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Stories about Deborah 1

Stories inspired by pictures of Deborah
Foreword:After I had uploaded pictures of Deborah (then it was on a Geocities site), the reaction of the community was very strong. Most people liked the pictures very much, although some criticized the "kinky" make-up. I thought the pictures might have been quite inspirational so I asked my friends from the Eye Scene to write some stories about her on 26th Dec. 1999. And lo and behold, my request was taken as a challenge. In ten days, six fictions were written. Andy wrote three of them, which means not only he got a great deal of inspiration but also he did a hard work as English is not his mother tongue. CZski was rather mysterious member of Eye Scene who disappeared later from Internet and never came back again; he had  very special website then too. T.E. is quite unknown member of the community, he just visited Eye Scene for some time, contributed a lot and then ... And the last (but not least) author is Specs4ever, the doyen of the Scene and a very fruitful writer. Now, enjoy the first of stories.

Deborah 1 by Andy

First posted on 27th December 1999 14:57

Well I was thinking a lot about a smart contribution on Deborah. I run a site myself and I know how difficult it is to get always new pictures. Now I look at one of those well done pictures I was able to download from the internet. As a professional photographer I analyse photographs in an other way than just “watchers” do. I realised immediately, that the expression of Deborah eyes is exactly the same as Judy’s modelling for me. It is a crisp and sharp look over the rim of those glasses. Judy does not need glasses yet. Her vision is still perfect. So my opinion is that Deborah was just modelling with those wonderful glasses. I would like to have those glasses for a nice animation on my site. 

Another clue for classifying Deborah a non GWG in real life is that I can’t see any marks of these certainly heavy glasses under the makeup of her nose. The nose area of a GWG is always a traitor. Glasses leave always a mark on your nose. They last very long, even several hours after you have put your contacts in (this is an important hint for lens watchers). OK, Bobby so far my guess about the whole story.

Now here is my fiction about Deborah if she really were a GWG:

Debby woke up to her usual fussy beginning of the day. She closed her eyes again thinking about what was going to happen this day. She remembered that she had still to get a birthday gift for her boss Bobby. She suspected that Bobby knew about the avidly guarded secret of her extremely high myopia. She had worn contacts for the past 20 years. 

She was lucky enough that she had never ever experienced irritations from her contacts so far. In fact she had invented a special cocktail to keep her soft contacts always sterile, soft and gentle to her corneas. She mixed her “cocktail” out of several products available on the market. It was a ritual every month when she started composing her lenses cocktail. This liquid created by her mastermind enabled her as well to sleep with contact lenses, which she was very thankful for, when she had spent the night with her former boyfriends. What did Bobby know about it. Those strange questions about ordering contacts for him via internet. Her boss was quite nearsighted himself, but would never reach her power of –28D. If he knew! Nobody had never ever seen her in glasses besides her optician an her parents. She had lost her parents a couple of years ago in a terrible plane crash and so she shared her secret only with her optician who lived several hundred miles away. With the years passing, hiding her myopia had become an obsession. Deeply in her heart she felt that something had to be done about it. She did feel that her coming out might be near.
She opened her eyes again and could barely recognise the tip of her nose without wearing glasses. She stretched her left arm to reach for the small night stand with her glasses on it. She grabs around and starts to panic because she can’t find her glasses. Finally she touches something familiar. It’s her contact lens case. Carefully she retrieves it from the night stand. The liquid protecting her lenses enables her to insert the lenses directly from the lens case. She opens the case and tries to get her left lens out. She has done it many times before and so it is no problem to manage it without her glasses on. She gets the lens out and the vision of her left eye becomes clear again. Quickly she inserts her right lens. She looks for her glasses and finds them folded in her purse. She must have gone to bed just after getting her contacts out she thinks. She heads for the shower and starts to wash her beautiful body. She gets a little bit of soap into her eyes, but no panic they are protected by her lenses’ cocktail. In another minute she is ready. She wraps in a towel and starts rubbing her body to dry it. She is pleased with her face in the mirror. The money she spent for the hairdresser was worth it. Her thoughts waking up come in her mind again. She has still to get a nice gift for her Boss who has birthday in just two days from now. Her obsessive antipathy towards her glasses and her myopia creeps up in her mind again. It makes her shiver. Her skin is suddenly covered with goose pimples. Something makes her turn around and she returns naked into her bedroom. She takes the glasses out of her purse. She returns to the bathroom, bck to the mirror, witch is fogged up by now from the steam of the hot shower taken before. She grabs her towel and wipes it clean. Now she can see her face again. She places her myodiscs on the nose. Damn it they are fogged up, too. Only then she realises that she has her contacts in an won’t be able to see a thing. She slides her glasses down her nose and looks over the rim of her lenses. She realises all at a sudden, that she has lost this feeling of disgust towards those heavy lenses in her face. She is totally frightened by now. Oh what a strange metamorphosis is taking place she thinks. Anyway it is just too late for her to think about it for long because she has to go to work and find a suitable gift for her boss’s birthday. Maybe she should just give in and order him a nice pair of contact lenses via internet? This might be an idea she thinks leaving her flat.

