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The Myopia Fairy 3

by Specs4ever and All4eyes

Nancy woke from a deep sleep. She reached to her side table for her glasses, and as her fingers touched the familiar frames she felt a feeling of relief wash over her. Of course Mike would have placed her glasses in exactly the same place that she herself always did; she should not have doubted him at all. Nancy slid the heavy glasses into place on her nose, and her world came gradually into focus as she slid the lenses closer to her eyes. Now she could see the numbers on the alarm clock. “I slept for a long time,” Nancy thought. Mike had left shortly after they had their usual Sunday morning sexual interlude to play 18 holes of golf with his best friend Jamie, who just happened to have married Beth, Nancy’s very best friend only 6 months previously.

Nancy got out of bed, and went over to her dresser. She looked over the seven pairs of myodisc glasses that were in a special velvet lined box on the top of the dresser, and she chose a pair with wide black temples, with red accents. She carefully took off her very thick and heavy wire framed “bedroom” myodiscs, and put the other pair on. Now her nose didn’t feel like it was going to fall off. But, Mike really liked it when she wore the very thick regular glass lensed double myodiscs, and the sex was well worth it, so Nancy wasn’t about to complain. Nancy went into the bathroom, and again changed glasses. Now she put on what she called her safety glasses. They were thick plastic lensed double myodiscs with acetate frames and cable temples, and were as unbreakable as any pair of glasses could possibly be. She folded her good glasses, and placed them carefully on the bathroom counter. Then she got into the shower, which she had turned on to warm up a couple of minutes earlier, and had a very refreshing shower. Nancy had to slip the shower glasses up to the top of her head to properly scrub her face, and then she had to put them back on her nose to see the bottles of shampoo and conditioner. With her strong –28D prescription this was just something that Nancy had grown accustomed to doing, and she no longer thought anything about it.

After her shower Nancy walked back into the bedroom wearing only her good glasses. Sometimes Nancy thought about the days before she had to wear such strong glasses, but while her first appearance in myodiscs hadn’t been Nancy’s choice, now Nancy wore her glasses because she wanted to. Nancy had been wearing glasses for about 2 years, and her first –27D prescription had been given to her by the Myopia Fairy as a punishment for the way she had treated glasses wearers all of her life. But then, after Nancy had met, and fallen in love with Mike, Nancy had redeemed herself and was offered the chance to regain her previously perfect eyesight. The only catch was that the main reason Mike had fallen in love with Nancy was because he had a very strong glasses fetish, so Nancy chose to increase her prescription another –1D, rather than to regain perfect vision. And Nancy was even considering another slight increase, as part of Mike’s fetish involved constantly buying her new glasses. Nancy had to put her foot down, and Mike had finally agreed that a selection of 7 pairs of glasses would be enough, but recently Mike had been suggesting that he would again like to buy Nancy a new pair. Nancy was willing to go along with Mike, and get rid of one of her old pairs, but she also knew that Mike would be thrilled if she required a small increase. This would allow Mike to start all over again and get her seven new pairs.

Lana was coming next weekend for their every couple of months girls weekend. Nancy was going to have to remember to ask Lana if she could have a –1D increase again. They had so much fun together, and Mike and Jamie were really great about letting Nancy and Beth spend the weekend with Lana. Often Sherry, who was the only real congenital high myope of the group, would join them for the shopping excursion to the mall, but at age 16, Sherry couldn’t go to the bars with them for the evening. So, the afternoon was spent with four very attractive strong myodisc wearing ladies walking around the mall, and then in the evening three stunning ladies wearing strong myodiscs would go bar hopping. Of course, Nancy would not have ever described herself as stunning in appearance. She had always felt that she was a mousy looking young lady, with medium length brown hair, and an average body. But since Mike had fallen in love with Nancy, she had taken more time with her appearance, and her dress. Now Nancy was indeed a stunning looking lady, and her air of confidence drew admiring glances from most men.

Nancy heard Mike coming in the front door. He glanced at her, and expressed his approval of her appearance. “Honey you look fabulous. I love you so much.”

