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The Myopia Fairy 4

by Specs4ever and All4eyes

After the Myopia Fairy made Nancy Anderson very nearsighted, she became quite vigilante watching for, and helping, students who had vision problems. Lately Carrie Stone had been doing a lot of squinting in Nancy’s class, and of course Nancy had noticed this. It had only been a couple of months since Carrie had gotten her glasses, but already her prescription was obviously too weak for her. Nancy had to phone Carrie’s mother, and tell Amanda that Carrie needed to have another eye examination. To Nancy’s surprise Amanda replied that she had also noticed this and had booked an exam for Carrie the following day. Nancy had previously thought that Amanda was so self centered that she had probably not even noticed that Carrie was having problems seeing, but her awareness of her daughter’s vision problems made Nancy realize that Amanda probably wasn’t really that bad a person.

The following Saturday afternoon Beth and Nancy decided to go shopping at a new mall that recently opened at the far end of the city. Much to Nancy’s surprise they met Amanda shopping there as well. Nancy was curious about the results of Carrie’s eye examination, so she and Beth invited Amanda to join them for a coffee. Amanda told them that Carrie had a large increase in her prescription, and her new prescription would be –6.50D for both eyes, an increase of –1.50D. During the course of their conversation Amanda told them that she was very jealous that they both had attracted good-looking husbands even while wearing strong glasses. Amanda always had a lot of trouble wearing her contact lenses, and she hated the idea that Nancy and Beth were comfortable with themselves wearing strong glasses, so she had been more than a little nasty towards them. Amanda had been badly teased about her strong glasses when she was a child, and there was a lot of residual hatred of glasses there. Nancy and Beth both felt a little sorry for Amanda, and they explained to her that some men actually are extremely attracted to girls who wear very strong glasses. Amanda was incredulous, and really didn’t believe them at first.

The girls enjoyed their coffee session, but finally decided that it was cutting into their shopping time. Since this mall is really out of the way from where they live, and usually go, they want to hit all the stores, so the three of them continued they’re shopping as a group. While they were walking through the mall they saw someone that looked familiar coming towards them.

“Nancy, isn’t that Blair?” Beth asked

“It sure looks like him. Yes, I am sure that it is. But he is wearing myodiscs. I didn’t know Blair wore glasses.” Nancy replied.

“He doesn’t. He recently told me that he has perfect vision.” Amanda said.

The three girls went across the mall to meet Blair, their optician. Blair was definitely wearing glasses with myodisc lenses, and was quite embarrassed to meet his 3 customers. Nancy had heard from Lana that some men who are seriously optically obsessed will wear strong plus contact lenses under a pair of strong myodisc glasses, so that they can give the outward appearance to the world that they are severely myopic. Nancy brought this up, and Blair admitted to having this fetish. After they all left Blair, Amanda was quite amazed that anyone would have had this fetish. Blair was the owner of a quite successful optical store, and was fairly well off, which of course increased Amanda’s interest towards him. The girls talked amongst themselves, and Amanda decided that she would be OK with a guy who wanted to wear glasses as strong as hers were, even if he didn't really need them. So Amanda decided that a visit to Blair to buy another pair of glasses might just be a good idea.

By now they had pretty well finished their shopping. Of course the main topic of conversation since they left Blair had been how they could arrange it for Blair to realize that Amanda could be attracted to him. Finally they decided that Beth and Nancy should arrange to visit Blair separately, and they should both tell Blair that Amanda finds him attractive when he is wearing glasses like hers.

A few days later Nancy came home from school before Mike. He was at school coaching the football team, and will be home after dark. Just as Nancy walked through the door there was a big flash of light, and Lana and another fairy stood in her living room. Furball, Nancy’s cat had been pretty well used to Lana’s appearance by then, but this time, because of the brighter flash and the extra fairy he scurried under the couch to hide.

“Lana, What brings you by?” Nancy asked.

“Hi Nancy. I’d like you to meet Faith. She is training to be my replacement.” Lana says.

“Hi Faith. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Nancy replied.

“I need a little favor of you Nancy. Could you phone Beth and ask her to bring over a couple of pairs of her first –22.50D myodiscs?” Lana asked.

Nancy did that immediately. Beth responded that she would be right over.

