Monday, May 03, 2010

When Dreams Come True

By Specs4ever

Yes, go ahead, laugh at me if you will, but I really can’t stop this foolishness. Every time I try, within a few weeks I am back doing it again. If you are a first time reader of my stories, you will not understand what I am talking about, but those of you that know me understand that I am talking about glasses. Not just normal pairs of glasses, but nice strong glasses, glasses with thick lenses, specifically for the purpose of correcting the more severe forms of myopia.
Using the appropriate plus powered contact lenses; I am able to wear glasses in any strength that I wish. For the most part, I go around wearing around a minus 18, as the different glasses that I have in that power range from very thin high index lenses to nice thick regular plastic lenses, and I am able to project whatever look I wish by changing glasses. This afternoon I was in a mall, in a city within reasonable driving distance from my home. I had been in this mall in the past, but had never checked out the optical store that was there. Armed with my high index plastic lensed metal-framed glasses, and a new prescription that I had recently created, I was about to get the lens strength in these glasses bumped up slightly. I was wearing my Zeis Lantal multifocals, and while I normally do my glasses shopping wearing a regular pair of contacts, I was sure I could get away without having my pupilliary distance checked, as a normal lens replacement uses the old pd. in your existing pair. 

The sign in the window of the store read “under new management”, and fearful that maybe the new optician might be one I had run across in the past at another store, I walked past, glancing in the window first. The optician had her back to me, but was obviously female, and was bending over a lens meter, probably checking newly arrived glasses for the correct prescriptions. As I walked by I thought that maybe I would just go for it, so I turned around and walked into the store. With her back still to me, she asked me to wait a second, and she would be right with me. Her voice was like music to my ears. It had been a while since I had heard a woman’s voice that sounded as sexy. I gave her more than just a casual going over from the rear, and liked what I saw. She was a bit shorter than I would have liked. I stand over 6 feet, and like a woman that is no less than 5’6. She appeared to be around 5’4 or so. She was wearing pants, and I could tell that she was just a bit heavy, but nothing that I would have a hard time with. I walked to the counter, and could tell as I glanced from the side that she was wearing glasses.

As she turned to me, she put her finger to the nose of her glasses and pushed them up tighter to her nose. As she removed her hand, and I was able to get a look at her glasses, I felt myself becoming aroused. Her glasses were small, round wire framed, and as I looked at the lenses, I was sure that they were probably the strongest lenses that I had ever seen in my life. The front of the lens was a myodisc, with about a minus 20 on a plano carrier with about a 30-mm. circle. The rear of the lens was a smaller circle, probably about a 25-mm. circle. and was at least a minus 30 in power. These glasses had to be over minus 50 in total power. I looked at her eyes, but they were so miniscule behind the power of the lenses that they were not visible, except as tiny black dots. She appeared to be in her mid to late 30’s, and her hair, which was cut fairly short, framed her face in a way that complimented her glasses. She was absolutely gorgeous.

I was sure that she caught me staring, but I was speechless. I couldn’t say a word. She broke the silence by asking what she could help me with. Thinking fast, I told her that I was extremely nearsighted, and that I had to wear very strong glasses, but that most of the time I wore a weaker pair with contact lenses under the glasses.
“Are you wearing your regular glasses now sir?” she asked.

„No,“ I replied „Now I am wearing my weaker glasses, with my contact lenses under them. I could see that this had caught her interest, and I went on to explain that my regular prescription was around -46 in my right eye, and -44 in my left. She was really interested with that, and wanted to know what contacts I wore, so I explained that my contacts were - 20, and my glasses for over them were about -18. My curiosity was killing me, and just as I was about to ask her what the power of her glasses were, she spoke up and told me that she wore - 56 in her right eye, and - 55 in her left. She went on to tell me that she had specially made contacts that corrected her full prescription, but that she had recently scratched her cornea, and was wearing glasses for a few days until her cornea healed. How could I have been so fortunate to decide to come here at just the right time? A week earlier, if I had come in and she had been wearing contacts I would have carried out my original plan. And then, when my glasses came back from the lab, she would have been back in contacts again, so I never would have known. Sure, I would have thought that she was a nice looker, but the really strong glasses put her into the extremely special category. I glanced at her hand to see if she wore a ring, but her fingers were bare.
With this I decided that I had to do it. I had never ordered a pair of glasses using my real name, but I pulled my other pair from my pocket, leaving the prescription where it was, and asked her if she could have the lenses duplicated, as these were plastic, and were a lot lighter to wear, but that the lenses had some scratches that really bugged me. She checked my lenses on her lens meter, and wrote the numbers down. She was right on with her reading of the machine. She wrote up the order, and asked me for my name and phone number. I told her I would only give her my number if she gave me hers, and she giggled and told me she might, but only if I gave her mine first.

I had been observing her very carefully. She seemed to have surprisingly good vision for someone with such a strong prescription, so I commented on her apparently good corrected vision. She replied that it really wasn’t as good with glasses as it was with contacts, and told me that she couldn’t pass the drivers license eye test with her glasses. Her vision with contacts was barely 20/40, but her glasses only gave her 20/70. I then told her mine was about the same with glasses only, but that I was able to get to 20/30 with my combination, but that I often drove with my glasses only in familiar surroundings.

As I was leaving the store, I couldn’t resist it. I asked her out to dinner that evening. She told me that she had to work until nine, and the mall closed, but if I wanted to pick her up at nine, she would love to go out for a late bite to eat with me. And then she threw me for a loop, as she told me that this was conditional upon me wearing my glasses with the full correction. Well, this was possible, but it was going to take a lot of driving, as my other glasses were an hour and a half away. This meant a 3 hour round trip, but I was so infatuated that I was going to do it.

