contacts and had glasses with CR39 plastic lenses that were nearly an inch thick, so we have now gone back to being, just friends and co-workers.

But, after I hired Karen, I began to see the potential. Since one of the products we packaged in aerosol cans was a bit caustic, I decided to post a sign at the entrance to the area where the ladies worked. The sign read, “FOR SAFETY NO CONTACT LENSES BEYOND THIS POINT”. When I was interviewing any prospective employee, I would, while giving a tour of the factory, point out the sign, and tell them that if they wore contacts, we could go no further. Anyone who did wear contacts was asked to change to their glasses, and if they didn’t have glasses with them, they were requested to return the following day, wearing glasses. Once I saw them wearing glasses, I could choose to hire them if I wished. And, once in a while I would hire someone that didn’t wear glasses, just to make it look as though I didn’t have all glasses wearers around. But, it didn’t make much difference, because everyone had to wear safety glasses anyway. I really do think that I had about the best collection of high myopes that anyone could have found gathered in one location.

The only problem that I could think of was that just too many great looking women that wore glasses surrounded me. With such a fantastic field to choose from, I just couldn’t pick that one special one to marry and settle down with.

And Ladies And Gentleman, that has been my story. Thank you for listening, and I will now introduce you to Andwar Singh, who will tell you his tale.

Hi, yes, thank you for the introduction Peter. My name is Andwar, but please call me Andy. I came here to this country from India. In India, I had always found myself to be attracted to girls that wore glasses, but in my country there were very few of them. And, if I did find a girl that wore nice strong glasses, it was very likely that she was to be wed to another man, for unlike America, most marriages are arranged. So, rather than upset my parents by refusing to marry the daughter of friends, I emigrated here.

I was fortunate to be hired as the assistant manager of a convenience store. After a year, I was made manager, and I could hire anyone I wanted. I was responsible for everything; pilferage, money shortages, replacing girls that didn’t show up for work, ensuring that the stock was replenished, and every other imaginable thing. I would hire girls that went to the nearby high school, and I began to hire only those girls that wore glasses. I myself was only 25 at the time, but I soon found that, while I enjoyed having these girls working for me, they were so young that there was no possible chance of a love interest with any of them.

Things went on this way for about 5 years, and while I had met some customers who wore nice strong glasses, I had been unable to form any attachments. One day the door to the store opened, and a young lady of my racial background walked up to the counter. She was far too young for me, but I fell in love immediately with the thick glasses she wore.

“Are you the guy who will only hire girls who wear glasses to work in your store?” she asked.

Oh my goodness, I had not realized that my reputation was that and I was so well known for it. But I answered her by telling her that I would hire anyone who was willing to do the job, providing they were over 14, and were willing to work for at least 2 hours a day after school. She told me that she had just turned 14, and she could work every night until 7:00 pm, so I had her start the following day.

Over the next few weeks, I formed a special attachment to Mandeep. Mandy, as she was called here, had just lost her father recently, and she and her mother were finding it hard to survive financially. Mandy wanted to get contact lenses to replace her thick glasses, and her mother had told her that she would have to earn the money herself. I found myself telling her that she looked very nice wearing her glasses. She replied, telling me that if I liked her in her stupid, thick glasses, then I would love her mother, as her glasses were even stronger and thicker.

With that I began to think of ways that I might meet Mandy’s mom. Mandy worked most evenings until 7:00, and then another girl replaced her. But, I couldn’t leave the store. Finally I was fortunate enough to hire an older woman who was willing to work the shift from 6:00 pm until midnight, when the store closed. So, when Mandy was finished work, I would offer to drive her home. Sometimes she would let me, but more often than not she would refuse, and would walk home. Every time I drove her home, I was hoping beyond hope to meet Mandy’s mom, but so far I had not been fortunate enough to do so. And, I think Mandy was teasing me, as she never once invited me to come in.

It had been about six months since Mandy had started, and one evening just before 7 pm, the store door opened, and a woman wearing the traditional Indian sari entered. I guessed by looking at the strong myodisc lenses in her glasses that this lady was probably Mandy’s mom.

This was confirmed when Mandy called out to her mom. Mandy then called me over, and introduced me to Rita, her mother. I was immediately hooked. Rita was about my age, and she was very attractive. And, as an added bonus, she was a Hindu. I could tell my parents back in India that I had found a bride that they could be happy with.