“Ok Lana, I’m curious. What is up with you wanting Beth’s old glasses?” Nancy asked.

“Faith really likes the appearance of my myodiscs, and she feels that “The Myopia Fairy” should actually be very myopic. So she has decided that she wants to wear myodiscs. Beth and Faith have the same pd. of 62, while you and I have 64, so Faith really can’t wear your old glasses properly. Also I think that it is a good thing for her to start out with a weaker pair of glasses than I did. I have cautioned her that once she starts wearing strong glasses there is a possibility that, like me, she will be unable to see a thing without them after a while. So I thought we should start her off with Beth’s prescription.” Lana replied.

“You can’t see a thing without your glasses? I thought you could take your glasses off and see perfectly.” Nancy said.

“I could for the first little while. But shortly after Beth’s wedding I discovered that I was very dependant on them, and could no longer go anywhere without them. I don’t know if the “Department Of Vengeance” heads decided they would make me very myopic because I liked wearing myodiscs, or if even a fairy’s eyes can become myopic if they are wearing strong glasses continuously. I haven’t complained, and I won’t, because I like wearing glasses, so I don’t know if they would change my eyes back even if I asked.” Lana replied.

“You mean that you are actually as blind without glasses as I am?” Nancy asked incredulously.

“Well, I am wearing your old –28D glasses, and you now wear –29D ones, but in this strong prescription a diopter doesn’t mean much. So, I am actually as blind without glasses as you are.” Lana said.

“Wow, you never told me.” Nancy said as the doorbell rang.

Beth instantly spotted Lana, and Lana introduced her to Faith, explaining to her why they wanted her old glasses. Faith put them on and looked in a mirror. She couldn’t stop gushing about how much she liked them. Faith just loved looking through the bowls of the myodiscs, and after a minute of wearing them her vision adjusted to the power.

After Faith and Lana left Nancy and Beth decided that they would make dinner a joint effort, so Beth called Jamie to tell him to come to Mike and Nancy’s.

“Oh, I stopped by Blair’s store this afternoon. He was pretty embarrassed to see me, but after he adjusted my legs on my glasses I told him that we all thought he looked pretty good wearing strong myodiscs. He told me that he has been doing GOC for a few years now, and he really wishes that he could wear glasses like ours all the time. I also mentioned that Amanda said he was really nice, and he asked me a few questions about her.” Beth said.

“I better drop by in a couple of days myself. When did Amanda say she was going to order a spare pair of glasses?” Nancy asked.

“She said she wouldn’t have the money for a couple of weeks, but you should drop by before the weekend just in case.” Beth replied.

Nancy told Beth what Lana had told her about Lana not being able to see a thing without her glasses. Beth was quite surprised at this news, as she also thought that Lana was still able to decide for herself when she wanted to wear glasses.

Jamie showed up before Mike arrived home, and he sat in the living room reading a magazine. Nancy looked at Jamie, holding his reading material almost at arms length.

“Jamie, you need to get your eyes checked. You look to be farsighted, and might need reading glasses.” Nancy said.

“I’ve told him the same thing Nance. But he doesn’t want to hear it. He says he is too young for reading glasses. And he is correct, 32 is a little early for reading glasses, but I am sure he is loosing his accommodation.” Beth replied.

“You girls might be right. I am noticing that I am having a lot more trouble with close up work in the past couple of weeks. Maybe I should have my eyes tested. Will you still love me if I have to wear glasses Beth?” Jamie asked.

“You know I will Honey.” Beth replied.

Mike arrived home and was a little surprised at finding an impromptu dinner party waiting his appearance. He quickly showered, and the 4 friends had a pleasant visit. Even Mike told Jamie that he has noticed that Jamie might need glasses, but he says it in such a friendly way that he doesn’t upset Jamie.

