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The Glasses Couple, Part 3 – Barbara’s GOC and Pauline’s story

by Bobby

That winter, I met Barbara for many times. She usually had her normal glasses on. She wore her minus 28-diopter glasses over contacts only some evenings, when we went to our favorite restaurant. I loved our GOC meetings. Anytime she wanted us to go with our GOC on she called me first and asked if I would mind wearing my GOC that evening. I always agreed, of course.
I never asked her to wear the strong glasses, because I did not want to urge her to have them on when she did not feel like wearing them. They were very strong and very thick. They were also very heavy. Whenever she was wearing them I could see two red dots on her nose in the evening. The pressure of the nose pads against her skin must have been quite high. I wore my GOC as often as I was used to before. I used to take my long GOC walks and do shopping with GOC in a large mall in the suburbs where nobody knew me. I was a recreational GOC wearer or, let’s say, an occasional high myopia pretender. I was quite satisfied the way it was.
One day in March when we wanted to spend an afternoon doing shopping and visiting a new Irish pub in the town (there is nothing like Guinness!) I drove to the center to wait for Barbara in the front of the building where she worked. Barbara had not done her usual call to ask me to wear my GOC on, so I took my normal prescription glasses. Just after 4 o’clock, she went out of the entrance. I looked at her and I could see she had new glasses. When she came closer I noticed the frame was plastic, very fashionable, and fitted with very strong lenses.
I embraced her, kissed her and looked into her eyes hidden behind thick myodisc lenses. Then, she looked at me waiting. I realized she was wearing GOC, the lenses were almost as strong as her old glasses she had bought in the Pauline’s shop.
After she sat into my car, she kissed me again and asked: “Where are your strong glasses, Bobby?”
“You didn’t call me to wear them, so I have my normal glasses.”
“Please.” She smiled warmly.
I had my GOC set in my bag. I have both the contact lenses and two pairs of 20s almost always with me, just in case I would like to have a short GOC session. I knew she wanted me to wear GOC too. So, I washed my fingers using a bottle of Good Water I had in my car, opened my bag and put the contact lenses in. I was sitting for a while with my eyes closed. I knew she was watching me enjoying the moment. After several minutes I opened my eyes into the total blur of fake minus 20 D myopia and slowly put my strong glasses on. Barbara touched my face, caressed my hair and kissed me.
“You are my spexy darling, Bobby.”
The kiss she gave me was very gentle and sweet. We were looking at each other for a short moment. I liked our GOC days. They were always nice, erotic, and exiting. We always ended those days in bed making love. I loved the sweet expectation.
Then I started the engine and drove to the shopping center to buy some things she needed. When we were walking in the isles of the shop, I saw several people giving us “looks” in the mall. Probably they had never seen so extremely high myopic people. I do not mind people looking at my strong glasses. Those moments make me realize I look like a high myope, which is very pleasant for me. It satisfies my obsession, and it feeds my fetish.
Barbara did her shopping like all women do. If you are married, you know what I am talking about. It is a situation when a man needs to be patient. I was pushing the cart admiring her new glasses. The frame was thin and black, matching her dark hair. The edges of her lenses protruded on the both sides of the plastic frame. Their polished surface shone in the lights. I could see the carrier of the myodiscs was made of a plus lens. The bowels were about 2 cm in diameter. Barbara’s eyes looked very small, surrounded with some concentric rings. I realized that if the lenses were not myodiscs, they would probably were so thick that she could not fold the temples. Her peripheral vision was so limited that she had to move her head instead of her eyes to see clearly. I wondered if she had put her GOC on after she had finished her work or if she had worn those glasses at work, because she came out of the building with them on.
When she had everything she thought she needed in the cart, we went to the cash register. The shop girl looked at Barbara, bit her lips and started doing her job. Strange, I have realized for many times, that some people barely notice strong glasses while others look at you with some puzzled feelings. The girl was probably sorry for Barbara having those “coke bottles” on her nose. Well, she was probably “normal”, while we were freaks; we were two of those strange people who love thick glasses, enjoy wearing them, love to show in them in public like strange kinds of transvestites.
When we were sitting in the new Irish pub, I looked into Barbara’s small dark eyes and asked: “Barbara, did you wear your GOC at work today?”
“Yes, I did.” she smiled. “This was my third GOC day at work.”
“The third day! Really? Did your colleagues notice them?”
“Yes, they did, I told them I had a big jump in my prescription.”
“Oh, how are you going to explain the people another change when you come with your usual glasses on?”
Barbara had a sip of the black beer, looked at me, and after she licked the beer foam off her upper lip she answered:
“I will not wear my old normal glasses at work any more.”
“No?” I asked with a surprise.
“No, I won’t.” she answered slowly. “I decided to wear GOC full time.”