Rita, and I dated, and soon we fell in love. For me, I loved her from the first minute I saw her. After about six months, we were married. Now Mandy has a half sister, and a half brother. Both children are very nearsighted, and wear strong glasses much like Mandy did when she first came to work for me 13 years ago. Mandy has been married for about 3 years now, and she has a beautiful baby girl. Oh, and Mandy still hasn’t gotten around to getting contacts, and now I doubt that she ever will.

Thank you all for listening to me. Now I will introduce you to Robert, who you have seen here at the meetings for the past year or so.

Hello everyone: My name is Robert, and I am gay. I am also a GOC’er, as I wear these thick minus glasses that I have on over plus contacts. A number of years ago, when I met my first partner, I was attracted to him by the very strong, thick minus glasses that he wore. I loved the way the glasses made his beautiful green eyes look so tiny behind his lenses.
After we began living together, I told him of my inner desire to wear glasses as strong and thick and as beautiful as his were. He was an optometrist, and he got me the plus contacts, and the thick glasses that I am wearing to this day. He died not too long ago, and I can never thank him enough for helping me fulfill my dream.
I have had a number of partners since then, and all of my partners have also worn thick minus glasses. I am a true specsaholic.

Thank you for letting me takes the time to speak this evening. Now let me introduce you to Andy’s son in law, Rudendra. We all call him Rudi, for short.

Thanks for the introduction, Robert. I have been married to Andy’s stepdaughter, Mandy, for 3 years now. I first met Mandy when she was working in the convenience store, and I immediately fell in love with the way the light flashed off of the plano fronts of the thick lenses she had in her glasses. We began to date, and as the plano fronts of her glasses gave way to biconcave lenses, I fell even more in love with her. All Mandy could talk about, when we first started dating was how much she wanted to get contact lenses, so she could get rid of her thick, ugly glasses. But, I convinced her that I loved her just as much wearing glasses as I would love her wearing contacts, in fact I love her more wearing her glasses, so over the years she has put off getting contacts, and I hope that she has forgotten all about getting them by now.
Mandy would not marry me until she finished school, and became a teacher. Finally, 3 years ago we were married, and the following year we had a daughter. One of the reasons, I wanted to speak here tonight, was to give you all some good news. I am sure that Andy will be extremely happy too, as I am sure you all will be. Our daughter has just had her first eye exam, and she got her very first pair of glasses today. Her prescription of –10D is very strong for a 2 year old, but she looks fantastic in her new glasses and she can now see so many things. They told us at the one-hour optical store that we were lucky that her prescription wasn’t any stronger, because that is the strongest one-hour prescription that they are able to do.
And now, let me turn you over to Jerry, our leader.

Thanks Rudi, and may I say congratulations on your daughter joining the crowds of glasses wearers. You have a real reason to be proud. But, now we must get down to business. Since we first formed Specsaholics Anonymous over four years ago, the idea behind this group has changed. Originally, those of us that got together wanted to break the hold that glasses had placed on our lives, and a few of us thought that by forming a support group, we could eliminate the strong desires that we all had to meet, and mate people of the opposite sex that also wore strong glasses with thick lenses. Unfortunately, or fortunately, as I am really not sure which it is, as the group increased in size, it became clear to all of us that we really didn’t want to end our admiration and fetish of those wearing glasses. We now have chapters in almost every major city in the country, and instead of trying to break one another of the hold that glasses have on our lives, members are now e-mailing other members, when they spot a new glasses wearer worthy of our admiration.

Over the past few weeks, we have asked everyone to submit a new name for consideration for our growing group. Some of the suggestions have had merit. “Glasses for Life” was one good one. “Make Them Thick as a Brick” really didn’t have much of a chance. Finally, in the end all of us on the executive committee have agreed on, “The Society For The Promotion of Eyeglasses” as being the most reasonable sounding name. Your new membership cards will be sent out very shortly, and I hope that you can, and will accept the new name.
Also, we have hired a lobbyist to attempt to have legislation passed to outlaw laser surgery. We need more donations so that we can put this worthy work into action. Pledge cards are available from any of the executive members.

Many thanks go to the speakers tonight, who shared their stories with us. We will now adjourn and have coffee and doughnuts. Until we meet again, remember our motto, “Glasses Forever.”

Specs4ever, with editing by Aliena.
Dec. 2001

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