Once again it was time for Lana to come for her next visit. She told Nancy that Faith, her replacement, was really doing a great job, and it looked like she would be on track with her retirement plan. While they were visiting at the house before they got ready to go out, Mike had sent his computer guy over to set up a new computer. The new computer guy was a tall, extremely handsome African American, and he just happened to own his own computer business, building and repairing computers. Nancy recognized Josh, who was the father of one of Nancy's students. His son Lucas was in Nancy's class, and was an extremely smart student. Lucas suffered from congenital myopia, and wore thick glasses with about a -20D prescription, which he had needed from early childhood. Nancy had been very good about helping Lucas, and had done everything in her power to make sure that he was able to maintain his grades. Josh thanked Nancy for her help with Lucas, and in conversation he mentioned that his mother had passed the congenital myopia on to him, and unfortunately he had passed it on to Lucas. Josh also let slip that his wife Andrea had died giving birth to Lucas, and that his mother had helped him raise Lucas, which enabled him to go to College and learn about computers. Josh and Andrea were 17 when she got pregnant, so they married. Lucas was born shortly after Josh had turned 18 and now Lucas was 14. Lana felt that she was extremely attracted to Josh, but she had arranged another date with Jim for that weekend, so a date with Josh would have to wait for another time.

While they were driving over to pick up Beth and Sherry, Nancy questioned Lana as to her prospects of having nearsighted children, and Lana advised Nancy that since both she and Beth had to have their genetic makeup altered slightly to make them so very nearsighted, they now had a defective gene on chromosome 18, which is the DNA makeup that dictates if there is myopia in your familial history. Lana went on to tell Nancy that both she and Beth had an extremely high possibility of passing their high myopia on to their children. Nancy wasn’t sure if she liked the prospects of having very nearsighted children, but she realized that if it hadn’t been for her severe myopia and her myodisc glasses she would never have attracted Mike, so she might never have had any children anyway.

Since Amanda had redeemed herself in Nancy and Beth’s eyes, Nancy had invited Amanda to join them for their myodisc wearing girl’s dinner. Lana wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of being with Amanda, but Nancy and Beth convinced Lana that she should give Amanda a second chance. And after the dinner was over, Lana and Sherry had to admit that Amanda was actually very nice. They had discussed the fact that Nancy, Lana and Beth were going to a nightclub the following evening, and Nancy had suggested to Amanda that she should drop by to see Blair and maybe he would be willing to ask her for a date so that Amanda could come with them. Sherry and Jason were too young to go to a club where alcohol was being served, so they were going to join them again for dinner, and go to a show by themselves after.

Lana and Jim had a good time together, but Nancy knew that Lana was no longer interested in Jim. She had been totally smitten by Josh, and Nancy was actually giggling inside to see her friend so bowled over by Cupid. When Jim asked Lana when he could see her again Lana replied that she wasn’t sure when she would be back in the city, and she would give him a call as soon as she knew. Nancy recognized this for the old “Don’t call me, I’ll call you” brush off. In actual fact this would be Lana’s last visit before her retirement, and one of the tasks the girls were going to accomplish the following day was going to be finding an apartment for Lana. Nancy wasn’t sure if Blair had actually asked Amanda for a date, or if Amanda had suggested that Blair might enjoy going out with them as a group, but it didn’t matter. Blair and Amanda had shown up at the restaurant, and had gone dancing with them after. Blair was actually a good dancer, and Amanda looked gorgeous, so they made a fantastic looking couple on the dance floor.

The following day Beth, Nancy and Sherry helped Lana find an apartment. Lana had only one requirement. She wanted to be close to where Josh lived and worked. The best they could do was to find an apartment in a building where Lana would have to walk past Josh’s computer store on her way to the subway. So after signing the lease, Lana left for her final couple of months of being “The Myopia Fairy”.

It didn’t take long before Jamie got his eyes tested. When he had his eyes examined it was discovered that he was a latent hyperope, and needed to wear plus glasses. His first pair of glasses was a +3D; with a +2 bifocal add for reading. Jamie didn't like this, but Beth and Nancy thought he looked terribly attractive wearing glasses. The doctor told Jamie that he would likely require a stronger prescription in a few months, once his eyes have adapted to the new glasses. The first thing that Jamie did notice though was that he no longer had headaches at work, so he begrudgingly accepted that he was now a glasses wearer.

Josh’s son Lucas, and Carrie Stone were about the same age, and were in the same class. Because they both had vision problems Nancy had put them both at the front of the class. Lucas had a stable, albeit high prescription of around –20D, but Carrie had already gotten stronger glasses after only 2 months of wearing glasses, and in no time her prescription was again too weak. So Lucas ended up giving Carrie a lot of help with her schoolwork, and they became very good friends. When Carrie went back for another eye exam after only 4 months of wearing glasses she was now prescribed –7.50D, and was given a +2 add for bifocals in the hopes that the bifocals might slow her prescription increases down a little. Nancy noticed that Lucas and Carrie often walked home from school together, and she wondered if they might ever become more than just good friends.