Nancy beamed at his comment. “Now hurry up and see if you can do a similar makeover on yourself. We are supposed to meet Jamie and Beth in an hour.”

“Oh we still have lots of time. We could even make love again.” Mike replied.

“You mean twice last night and once again this morning wasn’t enough for you?” Nancy asked.

“You know how much you turn me on when you wear those glasses Honey.” Mike replied.

“About the same amount I turn you on when I wear any of my other pairs. Oh well, I accept it. Love my glasses, love me. Now quit kidding around and go and get ready.” Nancy replied.

Soon Mike was showered and dressed. Since Mike and Jamie were probably going to be drinking. Mike suggested that Nancy take her car. Nancy agreed, so off they drove to pick up Jamie and Beth. Nancy didn’t like driving at night in strange areas, because her night vision was not as good as her daytime vision was, but they were going to be in familiar territory tonight. That was the only drawback to having –28D of corrected myopia that Nancy had found so far. Contact lenses would have helped in this situation, but Mike was adamant about Nancy wearing glasses, not contacts. So, after trying contacts to wear to school for a couple of weeks, Nancy decided that she would rather wear glasses all the time. Changing back and forth between contacts and glasses was very hard for Nancy, because of the difference in vision between the contacts and the glasses. Contacts do not make things nearly as minified as glasses do, but once you get used to wearing strong glasses you don’t really notice that things are very tiny.

They had a really good dinner, and then they went to their favorite nightclub for some dancing. Beth looked ravishing with her long blond hair framing her wide temple, rectangular red-framed myodiscs. Beth was a little taller than Nancy, and Nancy felt that Beth had a better figure, but Mike didn’t agree. Beth told Nancy when they were left together for a few moments that she was thinking of asking Lana for a prescription increase of around –2D the following weekend. Jamie had the same glasses fetish as Mike, and had expressed a wish that Beth’s prescription was a little closer to Nancy’s. Lana had given Beth 2 prescription increases. The first one took her from her natural –5.25D up to –10.50D, and then the second one, just prior to Nancy and Mike’s wedding took Beth up to –22.50D. Now Beth told Nancy that she wanted –24.50D. Nancy confessed to Beth that she also wanted an increase, possibly up to –29D.

The only part of the evening that wasn’t perfect was when Beth and Nancy went to the washroom. Nancy had seen Amanda Stone, the mother of one of Nancy’s students on the dance floor. Amanda was not one of Nancy’s favorite parents. Carrie, her daughter was a good student and a wonderful person, but Amanda was a pain in the butt. Amanda was one of those people who thought the world revolved around them, and every time Nancy saw her she was reminded of the Carly Simon song: “You’re So Vain.” Amanda had her nose so far up in the air it was surprising she didn’t trip on something. While they were in the washroom Amanda had come in. She looked at Nancy and Beth, and commented on the fact that they should do themselves a favor and get contact lenses to replace the coke bottle glasses they both wore. Beth was upset, but Nancy just sloughed the comment off.

The week slipped by rapidly. In class Nancy thought that Carrie Stone was having more trouble than usual seeing the board, so she moved her to the front row, and asked Carrie if she had been noticing that her eyesight wasn’t as good as it had been. Carrie told her that she had been having a lot of trouble seeing things properly for a few months now. Nancy asked Carrie if she would mind having to wear glasses, and the thought didn’t seem to bother Carrie so Nancy sent a note home to Amanda suggesting that Carrie have her eyes tested. It seemed to Nancy that there were a lot more 13 and 14-year-old girls who now wore glasses than there ever used to be, and most of these girls happily wore their glasses full time, even with a negligible prescription. So, it wasn’t a great surprise to Nancy that Carrie felt she would be willing to wear glasses.

