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The Myopia Fairy 6 (the last part)

Nancy Anderson’s Opus the last part of The Myopia Fairy Tale

by All4Eyes and Specs4ever

Nancy walked out to the car, where Mike was already waiting. She and Mike were heading back to school on this Friday evening for a baby shower for one of the younger teachers. As Nancy got in the car, she glanced over at Mike. He still looked so darned handsome that even after 27 years of marriage and 2 wonderful children Nancy could still hardly believe her good fortune. Of course, her good fortune had all been due to Lana, the Myopia Fairy saddling Nancy with –27D of myopia when she was 27 as punishment for the way Nancy had been so insensitive to the needs of and the problems of people who needed or wore glasses. An immediate need for constant wear of –27D myodiscs had soon taught Nancy a lesson, and she changed her ways immediately. Nancy even redeemed herself so much she was offered a chance to regain her previously perfect eyesight, but since she had attracted the interest of Mike Anderson the minute she showed up at school wearing myodiscs, Nancy decided that she would rather wear strong myodiscs for the rest of her life if it meant having Mike as her husband.

Now Nancy was nearing her 85 factor. She would retire at age 55, after 30 years of teaching with 90% of her pension in a few weeks. Mike, who was 57, and had 27 years of teaching in, was going to stick it out for another year. That would allow him to reach his 90 factor, and he would receive his full pension. Then they were going to do a little traveling. They had a wonderful life. Lana told Nancy that the highest prescription she should ask for was –30D, and Nancy had stopped at –29D. Her prescription had remained stable all throughout the years when her children were small, and their own eyes needed, and were getting stronger glasses. But now she was a grandmother, and about 11 years ago her own prescription had started to climb at the rate of a diopter a year. Now, at age 55, Nancy wore her new –40D myodiscs proudly, and she thought that maybe the increases had come at just the right time to keep Mike interested in her. Mike had a very powerful glasses fetish, and even though Nancy had gotten a little heavier than she wanted to be, Mike was still attracted to her. And, it seemed that every year when she got her new prescription and her stronger glasses, Mike still wanted to make love to her on a regular basis.

They pulled into the school parking lot, and Mike drove the car into his regular parking space. The lot was full, and there were cars lining the streets. Nancy hadn’t realized that Katherine was such a popular person. Mike escorted Nancy to the door of the gymnasium, and she walked inside. The lights were dim, and Nancy, with her severe myopia, needed a minute for her eyes to adjust. She squinted a little, and she read the banner. “Happy Birthday Nancy,” it read. Why would it say that? Then everyone started to come over to Nancy. It came to her in a flash. This wasn’t a baby shower. This was a surprise retirement and birthday party for her.

Nancy glanced around. She was sure that all her friends were there. Lana came over and hugged her, and so did Beth. Both Lana and Beth had much stronger glasses than they had started with as well. Lana’s husband Josh wore very strong glasses himself, and wasn’t interested in strong glasses the way Mike and Jamie were, but somehow Lana had developed another –10D of myopia naturally, and she wore –38D myodiscs. Beth now had a prescription that matched Nancy’s. Nancy spotted Amanda and Blair, and she headed over to greet them. Amanda, who was a natural high myope, and Blair, who had been given his myopia by the Myopia Fairy, had both experienced myopic progression, and had much stronger prescriptions as well.

“Who set me up Amanda?” Nancy asked of her friend.

“Most of the work was done by Carrie and Lucas, but we all sort of had a hand in it Nancy.” Amanda replied.

Nancy looked around for Carrie. Carrie had married Lucas, who was Josh’s son from his first marriage, and both of them had gone on to become teachers. Carrie had a form of very severe progressive myopia, and everyone was worried that she might progress so far that she could go blind, but she was still able to function fairly well with her –55D glasses. With Josh having come from a background of congenital myopia, and Carrie, who had a very highly myopic mother, as well as being very shortsighted herself, it was no wonder their 2 children were very myopic as well, but were otherwise healthy and darling children.

And. as Nancy looked around more she spotted a man and a woman who looked vaguely familiar. She wasn’t sure who they were, but she knew they must be former students. The man was very good looking, and wore myodiscs. His companion was a tall and willowy blond, wearing glasses with a substantial minus prescription. They spotted Nancy and walked over to her.

“Hi Mrs. Anderson,” they said in unison.

“I’m terribly sorry, but I am having a hard time recalling your names.” Nancy confessed.

“Well, that isn’t to surprising, because we knew you back when you were Miss. Stewart.” Colin said.

“Colin! And Kathy!” Nancy exclaimed excitedly. “ I had heard you got married. Oh, you both look fantastic. It is great to see you. What are you doing now? How many children do you have?”

“We have 2 boys and a girl. They have all finished university, but are not married yet.” Kathy replied.

“I was just promoted to the head of the Town Bank.” Colin replied.

“Oh, I am so glad you have done well. You were great kids and wonderful students. Are there more from your class here?” Nancy asked.

“Yes, there are quite a few. Actually, from the looks of it you were a very popular teacher. There is a turnout here like no one imagined.” Colin replied.

“Mrs. Anderson, we are both still grateful to you for noticing our vision problems, and helping us get our first pair of glasses.” Kathy said.