The time rapidly approached for Lana to retire, and leave her job as “The Myopia Fairy”. Nancy knew that Blair and Amanda were getting along very well, and that Amanda had accepted Blair’s desires to wear strong myodisc glasses. Amanda confided in Nancy that Blair was actually quite good in bed, although he seemed to always want both of them to wear glasses. Nancy wished she could contact Lana, to see if Lana could do something about making Blair very nearsighted, so he could actually wear strong myodisc glasses all the time. But Lana didn’t show up until her scheduled date for retirement, so Nancy didn’t think that Blair would be able to become quite nearsighted.

“I was trying to contact you before you left your job Lana.” Nancy said when Lana showed up.

“I know you were. But I thought that it might be better to wait a little longer and make sure that Blair actually wants to be a real myope. I can summon Faith at any time, and she is quite capable of doing the job. Actually, at the last minute, the department heads wouldn’t let me go completely. I have to continue working as a consultant, and I will have to go back for a month every summer to provide training to the new girls. But I think I can handle that all right. I will be getting quite a reasonable sum of money placed into my bank account every month.” Lana replied.

“That will be nice. Now we have had all the furniture you purchased delivered to your new apartment. Would you like to go over there now?” Nancy asked.

“What I would like, girl, is for you to come with me to help me purchase my new computer.” Lana said.

“Oh, and could I make a guess as to where you would like to purchase this computer?” Nancy asked with a chuckle in her voice.

“You would be correct if you said from Josh’s store.” Lana replied.

“Well, time is a wasting, so lets go. I want to warn you though that as far as I have been able to determine Josh doesn’t seem to be too interested in dating anyone.” Nancy replied.

“I still have a little bit of magical power left in me. Just give me a chance.” Lana replied.

So Lana and Nancy went to the computer store that Josh owned. Of course Josh knew Nancy, and he remembered meeting Lana at Nancy and Mike’s house. Josh was very helpful in assisting Lana, and finally it was decided that Josh would assemble Lana a computer with parts that he recommended. Once the computer was assembled, Josh was going to install it in Lana’s apartment, and he was going to set it up for wireless internet.

“Oh, and by the way Josh, there is a group of us going out for dinner on Saturday evening. I am the only single one in the crowd, and I would love to have you come with us to fill out the table.” Lana said.

“No, I couldn’t.” Josh said.

“Sure you could. You would have fun. Lucas can do without your company for one night.” Nancy added.

“Yes, you are right Mrs. Anderson. But it isn’t Lucas that keeps me at home. My mother isn’t well, and she has done so much for Lucas and me that I just feel that I should spend as much time with her as possible.” Josh replied.

“Well, I am disappointed, but I am sure there will be another time Josh. I’ll give you a rain check on the invitation. You have my number, so call me when the computer is ready and we will arrange a time to set it up.” Lana said.

The girls left the store, and Nancy said, “You didn’t push very hard for a date.”

“I didn’t have to. When Josh gets home tonight he will tell his mother that he met a very nice, attractive lady today. His mother will be upset that he didn’t agree to go out with us Saturday night, and Josh will call me tomorrow to see if the rain check is still good.” Lana replied.

Sure enough, Lana was proven correct. Josh did call her, and he agreed to go out with the group on Saturday night. Josh was a little surprised when he discovered that every one of the girls wore myodiscs. Josh had worn his contact lenses, as he had done for so many years, and he wondered to himself if wearing glasses with this group could be a possibility for him. Blair and Amanda were there, and Amanda looked gorgeous, as she always did. Her new myodiscs were in a new high index glass lens material that Blair had just had a salesman try to sell him, and they were made with a plano front, which was an improvement over the biconcave fronts of the other girl’s lenses. Josh was quite interested in the new lenses, and he told Blair he was going to drop by to see if he could get a pair of decent looking glasses for himself.