Friday finally came, and Nancy rushed home from school, hoping that Lana would be there already. But she hadn’t arrived yet, so Nancy did some marking of tests while she waited. Then there was a flash, and Lana appeared in her living room. Nancy gasped at Lana’s appearance. Lana was wearing her myodiscs. Before Nancy could say anything Lana told her that she would explain as soon as she put her wings away. Lana went off to the spare bedroom, and when she came out she was wearing jeans and a sweater.

“Why were you wearing your glasses when you arrived?” Nancy asked.

“Well, I am “The Myopia Fairy”, so I can pretty well do what I want can’t I?” Lana replied with a question.

“Yes, I suppose so. I know that you can wear any prescription that you want to wear, but why would you choose to wear a very strong prescription while you are flying around?” Nancy queried.

“It’s all your fault. You have gotten me hooked on seeing the world through your very strong glasses. And when I take them off, I just don’t feel right to be not wearing them. And, when you think about it, who better to have a strong myopic prescription than the myopia fairy?” Lana asked.

“How does the “Department of Vengeance” feel about this?” Nancy asked.

“Oh, they didn’t like it at first, but my bosses came around, and now they think I look pretty cute wearing strong myodiscs.” Lana replied.

“That’s good, and maybe I have a present for you. Beth and I have been talking, and we have decided we both want a little more myopia. You told me a while ago that the highest prescription you would recommend for me was –30D, so I wondered if you could move me up to –29D, and Beth would love to go up to –24.50D. If you move me up a diopter then you could have all of my old glasses to wear.” Nancy said.

“I already knew you both wanted increases. So that is something to consider. I am considering something else though.” Lana said.

“Tell me about it.” Nancy replied.

“I’m thinking of retiring from the Myopia Fairy gig. They will let me hang up my wings and move to Earth full time. I could lead a normal life like you and Beth.” Lana replied.

“Oh, that would be so fabulous!” Nancy exclaimed. “I know just the guy for you. He is my optician, and when Beth and I get new glasses I just know he is so attentive to us because he loves myodiscs. And he is a real hunk.”

“Oh Nancy, I have a database of guys who love girls who wear glasses already. I won’t have any trouble finding a man.” Lana replied.

Nancy and Lana cooked dinner for Mike, and Beth and Jamie came over as well. Jamie and Mike had their weekend planned. They were going to a football game the following day, and would be away overnight, so they really wouldn’t even miss the girls.

The next morning Lana and Nancy drove off in Nancy’s SUV to pick up Sherry and Beth. Sherry hadn’t even tried yet to see if she could pass her vision test for her driver license, and since her corrected vision was not as good as Nancy or Beth’s, it was questionable that she would ever learn to drive. And Beth drove a 2-seater sports car, so Nancy was always the driver for their outings. Once the 4 girls were together the chatter never ceased. Sherry was the only one who didn’t know about Lana’s position with the department of vengeance, so Lana merely told Sherry that she was considering a move to the city in about a year’s time. Sherry and Beth were both thrilled to hear this news.

By 4 o clock the girls had bought everything they wanted. They had all had manicures and pedicures, and had enjoyed a great lunch at their favorite restaurant. Now it was time to take Sherry home, and get ready for the night on the town. Nancy dropped Sherry off first, and then headed for Beth’s home.

“Did Nancy say anything to you about me wanting a small increase in my prescription?” Beth asked Lana.

“She mentioned it, but –2D isn’t that small an increase.” Lana replied.

“Actually, I have thought about that a bit more, and I was thinking I might like to go right to –25.00D. Can you do that?” Beth asked.

“I can do that, but when do you want the increase? You will have to time it really carefully, because –25.00D glasses take a while to order, and if your prescription is –2.50D higher than your glasses you will have a bit of a problem being able to see until you get your new glasses.” Lana replied.

“Oh, can’t you just make these glasses stronger like you did when you gave me this prescription?” Beth asked.

“That was an emergency. It was the weekend before Nancy’s wedding, and you had to increase from –10.50D up to –22.50D so you could wear myodiscs like the rest of us. I had to make your glasses the correct prescription immediately because you needed to be able to see for the wedding. But that was an exception, and I can’t do it again.” Lana replied.