I went home, showered, changed into more appropriate clothing, put in the right contacts, and put on my -46/-44 glasses. I took my spare pair as well, and drove back to the mall. It was close to nine when I went back into the store wearing my blended 1.9 index glass biconcave myodiscs. I could tell that she was pleased to see me, but was a bit surprised when she asked me to take off my glasses so she could examine them closely, as she would know only too well how little I could see without them. I took my other pair out, and before I could put them on and give her the ones I was wearing so she could examine them, she took my other pair from my hand and looked them over. Sitting down at the table, she removed her own glasses, and put mine on. I sat down at the chair opposite her, and asked her if I could look through her glasses. She told me to go ahead, so I carefully picked up her glasses. As I had suspected, the lenses were full thickness regular plastic, and were almost an inch in thickness. I took mine off, and gingerly put hers on. Her glasses slipped comfortably into place. The width of the frame was perfect, and the earpieces nestled over my ears like they belonged there. I squinted to see clearly, but they were too strong for me, so I moved them ever so slightly away from my eyes. As they got between 3/8 and an inch away from my nose, everything came into perfect focus.

„My God“ I exclaimed, „ I can see great with these. „ Of course you can, because the little bit that you pull them away from your nose changes the power. However, I can’t see well enough to function with yours.“ was her reply. We each put on our own glasses, and she closed the store. We then went off to a nearby steakhouse, where we had a great meal. She had not driven to work, as her glasses don’t give her a visual acuity that she feels comfortable enough with for city driving, so I drove her home. I walked her to her door, and I was about to leave, when to my surprise she asked me in. She put on some music, and we sat in the living room of her apartment, drinking wine, and listening to some great tunes. I wasn’t prepared for it when she kissed me, but it didn√≠ t take long before I was right into it.

And, much to my amazement, we were soon in the bedroom, naked except for our glasses. As we explored each otherí s body, it was apparent that she had the same thought on her mind that I did, and soon we were making love. It was intriguing to realize that as I looked into her eyes through our glasses that I was looking through over 100 diopters of lens power. Her minus 56 in her right eye and my minus 44 in my left added up to exactly100 diopters. Our opposite eyes were even stronger, with 101 diopters.

For me, this was not a one-night stand. I had searched the world for someone like her, and now I had found her, so I wasn’t going to let her go. And she seemed to like me as well, so I was in heaven. However, it felt strange to me that her love-making was so intense, as if my glasses were as great a turn on for her as hers were for me.

The next few months flew by. I was so happy just to look into her eyes through her glasses that just for me she began to wear her glasses all the time. I had gotten the bug for even stronger glasses, so I found a site that could order me even stronger contact lenses. With another plus 5, I was able to wear her glasses, so I then told her my eyes had gotten worse, and I needed a new prescription. She ordered me a new pair exactly like hers, and except for the right eye in mine being a minus 57, we had interchangeable glasses. After about 6 months of dating we moved into a larger apartment together. After all, I was spending most nights with her anyway. The only worry that I had was that she would find out about my contact lenses under my glasses. But, I knew that our glasses were so thick and strong that she couldn’t see my contacts in my eyes unless I took my glasses off. And, like her, I slept in my glasses. We had each gotten a special pair of glasses for sleeping in. They were metal framed, with cable temples, and were easily bent back into shape after a restless evening.

It was a ball going places with both of us wearing such obviously strong glasses. Sometimes we would get people asking us about our eyes; sometimes they would just stare at our glasses in amazement. And the odd time it was embarrassing as well, like the one little old lady in the grocery store that commented that we both must be blind in a voice loud enough for everyone in the store to hear.

But, all in all, things were going well. Or, as the old saying goes - too well. There is always an unforeseen problem, and one day she found one of the vials for my contact lenses. With a plus 38 written on the vial, it was pretty hard for me to explain that these were my lenses for my myopia. So, I had to tell her the truth. There was silence. Not just regular silence, but absolute total silence in the room. Without saying a word she turned her back on me, went into the bedroom, where I couldn’t see what she was doing, then went into the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out, wearing a different pair of glasses. They were still a minus, but I estimated the power to be somewhere around a -10 or -11. She still looked fantastic. I wondered what she was going to say, if she ever did speak to me again, but I wasn’t prepared for what she did say.

„These are my real glasses,“ she said, and she had a smile on her face as she said it. Then she went on to tell me that she has always gotten sexually aroused by really strong minus glasses. She became an optician, and discovered that plus contacts added to her already substantial myopia enabled her to wear stronger and stronger glasses, until she had gotten to the glasses that she presently wore. She said that when I came along I seemed like an answer to her prayers, but that she had been worrying lately about what would happen if I ever found out that she had to wear plus contacts to be able to see through her glasses.

What a relief it was to finally have this out in the open. I brought my collection of glasses, and contacts, and other optical paraphernalia to the apartment, and we had a lot of fun wearing the different glasses for our lovemaking. And, when we went out in public, we still did it wearing our super strong glasses.

So, we finally got married, and as our present to each other, we went off to South America for our honeymoon. Here we had located a world famous eye doctor that for a ridiculously reasonable price would implant lenses of any power we chose in our eyes. When we returned to our home, we no longer had the choice of what eyewear to wear. We were now forced to wear the strong glasses that we had previously worn by choice. If any of my dreams had ever come true, this was the one.
Specs4ever When Dreams Come True

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