Lana wasn’t ready to sleep with Josh on their first date, so at the end of the evening Josh walked her to her apartment door, and Lana allowed Josh to kiss her. Josh was elated as he walked home. He had really enjoyed himself, and he thought that Lana was really great. Since she wore strong myodisc lensed glasses he felt that she would readily accept his poor eyesight, and the fear of being made fun of because of his poor eyesight was one of the things that had prevented Josh from dating after Andrea had died.

On Monday Josh made a doctors appointment for himself and Lucas to have their eyes tested again. Josh was going to get them both new glasses with the same type of lenses that Amanda had been wearing. Josh didn’t have any change in his strong prescription of OD –26.50 x –1.50 x 170 and OS –27.00 x –1.00 x 10, but unfortunately Lucas had a significant change. Now Lucas required OD –22.50 x -2.50 x 85 and OS –22.50 x –3.00 x 95. Josh and Lucas went to see Blair, and Josh ordered new frames and lenses for them both. Because Blair was ordering so many pairs of myodiscs he had developed a special relationship with this new supplier, and he managed to convince his supplier to rush the lenses. Blair fitted the lenses to the frames himself, so he told Josh he would likely have their new glasses within 2 days if Josh was willing to pay for expedited shipping. Of course Josh did just that, and Blair was able to have the new glasses ready for Josh and Lucas by Thursday afternoon. When Lucas put his glasses on he was amazed at how much better he could see again. He knew that his eyes had gotten a lot worse, because Carrie had been letting him copy her work the past few weeks, but Lucas had not wanted to tell Josh that he needed new glasses. Josh didn’t want to put his glasses on at the store, but Blair convinced him that he should. Josh had worn nothing but contact lenses for the past few years, and it was quite an adjustment for him to be looking through the bowls of the myodiscs, but Josh felt his vision was quite a bit better than it had been with his last pair of biconcave polycarbonate plastic myodiscs.

Josh left the store wearing his glasses, and by the end of the evening he felt comfortable enough to consider wearing them the following day to work. He almost chickened out, but he had finished building Lana’s computer, and he wanted to take it over and hook it up that afternoon. He really wanted to see what her reaction to his new glasses would be, so it was with a great deal of apprehension that he phoned her and told her that he would like to come over.

Josh didn’t have a thing to worry about. Josh was tall, and very well proportioned. He was extremely handsome, and his new glasses gave him the appearance of a very successful businessman. Lana took one look at him as he stood in her doorway, and she knew for all certainty that she had to have this man. She could feel her panties getting wet just thinking about him, and she told him she just loved his new myodiscs.

By Saturday night Josh was hooked. He slept at Lana’s and they made love all night. Josh was a little apprehensive about a relationship, and possibly marriage, but after Lana told Josh that his mother could live with them as long as she wanted to, Josh was well on his way to getting married. It only took another 4 dates before he asked Lana to marry him, and as soon as he popped the question Lana began preparing for a small wedding.

Lana wanted to invite Faith, but felt that this would make the wedding party too large. After all, she already had Nancy, Beth, Amanda and Sherry to be her bridesmaids. But she invited Faith to the wedding as a guest, and Faith agreed to attend. Blair, Mike and Lucas were going to be Josh’s best man and ushers. And Jamie agreed to give Lana away in marriage, so everyone had an active part. The wedding was flawless. The photographer suggested that the girls remove their myodiscs, and was a little taken aback when he got a big refusal from all 4 of them. But he recovered quickly, and he managed to get some great pictures of the myodisc-wearing quartet.

Lana hadn’t told anyone, but she was a month pregnant at the time of the wedding. Soon she couldn’t keep it a secret, and both Nancy and Beth were quite envious.

“But why wouldn’t you tell us?” Nancy asked.

“I wanted to be certain. Anyway, you know now.” Lana replied.

“I wanted to get pregnant first though.” Beth said.

“Let’s get something straight. This is not a contest. I am pregnant, and I am going to deliver in a couple of months. If you girls want to decide which of you is going to try next, give me at least 6 months between each baby, and I will look after the kids during the day. I don’t have to work, and you both do.” Lana said.

This sounded like a wonderful idea to both Beth and Nancy. So they decided that Nancy would try first, because 9 months from then was during the summer holidays, and it would be easier for Nancy to give birth then without missing any work. Nancy had been trying, and she had not been on the pill for a few weeks. So, it wasn’t a big surprise when her doctor discovered she was pregnant.