If she could only talk about her problem with someone. This mornings event in her bathroom still frightens her a lot. She has to do something about it.

At lunchtime she goes strolling around in a mall near to the place she worked. Suddenly she had an idea looking into the windows of the new photo studio that had been opened only a few days ago. Quickly she had set up a story for the photographer. She would tell him that her boyfriend had bought the glasses at a thrift store and wanted her to wear them just for the fun of it. She said that she couldn’t see a damn thing with those coke bottles on her nose and that she just wanted photos of her wearing those glasses. This would please her boyfriend. 

The real idea behind however was to have the possibility to get used to her look in glasses without even wearing them. She got into the store and told her story set up only a few moments ago. She opens her purse and shows the glasses to Darren the photographer. He says that he could understand her refusing wearing those specs. He suggests that Debby should get a fancy makeup for the shots. She agrees and Darren’s assistant is applying the makeup on her face. 

After twenty minutes she is ready and heads for the set. As she is about to put her glasses on she feels for the first time in her life a small irritation in her left eye. She stops and heads for the restroom. Something of the makeup must have gotten into her eye. Immediately she realises that she must get the left lens out to avoid damage to her cornea. Oh how stupid I was she thinks, getting out her contact lens, not to give my lenses another cleanup this morning. First the soap during the shower and now the makeup. That was just too much. Anyway she thinks I must stay with my story for the sake of it. Having one lens out is not that bad after all she thinks. After all I’m not completely blind with my glasses on. She gets out of the restroom and heads for the set again. I got a little bit of makeup in my left eye she explains. 

Now it is going to happen: Another person will see her in glasses. Maybe it is the beginning of a cure she says to herself without moving her lips. With amusement she realises the vision of her left eye become crystal clear, while her right eyes vision becomes a blur as she puts her glasses on. Time passes quickly as Darren directs her through several poses. Finally they are ready and she heads to the restroom again to remove her makeup and give her contacts a quick “drink” of their cocktail. The prints will be ready by this evening Darren says. Debby can’t wait and time seems having stopped to pass. At five o’ clock she is among the first to leave the office.

Debby spends the evening to look at 15 pictures showing in a way she had always neglected during her adolescence and the years following thereafter. It was like looking at a twin sister she had lost and found again only today. 

Finally she replaced the envelope in her purse and was getting ready to go to bed, this time paying still more attention curing her contacts. This night she fell asleep with her glasses on. In the morning she awoke and could see clearly. Oh, she thought, I must have left my contacts in last night and starts rubbing her eyes. Only to be shocked touching her glasses. 

She goes to the bathroom and realises that the rims of her glasses had left terrible marks around her eyes. Maybe she should take one day off. This was impossible because it was the birthday of her boss and this year’s promotions were always announced that day. She took a shower and turning off the hot water at the end of it she exposed her face for a minute to the cold jet coming out of the shower. 

After Debby had her contacts in she examined her pretty face thoroughly and the marks of her glasses were barely visible. Good she thought with just a little bit more makeup than usual. Nobody will notice. She dressed and left for work in a hurry because she was late again. 

As she sat down behind her desk in her office all at a sudden she realized that she had completely forgotten to buy a gift for Bobby. This was the first time in years this happened. In the worst case meaning no promotion this year. Nervously she fumbled through the contents of her purse. Oh, God the envelope with her secret pictures falls on the floor facing the door to her office. 

She lays the purse down on her desk. As she walks around the desk to pick up her photographs, that had slipped out the envelope, the door opens and lucky Bobby enters the room.

He picks them up for Debby who is just frozen, unable to move. Nice pictures he exclaims, nice idea of you, cool makeup and glasses. What a present! I had always wanted to see you in glasses. How did you know about my secret desires? 

All these questions came out of Bobbies mouth in merely two seconds. Debby answers with amusement, that a good vice president always has to know what the bosses secret desires would be. At the moment Debby had spoken out those words she knew that she had found the person to talk about her “secret twin”.

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