“Oh, did you consult wearing contact lenses full time with Pauline?”
“Yes, I did. I bought the best one-month disposable contacts she sells and this comfortable plastic frame. The lenses are CR39 plastic, so they are not as heavy as the ones I bought for my first GOC set.”
She was looking at me waiting for my reaction.
“Are you sure, you want to wear the extremely strong glasses full time?” I asked.
“Yes, I am sure, I have always wanted to wear very strong glasses and after you had shown me the way to fulfill that my strange desire I knew a moment like this would come. Full time. Forever. Look at me, Bobby. This is real me.” She pointed at her face. “This is who I want to be – a woman with very strong glasses. I like your GOC too, but it is just your decision how often you wear the combination. I love you with your GOC, I love you with your normal glasses too, and I even love you when you don’t have any glasses. You need not feel to be obliged to wear you minus 20s full time, nor anytime we are together. You can wear the glasses you really want to wear. I don’t mind. What I want to say is I will keep wearing this strong combination, because that’s how I want to live. No more schizophrenic switching between normal glasses and GOC. Now, my normal glasses are these. They are minus 32 for the right eye and minus 33 for the left eye.”
I needed to have a smoke. Her glasses were even stronger than the old pair! I was really surprised. Wearing strong minus glasses over plus contacts was my hobby, but I had never thought about wearing the combination full time. Barbara’s decision surprised me. I realized she was probably more obsessed with glasses than me. I felt I needed to consult the issue with my Internet friends and with Pauline.
Barbara had one more glass of Guinness and I had a cup of coffee. We stopped discussing the GOC and enjoyed the evening.
When I got home the next day I typed a few mails to tell my Internet friends, who were members of the glasses sites, what happened. Most of them answered I should be happy that I had found a woman like Barbara which did not help me with my concerns not with my mental confusion.
The next day I went to Pauline’s shop. She wanted me to help her make a web site at which she wanted to advertise her services, show some pictures of her nicest frames and, which was very important secretly indicate she can fit any lenses a customer may want without official prescription. She hoped some glasses fans and fetishists would become her regular customers.
After we had done a part of the work on the site, I told her what happened the day before. I finished my speech saying I was afraid she might harm her eyes.
“Bobby, didn’t you want to have a high myopic girl-friend?” she asked with a nice smile. “I know you did. So now you have a partner with the strongest glasses in the town. You should be happy about her making the decision to wear her strong glasses over contacts. She has finally fulfilled her secret dreams. Now, she is who she always wanted to be. Look, I admire her courage, because her peripheral vision is very limited now and her night vision is very low. But as that was what she wanted I helped her get the best combination for full time. I chose the best contacts on the market. I measured her eyes and vision very carefully. The combination is very well balanced giving her the best vision she can have with the lenses she chose. Of course, she can put the contacts out anytime, but I do not think she is going to do that very often.”
So, even Pauline sided Barbara! My concerns were probably pointless. I switched the computer off and started putting my CDs and diskettes into my bag. I was thinking about the moment when I first found a glasses fetishist website. Until that day I thought I was probably the only person in the world who liked strong glasses. That very evening I learned I was not alone. There were many people who had the same – or very similar – feelings and attitudes toward myopia, hyperopia and other eye complications. I entered the Internet world of fans of girls and guys with glasses. I saw thousands of pictures, read tens of stories, I bought my own strong glasses over contacts, but I never expected I would have a girlfriend who would wear GOC full time. As most members of the discussion board were men, and most of them lived in America, I thought I would never find any glasses fan in my small country. When the moment came I was not really ready to match the pace of the events.
“Bobby,” Pauline called from the other room, “would you like to go to a bar to have a cup of coffee with me? We can discuss the Barbara’s new GOC in details.”
“Yes!” I shouted back thinking Pauline knew what I needed.
I took my bag and went out of the office into the shop. When Pauline came out of the other room she wore glasses. The frame was large and golden and in it were very thick clear bright plus lenses….
The restaurant was quiet. Pauline and me sat at a table in a corner.  We ordered “Vienna coffee”, this is how strong coffee with very thick cream is called in my country. It is strong, sweet, and very good. I love it. I felt I needed it because my mind was still full of the thoughts about Barbara’s decision to wear her GOC full time. I had been a fan of glasses I loved girls with glasses more than anything else, I had had my own GOC with minus 20 D glasses set for several years, but still it was just for recreational use. I did not wear the combination full time nor I had ever considered going full time. When Pauline asked me to go to have a cup of coffee, I thought she was going to tell me more about Barbara and her decision. However as soon as she appeared in her new plus glasses I realized there would be more to talk about.
 When the waiter brought our coffee, Pauline smiled and started to tell me her story.