Lana gave birth to a daughter, Andrea, who was named after Josh’s first wife who had died during Lucas’s birth. Andrea was a very healthy looking baby, and had the most gorgeous skin color. She was a perfect mixture between Josh’s African American heritage, and Lana’s Caucasian skin tone. A few days after Andrea was 6 months old, Nancy and Mike had their baby, a healthy 8 lb 7 oz girl that they named Kaylee. By this time Beth was 3 months pregnant herself. Beth sort of hoped for a girl herself, but this time it was a boy’s turn to pop out into the world. Jarred was a big baby, and was a real bawler.

Lana had planned to return to work for a month that summer, but because of the baby her bosses let her remain home. Josh and Lana had purchased an older, large house that had plenty of room for Josh’s mother Marsha. Because of the high myopia that they all had, Josh had insisted that their house be located near public transit, and it was almost at a bus stop. Marsha was a big help to Lana with the baby, but she liked her independence, and she would often leave the house, squinting ferociously through her strong thick myodiscs at the numbers of the busses so that she could take the number 61 bus back to her old neighborhood to see some of her friends. Marsha had not been as fortunate as Josh with her progressive myopia. Her myopia had continued progressing right up into the –50’s, and her corrected vision was very poor, even with the new type of myodisc lenses Blair had obtained for her.

By this time Sherry had graduated from high school, and she was going to college. She wanted to be a teacher, just like Nancy. Sherry had a couple of increases in her myopia, and she was now wearing OD –23.25 x –1.50 x 50 and OS –23.00 x –1.00 x 85, with 10 degrees of prism in each eye. But, wearing the new lenses that Blair was now selling, her vision was actually good enough for her to pass the eye exam to obtain her driver’s license. Sherry was still going with Jason, and Jason had surprised everyone when he finally quit wearing his contact lenses. Jason needed glasses that were around –12D, and everyone thought he looked very handsome wearing glasses.

Lana and Blair finally had a discussion. Blair convinced Lana that it was his hearts desire to be very myopic. He was completely surrounded by a bevy of beautiful ladies who wore strong myodiscs. Lucas and Josh wore strong myodiscs and even Jason was a fairly high myope. Blair felt like he should also be a high myope, so Lana ended up having Faith drop by and give Blair a prescription of –22.50D for each eye. Blair was in heaven. He was so grateful he offered to supply Lana with free glasses for the rest of her life, but Lana refused the offer, and told Blair she was just happy to help a friend out.

Lana had been retired for about 5 years when she received a summons from the head of the Department of Vengeance. The department was having a problem. Apparently Faith had been overstepping her bounds. Taiwan and Singapore were experiencing very rapid increases in the degrees of myopia of their citizens. When Lana had retired, the average prescription in those 2 countries had been about –1000 degrees of myopia. This translates to –10D, and to get an average prescription of –10D this meant that there were lots and lots of people with much greater prescriptions than –10D. But now, after only 5 years Faith apparently had increased the average prescription to -1300 degrees of myopia. Not only that, but in Australia, Canada and the USA, along with most of the other developed countries, the rate of myopia in school children had increased from 20% all the way up to 80%. Now almost every 6 year old wore glasses. The department head was worried. He wanted to fire Faith, because he thought that she was going overboard with her distribution of myopia.

Lana wasn’t too happy to have to leave Andrea, Josh, Lucas and Marsha. She liked her new life. But her salary was very nice to have for them to live on, so she put her wings back on and went off in a flash. Once she got to the headquarters she found that Faith had been placed under house arrest, so her first task was to interview a tearful Faith.

“But Lana, I didn’t do anything I wasn’t supposed to.” Faith cried.

“The Head seems to think that you are responsible for increasing the degree of myopia in Asia by 300 degrees Faith. Were you?” Lana asked.

“As you know Lana, part of my job is to give people what they want. If someone wants to be more myopic, and they request more myopia, am I not supposed to acquiesce their request?” Faith asked.

“Well, that is the guidelines I worked under. Is that what happened?” Lana asked.

“I had thousands of young girls wanting thicker glasses. In Asia, the thicker their glasses are, the more popular the girls are. I was just going along with their wishes.” Faith replied.

“And what about the increase of the rate of myopia from 20% to 80% here?” Lana asked.

