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The Glasses Couple, Part 2 - Close your eyes

by Bobby

It took several weeks before Barbara had her GOC done. She did not tell me that she had made her first steps to get her own combination, because she wanted to surprise me. She just called me one day to ask me to come to the center of the town where she worked.I thought that we would go to the cinema or anywhere else where we liked going to when we were together. We liked spending our time visiting cinemas and galleries sharing our ideas on movies and modern art. But that day was different.

When I came, Barbara was already waiting at a corner of the park in front of the office building. She had her hi-index glasses on. I could see the lenses flashing when she turned her head. She got into my car, kissed me, caressed my cheek and said she needed to arrange something.

When I asked her where I should go, she just said:
"Drive straight on."
So we went. She navigated me through the town till we got to a small square in a new neighborhood. She opened the door and said:
"Follow me."
"Where to?"
"You will see."
So I followed her not knowing what to expect. When we came to a small optical shop, she knocked the door. On the door I could see a piece of paper. The paper read: CLOSED. What a pity, I thought, she had wanted to go to an optometrist with me, and the shop was closed. But suddenly, the door opened. There was a young blond woman. She smiled and embraced Barbara as if they were good friends.
"Here we are, Pauline!"
"Wow! Great, I am waiting for you. Just come in!"
"So, I think I should introduce you. This is Bobby, my boyfriend, and this is Pauline, my former schoolmate."
I smiled at Pauline and we shook hands. She was blonde and big, dressed in a long dark brown dress with a lot of rather exotic looking embroidery. The dress hid her stomach and hips a little but her breasts were so big that no dress could hide them. She was a real plumper, however her face was not fat. She had even features, her cheeks were not plump at all, her complexion was very light, and her blue eyes shone brightly. I could see she was a well-being person.
Pauline was for sure the type of charming big young lady with whom everybody feels relaxed and comfortable. Her voice was loud, her movements vigorous, her smile was unbelievably warm and magic. I liked her the moment I saw her for the first time.
However, I did not know what to expect. I was glad I did not have my GOC on. I would not feel much comfortable to go to an optical shop with my very thick glasses on, quite unprepared and probably made to try some "more suitable frames" and listen to a lecture about hi-index lenses and their "advantages". But this was not the case. I was not the one who should be taken care for this time.
"Your stuff has come, Bara. Just follow me," said Pauline with a smile locking the door and walking to the back office.
The room was filled with shelves and boxes. There were two desks with a lot of glasses in plastic bags and some machines. I hoped I would have time to speak about glasses, how they are made and sold, and probably to see some special glasses. Both of the girls obviously had a good relationship. I hoped I would get to know something about the business as well. However, what happened next I neither hoped for nor expected in my wildest dreams.
"These are the contacts and these are the glasses, Bara." said Pauline. As soon as I heard the two words in one single sentence I looked out. What? Could I hear well? Did she really say contacts AND glasses?
Barbara went out of the room saying she had to wash her hands. When she came back she sat down, put her glasses off, placed them carefully on the desk and opened a small container with contact lenses. I watched her putting the contacts in.
We were quiet. After a while, she leaned against the back of the chair with her eyes closed adjusting and relaxing. Then Pauline took her hand and put a glasses case in it.
"Bobby?" Barbara broke the silence, "Close your eyes, please."
I closed my eyes but Pauline came and turned me towards the window so that I could not cheat. I could hear her quietly laughing.
Then I heard Barbara saying: "Wow! Clear, crystal clear, Pauline, this is amazing! Oh, my God!"
I wanted turn back and see what was going on, but Pauline was still standing beside me holding my shoulders.
Barbara kept still for a while and them said: "Pauline, I think you can let him look at me."
I turned. Barbara was sitting in the chair. Her face was turned to me. She was looking at me through nice big glasses with very thick lenses. Her eyes surrounded by white concentric rings were very small. She looked very happy. Although I already knew I would see her with GOC, because she had put the contacts in, I was very surprised. The lenses were very strong. Although they were myodiscs they were also very thick. I estimated they had more than minus 20 diopters.
"How do you like me in my new glasses, Bobby?"
Oh, I did not know what to say. I was standing there totally astonished. The glasses were stronger than I expected. Much stronger that any glasses I had ever seen. And more, they were nice. They were beautiful. They were FANTASTIC!
"So, Bobby, how do you like your girlfriend's new image?"
I looked at Pauline. The big blond girl was standing there smiling and was obviously pleased with the situation and the result she could see on Barbara's face. I was rather puzzled, because it was clear that Pauline was not like typical opticians, who always make customers buy thin lenses and small frames to hide the strength of the lenses, but still I did not know what her attitude to the strong GOC issue was. She seemed to understand that, but was I right?
So I said:
"Oh, I like it a lot, Pauline. The frame really suits her."
"I do think so! I think we made a good choice, Barbara!" The girls we smiling. Pauline looked proud and satisfied.
I knew I needed to ask them a lot of questions, because Pauline seemed to know what the matter was all about. I needed to know how Barbara managed to find this glasses-fetishist-friendly optician.
I took the other chair and sat down to look at Barbara's glasses from a closer distance. The carrier of the lenses was quite thick; I could see the unpolished edges protruding out of the frames. The bowels were small and the border between the bowl and the carrier was sharp and clear. The front surface was not plain, but it was slightly concave. Some of the diopters were in the front but the bowls obviously made up most of the strength. Well done, I thought, very well done, indeed.
"He likes me in them." said Barbara.
"Yes, you were right."
"Are they plastic?" I asked.
"Yes, plastic," replied Pauline, "I had to make a special order. They are custom made, just for you - my most special customers."