“What if I order new –25.00D glasses from an online supplier, and then after I get them you can increase my prescription?” Beth asked.

“That can be done. How about you Nancy? Do you want to do it that way as well?” Lana asked.

“I don’t think so. I think Mike would rather have me going around squinting for a week or so, and then he will want to take me for an eye exam. And –1D isn’t as much of an increase as –2.50D, so I will take my increase anytime and live with the blur.” Nancy replied.

Nancy then dropped Beth off, and she and Lana returned to her house to get dressed for their evening out. Then they returned to pick Beth up again. First came dinner at a restaurant they had never tried before, and then the three of them went to see a fairly popular new singer at one of the nightclubs they usually went to. Nancy spotted Amanda Stone with a rather gorgeous young hunk, but thought nothing of it. After the singer finished his first set of songs Nancy, Beth and Lana were in line together outside the ladies room when Amanda came out and spotted Nancy. She was obviously a little tipsy as she walked up to Nancy.

“Well, look here. If it isn’t the 3 blind mice. And just what do you mean by telling me that my daughter needs to get glasses. Just because you three are content to look like you are disabled wearing those funny looking glasses doesn’t mean I am willing to have my daughter join your 4 eyes club.” Amanda said.

Lana was incensed at Amanda’s comment, and Beth was also quite upset. But Nancy managed to keep them from physically attacking Amanda, and the incident went no further. They headed off to another night club, but the singer at this club wasn’t as good as the one at the first club was, so they decided to call it an early evening. Lana was still upset that Amanda had caused them to leave the first nightclub, and she was complaining about it as they drove home.

“I don’t understand what is up with that woman. It is almost like her contact lenses were giving her a hard time, and she was lashing out at us because we are comfortable wearing our glasses.” Lana said.

“You mean she also has bad eyes and wears contacts?” Beth and Nancy asked together.

“Yes she wears contacts all of the time. She doesn’t have as high a degree of myopia as we all have right now, but she does need glasses with a prescription of around –16D. And she is having some retinal problems as well. She wanted to have the new phakic lens implants done, but she has far too much lattice degeneration for any doctor to touch her eyes for vanity purposes.” Lana said.

“Why in earth would she refuse to accept that possibly her daughter might need to wear glasses then?” Nancy asked.

“I have no idea. And her daughter really does need glasses. Right now her prescription is likely about –3.50D, and by forcing her eyes to try to decipher the blur she is actually rapidly increasing her prescription. Carrie has inherited her mother’s tendency towards high myopia and should really have her eyes checked immediately.” Lana said.

“Can’t you do anything for Carrie, Lana?” Nancy asked.

“You know I can’t do anything about reducing natural myopia. If I could I would have changed Sherry’s prescription so that she has better corrected vision. I can only alter the vision of those who treat myopes badly, or that of those myopes who express a real desire for stronger prescriptions.” Lana replied.

They arrived at Nancy’s house. Beth was staying overnight, and the three of them sat in the living room talking for a couple of hours before they decided to go to bed.

The following morning they picked Sherry up and went to breakfast. Sherry was in her last year at Junior High, and she was quite excited because a boy from grade 11 had taken her to a dance the previous evening. Sherry was amazed that this boy had found her attractive with her strong myodiscs and her poor eyesight. Lana assured Sherry that there actually were a number of men who found ladies who wore myodiscs attractive and exciting. After all, both Nancy and Beth had found gorgeous husbands.

The weekend ended all too soon, and Nancy and Lana dropped Sherry and Beth off at home. Then it was back to Nancy’s house so that Lana could put her wings back on and return to her world. Nancy gave Lana 2 more pairs of her older glasses to take with her, and Lana told Nancy to expect a blurring of her vision over the next couple of weeks.

“What is going to happen with Carrie Stone Lana?” Nancy asked.

“I suspect her eyes will get a lot worse fairly rapidly before her mother finally agrees to take her for an eye exam. I am still thinking of a little punishment for that lady though. She is having laser surgery for lattice degeneration on her retina’s next week, and I think I might just add -4 or –5D to her prescription.” Lana said.

