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The Myopia Fairy 2

by All4eyes and Specs4ever

Note: If you want to read the first part, go to The Myopia Fairy 1

Nancy Stewart had been going out with Mike for over 3 months now. She had figured out very quickly what Lana, the Myopia Fairy, had meant when Nancy had suddenly been given the –27D of myopia that she was now coping with. Lana’s words were "Like I said, it’s not really a punishment, and I think you will soon come to see that." If it hadn’t been for the severe myopia that she now had that forced her to wear myodisc lensed glasses, she would never have attracted the attention of Mike Anderson, the teacher in the classroom next to hers who was so smart, handsome and nice that she would have done anything in the world to attract his attention. The instant Mike had seen Nancy wearing that first pair of temporary myodiscs, he had had asked her out, and they had been together as a couple ever since. Nancy was so thankful to Lana for her myopia that she wished that Lana would appear to her again, so she could thank her in person.
The telephone rang, and it was Mike.

"Hey babe, do you want to go shopping today for a new pair of glasses?" Mike asked.

Mike had been bugging her to get another pair of glasses. She had 2 pairs, one for full time wear, and another for backup, in case the first pair got broken. Nancy had learned very quickly that a person with –27D of uncorrected myopia was totally blind, and all she could see was smears of color and blurry shapes. She really didn’t think that she needed a new pair of glasses, but she had the feeling that glasses turned Mike on so much that the eventual outcome might be worth it.

"I haven’t any spare money this month." Nancy said truthfully.

"Well, since I am the one who really wants you to get another pair of glasses, how about it if I pay for them." Mike answered.

"Mike, do you know how much a decent pair of myodiscs in my prescription costs?" Nancy asked.

"Oh, probably between $600.00 and $800.00. Why, is that a problem?" Mike replied.

"You are probably pretty close, and yes, it’s a problem. I don’t want to feel obligated." Nancy responded.

"What if I take it out in trade?" Mike asked jokingly.

"Mike, that isn’t funny." Nancy answered sharply, a bit upset at the joke.

"Nancy, you know I find you extremely attractive with your present glasses. But, I would also like to see you have a few different pairs to wear to fit different occasions." Mike replied, realizing that his joke had backfired on him.

Nancy had always described herself as a mousy brunette with muddy brown eyes, medium build, and medium everything. She wasn’t ugly, she wasn’t beautiful, she was just plain, and to have such a handsome man as Mike tell her that he found her extremely attractive made her heart melt. She knew it was her glasses that turned him on, but it was wonderful to be lying in bed beside him, both of them naked, and with him looking at her with longing in his eyes. Of course, he wanted her to leave her glasses on, but she had to leave them on anyway, as she couldn’t see past the end of her nose without them.

So, the following day they went shopping for new glasses, and Mike found a pair that he just loved the looks of on Nancy’s face. Nancy couldn’t see well enough to see them on her face, but she was sure that they would look great. And sure enough, when the new glasses were ready, the first night together was wonderful.

This started a routine. About every 3 months Mike would tell Nancy that he wanted to buy her another pair of glasses. Then after Nancy had been wearing glasses, and going with Mike for a year, Mike wanted her to have an eye examination before she got another new pair of glasses. When Nancy didn’t require a prescription change she sensed that Mike was a little disappointed. But, Mike bought her another pair of glasses, and everything seemed just fine.

That fall Nancy had 3 kids in her class that seemed to be nearsighted. She spotted this instantly, and sent the kids home with notes to their parents. When the 2 girls and a boy showed up wearing their new glasses, she was very helpful in explaining to the class all about glasses, and how they helped some people to see properly.

That night when Nancy arrived home she unlocked the door and walked inside. There was a flash, and Lana stood in front of her.

"Oh Lana, I have wanted to see you for a long time. I want to tell you how happy you have made me by giving me my –27D of myopia. My boyfriend Mike just loves my glasses." Nancy told Lana.

"Yes, yes, we know. We do see all you know. And I am pleased to report that you seem to have redeemed yourself with the Department of Vengeance. They have approved of your treatment of the children in your class who have been found to have myopia. So, they have sent me here to offer you a reduced prescription. I can take away –3D of myopia." Lana informed her.