I looked at her. We were really special customers. And she was a special optician. I wondered what Barbara told her, but before I could ask, my beautiful myopic girlfriend said:
"Bobby, will you show your thick glasses to Pauline, please? She would like to see them."
So, Pauline knew much, maybe, too much. I took a deep breath.
"Eh, well ehm ..."
"You do have them with you, I know that, Bobby, Pauline knows everything, you can feel comfortable. She can understand that."
I looked at the optician. Her big breasts stuck out above my head, and, from that angle, they looked even bigger. She was smiling at me amiably.
"Hey, girls, what is going on? I will show the glasses to Pauline, but you will tell me how you met."
I took the case with my glasses for GOC, opened it and handed the glasses to Pauline. She rose her eyebrows and move her arms in front of her big body in a kind of disapproving sign.
"No, no, no, not like that, I want to see you wearing the glasses over your contact lenses!"
Oh my God, I thought, what is going on here? Am I dreaming? I put my set of contact lenses, the eye drops, and the glasses on the desk.
"OK, I will show you, but then YOU will have to answer a lot of questions! I mean both of you!"
"You too." replied the buxom blonde.
I washed my hands and started the process of putting the contacts in. I had one-year soft contacts, which were very good to handle, but my hands were shaking. I could not concentrate. But after a while I managed to do what I needed to see through my thick glasses.
I calmed down, closed my eyes, and waited till my eyes got accustomed to the contacts. When I put my glasses with minus 20 diopter lenses on and turned to Barbara, I saw she was looking at Pauline. I looked at her too. She was observing my face carefully. I felt I was blushing a little.
"Oh, nice, you were right Bara, they are really good. Bobby, how can you see through them?"
"Very well, I can drive with them, I can read with them. No problem for me."
"They are cool. Good job. Let me see."
I handed her my glasses and the world fell into one big blur. After a while she gently put them back on my face, looking at me from close distance. She looked very satisfied.
"You chose a good frame, boy, and the lenses are really thick but rather heavy. Why didn’t you buy plastic lenses?"
I explained her that the optician did not know any producer, who made plastic lenses of the strength I wanted. Then it was my turn to ask them how they met To cut the story short, the girls told me they had been schoolmates.
They had not seen each other for several years. The other day Barbara met Pauline in the down town, and after Pauline had complimented her on her glasses and Barbara had replied that most people do not like her glasses because she had too many diopters, they started to speak about the topic. Pauline told her she was an optician and that she had made even stronger glasses. As both of them had a free afternoon, they sat over a cup of coffee in a restaurant to chat a little. It took them two hours before they said each other how much they like glasses and what glasses meant to them.
Barbara told me she suddenly had got a special feeling that she might tell her old friend she would like to have "some very special glasses". How special and why, it was an issue that took another hour and one-liter bottle of red Hungarian wine. I had to laugh when they were telling me the story, interrupting, going back and forth in time, adding more details.
Pauline was glasses obsessive. She liked glasses so much, she had decided to become an optician. Her father helped her with the basic capital, so that she could open her own shop.
But I still did not know how strong Barbara's new glasses were. When I asked, Barbara blushed. Pauline covered her mouth with her plump hand. "I wanted minus twenty, but when Pauline heard you had had minus twenty, she made me go higher."
"How high?"
"Gee! Minus twenty-eight diopters!" The number made me almost shaking, "Good number. Tell me I am not dreaming."
"No, you are not dreaming, but I have a similar feeling." said our new sister in glasses.
"Oh, you must be accustomed to see various glasses and lenses."
"Yes, I am, but I never thought I would be sitting in this workshop, having two (she stressed the word) glasses lovers here, having the possibility to speak so freely about my feelings and - how to say that - and my ... hobby."
She said she knew there were people who liked girls or boys with glasses, but she had never heard about anybody who would like to wear very strong glasses.
"Pauline, did Barbara tell you, how I found out it is possible to combine glasses and contacts?"
So I told her about my Internet hobby. When she heard the number of members at the web site for glasses lovers she could hardly believe her ears.
"What? So many people? That's fantastic! I must have an Internet connection made next week! I could make a lot of money providing the people with any glasses over contacts they may dream of."
"Of course, you have to have the Internet, you will be a helpful member of the funny family of glasses lovers. But haven't you ever come across any customer, who wanted stronger glasses, who tried to fake the prescription or who wanted something special?"
"No, never ever, you see, in the beginning I thought one day I will have a customer who would behave the way I would know he likes strong glasses. But the day never came."
"Oh, the day has come!" said Barbara, " today, you have two glasses lovers in your shop."
"Oh, yes, you are right! That is why I locked the door and told my employee to have an afternoon off, because I wanted to enjoy you visiting me."
We were talking for about one more hour when Pauline suddenly stood up:
"I am a bad host! I did not offer you anything! Will you have some coffee?"
I looked at my watch.
"It is just the time to have dinner. Will you go with us, Pauline? Let us go to some good restaurant to celebrate this day. What about some Indian meal, or Chinese, ... or Vietnamese? What do you prefer?"
She looked at us.
"You may want to be together. I do not want to disturb you in your special high myopic day."
"Oh, no!" Barbara and me urged, "Come on. Let us celebrate my new glasses together."
Pauline took a deep breath. She looked at Barbara, then at me, and at Barbara again. She was confused.
"Do you want to go with your thick glasses on?"
I looked at Barbara. I was sure she wanted to enjoy wearing the glasses in public and she would not put the glasses off nor let me put mine off till late night. The answer was yes and Pauline agreed to go with us.
Do you know the Indian restaurant called Koh-I-Noor in Smetana street? No? Then you must visit the place some day. The waitresses do not wear glasses but the cook is brilliant!
  to be continued

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