“Check it out Lana. Today these kids have a TV or a computer screen glued to the end of their nose. This increase in myopia is not my fault. I can’t do a thing about natural myopia.” Faith replied.

“Well, I am sure the Head will advise me to do just that.” Lana replied.

With that Lana went to see the Head of the department. He suggested that Lana do a complete investigation, and he did listen when Lana told him what Faith had told her.

“Well, if that is true, then Faith will be released. She just seems to be so anxious to make people myopic though. Maybe she isn’t the right person for the job Lana.”

“Well, I know she is extremely exuberant boss, but she is a hard worker, and a really nice person.” Lana replied.

“What if we take her at her word, and we retire her. Could she go to live with you?”

“I could find her a nice place to live Boss, but she can’t live with me. She can stay with me for a week or so until she can find a job and get a place of her own.” Lana said.

“Lets do that. I have a new girl I want you to train. Faith can stay here while you do the training, and then she can go back with you.”

So Lana spent the next 2 weeks training a replacement for Faith. She wanted this training to go as fast as possible, but she felt an obligation to do a proper job. Finally the new girl was ready to go out on her own. Lana figured that this new girl might actually be the right person. Faith had jumped into this myopia thing with both feet, but the new girl was not really interested in myopia. She just wanted to do her job, and had no desire to wear myodisc glasses herself, even though Lana had asked her if she wanted to wear them.

During these five years things everything else had gone fairly smoothly. Lana and Josh now had 2 children. By the time Andrea was a year old, it had been discovered that she was also highly myopic, and by the time Nancy’s daughter Kaylee was 2, her already strong prescription got even stronger. Not to be left alone, Jared also needed glasses by age 2, although his first glasses were only –5D. Andrea now had a baby sister, Terri who also needed myodiscs by age 1. Nancy had a boy, Peter, and Beth had a daughter Laura. Peter was only 3, and hadn’t needed glasses yet, but Laura had needed glasses before she was a year old, and had a very strong prescription. Amanda and Blair had also had a daughter, Sheila, who was not yet a year old, but was already showing signs that she was very nearsighted. Carrie, Amanda’s daughter by her previous marriage had a number of serious increases in her prescription, and by age 21 was now wearing stronger glasses than Amanda. Lucas, Josh’s son was still going with Carrie, and it appeared that they were going to get married as soon as Lucas finished his schooling.

When Lana came back with Faith, she helped Faith get set up in an apartment, and Faith ended up going to work as an optician for Blair. Faith liked the job a lot, but she was still very upset that she had been fired by “The Department of Vengeance”. As a result, her self-esteem was a little low, and even though she was meeting, and being asked out by a number of good-looking men, she didn’t really feel up to dating any of them. Lana decided that she would conduct a small investigation of her own, to see if she could vindicate Faith.

Sure enough, when Lana checked the situation out in Asia she found that it was exactly as Faith had said. Asian girls who wore strong glasses were perceived as being very smart and scholarly. The general consensus was that the thicker the girl’s glasses were, the smarter she was. Lana discovered that some girls were cheating, and were actually having their glasses made with lower index lens material, so they could give the impression that they had thicker, therefore stronger, glasses than they really did.

Back at home; in conversations with Nancy and Sherry, who was now also a teacher, Lana discovered that the visual tasks being given young children were all near point ones. As a result, by the age of 14, the age of the kids in Nancy’s classroom, there was not a single girl who didn’t wear glasses. Most of the boys did as well, although there were a couple of boys who were quite active in sports, so they didn’t yet require glasses. The more Lana checked, the more she found that this was the case all over the developing world. The only benefit to this seemed to be that since everyone now needed glasses, the demand for laser surgery, or even the feeling that they had to wear contact lenses had subsided. Now eye surgery was being done only when absolutely necessary, and contact lenses were mostly being worn for special occasions. It now looked as if the predictions of the laser surgeons that everyone would choose to have 20/20 vision by the year 2020 was off by a long shot.

Lana reported her findings back to the “Head”, and Faith was offered her old job back. However Faith decided that she would rather stay where she was. But her self-esteem improved, and she was able to start dating some of the men who were so attracted to her myodisc glasses. Even with so many girls now content to wear glasses, girls who wore myodiscs were still in a very special category.

A joint venture by Specs4ever and All4eyes

Feb 2008

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