"No, you can’t do that! If anything I need to be more myopic for Mike." Nancy cried.

"Are you saying that you want even more myopia?" Lana asked.

"Yes, that is what I am saying. I recently went for my one year vision exam, and Mike seemed a little disappointed that I didn’t need a stronger prescription." Nancy replied.

"Well Nancy, you are now at –27D. To reach this power, without doing any damage to your eyes, we gave you an additional +10D for your inner lens. We then gave you another +7D for your corneal lens, and we elongated your eyeball to give you another –10D through the length of your eye. The increased total of +10 and +7 for the eye’s own lenses is like giving you –17D of myopia, and then with the elongation of the eye to the equivalent length of a –10 myope, we arrived at a total of –27D. It has been a year since we did all this, so I suppose we could give you up to –3D more of eyeball elongation without bringing on a retinal detachment. And that would bring you to –30D of correction, which is about to the point where you would begin to have problems with being able to see everything. I suppose that you have already noticed that your night vision isn’t too great. If we go ahead, how soon do you want this to happen?" Lana asked.

"Well, if I am only good for –3D more, I suppose we should stretch it out and go for –1D every couple of years. And, I certainly know what you mean about my night vision not being that good. I don’t like driving at night anymore unless I am absolutely certain of where I am going." Nancy replied.

"All right, if this is what you want, this is what you will get. We will leave your vision where it is until about a month before your 2-year exam, and then you will have to go about a month being under corrected by –1D. Will this be all right?" Lana asked.

"That will be wonderful Lana. Thank you so very much." Nancy replied.

Lana disappeared in another flash, leaving Nancy wondering if she had dreamt all this.

Just before Christmas Nancy got together with Beth at a local restaurant. They had done this every year since they were in high school together, and it had become a ritual. They each ordered whatever meal they wanted, and they shared a bottle of white wine before they exchanged their gifts to each other. Usually Nancy was the first to arrive, but this year Beth was already seated when Nancy walked in the door. As Nancy drew closer to the table, Beth stood up, and they hugged each other as only old friends do. Beth stood back and took another look at Nancy.

"Girl, I swear you are looking more beautiful every day. You are looking positively radiant. Let me guess. You are pregnant." Beth said.

"Not on your life. Mike and I have been taking precautions." Nancy replied.

"Well, I don’t know what it is then. You look great. Your hair is longer, and the streak of blond in it becomes you. And I think you have lost a little weight. And your breasts – tell me, have you had an enhancement?" Beth asked.

"I haven’t done anything. I am down maybe 5 lbs, but my weight fluctuates like that anyway. The only thing different from the last time we met is another new pair of myodiscs." Nancy replied.

"Is Mike still buying you glasses whenever he can talk you into a new pair?" Beth asked.

"I am up to 6 pairs now. Another pair and I will have a pair for every day of the week. You know, I wonder if I am looking so good because I feel extra special because of all the attention and love Mike is giving me?" Nancy asked.

"So, I take it that you don’t mind being so nearsighted, and having to wear glasses all the time?" Beth asked.

"Not at all. Being able to see the alarm clock when you wake up in the morning is highly over rated. I would rather have to reach for my myodiscs, and be able to see Mike sleeping next to me anytime." Nancy replied.

"Do you have any problems seeing properly with such a strong prescription?" Beth asked.

"No, not really. It was a little strange the first few days. I had to learn to turn my head, instead of moving my eyes. The area that I can see through clearly is a pretty small area, and the best vision is directly through the center of the lens. I do have a bit of trouble seeing well in the dark, and I find I have to bring my reading material up a lot closer to my eyes to be able to see. There is quite a reduction in the size of things with this strong a prescription." Nancy replied.

"For a girl who hated glasses, and gave anyone who wore them a hard time, you certainly have adapted to your misfortune well. You know, I wouldn’t mind having to wear your myodiscs if it meant Mike was with me. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind wearing glasses that are quite a bit stronger. My glasses look so boring and commonplace next to yours." Beth replied.