“How about just making it so that she has to wear glasses, and can no longer wear contacts?” Nancy asked.

“No, that vain b_t_h needs to wear myodiscs full time to teach her any sort of a lesson. And, because of her treatment of her daughter, I might just be able to have the department head give me the authorization to teach her a lesson.” Lana said with a smile, her eyes glinting mischievously behind her strong myodiscs.

“You will be back in 2 months won’t you?” Nancy asked as she hugged Lana goodbye.

“Of course I will.” Lana said as she disappeared with a flash, still wearing her myodiscs.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks Nancy found that she had to squint a lot to see anything clearly in the distance. When she and Mike went out in the evening Nancy now told Mike that he had better drive, because her eyesight just wasn’t good enough. Nancy knew that this was exciting Mike a lot. Their lovemaking intensified, and finally the day for Nancy’s eye exam arrived. Mike took time away from the school to come to the doctor’s with Nancy, and when the doctor advised them that Nancy required a further –1.00D increase Nancy knew Mike was thrilled that he was going to be able to buy her a new wardrobe of glasses, even though he tried not to show it.

They went to see Blair, the good looking, myodisc loving optician that Nancy wanted to set Lana up with, and they ordered 2 new pairs of glasses in Nancy’s new prescription. Mike wanted to order a new pair of shower glasses, and a new pair of bedroom glasses as well, but Nancy told him that neither situation required 20/20 vision. Mike then decided that it would be all right to wait until Nancy had another increase before he purchased her new glasses for these occasions. Nancy definitely picked up on it when Mike told her that he would be willing to wait until she had another increase – almost as if he was hoping, and waiting for still more of an increase in her prescription. After the 2 new pairs of glasses were ordered Mike and Nancy went home, and ended up in bed together, even before supper. Nancy wondered how long this would last this time. Mike really got off on her myopia.

Beth phoned Nancy to tell her that her new –25.00 D glasses had come in, but her real prescription had not changed yet. Nancy knew that Lana was not really supposed to keep increasing their prescriptions, so she figured that Lana had not been able to convince the department head to allow her to give Beth the increase yet. However in a couple more days Beth called to say that she now had to wear her new glasses to see anything, and Jamie was thrilled with them.

At school Nancy could see that Carrie was now having a lot more trouble with her eyesight. Every time she needed to read something Carrie seemed to bring her nose to within about six inches of her book to be able to see. She thought that Carrie now must be at least as nearsighted as Colin, the boy who had partially been to blame for Nancy’s myopia. Colin had required a very strong first prescription of –7.00D, and Nancy had chided Colin continuously for being unable to see things until Lana had given her –27.00D of myopia to cope with. Then Nancy realized how badly Colin required glasses, and she was able to help Colin acquire his first pair. Carrie now was unable to see anything more than a few inches away from her, and Nancy felt extremely sorry for her.

“Why hasn’t your mom taken you for an eye exam Carrie?” Nancy asked.

“She has been in the hospital Mrs. Anderson. She has had retinal detachments in both eyes, and the doctors have been trying to save her eyesight.” Carrie said.

“Who is looking after you Carrie?” Nancy asked, knowing that Amanda was a single mother.

“I have been staying with our neighbors the past few days Mrs. Anderson. I will probably have to stay with them for another week, because Mom will probably not be able to see very well for a while after she gets out.” Carrie replied.

“Carrie, I think I will see if my eye doctor can examine your eyes this afternoon. You can’t wait another week or more before you have your eyes examined, and can get a pair of glasses.” Nancy said.

“That would be wonderful Mrs. Anderson, but I am not sure if my mom can pay for that.” Carrie replied.

“I will worry about that later Carrie. I will make a phone call and let you know if he can see you after school today.” Nancy replied.