Nancy was embarrassed. Her lack of knowledge about vision problems, and her treatment of these 2 children had been the final straw for the Department of Vengeance. They had sent Lana, as the Myopia Fairy, to give Nancy –27D of myopia as punishment. Nancy’s life had changed, so much for the better that she owed these 2 kids a debt of gratitude, but yet they were thanking her.

“Oh, it was nothing. I was happy to help such good students.” Nancy replied.

Everyone was coming up to speak to Nancy. She recognized most of her former students, and she had observed that as the years passed, there were more and more of her students wearing glasses by the time they reached her classroom. At first it was the girls who all seemed to wear glasses, but then after a few more years had passed, almost all of the boys were myopic as well. Recently Nancy was noticing that now by the time the kids were age 14, and in her class, their myopia was quite advanced, and all of the kids wore glasses. Practically everyone had glasses with plano fronts on their lenses, which indicated a prescription of at least –8D, and some of them probably had a prescription of around –12D. Recently she had been seeing a lot of former students that had married, and were with their children, who had also been Nancy’s pupils, and the glasses the parents wore were actually weaker in many cases than the glasses of their children. Nancy had not realized before that the myopia of each generation was often higher than the previous generation, and she resolved to ask Lana about this.

Josh and Lana’s daughters, Andrea and Terri came over to Nancy and said hi. They had been over at a table with Kaylee and Peter, Nancy and Mikes children, along with Beth and Jamie’s 2 kids, Jared and Laura, as well as Amanda and Blair’s daughter Sheila. Peter had been seeing a lot of Sheila, and it looked as if there might be another myodisc wedding in the near future, as all of the kids wore myodiscs now. Andrea was the oldest at age 25, and she was engaged to a former classmate at university. Steven, her fiancĂ© wore glasses, as did most kids who graduated these days, but his glasses were a low minus of only about –12D compared to Andrea’s –27D. Chris and Kaylee, who had married the previous year, right after Kaylee graduated had just presented Mike and Nancy with their first grandchild, a beautiful baby girl who was named Michele. Nancy had not realized how fortunate she had been to avoid the high myopia in infancy that her children had, and she hoped that Michele might be fortunate enough to avoid it as well, although she doubted it. Kaylee had started off with a –20D prescription, and she was wearing glasses at 6 months, while Nancy was breastfeeding her. Nancy still remembered the corner of Kaylee’s frames scraping her bosom at times, leaving red scratches. And, she remembered Kaylee screaming at night when Nancy or Mike tried to take her glasses off so she could go to sleep. Finally Nancy and Mike had bought a pair of prescription goggles for Kaylee that could be strapped on her head overnight, and Kaylee had become a 24-hour a day glasses wearer. Lana had experienced similar problems with Andrea, and she was thrilled to find that a pair of prescription goggles would do the trick. Beth, Amanda and Sherry also did the same thing with their children. Nancy knew that prior to getting married Kaylee still wore her glasses to bed every night, but she wasn’t sure if any of the other kids still did. Kaylee had a higher prescription than most of the others, and she hated to not be able to see. At –30D, the only ones that had stronger glasses were Lucas and Carrie’s 2 kids, Marsha and Eric, who also had prescriptions in the low –30’s range.

Nancy spent the next while wandering around chatting with old friends and acquaintances. She was thrilled and amazed that so many of her former students had come to her retirement party. She had not realized that she was so popular.

Nancy saw Faith, who had been Lana’s replacement as The Myopia Fairy. It had been Faith who had made Blair, their optician, myopic, and when Faith had lost her job through a misunderstanding, Blair had helped Faith obtain the necessary training, and become an optician. Faith had since married a really nice lawyer, and Faith and Kevin were often included in the parties they had.

Faith was quite happy that Lana had spent the time to vindicate her. Her bosses at the Department of Vengeance had thought that Faith was increasing the amount of myopia found in the general population of the world indiscriminately. However it turned out that the increases of myopia in the Asian population was due to the perception by Asian students that people with thick glasses were smarter and were harder workers. So, Asian students were more willing to wear glasses, and often went for eye exams more frequently than necessary. They were also doing so much close work that their myopia was getting higher naturally. And in the rest of the developing world, there were so many near point visual tasks for the children to perform; the rate of myopia was starting to climb naturally. Lana was able to prove this to the Head, and Faith was asked if she wanted her job back, but she had chosen to stay with Lana, and her friends. She was just thankful that she had been vindicated.

It was soon time for Nancy to cut the combination retirement and birthday cake. She did that, and everyone filed past her, picking up a piece of cake, and congratulating and thanking Nancy for her years of dedication. The night was over far too soon, and the last thing Nancy did was give a thank you speech to everyone. It was a perfect evening, and a wonderful surprise.

As Mike drove Nancy home she slid over in the seat to be close to him, and she closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. Mike took his arm, and placed it around Nancy, hugging her tight to him.

“I love you so much Mike.” Nancy said.

“I love you too honey. I am so fortunate we found each other.” Mike replied.

From an idea by All4eyes, with assistance in writing from Specs4ever

Feb 2008 “THE END”

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