"Oh no, no way will I let you near my guy. And, if Mike asks me to marry him like I think he might over the holidays, will you be my maid of honor?" Nancy asked.

"Of course I will. Let me know the minute he pops the question." Beth replied

They had a great time, and they were both sad to see the evening end. Of course they promised to see each other again soon, but with the rush of Christmas that promise slid into oblivion. Before they knew it Nancy and Mike were back at school. Nancy had been right. Mike had asked her to marry him Christmas Eve, and of course Nancy had agreed. So, now Nancy was scurrying around trying to make plans for the wedding in late June.

Nancy had gotten a new student over the holidays. Nancy almost gasped when she took a look at her new pupil. This young girl of 14 was wearing the thickest, ugliest looking glasses that Nancy had ever seen. And, since her mother was leading her by the hand as they walked into the classroom, Nancy assumed that this girl probably couldn’t see very well, even with her glasses. The lenses projected to the front of the cheap brown plastic frame by about a quarter of an inch. And from a side view, the lenses were so thick that they almost looked like the glasses were a pair of those safety glasses with the plastic side shields. The front of the lenses were dished in a lot, and Nancy could see strange reflections in them. The girl’s eyes were so tiny behind the lenses they were like dots.

"You must be Ms. Stewart. I am Donna Blaine, and this is my daughter Sherry. We just moved here, and Sherry is going to be in your class. Can you put her in the front row, as Sherry can’t see very well?" Donna asked.

"It is nice to meet you Donna. Certainly I will place Sherry in the front row. Will you be able to see from there Sherry?" Nancy asked.

"I might have to stand up and come a little closer to the board sometimes." Sherry replied.

"That won’t be a problem. I am very nearsighted myself, so I understand." Nancy replied.

Over the next couple of weeks Nancy felt her heart go out to this poor young girl with the terrible looking glasses. She could tell that Sherry was extremely intelligent, and was an excellent student. "If only she had a proper pair of glasses," Nancy thought. Finally she could stand it no longer.

"Sherry, what time does your mom get home from work?" Nancy asked.

"She is home by 5 most nights. Why, is there a problem?" Sherry asked.

"No, there is no problem. But, I would like you to stay after school tonight, and I will drive you home. I want to talk to your mother." Nancy replied.

So, that evening Nancy drove Sherry home. Home for Sherry was an apartment in the poorer side of town, but when they went inside the apartment was neat and clean. Donna was already there, and Sherry’s younger brother was home watching television as well.

"Oh, Ms. Stewart, it’s good to see you. I was wondering where Sherry got to. Is there a problem?" Donna asked.

"No, not really. Over the past couple of weeks I have grown to like Sherry a lot, and I think it is terrible that she has to wear such awful looking glasses. What I would like to do, with your permission of course, is to take Sherry to see my eye doctor, and see if we can get her a better prescription and a nicer looking pair of glasses." Nancy said.

"Those glasses are only a month or so old. I know they don’t look very nice, but I couldn’t afford a pair of new glasses for Sherry and that pair is what Child Protective Services supplied for free. And, I certainly can’t afford another pair for her now. It is taking every cent I earn just to keep the roof over our head, and food on the table. She will just have to make do." Donna replied.

"Donna, you didn’t understand me. I will pay for this. Sherry is a very bright girl, and I just feel so badly for her that I am willing to pay for this." Nancy said.

"Why would you do this for us?" Donna asked with a hint of suspicion in her voice.

"Because I am blind as a bat without my glasses myself Donna. I just want to see Sherry reach her full potential, and I know she can’t do that if she can’t see properly. And, maybe my doctor will tell us that this is the best vision that Sherry can have. But I just want to know." Nancy told Donna.

So, Donna reluctantly gave her permission. Nancy wasted no time, and was able to obtain an appointment the following afternoon after school for Sherry. Nancy drove Sherry to the doctor’s office, and helped guide her inside. Nancy explained to the doctor what she wanted him to do, and Nancy accompanied Sherry into the examining room. The doctor checked the prescription in Sherry’s glasses first. Then without saying anything, he swung the phoropter in front of Sherry’s eyes, and started clicking the dials.