Nancy was fortunate. Her ophthalmologist was able to fit Carrie in that afternoon. Carrie ended up with a first prescription of –5.00D, and Nancy took her directly to the mall, where they were able to pick a nice frame, and have the glasses made right away. Once the glasses were ready, Carrie was thrilled that she could now see everything so very clearly. Nancy knew that this would not last for long, that in about 6 months Carrie would probably require a sizable increase, but Nancy didn’t say anything. Carrie wanted Nancy to take her to the hospital to see her mom, and Nancy did, although she hadn’t planned to go in to visit Amanda.

Amanda was lying face down on a bed. Apparently they were using some sort of gas bubble to attempt to reattach her left retina, and with this treatment she had to lie in the face down position. Her right retina had successfully been reattached, but she had no glasses on, so Nancy knew she couldn’t see a thing. She did nicely thank Nancy for helping Carrie out, and no mention was made of the nasty comments Amanda had made at the club the other weekend. Nancy left Carrie at the hospital with Amanda, and returned home to find that Mike was already there, and he had picked up the first pair of her own new glasses from Blair. Nancy put them on, and was thrilled that the blur from being –1D under corrected was gone. Nancy was a little tired, and didn’t really feel like cooking, so she was more than pleased when Mike suggested that he take her out to eat. The bedroom glasses stayed in their velvet lined case that evening. Nancy wore her new ones while they made love.

Time went by rapidly, and soon it was time for Lana to return for the weekend. Carrie had not taken her glasses off in class since she had gotten them, and her grades were showing quite an improvement, but after only 6 weeks Nancy was sure she could see Carrie squinting slightly again. Amanda had gone through a successful reattachment of both retinas finally, and only a couple of days ago she had come in after school was over to pay Nancy for Carries glasses. Nancy wasn’t sure what Amanda’s prescription was, but her glasses looked terrible on her. The lenses were heavily dished in on the front, and the back carrier was a very high plus. Even though the bowl was fairly small, there was a lot of thickness to the lenses, and the wire frame they were in didn’t do a thing for Amanda’s appearance. Nancy was trying to be a polite as possible, and not say anything about Amanda’s glasses, but Amanda brought up the subject.

“Do you mind if I ask you what your prescription is Mrs. Anderson?”

“This is just a new prescription, and I am now –29.00D in each eye.” Nancy replied.

“My prescription is a lot lower than that, and my glasses look terrible compared to yours. Where did you get yours?” Amanda asked.

“Oh, I hadn’t realized your prescription was lower than mine. You are correct; they don’t look nearly as good as they should look for a lower prescription than mine. Both Beth and I use Blair, over at First Choice Optical, and we have been very happy with his services.” Nancy replied.

“Can I take the cross town bus over there?” Amanda asked.

“You probably can but I am going that way. Do you want me to drop you off over there?” Nancy asked.

“Can you drive with your strong prescription?” Amanda gasped incredulously.

“Oh yes, no problem. I have close to 20/20 corrected. The only time I have any trouble at all is if I am driving at night. Why do you ask? Are you not able to drive?” Nancy questioned.

“I wouldn’t dare drive with these glasses on. Everything looks really tiny and things are wavy. When I walk down a corridor the walls seem to be bowed out in the middle, and if I look at a telephone pole, unless I am looking right through the center of my lens, the telephone pole looks all bowed. And if I move my head back and forth, or up and down I get all seasick. And anyway, these glasses are just a temporary pair. My doctor gave me my correct prescription earlier today.” Amanda replied.

“I know your eyes didn’t get this bad overnight. You must have been wearing contact lenses before.” Nancy stated.

“As you know, I recently had retinal detachments in both eyes, and my doctor did say that my prescription increased about –9D when they did the re attachments. But you are right. I was around –16D before, and I have been wearing contact lenses ever since I was 15 years old. I haven’t even owned a pair of glasses for about 10 years.” Amanda said.

“Can you still wear contact lenses?” Nancy asked, knowing full well that Lana was going to make it so that Amanda couldn’t.

“No, my doctor said that I would have to wear glasses from now on.” Amanda replied.