 - - -
Pauline’s story:
You know I am quite obsessed with eyeglasses. I like glasses, I like lenses, and I like helping people to pick up suitable frames. That is why I became an optician. My job is my hobby and my hobby is my obsession. There were times when I thought I was too obsessed, too mad, because I always enjoyed fitting glasses with strong prescription or with special lenses.  I also wanted to wear glasses myself, but anytime I went to the doctor, I passed the test with flying colors and left the office without any prescription. You may ask why I did not make glasses with a zero prescription for myself. Yes, I did make several pair for me, but as there were just plano lenses I felt it was not what I really wanted. To wear prescription contact lenses and prescription glasses with matching values of the lenses was quite a new idea for me. I had not realized it was possible till I met Barbara.
 That very afternoon I met your girlfriend was a crucial moment in my life. After she had explained me what she wanted me to do for her, I realized that was also a solution for me. As long as I can remember I wanted to wear plus lenses. I wanted to be the “girl with big eyes and big glasses”. What I was not sure about was the strength of the lenses. I also wanted to wait for Barbara and you, to see how it works and to get some more information about the GOC thing. Neither of you seemed to have any problems with that. As I saw you both enjoying your glasses I decided to have a try too. My first combination is –6,5 D contact lenses and +6 D glasses. I choose a large frame and CR39 plastic lenses. I did not want to wear them full time at first but now I am really considering to go for it and to become a really heavily bespectacled woman. I tested my customer’s reactions, and I must say they seem to feel better when I have my glasses on.
The second thing I realized was, that there are more people who like glasses so much or who like strong glasses. Well yes, all my customers always want thin lenses. I have never had a client who would ask for thick lenses or stronger glasses than the real prescription was or than the prescription in their old glasses. But I can remember a phone call or two, when the caller was asking about quite strong Rx, prisms base, or lenses for severely astigmatic eyes. The customer never came. A year ago I even ordered the lenses a man in a phone was asking about, they were myodiscs, but he never came, although we settled exact time. You told me about the people who discuss their glasses hobby over Internet. Oh, what a pity I cannot speak English! So I am sure there must be more of people like us. They may want to buy some special glasses to fulfill their needs, but as the common sense says the thinner the better they do not have the courage to ask and buy what they really want.
So my second decision was to put an advert into Golden Pages and to have a web site made. There is also a small hint, so that the glasses fans understood. I want to help them get what they long for. The site exists just for a month and the first special customer called the day last Wednesday and came on Thursday. He wanted much stronger glasses than he was wearing. He did not feel too comfortable, but I smiled at him several times and told him the glasses would look really interesting and assured him he would be happy to wear them he relaxed and even asked me how many diopters I had. We talked about glasses for a while and when he was leaving I felt he would come again. So, I really think this is a beginning of a new period in my business.
I thought you might have been interested in the issue, before we speak about Barbara more.
 - - -
I was listening to Pauline so attentively, that I forgot my cup of coffee. The news, she told me, were fantastic. I liked her idea about the optic shop serving “special” customers. It was great. Barbara’s decision to wear GOC full time did not look to be such a problem any more. You know the more glasses fans I knew, the more acceptable the whole glasses thing looked.
“Well,” I started, “I worried about Barbara, because my GOC has been just a recreation for me. You see, I have never thought about wearing strong glasses over contacts full time, I mean, about pretending I am a high myope to all people.”
“But, what is the problem, Bobby? And she can stop wearing them anytime she wants or needs. It is only GOC. It is not an irreversible operation. I must say I was quite surprised when she came and asked me to fit minus 32 and 33 diopter lenses into a new frame, but later I realized that if that was her wish, why should I not help her fulfill that.”
“OK, I will wait and see. If you think it cannot harm her eyes…”
“No, absolutely not, I carried on all the necessary optometrist tests, her myopia plus the contact lenses plus her glasses equal to zero. She knows she needs to keep the contacts clean, you need not worry.” said Pauline.
“The glasses-over-contact thing is addictive. I know that form my own opinion. I only never had the courage to wear my strong glasses to work or to show them to my family. You know, although I do wear them quite often I have always tried to avoid people who know me catching me red-handed. So, we can say Barbara is more progressive than me, if I can say it like that.”
“Yes, Bobby, I know Barbara since my school days, and she has always been a very special girl. You are lucky to meet her. You are a happy man.”
I knew that, Barbara was the best girl I have ever met. I feared for her. I did not want her to harm her eyes. I also felt responsible for her because it was me who told her about all my wearing glasses over contacts. I did not expect that she would accept both mine GOC, and her combo so fast.
“I know I am, Pauline, so I will have to go now. Please, tell me if you have any special customer. I wonder how many will come and what they will need.
“I will, bye Bobby.”
I paid the bill and left, not being able to imagine what was going to happen during the following months.
to be continued

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