Nancy knew when he was getting close, because Sherry gasped, obviously because the letters looked clearer than normal.

"Can you read that?" Doctor Jones asked.

Sherry read the whole line.

"Which is better – this one?, or this one?"

"The first one." Sherry replied.

"Can you read this next line?"

Sherry struggled, but she seemed to get most of the letters. When she finished the doctor swung back the phoropter and turned on the lights. He wrote the new prescription on a piece of paper, and handed it to Sherry.

"Well Nancy, the prescription I have come up with is almost the same as her present glasses. She is OD –20.00 x + 2.00 x 140 and OS –19.50 x +1.50 x 175. And she requires 5 degrees of base out prism. I have cut back on her astigmatism slightly, and I have increased the sphere accordingly, but this change is only marginal. With the proper glasses she should be able to see close to 20/20. Have you been having problems with your old glasses Sherry?" asked the doctor.

"I can’t see very well with them Doctor." Sherry replied.

"I suspected as much. They are made from a material that has absolutely the worst optical properties for strong prescriptions. They are unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, and while they are fine for a young child with a very low prescription, they are almost useless to a person with a script like yours. I suggest that you get a pair like Nancy’s. Your prescription is strong enough for myodiscs, and in the same high index plastic that Nancy has you should have pretty good eyesight. Your BCVA is a little better than 20/25, and that is good. Nancy has a true 20/20 BCVA, but that is because she has no astigmatism." Doctor Jones told them.

As they were leaving, the doctor said, " Oh, and one other thing. It is very important that the vertex distance for your glasses is exactly the same as I measured your prescription at. You need a v.d. of 12mm, or else you will end up wearing your glasses where they are not comfortable just to get the proper distance between your eye and the lens. Your old glasses were way too far away from your eye."

"Is that what is wrong with these glasses Doctor?" Nancy asked.

"Why, can’t you see properly with them Nancy?" Doctor Jones asked.

"I have to pull them away from my nose a bit too far for the best vision. When I push them up tight things get blurry" Nancy replied.

"Push them tight please." Doctor Jones said as he took a couple of lenses from a trial lens case and held them up in front of Nancy’s glasses. " How is this now?"

"Oh, that is so much better." Nancy replied.

"It looks as if those glasses fit too close to your nose for your prescription. I could have prescribed you lenses that were –0.50D less for that frame. Do you want to change them?" Doctor Jones asked.

"No, I’ll just keep wearing them a little away from my nose. Thanks Doctor." Nancy said.

Nancy took Sherry to see her optician, and they ordered Sherry a new pair of glasses. Nancy was thankful that Mike had been buying her the last few pairs of glasses, because $600.00 barely covered the cost. And, of course, with such a strong prescription it was going to be 2 weeks before Sherry was going to have a decent pair of glasses. Sherry couldn’t thank Nancy enough, and when she dropped Sherry off, Donna came running out to say thanks as well. Nancy felt good about herself, and her good deed.

That night, as she sat at home marking papers there was a bright flash, and Lana appeared.

"Hi Lana. It’s good to see you. I was hoping you would appear." Nancy said.

"You might not be so happy when I tell you what happened at the Department of Vengeance this evening." Lana replied.

"Why, what happened?" Nancy asked.

"Because of what you did today, you have completely redeemed yourself, and the Department heads all voted to return your eyesight to normal. You will no longer have to wear glasses." Lana said.

Nancy screamed. " No, you can’t do that! Mike asked me to marry him. He won’t go through with the wedding if I don’t wear myodiscs. If you do that I will have to have an operation to make my eyesight as bad as it is now."

"Relax. That’s what I told them. So, they asked me to inform you that you had the choice to remain severely myopic, or to go back to 20/20 vision without glasses. I don’t even have to ask you what your decision is. However, I must tell you I am proud of how well you have learned your lesson. You are now a very compassionate person." Lana said.

"Can I ask you for a favor then?" Nancy asked.