“Well, if you have a new prescription then there is no reason not to go to see Blair right now.” Nancy replied.

Nancy drove Amanda and Carrie over to the optician’s. Blair was working, and his eyes lit up when he saw Nancy. Nancy introduced him to Amanda, and soon Blair was fawning all over Amanda. Nancy wanted to see what Amanda’s prescription was, and she discovered that Amanda now required –24.50 x –1.00 x 170 and –24.25 x –1.50 x 165. Nancy didn’t know that Beth had recently ordered another pair of myodiscs in her now –25.00D prescription, but Blair got Beth’s newest completed glasses from the shipment that just arrived, and he tried them on Amanda. They looked so much better on Amanda than the other glasses had, and Amanda was surprised that she could almost see perfectly through them. So, Amanda chose a very similar frame, in another color of course, and Blair told her they would be in within a week. Nancy then drove Amanda and Carrie home. As they were getting out of the car Amanda turned to Nancy and

thanked her for her help.

“And, Mrs. Anderson, I really must apologize for being so nasty to you a few weeks ago. I don’t know why I said what I did.” Amanda told Nancy.

“I accept your apology. And, please, forget the Mrs. Anderson. You can call me Nancy.”

A couple of days later it was Friday, and Lana was waiting at Nancy’s home when Nancy arrived from school. Nancy was pleased to see that Lana was wearing the black and ivory cats eye myodiscs. This pair had been one of her favorites, and she had been tempted to have her latest prescription put in them, but now she was happy that she had given them to Lana, as Lana looked really gorgeous wearing them.

The girls had another fantastic time that weekend. This time however Lana managed to “bump” into a man in the mall on their Saturday shopping expedition, and when Jim asked Lana out she agreed to go on a date with him, as long as Mike and Nancy, Beth and Jamie, and Sherry and her boyfriend Jason, who she had been dating for a couple of months could come as well. Jim was a little surprised, but Lana had told the others that she would be meeting a new boyfriend, and the girls had all arranged to have the men available to take them out. Sherry was the only one who didn’t know that this was a setup, and that Lana knew that Jim would be shopping at the mall that afternoon. Jim was one of the men who Lana knew was a lover of women who wore strong glasses.

Of course the evening went great. Mike and Jamie got along quite well with Jim, and they all decided to go golfing the next day. Jason was also a golfer, and was invited as well, so the four girls planned to go to a Sunday brunch. During brunch Nancy told them about Amanda Stone, and how she had retinal detachments, and now had to wear very strong myodiscs like they all did. Nancy had to be careful not to let anything slip in front of Sherry about the part that Lana played in this. They all thought it was wonderful that Amanda had been taken down a few pegs, and they were particularly happy when Nancy told them that Amanda’s rich boyfriend had dumped her because she now had to wear strong glasses with myodisc lenses.

It always seemed like the weekend ended too soon for Nancy, and she was sorry to see Lana leave. But before Lana left she arranged another date with Jim for her next visit.

“Will he wait another 10 months until you retire Lana?” Nancy asked her friend.

“Oh Nancy, he has been waiting for a girl who wears myodiscs for a number of years now. I can guarantee he will wait for me. I just am not sure that he is the right one for me, but he was the most promising one I had on my list.” Lana replied as she disappeared in her usual flash.

A note from Specs4ever:

I received an e-mail wishing me a Happy New Year on Dec 31 from All4eyes. In this note she mentioned that she was thinking about writing a continuing story about The Myopia Fairy, and she gave me the plot line that she had considered. I took a long time to think about her ideas – like maybe 5 or 10 seconds, and before I could stop myself we had written this story. I sent my version to her, and she vetted it, and made changes where required. Since then I have done a little more editing, and here is the final version of Part 3. And yes, there will be more. After I finished this story to this point, I sent my ideas for a continuing version to All4eyes, and we have come up with Part 4, with ideas for a part 5. So, we hope you don’t get sick of “The Myopia Fairy”

A Joint Venture from Specs4ever and All4eyes

Jan 2008

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