"Ask away." Lana replied.

"We are getting married in June. Would it be possible for me to get that extra –1D of myopia in April, when Mike will likely want to buy me another new pair of glasses?"

Nancy asked.

"Sure thing Nance. But what if I give you -0.50D now, so that you can wear your new glasses more comfortably. I know that you like to wear your glasses tight to your nose. Then I can send another –0.50D your way at the end of March." Lana replied.

"That would be great Lana. Oh, and one other thing. Would you be a bridesmaid for my wedding?" Nancy asked.

"No can do Nance. Sorry, but I think the All Department heads would have a fit if I asked. But, just for the fun of it I will ask, as I have grown to like you a lot, and I am really pleased that you think enough of me to even suggest this. I will get back to you on this shortly." Lana replied.

"Something else I just thought of that maybe you can help me with. My friend Beth would like a few more diopters also. She thinks her glasses look too thin and insignificant with her –5D prescription." Nancy said.

"I’ll look into it. I might be able to do something there. Most people want less myopia rather than more, so this will be a refreshing change." Lana replied.

There was another flash, and Lana was gone. Nancy almost couldn’t believe that she had been there, but when she looked over at the far side of her living room she realized that she needed to press her glasses tight to the bridge of her nose.

A week later Nancy’s phone rang. It was Beth.

"Nance, its wonderful, my prescription has doubled in strength to –10.50D. I just picked up my new pair of rimless hi index glasses. They are darling, and they are just the perfect thickness. Now people will know I really need my glasses. Can I come over to see you now?" Beth asked.

"Sure, come on over." Nancy replied.

When Beth arrived Nancy agreed that her new glasses looked fantastic. Now there was a substantial bite out of the sides of Beth’s face, and when she turned sideways the power rings looked great. Nancy was a bit envious of the power rings, as myodiscs don’t have the same effect.

Nancy was very happy. The plans for the wedding were going well. Beth was thrilled with her new glasses. Sherry was doing very well in school since she had gotten her new glasses. Mike was being absolutely wonderful to her. Life was great. And, it was the last week of March, and Nancy noticed that things were getting a little blurry. It was time for her eye exam.

That night there was another flash, and Lana appeared again.

"You are not going to believe this Nance." Lana said.

"Oh, tell me it is true. You can be a bridesmaid for my wedding." Nancy gushed.

"The all department heads agreed to let me hang up my wings for a few days. I will have to stay here with you, and you can introduce me as your cousin." Lana replied.

"That is wonderful Lana. I am so happy about this. Beth and Sherry are the other 2 members of my wedding party. Say, can you wear glasses?" Nancy asked.

"Can I wear glasses? Girl, what a question to ask the Myopia Fairy. I can wear any prescription you throw at me. Why, do you want me to wear glasses?" Lana asked.

"It would be nice if all 4 of us wore glasses. When I get my new glasses I am going to try to get a pair of rimless myodiscs in exactly the same style as Beth’s. Then I will buy Sherry a new pair exactly the same. What prescription should I get for you?" Nancy asked.

"Oh, just get yourself a second pair. I will wear them while I am here, and then you can keep them after I go back." Lana said, as she disappeared in another flash of light.

Time flew by in a flash. Soon the school year was over. The marking was done, the kids had all gone for the summer, and Nancy was extremely pleased that Sherry, who had just turned 15 had finished the school year at the top of her class. Nancy had taken Sherry back to Doctor Jones at the beginning of the month, and Sherry had been given a little more sphere, along with a little less astigmatism. Her prescription for the new rimless myodiscs that Sherry was going to be wearing for the wedding next week was now OD –20.75 x +1.50 x 140 and OS –20.25 x + 1.00 x 175, again with the 5 degrees of base out prism. Nancy had gotten her 2 pairs of –28.00D rimless myodiscs at the same time, and could hardly wait for Lana to arrive to see how Lana looked in the second pair.

Lana showed up the weekend before the wedding. Of course, she arrived in a flash, and the first thing she did was to remove her wings and pack them away in a special case.

"Now, where are my glasses? I better put them on and wear them constantly in case someone drops by." Lana said.

"Here they are. Oh you look fantastic wearing them Lana. I bet Mike won’t be able to take his eyes off you." Nancy responded.

That night Lana, Sherry, Beth and Nancy all went out for a little party. Beth looked at the other 3, all wearing identical myodisc rimless glasses, and you could tell she was jealous.

"You all look so great wearing your myodiscs. I wish I had myodiscs as well." Beth said with sadness in her voice.

"Could we Lana?" Nancy asked.

"Beth, you don’t want to ask for this unless you are very certain that this is what you want." Lana replied.

"Well, wearing having to wear very strong myodiscs has been the best thing that has happened to Nancy in her whole life. And she tells me that wearing such strong glasses hasn’t really created any problems for her. I like wearing glasses anyway, so I really can’t see that a few more diopters would be anything to worry about." Beth replied.

"Meeting Nancy, and having her help me get my myodiscs has been the best thing that has happened to me in my life too Beth." Sherry said.

"How would it be that I could wear myodiscs Lana?" Beth asked.

"Oh, sorry Beth. I never told you. Lana is the Myopia Fairy. She is the one who made it possible for me to wear myodiscs, and meet Mike." Nancy said.

"So, do you want to go for it Beth? I can’t guarantee that you will meet your prince charming while wearing myodiscs." Lana said.

"Oh sure, what the heck. I am blind without my glasses now. What will a little blinder mean?" Beth asked.

Land and Beth went to the washroom together, and when they returned Beth’s glasses now looked the same as the myodiscs that the other 3 wore.

"She changed my glasses to myodiscs, and I can see perfectly with them." Beth gasped when they returned.

"Of course you can. I told you Beth, Lana is the one that made it possible for me to wear my first pair of myodiscs." Nancy replied.

The following Friday night was the rehearsal. Nancy had never met one friend of Mikes before. This guy was as much of a hunk as Mike was, and if Nancy hadn’t been so much in love with Mike, she would have fallen head over heels for Mike’s friend Jamie. Jamie and Beth were paired, and Nancy was thrilled to see that Jamie was at Beth’s side every possible chance he could. The fact that all the girls wore very strong glasses didn’t bother anyone in the wedding party, and even Mike’s young cousin Chuck, who was paired with Sherry seemed to be more than a little attentive towards her.

Nancy didn’t have much time to spend with Beth, but towards the end of the evening they met in the washroom.

"Nancy, Jamie is fabulous. And he told me he loves my glasses. Isn’t that great." Beth gushed.

"That is so wonderful. Maybe something will come out of this Beth." Nancy replied.

The wedding the next day was picture perfect. Even the photographer was fantastic. He seemed to have had a lot of experience shooting pictures of people wearing glasses, because he took a lot of extra care to ensure that the sun’s rays hit their faces just right.

The wedding dinner went without a hitch. And everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun at the dance. Nancy looked around for Beth, and Beth was constantly on the dance floor in Jamie’s arms. As the time for Nancy and Mike to leave Lana came up to Nancy.

"Thanks for including me. I think everything went well, didn’t it?" Lana stated.

"Lana, it was wonderful, and you were wonderful. Will I ever see you again?" Nancy asked.

"Oh, I won’t be too far away. Maybe I might just come back for another wedding soon. We might be able to do the quadruple myodisc wedding party again." Lana replied.

"You don’t mean Jamie and Beth?" Nancy asked.

"You guessed it girl. Beth chose to do the right thing when she wanted to wear myodiscs. Jamie and Mike have been friends for years. They met when they were in university, and they were both chasing after the same girl who wore myodiscs. She got contact lenses and they both clued in to the fact that it was the glasses, and not the girl they wanted, so they have been best friends ever since." Lana told Nancy.

Sure enough, Lana was right. 6 months later Jamie and Beth were married. Lana was allowed to return to be in the wedding party, and Sherry again filled out the myodisc foursome.

By: All4Eyes and Specs4ever

September 2006

The story continues here: The Myopia Fairy 3

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